Mrs. Bright

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It was three months into my final school year. I had turned eighteen a few weeks earlier than most and wondered why I was sticking it out at all. I’d had enough of study and girls were all too much aggravation to work out. They seemed to bring a bag of mixed emotions, petty quibbles and capriciousness. I loved their gossip, I loved admiring their looks but I didn’t want the hassle.

Besides, at the beginning of the year our school had procured four hot new female teachers that were the buzz among teenage boys. Mrs. Bright was one of them. She was foreign, maybe hispanic or Portuguese. I’d made every effort to hang back after class to make small talk. Funny, I’d never imagined she’d be interested in the phantasmagorical: dark fantasy books, gargoyles and books on crypto-zoology.

It was Thursday, sport day, that basically meant two hours of time wasting down a bowling alley or on a golf course as part of physical training. Mostly it was an opportunity to skip class altogether.

My last class before sport was Mrs. Bright’s English class. She took English and Art classes. The class ended and everyone except myself had scarpered, probably to wag sport. I stood next to her desk as she put articles in her handbag and discussed folklore and the yowees.

“If you’re interested, I have some books about yowees, bunyips and black cats of the Australian outback.” she chimed.

“Sure, I’m interested.”

“Okay, I’ll be going home as this is my last class, pop by this address in half an hour.”

She wrote her address down on a sheet of paper and smiled handing it to me. I looked at it and google mapped the address on my phone.

“I’ve got sport next.”

“We all know that isn’t going to happen.” she smirked.

She picked up her bag and passing me to the door patted me gently on the chest twice, “See you in thirty.” she smiled.

I’m sure it was just a friendly gesture but my temperature had raised 10 notches.

I made my way over to her place within twenty minutes and spotted her red Peugeot 207 in the driveway. The house was a Californian style weatherboard painted white with yellow trim and a white picket fence. The front yard was full of large daisies, rambling roses and a magnolia tree. I made my way up onto the verandah and the front door opened.

“Hi, come in.” Mrs. Bright stood aside waving me through.

I stepped into the hallway and she closed the door. The noise from the street dimmed to a low mumble. Sensing no further movement behind me I turned and fleetingly caught her standing there looking at me in a curious manner. She wore her mousy blonde hair in a pixie cut blow dried into a understated spike bristling to the left. She had forest green eyes and smokey eye shadow accentuating her smouldering looks. To add to her appeal she wore a brown lurex mini dress hugging her stunning figure and she had adorned her right arm with a couple of bangles, one zebra striped and the other with a leopard pattern both edged in gold. Her brown suede high heels elevated her height to my shoulder.

“Come on through.” she invited, briskly brushing passed me in the tight hallway as she strutted towards the back of the house leading into an open plan kitchen. I stepped into the light airy space of the kitchen cum dining room from the darkish hallway. On a dining table lay two piles of handwritten essays.

“Ha, mine in there?” I enquired.

She regarded me whilst straightening a tea towel on the kitchen bench.

“No! Do you want it to be?” raising her eyebrows in a mock threat.

I took note of all the red ink corrections scribbled over them.

“Not really.” and we both laughed.

“Nice place.” I commented with what I felt was an obligatory phrase dictated by adult social convention.

“You’ve only seen the kitchen!” she replied raising her arms with palms out in astonishment. “Nice kitchen then.”

She laughed, “I’ll show you around.”

We toured the house flitting from one room to another whilst she described her choice of colours, various interior design decisions and brand names of bed coverings. I just kind of smiled and offered the odd “Hmm hmm.” and “Cool.” She paid particular attention to the softness of the pillows and the size of the bed, but I wasn’t looking at either. I’d noticed a large framed photograph above the headboard of Mrs. Bright seductively laying on a couch and wearing a plain black body stocking with not a bump out of place. My friends and I had swapped stories of what we would like to do to her in stockings and lacey undies but this picture was hotter than anything I would have imagined. Espying my voyeuristic interest she joined me in quiet contemplation of it before silence prevailed that we swap glances, at which point she smiled, then continued her tour by describing a figurine on the right bedside table.

“This is Nohpyttecha, she is a South American Goddess of lust and witchcraft.” gesturing at its iconic attributes whilst demystifying the diabolical figurine, cupping its own breasts with a snake wrapped mersin escort around its arms and sporting a necklace of tiny skulls.

I quickly interjected pointing out a picture face down on to the left of Nohpyttecha in the hope of feigning disinterest in the hot photograph of her, though my inability to feign a lack of embarrassment at being caught probably betrayed me.

“Your picture’s fallen over.”

“No dear, that’s a picture of my husband and I on holiday in Peru.”


“Yes, every other time he’s been overseas it’s been on a business trip taking his pretty young secretary with him.” she snarled, vehement anger flowing from her eyes towards the picture like a heat wave.

“Anyhow,” resuming her sunny demeanour and briefly giving me the once-over, “back to those books I was going to lend you.”

“Uh, yeah sure.”

I followed her out of the bedroom and quickly peeked back at the photo trying to etch it in my mind but was distracted by the kooky-looking Nohpyttecha staring at me.

We made our way to the loungeroom where three bookcases crammed full stood against the back wall.

“Have a seat.” she offered as she flicked on a lamp and sauntered over to a bookcase to rummage through a dishevelled shelf with books laying on books that stood on other books.

I lowered myself into an armchair awaiting an avalanche as she pried a few loose from the pile. I had some time to reconnoitre my surroundings but mostly stole glances at Mrs. Bright, noting how her physique curvaceously filled her skin-tight dress and comparing it to the sexy photograph of her still fresh in my mind. Whilst she busily fossicked through her bookshelves I imagined I was the photographer asking her to pose, pouting her lips and jutting out her backside with her right leg kneeling on the couch and her arms pushing her skirt between her legs. I ask her to lift her skirt higher and…

I was snapped out of my reverie when she tossed the books on a coffee table in front of me, before sitting opposite me on a couch. I watched as she slowly raised her legs one at a time onto the cushions and straightened them exposing her freshly waxed, muscular thighs and calves, crossing her right ankle over her left and rhythmically clicking the heels of her shoes. A similar pose to the one in her photograph, causing me to squeeze my legs together in the hope of suppressing my inopportune peaking interest.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“A girlfriend?” I was surprised by the personal nature of the question.

“I noticed a few girls are interested in you. Don’t you notice Alison keeps looking at you during class?”

“Not really. She’s not my type. Anyway I’m too busy… Um.” I abruptly stopped my reply as Mrs. Bright began gently stroking her right thigh catching the edge of her dress with a bangle and carelessly lifting it just enough to reveal a glimpse of her arse cheeks.

“Such a pity,” she continued, now inspecting her manicured bronze painted nails as her bangles clicked together at her elbow, “School is a time to experiment, learn what love is, discover your likes and dislikes…” her voice trailed off as she observed my staring at her arse. She slowly lifted her right leg, bending at the knee and interlocking her fingers across her calf pulled it to her breast in a faux casual pose, the heel of her shoe flush against her right cheek. I was mesmerised by what seemed to be a white G-string peeking from between her legs but by the grace of blood rushing through my cock like a waterfall I was uncomfortably brought back to reality. I shook myself out of it and looked up at her as she smiled beatifically back at me. Was she playing with me?

She brought her other leg up and holding them together, swung to face me allowing a quick glimpse between her legs before she placed her high heels on the ground and stood up. She Straightened her dress down over her thighs with the palms of her hands as she sashayed towards me like a super-model before bending over me and indiscreetly allowing me a glimpse of her luscious heavy breasts straining the lurex against which they now hung. I was slouched back into the armchair unable to sit up straight due to my hard-on now pushing into my abs.

“Would you like something to drink?” she asked as she put her hands on her thighs to prop herself up whilst squeezing her breasts together with her biceps. She appeared to take delight in my discomfort.

“Yes please.” I half-squeaked.

“Soft or something… Harder?” she breathed.

I couldn’t work out whether that was a genuine question or she was insinuating something.

“What have you got?” I asked trying to stop my heart beating its way out of my chest.

“Port, sherry, wine, Martini, Irish… Cream.”

“Wine would be cool.”

“I bet it would.” she stood straight, “Sangria?”

“Yep okay.” whatever it was I could do with a drink right now!

She stood up and made her way into the kitchen her hips swinging seductively. As she rounded the corner I quickly escort mersin reached my hand down the front of my jeans and pushed my cock to one side so I could sit up straight and then pulled my T-shirt over my hips trying to hide an all too obvious erection. I sighed relief as she came back into the living room carrying two glasses and a pitcher of red wine with chopped fruit tumbling within.

“Here.” she smiled as she poured me a glass.

“Thanks.” I sat up straight to take it. She regarded me over her glass as she placed the pitcher on a coffee table behind her. It was a fruity wine and I would have gulped it down like an island breezer had I not needed to maintain some level of control.

“It’s like a naughty secret isn’t it?” she affirmed whilst glancing at my crotch.

I blushed “What?”

“Our sipping wine together during a school day.”

“Oh, yeah it is.” I laughed nervously, relieved she was talking about the wine. Or was she?

“I love days like this.” she said laconically as she folded her right arm across her chest sipping her wine whilst gazing out at the backyard through a floor to ceiling window. I followed her gaze and saw a clear blue Spring sky framed in apple blossoms and pink-flowered rhododendrons. The breeze carried blossom petals fluttering like tiny angels across the yard where they carpeted the grass.

I looked back at her profile whilst she was preoccupied with her daydreaming. Warm sunlight streaming through the window delineated her lashes dense with mascara and outlined the edge of her thick painted lips a skin tone brighter, highlighting her natural pout. Her neck had well toned musculature from her shoulders up to her jaw where soft illumination revealed hitherto hidden fine facial hair continuing from her pixie cut to the base of her jaw. She was all woman and all hot-blooded animal, and standing way too close for comfort.

“Hmmmmm.” she sighed as her wistfulness lulled me under her spell again.

“Damn!” I spilled some of my wine on my T-shirt.

I looked up and saw her gorgeous green eyes light up.

“Oh, don’t worry, take your T-shirt off and I’ll throw it in the wash.” she instructed whilst hastily taking my wine glass and placing both on the coffee table before turning back to when she heeded my look of astonishment.

“It’s okay, I’m sure I’ve seen it all before.” she reassured off-handedly, but her eyes were challenging me to take it off.

I reached down and grasped the bottom of my T-shirt and straightened, ready to pull it up and over my head but hesitated. She licked her lips and with a determined expression looked me in the eye, “I won’t tell…”

There was a moment’s silence as I tried to resist her daring encouragement. “I dunno I should…”

Impulsively she reached down, grasped the bottom of my T-shirt and yanked it over my head. My jaw dropped whilst I sat there bare chested in front of her. She laughed dropping my T-shirt onto the floor.

“Hmmmmmm. You have a nice body.” the timber of her voice had lowered along with her eyes wandering over my physique from my shoulders down to my stomach, “Oh!” she gasped before giggling and girlishly covering her mouth with her hands.

I looked down and there was the head of my cock peeping over my jeans.

“Jesus!” I quickly covered it with my hands as a searing erubescence complemented my horrified expression.

“Don’t be shy.” she giggled almost patronisingly meanwhile taking each of my wrists and gently prying my hands apart exposing the pulsing purple head once again.

I felt concurrently helpless to stop her and relieved that any doubt about her intentions was washed away. My face was still burning hot when lifted her right leg and strategically placed her thigh between my legs, put her arms around my neck and leant forward kissing me hard on the lips. An electric buzz passed through me as I tasted the crayon tang of her lipstick and smelt her rose scented foundation. As her body heat enveloped me I was swiftly enamoured by an ambrosial of rose and jasmine scented Chanel No. 5 fusing with her own feminine odour. Bringing up her other knee onto the armchair she straddled me and started grinding her hips against my raging hard-on. I circled my arms around her feeling the tightness of her waist between her wide hips and full breasts as she plunged her tongue into my mouth gifting me my first real tongue-wrestle. I explored her body through the springy fabric of her dress as we sloppily french kissed for quite a few minutes before eventually we were forced to part for air.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked.

“God yes!” was my only answer.

We resumed our heavy petting interspersed with heavy breathed confessions of as yet unrealised fantasies meanwhile working ourselves up to a delirious hormone-driven crescendo. Piecemeal between kisses she divulged to me how she had long held a fantasy about fucking one of her students in her classroom. Describing every nuance of what she wanted to do with me she indelibly overwrote mersin escort bayan the Spring years of my life with a flourish of ardent passion and a promise of freshly plucking my innocence from me.

She started unbuttoning my pants and slid off of the seat to a kneeling position between my legs. My eyes riveted to her as she pulled off my pants and undies all the while catching her breath. My cock sprung to attention and giggling she took it in her right hand and started lovingly stroking it whilst looking me in the eye. She looked absolutely radiant.

“You know what tastes better than wine?” she asked, mischievousness igniting her eyes.


Her tongue snaked out and circled the tip of my cock before curling back into her mouth stretching precum across her lower lip, “Hmmmmm yum!”

She swallowed my cock, devouring it halfway with her lips stretching to accommodate me before she started sliding up and down the shaft leaving a slick trail of spit for her hand to slip through. I gripped the arms of the chair as I indulged in my first blowjob. Fuck it was better than I’d ever imagined and I almost had to pinch myself to make sure this was happening. She sloppily sucked back and forth, spit frothing around her lips. Her head tilted from side to side as she gobbled my cock, her mouth colliding with her hand in a steady rhythm of wanking whilst sucking. I started pumping my hips and fucking her mouth, my cock slipping through her spit-lubed hand.

At that point she pulled off of me, sat back on her haunches, took two large gulps of air, then pushed her mouth as far down my shaft as she could. I gripped the chair arms hard feeling her hot mouth take an extra inch and a half. She held herself there until a cough forced her to pull back.

Undeterred, she slurped in air around my spit covered shaft then tried pushing herself further down until her lips were about an inch or two away from my abdomen. I tilted my head to the right for a clearer view and saw her eyes strained shut and a vein pulsing in her neck as she tried to force my entire cock down her throat. Her stomach tightened twice as she gagged and “Gnnnnngya.” pulled her mouth off spitting a sticky web of saliva over the head and smearing it down with her left hand before giving a quick slippery wank.

“You like that?” she panted looking like a lusty debauchee.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Yeah, I bet you can’t wait to fuck me now.” she confirmed as her hand squelched up and over my cock’s head.

I lifted my hips off of the chair as she wanked me, when she let it flick back into my stomach.


I crashed back into the chair as she smiled superiorally lifting her right eyebrow.

“I’m going to show you my tits now. I want you to remember these when you’re next in my class. Imagine how much I want you to fuck them in my class.”

I swallowed in anticipation as she slowly peeled down the top of her dress exposing her ample breasts like two large water filled balloons resting heavy upon her ribs. She had enticingly large nipples just a shade pinker than her skin.

“Would you like to squeeze them?”

A stupid smile creased my face and she leant forward for me to reach out and take both of them in my hands. I squeezed in an amateur like fashion, grabbing and squeezing them like two oversized stress balls.

“Ooooh, not so hard.” she remonstrated, “Cup them underneath like this.” as she guided my hands, helping me lift and squeeze them gently. I did as instructed whilst she removed her hands and rested them on my shoulders. Her breasts were quite heavy and firm and following my instincts I reached up with my lips and sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth.

“Hmmmmmmm yeeeah!” Mrs. Bright moaned as she closed her eyes and let her head loll over her right shoulder, “Ffffssssss suck it back and forth between your lips.”

She glanced down at me my through half-closed heavy mascara laden eyes and watched me sucking her nipple for a good few minutes. I heard the breeze slam against the window and briefly squinted a look outside where the blossom was being kicked up into a whirligig of dancing petals. She placed her right hand on the back of my neck bringing my attention back to the job at hand, and guided me to her other breast which I eagerly mouthed while she started fondling and tickling my rampant hardness. Precum was now dripping out of me and she ran her index finger back and forth lubricating the head with it. She raised her finger to her mouth and I looked up from sucking her nipple to see her lick its entire length before sucking precum off of it.

“Hmmmm, extra virgin.” she smirked before pushing herself up off of my shoulders to standing. Grabbing the bottom of her dress she wriggled her hips and hoisted it up revealing her g-string. There was a breathless suspense as she inched her g-string down, ever so slowly exposing her cunt.

She had neatly trimmed her brown pubic hair into a tight little rectangle above her labia. Peripherally I could see her watching me drool over her eternal symbol of womanhood as she teasingly revealed it to me. Finally, with nothing left to hide, she dropped her g-string around her ankles and stepped out of them, momentarily pausing to give me a good view of her cunt.

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