Mrs. E Is Back! Ch. 02

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Deep Penetration

Nine o’clock sharp, I knocked on Mrs. E’s door. It was immediately opened and I was ushered in. Mrs. E. had on her usual white coat which she wore with her clients and I suspect that as usual, she had little or nothing on underneath.

“Ok, Mr. S. Let’s get on with it, shall we? Please take a seat.”

I sat in the comfy two seater couch reserved for clients and she took up a seat facing me. She crossed her shapely tanned legs which caused her coat to gape open to the lowest button which was the second one up as the bottom one was already undone. I caught a glimpse of her bare pussy which confirmed my earlier thoughts.

Picking up her notepad, Mrs. E. questioned me at some length regarding my panty fetish. Why had I started again when she had thought I was cured, and why it seemed what what she had seen yesterday that it was far, far worse than she suspected. I tried my best to explain my reasons. Was it because my time with Mrs. E. had finished and I knew our fuck sessions had ended? Or perhaps I was just Incurable and loved the smell and taste of dirty panties, the dirtier the better. I explained that for me the feminine scent and taste of a woman was a delight, I loved wearing their panties, especially used ones. I’d masturbate in them and over them, imagining the owner wearing them afterwards. After I had washed them, of course.

Mrs. E. listened intently while I talked. Then she held up her hand to stop me.

“Mr. S, did you like my smell and taste? Or is it perhaps the illicitness of ‘borrowing’ panties that is the main imperative for you?”

“No, Mrs. E. Your smell and taste was like nectar to me…”

“So my smell was not an inferior smell in any way”‘ Mrs. E. interrupted.

“No, Mrs. E.” I reiterated, “In fact I can smell you güvenilir bahis from where I’m sitting.”

“Ahh, yes, I am rather aroused with all this talk of pussy tastes and smells.”

She uncrossed her legs, the hem of her coat riding higher and recrossed them the other way. A stronger waft of her so familiar pussy smell invaded my nostrils. I inhaled deeply. My cock was already tenting my shorts and it lurched higher.

“I see you are quite aroused yourself, Mr. S. It’s time I think I took care of that.”

She stood and undid the few remaining buttons on her coat. It fell to the floor with a nylon swish and she stood naked and proud before me. Her nipples jutted hard, her pussy hair glinted with beads of her sweet juice which was also coating her thighs.

“Come, Mr. S. not like you to be so backward. Stop staring and get undressed.”

Five seconds at most, my shoes, socks, t-shirt, pants and briefs were in a pile at my feet.

“I take it, Mr. S. you would like to taste and smell me? Would you like me to lay down or stay standing.”

“Er, laying down, please,” politeness never costs anything.

Mrs. E. lay back on the couch with her ass on the edge. She raised her legs high and wide, her knees on either side of her breasts and held there with her hands behind them. I knelt before her, taking time just to stare at her pussy.

Her glistening labia lips wide, revealing pink, moist inner flesh, bubbles of her juices seeping down her bum crack. I held her two cheeks bringing my face close and inhaled deeply. Her fresh, feminine aroma intoxicated my senses, invaded my very being. Nothing in my mind now but the sight and smell of Mrs. E’s pussy.

Moving ever closer, heat enveloped me, my tongue moved over her engorged labia lips türkçe bahis tasting her juices, licking them, holding them on my taste buds for the longest time. I trailed my tongue round and round her lips, lapping and sucking all the while. Occasionally dipping in to taste the sweet inner flesh, my tongue dug deep in her love tunnel, licking fresh hot juices which coated the walls. I sealed my lips around her clit, poking like a tiny penis from its hood.

Mrs. E. squirmed, tilting her hips, thrusting her pussy into my face. Her juices were running freely down her bum crack, the ones that escaped my tongue, that is. My cock, hard and twitching, with a drool of precum dangling, ached. Soon I would thrust it deep into Mrs. E’s eager, cock hungry cunt. But not yet.

Still latched onto Mrs. E’s clit, I plunged two, then three fingers into her sopping pussy, sliding them back and forth while twisting them around and hooking them inside. Mrs. E. started making guttural noises deep in her throat, her hands now on my head pulling me hard onto her pussy as she ground herself on my face. Her copious juices flooded my mouth and I eagerly swallowed these as fast as I could.

She began panting hard, mewling sounds rising in pitch, I knew she was very close. I attacked her clit, nibbling and biting it with my teeth. Mrs. E. screamed loudly as she orgasmed, squirting on my forehead and hair. Still cumming hard, I let go her pussy from my mouth and drove my hard, purple mushroom domed cock balls deep. Thrusting hard and fast, it didn’t take me long before my own orgasm overtook me and rope after rope of my thick creamy sperm coated her cervix.

“Fuck, Mr. S. You can’t stop now. I want you in my ass!”

Well, my cock was passing half lob on its way down and had flopped güvenilir bahis siteleri from Mrs. E’s pussy. I indicated my immediate problem in whilst being willing, not able at the moment to grant her wish. She spun round, grumbling something about boys these days not being what they used to be. Grabbing my flagging cock, she sucked it deep into her mouth, reviving it’s decline with her tongue swirling deliciously around. Soon, once again a proud specimen of manhood, my cock was resurrected.

“Come on, Mr. S. don’t mess around, fuck me in the ass!” She screeched.

And what the lady wanted she got. I drove deep into her tight ass, ploughing her poopshute, balls slapping on her ass cheeks as she kneeled on the floor, upper body on the couch. I held her hips driving as deep as I could possibly go. Mrs. E. ground back on my thrusts with perfect synchronicity. We had a rhythm going and I could play this tune all night.

Mrs. E. frigged her clit hard in her palm, as my cock pistoned in her tightly gripping ass. Her other hand reached under and tried to grab my balls but they were not always within her reach, so she grabbed my sticky shaft each time it pulled out of her.

“Fuck, Mr. S. I’m cumming!” Mrs. E. screamed, as she ground herself back on my nine inch, thick colossus of a cock filling her stretched anus. Her whole body shook as the force of her orgasm overtook her. Always a noisy cummer, Mrs. E’s moans rose in pitch, until they merged into one continuous screech.

Holding her hips as she thrust back on me, I drove deep into her tightly gripping ass. One final deep push as my cum spurted, thick and hot. I pulled out of her gaping hole and saw my cum seeping from her and running down her thighs. Collapsing on her sweat covered back, I held her close, feeling her heart thrumming in her chest. “Eric, I honestly think that you need a lot more treatment before I can say you are cured. So I’ll book you in again every day for the next two weeks and then we’ll review the situation then.”…

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