Ms. Mystery

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In a cloud of perfume she enters the club. Her hair is worn wild; her nails filled perfectly, her lips are painted deep jungle red. Her best colour is black, and the clothes on her back, show she’s a woman with style. Her taste in the satins and lace she wears is impeccable, she’ll tell you it runs in her blood, She walks into the room. And it comes to a stop when she does.

As all heads turn towards her, she knows what they are thinking. The women are jealous, they want to be her, want to be that image of perfection that all the men are drooling over, they want to be able to wear her colours, tease their hair into that wild mass, that looks so… stunning.

The men, they just want her, each and every one of them. Their eyes are popping out of their heads; their tongues have hit the floor. She notices the sad individuals who are hard from just looking at her.

But she holds her head high, wanders towards the bar, and waits for the first offer. Sooner or later someone will have the guts to buy her a drink. She perches herself on a barstool, crossing her long lithe legs, giving a sneekypeek of pantyless crotch to all those still watching her, even some of the women, who glance away shamefaced at being caught.

Slowly one bold soul rises from his table, saunters over to her and offers her the drink that she’s been waiting for.

‘I’m not thirsty’ she says. ‘Not for that.’

He blushes and glances back at his friends, who all throw back grins and signs of encouragement.

‘My place or yours’ she purrs, as she slides of the barstool, takes his hand, and begins to lead him towards the door.

* * * * *

By the time they reach her apartment he’s horrny as hell. She was stroking his leg, right up to the crotch, the whole time they’d been in the taxi. No other words had been spoken, he’d never even actually answered her question, she’d just led him to the taxi and ordered the driver to go to her place. And now they were konyaaltı escort here, and he was about to get laid by the most mysterious woman he’d ever met. It was the stuff of men’s fantasies, wait until he tells his friends, they would never believe it if they hadn’t seen him leave with ms mystery.

But back to the task at hand he thought, as he came out of his daydream and back to present. She was unlocking her door, and as it opened he saw inside, a thousand glimmering lights. Well maybe not a thousand, but certainly a large number of candles were burning throughout the huge room. He was stunned as she led him inside, pushed him down on the couch, straddled him and kissed him with passion he’d never felt before.

Immediately he felt a stirring inside his pants as her tongue darted around his mouth, exploring every nook and cranny it could find. He wound his arms around her waist and reversed the situation, sliding his tongue into her mouth, and consequently pushing hers out of his. She didn’t like that; she backed off, stood, and went to the wet bar.

* * * * *

Why did he have to do that, she screamed in her head, she couldn’t let a man get control, she had never let a man have control over her. Not since… as her mind wandered back to that fateful day, when her life was turned upside down….

She could remember the way he’d pulled her T-shirt above her breasts, he couldn’t even be bothered to undress her properly. As he fondled her still youthful breasts she’d thought that she was being very grown up, she’d thought that this was what it was all about, that once you had sex, then you were a grown up. She didn’t know how wrong she was.

By the time he’d started tugging at her shorts she’d realized what a mistake she’d made. She wasn’t ready for this, but it was too late, he knew what he wanted, and he was going to have it, no matter what she said. At first she tried to fight, but when she realized it was futile, she lay kültür escort back, and did her best impression of a sack of potatoes.

As he finally pulled off her shorts and thrust his fingers into her virgin cunt, she began to sob.

As he shoved his hard throbbing prick into her mouth, and began thrusting it back and forwards, she tried to shut off her mind.

And as he finally broke her virginity, she tried not to scream in pain, as he thrust himself deeper and deeper into her until he laid his seed, and finally stopped.

She Vowed to herself that day that no man would ever have control over her again, That it would all be up to her, she’d make the decisions, she’d do what she wanted to do, and she’d done just that. She’d turned herself into a stunning woman, every man did as she wanted, no complaints, until now.

* * * * *

He watched her as she wanders back from the bar with two drinks in her hand. She hands him one as she falls back onto the couch, He looks into her eyes as they both raise their glasses to their lips and down the amber liquid. She takes his glass and places them both on the table.

Standing up she takes his hand, pulls him to his feet and leads him towards the bedroom.

The bedroom is dimly lit by candles. There are swaths of red and black velvet hanging from the walls, a king-size bed is the only furniture, it is dressed with black satin sheets.

She reaches out and pushes him onto the bed, she notices by the bulge in his pants, that she’s already getting a rise out of him.

She lays down next to him, and kisses him passionately, he responds as before, but this time she’s not so bothered, she runs her hand up and down his chest, drawing slow deliberate circles on his T-shirt, occasionally brushing across his nipples. As her hand slides under his shirt, she lowers her mouth to his neck and begins gently nibbling.


He yelps in pain, as she bites a little too hard, markantalya escort but she just grins and begins again, flicking her toungue across his neck, along his jawline, and over his ears. All the places that she knows will get him going. Suddenly she sits up and straddles him. He can smell her musky sent as she pulls his torso up and expertly whips his shirt off. She begins to play with his chest hair as she leans forward and continues teasing his neck, then her mouth slowly moves down his neck and onto his chest, teasing, nibbling, and biting all the way. Her hands play with his nipples, and gently stroke his sides as her mouth works it’s beautiful magic on his body.

He closes his eyes as his breathing becomes harder and faster, and he lets in a quick gasp as her tongue replaces her fingertips on his nipples, first one, then the other, her tongue swirls around them, flickers over the erect buds, and her teeth bite gently on them.

Her mouth begins its downward journey again, her talented tongue leaving a trail in it’s wake. She gently teases her way along the bottom of the ribs, until she hits that really sensitive spot, and he lets out an involuntary moan. She reaches his belly button and plays with that a while.

He’s about ready to burst, his cock is hard at the anticipation of her mouth reaching it’s goal, but he’s disappointed as she begins to move back upwards again.

* * * * *

Every time her face is near that region on a guy it brings back memories, that night of broken virginity comes back to haunt her, the feel of that man shoving his prick into her mouth.

That’s why she won’t do it, can’t do it.

Every time she thinks she can, thinks this time she will, but when it gets to that point she can’t do it. She’s pissed off more than one guy in her time, They call her a tease, but it’s not her fault. She can’t help it. She wants to do it.

But she can’t.

And at this point, she knows he’s going to try to take control. She usually lets them, or at least lets them think that they are in control, but little do they know that they are all just toys for her to play with. Occasionally one of them gets what they want. Who knows if this one will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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