Much Needed Release Pt. 02

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Lying back on her bed, mind wandering to their meeting over a week ago. How impressed he seemed with her. Texting and sending her provocative pictures for his pleasure, it’s just made today all the more exciting. She’s headed over there again soon, but time seems to be passing so slowly.

Thoughts of his hands caressing her body, how his tongue worked her pussy with such finesse, and her bound for his pleasure run through her head. How she enjoys being his good girl. Leaning over to look at the clock, she panics. It’s already 2, she’s supposed to be there now! How did it get so late, she thinks to herself as she runs out the door.

The drive over took less time, thankfully, but she was still a half hour late when she walks up to the door. She thinks about him scolding her, pouting a little before knocking on the door.

Hearing his footsteps, she feels her heart leap into her throat. The excitement building as he opens the door. Standing there without a shirt on, she admires his figure before looking up to see him giving her a cocked smile.

“Naughty girl, you’re awfully late today.” He says raising an eyebrow. “I think you may need a good spanking.”

“I.. I’m sorry, sir.” She says pouting. “I was daydreaming about this and lost track of time. I promise to keep being your good girl.”

Looking at him with her sad puppy dog eyes, his face fills with a grin.

“Uh,” he sighs, “those eyes are killing me. Get in here gorgeous.” He says, giving her ass a light spanking as she walks inside.

Taking her left hand, he pulls her back to him and presses her against the door with his body. Collecting her free hand, he holds them both above her head with one arm. She gasps in surprise. Staring at his lips, she bites her’s in anticipation. Their lips meet passionately, like a lifetime had passed by since they’d shared their last kiss. Feeling herself getting wet, she shifts her hips and feels his cock against her leg. His free hand grasping her breast firmly before caressing down her side to her inner thigh.

Releasing her hands, she reaches down and runs her hand over his cock. “I like that greeting, sir.” She says giddily. “I don’t know if anyone’s kissed me like that before.”

“What can I say, I’ve had you on my mind quite often lately,” he says with a smile. “Are you ready for some new things today?”

“New things?” She says with excitement. “What do you have in store for me this time, sir? After the last time, I’m very excited.” She walks past him towards the bedroom, already ready for his touch.

Shaking her ass at him as she enters the doorway, she sets down her things. Following her in, he goes over to the radio. “I’ll turn some music on this time, any preference?” He asks her facing the other direction.

“Whatever you’d prefer sir,” she replies getting ready for him.

Turning on a Jason Derulo song, he turns around. There she sits, already down to her panties, kneeled down on her shins, hands folded across her bare legs. Breasts perked up by her arms, she watches his jaw drop as he takes her in.

“Good god,” his breath taken back, “you are such a good girl. Already down and ready for my pleasure.” Walking over to her, he leans down and grabs her hand. “Sit up a little for me, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Lifting her hand, she sits up with a big smile. “We aim to please. What’s the surprise, sir?”

Watching intently she tries to see as, he reaches for something under the pillow. Pulling out a large vibrator and two cuffs, her hand tightens in his at the sight. “Does this excite you, beautiful?”

Nodding her head, “Yes, sir. What would you like me to do?”

Taking her hand, he puts a cuff on and puts her arm behind her back. She happily does the same with her free hand. Cuffing the other and connecting them, he puts the vibrator under her with the handle in her hand, he says “I want you to hold this on your pussy as you suck my cock. Don’t ataşehir escort bayan remove it, but you need to hold back from cumming till I say.” He turns the vibrator on, she adjusts herself on it till she lets out a gasp from it hitting just the right spot.

“Thank you, sir.” She pants. The stimulation already taking hold of her, she watches as he undoes his pants. Before he can even kick his pants aside, she works her lips down the shaft of his cock. “God, you’re so hard.” She says before working her mouth over the head of his cock.

Pleasurably he leans his head back, “With a stunning, good girl like you, how could I not be?” Looking into her eyes, he runs his hand down the side of her cheek, brushing her hair over her ear as she backs up for a breath. Closing her eyes, focusing on his touch, the vibrations drive her crazy. With a frenzy, her mouth works up and down his cock faster till she leans back and lets out a moan.

“Don’t cum yet.” He says with a cocked smile.

Biting her lip to hold back, he runs his hand through the back of her hair. Thrusting in and out of her mouth, she takes his cock deep. Back for a breath, before doing it again. “Good girl,” he praises her, as she holds his cock deep before backing up for another breath. “You’re doing so great, I want you to cum for me.”

A moan escapes her lips as she works his cock. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum.” He states quickly. “Cum for me now, my good girl.” He tells her again. Moaning loudly as she gyrates on the vibrator, she can’t stay away from his cock. Tugging at her restraints, wanting to grab his cock, she thrusts him back in and deepthroats him again. “I’m going to cum!” He says as his cock bursts in her mouth.

Gagging slightly before swallowing it all, she leans back and cries out, “Thank you Sir!” As her body rocks from wave after wave of euphoria.

“Good girl.” He says as she comes back down.

Reaching back, he unlatches the cuffs and pulls away the vibrator. Giving her his hand to help her up, he tells her, “Now it’s time for you to meet my favorite toy. ” Grabbing something else under the pillow on the bed, he pulls out a mid length, leather crop. The sight of it makes her heart leap and gets her wetter than she already was.

Putting her finger to her lips, the cuff hanging there, his jaw slightly drops again. His cock visibly hardening again from the sight of her actions. Aroused by his responses, she asks playfully, “Is it going to hurt sir?”

With a playfully wicked smile he replies, “I guess you’ll have to wait and see.” Winking at her, he moves over to the side of the bed. “I want you to bend over the bed, with your ass out for me.”

Bending over the bed, she looks back and shakes her ass at him. He shakes his head with a slight laugh and pulls her panties off. She feels the warmth of his hand on her inner thigh, moving up towards her wet pussy. Running two fingers down around the outside of her pussy, then on her other thigh. She bites her lips at the tease, as his hand moves up to her ass. She feels his hand disappear and then the feeling of the leather crop running over her bare cheeks. The crop disappears and she moves her ass in anticipation of it returning.

Returning it gently back to her bare skin, he tells her, “Be a good girl and keep this sexy ass still.” The crop disappears again only to crack right back in the spot it just left. She lets out a slight moan, as the crop circles her ass again. His hand runs up between her thighs and traces her pussy again. Another crack of the crop, followed quickly by another on the other side. She bites her lip, as his finger finally runs over her pussy.

“Good girl keeping still.” He says pleasurably. “Another crack on both cheeks. His finger circles her clit before he slides it in her tight, wet pussy. “You’re very wet for me today, you like the crop. It’s not that bad is it?” Lifting the crop off her bare ass escort kadıöy only to bring it back softly.

As she begins to reply, he adds pressure on her clit as he circles it. She lets out a moan as she almost cums right away. “Oh god! Sir, please may I cum!” She manages to yell out.

“Yes, you may.” He says continuing to circle her clit. As she begins to cum, the crop disappears off her ass only to come back in several places on her ass. The feeling of the cracking pushing her orgasm deeper than before as she yells out.

Coming back down, she feels him moving behind her. She looks back just as she feels his hard cock thrust deep into her. She yells out, “Oh god yes!” out of both pleasure and surprise.

Thrusting in and out of her, she feels the shaft of the crop lay across her back. The feeling of the braided cloth on the handle against her skin, the thought that he still had it and could strike her ass at any moment was an aphrodisiac. It sent her deeper into a feeling of bliss.

One of his hands reaches up and pulls her hair back with a tug. She lifts her head, moaning as his thick cock fuckers her harder.

Feeling herself about to cum, she begs him, “Please, sir, may I cum?!”

“Hold it,” for a minute he commands her.

Biting her lip and grasping at the sheets, she rides the edge. Fucking her a little faster, she cries out again, “Please may I cum sir?”

“Hold it a bit longer, my good girl.” He replies and thrusts deep.

Groaning, she holds back, the feeling is driving her mad. She has to… No, needs to cum. His commands only make it harder to hold. The dam she was holding is about to burst, when he tells her, “Cum for me my good girl.”

A flood of ecstasy over takes her as she cums hard. Her pussy tightening, milking his cock with every wave that hits her. It seems to last forever, every thrust he makes keeping her going, till he tells her, “You’re so tight, I’m about to cum. Do you want me to fill your pussy?”

Through the still continuing waves of pleasure, she cries out, “Please sir! I want you to cum in me!”

His thrusts become a bit sporadic, as she feels his cock quiver and explode deep inside her. A few more thrusts and she finally begins to come down from her orgasm. As he pulls out she falls on her side to relax and catch her breath.

“Did I wear you out?” He asks her, breathing hard himself.

Laughing softly, “Yes sir!” Lying on her back, she locks eyes with him. “You had me going forever at the end.” Taking a deep breath, she leaned back to look at the time. Looking back deeply into his eyes, she spreads her legs, her pussy exposed for his use. “I still have a little time, and energy left.” She looks down at his cock, watching it get hard again from her seductive words.

“That’s my good girl.” He praises as he pulls her to the edge of the bed. Running his hands down her legs to her ankles, he spreads and holds her there. His cock twitching from his racing heartbeat, he slides the head in and slowly starts to go deeper and deeper in. Pulling out he runs his cock between her pussy lips and over her clit, up and down, each brush past her clit getting her closer and closer to the edge.

Closing her eyes as she tilts her head back, she feels him slide just the head of his cock in her wet pussy. Back and forth, the ridge of his circumcised cock spreading her pussy and hitting her g-spot. A deep thrust and back to just the tease.

“Please may I cum?” She blurts out feeling him speed up and pushing her past the threshold.

“Yes, you may.” He replies as he leans down and gives her nipple a little nibble. Her body tingles and shakes as she cums. “Good girl.” He tells her as he slows, letting her come back down. “Turn vertically down the bed,” he commands her. Moving to the middle, she’s still coming down from her last orgasm as he turns her on her side. Lifting the top leg over his shoulder, he slides in between her maltepe escort legs. Taking his cock, he circles her clit with the head of his.

“Oh my god!” She cries out, his cock sliding in her deep, hitting the perfect angle. His hand runs around her thigh and up to her breasts. Firmly grasping one, he takes her nipple between his fingers, squeezing lightly. Shocks of pain and pleasure send her spiraling towards orgasm again. She bites her lip, knowing that waiting will make it better, but his thrusts keep hitting her g-spot and she can’t hold back.

“Please may I cum sir?” she begs him.

Between thrusts he replies, “I’m getting close again, hold it just a little longer.” She moans loudly in response, her body at its limit. She feels him shift closer to her to penetrate deeply, tilting his head back. He commands her quickly, “Good girl, cum for me now. I’m going to fill you up again.”

His words set off a fire in her. She doesn’t even think to let go, the orgasm just overtakes her, “FUCK!” She screams cumming hard, she hears him grunt and looks up to see his face as he gives her his load. Each thrust, he shoots more and more till he pulls out of her.

“Thank you, sir.” She says catching her breath again. “Oh my god, you having me hold it just makes me cum so much harder.”

Looking over at the clock, more time had passed than it had felt like. Again, she may be late, but this time, to get home. Panicking a little, she pops off the bed, only to realize her legs were like jello.

With a quick shift, he catches her as she about falls over. “Are you okay?” he asks her, concerned. “Would you like a drink?”

Sitting back down, she collects herself. “Wow, I think you broke me,” she laughs. “I could use a water if you don’t mind.” Looking back at the clock she remembers. “I didn’t realize what time it was. I need to get home before my husband does.” Pouting a little she gives him the sad puppy dog eyes again. “Please don’t be angry with me, sir, for having to take off so soon when I got here late.”

With a big grin, “Those eyes again, damn you are bewitching.” Sighing he chuckles a little. “Don’t worry about it, you’re still my good girl.” He bends down and grabs her clothes for her. “I’ll get you a water bottle while you get dressed.”

Her smile returns, “Thank you sir for being so understanding.” She takes the clothes from him and starts getting dressed as he walks out of the room. Standing up to put on her panties, she looks at the bed, the crop still lying there gives her goose bumps. She really liked the feeling, the crack of it,and the pleasure in his voice that she knew she brought him.

Grabbing her pants and starting to put them on, the cold metal lock on the cuffs brushes against her leg. She realizes neither of them even remembered they were still on. In just the two visits she’s grown to really like wearing them.

Walking back in the room, she pulls her pants up and holds her wrists out to him. “We forgot about these, I almost didn’t even notice.” She says, shaking her cuffed wrists at him.

“Oh, I knew,” he says, with his playfully wicked smile. “I just like seeing you in those, it’s ascetically pleasing to me.”

She says gleefully, “Oh! Well, I’m glad I bring you pleasure visually.” Putting her bra and shirt back on she looks around to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything before walking out of the room. Throwing his pants back on, he walks her to the front door.

“I was happy to see you today. I promise I won’t be late next time, sir,” she winks to him, reaching for the door handle. His hand grabs her and pulls her into his arms. Kissing her, she goes weak in the knees from the passion in his kiss.

As he backs away, she stands there briefly forgetting that she had to leave.

He tells her, his voice filled with desire, “Our next meeting can’t come soon enough, my beautiful girl.”

Opening the door for her, she walks out and turns back to him. “I’ll see you next time sir. I can’t wait till we can have more time.” A little pout takes hold of her lips briefly at her having to get home so soon. She hops in her car, turning back once to see him standing there watching with a smile, before driving off.

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