Mum’s New Look

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This has been bubbling on the stove for a while and seeing a woman with bright orange hair in the High Street today reminded me to post it for you.

As always it’s short and please no comments about editing unless you’re offering… enjoy.

“Terry.” If I ignore her she’ll go away.

“Terry.” It was louder.


“Teeerryyyy.” It was louder and now it sounded urgent.

“Yes Mum?”

“Oh come on.”

“What’s up?”

“Can you come here for me?”

I paused the Youtube video on simultaneous equations… Yep I really was trying, yet again, to get my head around them. “Coming…” I followed the noise of running water, “Bloddy hel… what the fuck?”

“Yes… I know, just pass me that old towel please.”


“I need to dry myself.”

“No, why that?”

“I fancied it, I was going to go red but I saw 4 women with red hair on the way to get the dye so here we are… What do you think?”

“Actually I think it looks bloody sexy but I’d expect you to taste of orange if I went down on you.”

“You? go down on me’ee?” she pointed with her thumb to her upper chest.

“Well isn’t that why you’d dye your pubes?”

“Yes I suppose so. But you? You wouldn’t have the guts to go down on me?”

Our shower is over the bath but the towel rail is a little way from the bath and being old fashioned we have a carpet, normally I drop my towel on the floor so I can reach it and dry the worst off before I step out. I assume Mum does the same but forgot to do so today and not wanting to drip all over the carpet she called me.

That reminds me, I must put another towel rail, or some hooks, up.

Mum is medium sized and in perfect proportions with the classic 36-24-36 size that most women used to crave, these days most seem to want bigger tits but Mum proudly boasts she it still the same size as when she turned eighteen. She has light coloured hair which goes really light in the sun but in the winter it goes streaky so she colours it to a yellowy blonde, today it matched her pubes. I’ve never seen her pubes before but today she is standing in the bath stark naked with orange hair and by orange I mean bright, every bit as bright as the Hi-Viz clothes they wear when working on the railway tracks.

I grabbed the ‘old’ towel on the rail, the one with bleach marks that Mum uses when she does her hair and stepped across the bathroom but instead of handing it to her I moved the other hand forwards, pushed the fingers in the triangle at the top of her thighs then pushed upwards and shook my hand rapidly sideways. Mum fell backwards against the wall and her feet slid the few inches forwards until they reached the side of the bath.

She just stood there against the wall with her arms hanging by her sides, her hands flat on the wall and a look of absolute shock on her face. Slowly her feet were slipping on the wet bath and parting. When I thought there was enough space I placed my hands on the edge of the bath and bent forwards to force my chin where my fist was and licked her cunt lips up and down and sideways. The space seemed to increase when she bent her knees and dropped a little lower and I was able to find the opening.

The opening seemed far too small, like a quarter şirinevler escort inch or so but I continued licking and trying to get my tongue in there. it was obvious it was not going to happen so I looked for the infamous clit and found it a very short distance away from the hole. It was a lot smaller than I expected as they always seem to be an inch or longer in most of the porn I’ve seen to, so I continued playing it with my tongue and nipping at it with my lips until I decided my neck hurt too much and stood up.

I saw the position Mum was in with her cunt less than a foot above the top of the bath and wondered how the hell I managed to stand and bend forwards with my chin pushed under her cunt and my head bent back as I rubbed the back of my neck. With my other hand still holding the towel I started drying Mum but she quickly snatched it from me and standing up again she rubbed herself before stepping out onto the fluffy bathmat.

I hadn’t moved so we were standing very close to each other and while she towelled her head hair I grabbed both tits and squeezed which made her squeal, she quickly pushed the towel over my face and dug into my ribs with both hands. “Oh you want to play do you?” the digging continued and knowing how ticklish I’d always been she knew I’d soon be out of control. I started rolling up, and trying to hold my ground, stepping slowly backwards until I had my back against the wall.

The bathroom is nineteen feet long and very narrow, no more than four feet six inches it used to be three rooms or cupboards or something and parts of the two walls remain which creates three bays, so everything is against the wall one side. The bath at the end is almost a perfect fit in the furthest bay, the wash basin and a cabinet in the middle bay, a space about three feet and the toilet completes the third bay. The door is opposite the space and Mum had tickled me for nearly the full length of the room, past the door, until my back was against the end wall by the toilet, the tickling stopped abruptly and it went quiet. By the time I relaxed and removed the towel Mum had opened the door and left the room.

I ran to her room where she was using another towel with her back to me, I wrapped the old towel round her head like she did to me, twisted her and pushed her backwards onto the bed.

Quick as a flash I grabbed her legs and turned them, lifted them high then knelt on the bed to allow them to fall on my back as I forced my wide open mouth over her bright orange pubic hair. No it still didn’t taste of oranges, but as I licked and munched, my mouth worked lower to find her clit which still wasn’t as big as those in the porn films. Then lower until I found the little hole and I was getting confused, that still was tiny and I could not get my tongue in there.

A strong downward push on my head revealed something I was not expecting, it was more like a cavern than a hole, all very soft and sticky wet, dare I describe it felt like my tongue was in a hole torn into a huge marshmallow? The hands moved to the back of my head and pulled me firmly against this new sensation.

The sticky stuff started tasting of… well a bit of a tang but sort of nutty almost. A completely new flavour to şirinevler elit escort me but one which I was rapidly relishing and as it turned out one which I seemed to be drinking.

Again this was hurting my neck, so I slid my knees down off the bed to let my chest lay down, in doing so moved my head up towards her clit and sucked hard, Mum seemed to like that as she bucked against my teeth a few times before releasing my head. After that I moved up and down, side to side as I licked, sucked, chewed and generally explored her with my mouth until my neck hurt, my knees hurt and my shoulders hurt.

I moved away allowing her legs to slip off each shoulder and stood, rubbing my knees as I did until I looked at Mums head which was still wrapped in the dark green towel with various shades of yellow and white bleached blobs on it. The next bit was too quick to take in but I saw the room spin round and the face in the mirror did a back flip, I saw the ceiling then the light fly into view before disappearing. Then with weight on my face, it went black.

The new taste and sticky liquid returned to my mouth and my tongue again struggled to burrow deep into that tangy marshmallow. Suddenly some light appeared and I had a view of a butt which started bobbing back and forth creating dark and light. Equally suddenly I felt hard and soft and hot and wet on my cock and I came, filling my mothers mouth with my cum.

It didn’t seem to faze her at all as she continued the action against my face, every so often she’d stop moving for a moment and squeeze her legs against my arms, have a little shake then carry on bobbing.

For some reason my cock was still hard but extremely sensitive and Mums administrations on its head were verging on painful, as was the pressure of her fanny and particularly against my jaw. Somewhere in amongst this I searched for her tits and although they were trapped against my belly I successfully pulled them out both sides and played with the nipples, kind of just fiddling with them.

THEN… then I felt my cock getting really hard, it was a strange feeling that I’d never had before, and not since either, where it felt like my erection started way deep inside me and continued right to the tip, even Mum noticed something as she lifted her head off it and felt it with a hand.

“What the heck is this terry? I’m not letting that go to waste.”

Mum crawled along the bed and unceremoniously dropped her fanny onto my solid cock, all the way down. When she bottomed out the pressure against my cockhead sent a shock wave through my body making me involuntarily fold my body in half. My knees came up between her thighs, my chest tight against her back and my arms flew around the front somewhere to hold me into that position. It seemed like slow motion as we rolled over backwards still in the curled up position.

Sadly we were right near the edge of the bed and there was not enough support, there was nothing we could do to stop us rolling sideways and my view changed from ceiling to wall to dressing table to carpet, all in slow motion but all the way through Mums head firmly remained there in front of my view too.

We came to a stop.

I waited a moment and assessed Mum was şirinevler escort on hands and knees, my arms were locked around her including her tits I think and my knees relaxed a little to put some weight on the floor.

“You OK Mum?”

“I will be if you get up and fuck me.”

I released my arms from Mum, repositioned my knees and got up into a kneeling position, drew back from Mum to start humping but I got a shock when I saw some of my cock…

I pulled out completely and stared at it as it was huge, no I mean it was much fatter and longer than usual and a deep, deep red colour and probably more like purple. Normally I’m about seven inches and get my fingers and thumb to touch but today there was more than an inch gap where it’s so fat Normally my foreskin would nearly meet when I’m fully erect but not this time, in fact my cock skin was pulled so tight there wasn’t any foreskin to speak of and the massive dark purple mushroom extended past both of my hands which is a complete unknown. It was so sensitive too, just touching it with a finger felt like a sharp object.

“Shit Mum it’s never been like this before.”

“Oh for Gods sake come back and fuck me will you, I’m dying here.”


“Just do me alright, or fuck off out.”

Holding my red cock I tried aiming it for her now wide open fanny but it was so stiff it wouldn’t bend down, I had to sort of lean forwards to get the angle and despite the over sensitivity I shoved it inside her.


Then slowly moved in and out.


Mum starting to meet my moves.


I tried an occasional thrust.


And several thrusts together.

“Ay, aye, aye, I, eye.”

Then sensing I may be getting near cummng I humped rapidly.

“Aaaar, oof, whoaaar, ooo, eeeerar, groan, fuck Terry, fuck,fuck, faaaaaark.”

Mum went quiet and stiff then put one hand on the wall as I did a few more of the heavy strokes until it felt like my guts were turning inside out and loads of my cum quickly started oozing down Mums legs.

I didn’t have the usual series of spurts, this time it was just the one or possibly two that seemed to continue flowing rather like pissing and when I pulled out to look it was still oozing out.

“Put that back please.”

I returned my cock to Mums fanny as asked and felt a series of rippling movements, we stayed like that for several minutes until it felt like I was getting soft and Mum slipped forwards.

My cock had lost the deep colour but there were a series of small purple dots all over my cock, between us we decided they were nothing to worry about unless it happens again.

I had a shower and returned to youtube and simultaneous equasions.

Mum had another shower and naked came to my room, “Oh goodness, that takes me back a few years.” She paused the video, “Just multiply that equation by four and that one by seven then take that equation from that to give sixteen Y equals eighty.”

“You make that look so simple Mum.”

“It is.”

I played the rest of the video and it took the guy at least four times as long to explain exactly the same process that Mum used.

“So why orange?”

“Well I was going to go red but I saw four women with red hair this morning and as Blackburn FC are playing at home tomorrow I got us some tickets and orange dye.”

“Arma’s playing, I can’t wait.” Mum smiled, “Thanks Mum.”

“If they win…” Mum stroked the wet pubes and left my room.

“What about, if they win?”

“Just if…”

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