My Best Friend’s Dad

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Lacy sat on the porch swing. She was rocking back and forth with the cool afternoon breeze while waiting for her best friend, Brandy, to get home.

They both attended the local community college, and after long summer days like these they usually found themselves up in Brandy’s air-conditioned bedroom. They would dance around and sing along to the radio while gossiping and sipping ice-cold sodas, but lately things had started to change.

Brandy had met a guy named Hart at the local Dairy Queen where he was the night manager. Lacy thought he was a jerk. He’d grab her ass when Brandy turned her back, and once, when he was dropping her off on his way home, he’d asked her to have sex with him. Lacy hated him.

Lacy looked at her watch; she’d been waiting for nearly an hour. Brandy wasn’t coming home any time soon. She stood up and started to walk down the porch steps when she saw Brandy’s dad, Greg, pull into the driveway. She walked toward the car and waited for him to get out.

Greg stepped out of his jeep and waved to Lacy. He was home earlier than usual and he was surprised to see her standing there. Lacy was his daughter’s best friend and she was as gorgeous as they came. She was about three inches taller than his daughter was, her hair was blond, her eyes a sparkling green, and her body a perfect ten. He couldn’t count the number of times he had jacked-off while imagining her standing in front of him, totally naked, and playing with her giant tits. He grabbed his briefcase and walked over to her. She wasn’t wearing a bra, like usual, and her erect nipples fought against the thin fabric of her worn vintage tee that said “Impeach Nixon.”

“Nice shirt,” he smiled.

Lacy looked taken aback, she looked down and laughed, “Oh yeah, thanks.” She smiled, “Say, you don’t happen to know when Brandy’ll be home, do you?”

“She told me she would be out late. It’s Hart’s night off, I think, and they’re going out.” He looked at her quizzically. He’d been disappointed that Brandy hadn’t been hanging out with Lacy lately, but what could he do? He noted the disappointment on Lacy’s face.

“Oh, well thanks anyways,” she said half-heartedly.

Greg nodded and watched as she turned to walk away. “Lacy, would you like to come in and have a glass of lemonade, or water?” He grinned his most welcoming grin, hoping desperately that she would accept.

Lacy turned and flashed her brilliant smile, “sure!”

Greg led the way into the house, setting his briefcase down in the hallway on the way to the kitchen. Lacy followed behind him like a puppy dog.

When in the kitchen he opened the refrigerator and turned to her, “water or lemonade?”

“Lemonade,” she said decisively.

“Good choice,” he said as he took out the pitcher of lemonade and poured two glasses. He set them antalya escort on the table and sat down across from her.

“Thanks Greg,” she said. He’d finally gotten her to call him Greg two months ago, his favorite sex object calling him ‘Mr. Folsom’ was too weird for him.

“You’re quite welcome.” He smiled at her and sipped his drink. It sure was hot out. He sat there a few more minutes before deciding to engage her in conversation. The silence was giving him a hard-on. “So I haven’t seen you around much lately.”

“Yeah, I know,” she kind of shrugged and took another sip.

“Brandy’s been out a lot with Hart.” Greg looked at her and set down his glass.

She nodded and looked out the window. “Yeah, she really likes him.” She looked at Greg,” I guess since she has a boyfriend, and I don’t, we really don’t have too much to talk about.”

He was surprised by her bitterness and even more taken back by the way her eyes began to water. She missed her best friend. “Well, he’s an asshole,” he said abruptly.

Lacy was shocked, but she couldn’t help but stifle a laugh. “Totally,” she agreed.

“You’re too smart to go out with a prick like that, I was hoping you’d talk some sense into her.” He smiled. “You must get guys like that hitting on you all the time, after all.”

Lacy blushed, “no, not really.”

“A beautiful girl like you?” He laughed, “come on, stop pulling my leg!”

“But I’m not,” she was still blushing. She had had a crush on Brandy’s dad since she was fourteen, and now he was calling her beautiful. Her heart was pounding in her chest, “You think I’m beautiful.”

“Gorgeous,” he grinned.

“How gorgeous?” She was giggling, what was she doing?

He blushed this time; “you’re the prettiest girl I know.”

Lacy smiled and stood up. She walked around the table and sat down in his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big affectionate kiss on the cheek, “thanks Greg.” She smiled, “you’ve made my day.” She was about the bounce up again when she felt the bulge in his pants pressing against her thigh. He had a hard-on!

Greg had turned the shade of deep crimson, how embarrassing! He hadn’t expected her to sit in his lap, but there she was.

“It’s okay,” she said quietly, still sitting in his lap. “I like you too.”

Greg inhaled sharply, but did she like him the way he liked her? “Yeah?” He managed to say.

“Yeah, I like you a lot,” she said huskily, emphasizing the ‘a lot.’ She looked him in the eye for a moment before she pressed her lips against his in a sloppy kiss.

Greg started to kiss her back, but then pulled away, “this is wrong.”

She looked at him blankly and replied, “no it’s not.” She cocked her head to the side and kissed him again, “I like you, you like me, it’s simple.” kepez escort

He let her kiss him again before he brushed her hair behind her ear. “You sure?”

She smiled and kissed him. “Absolutely.” She moved her leg so she was straddling him. She wrapped her arms around him again and they locked in a series of deep passionate kisses.

Greg moved his hands to her back and then down to her butt, kneading her firm ass cheeks in his hands. He dipped his fingers below the waist of her shorts and traced them over the back of her thong undies. He left her mouth and started to kiss her chin and then down the side of her smooth fragrant neck. He pushed one hand up the back of her t-shirt, feeling her soft young skin. One hand traveled to her melon-sized breasts. His other hand soon joined and he began to massage her ample tits. Her nipples were so hard it drove him wild.

She pulled back from his kisses and grinned. Slowly she pulled the t-shirt over her head, tossing it into the kitchen. She ran her hands down over her tits and tweaked her nipples, “you like?”

Greg smiled broadly and eagerly greeted her deliciously taut nipples. He suckled on them and swept his hot tongue over the tight orbs, eliciting moans of pleasure from her wet lips.

“Mmm,” she moaned. She placed her hands on the back of his head, easing him forward. No one had ever paid so much attention to her nipples and it felt incredible; she didn’t want it to end.

He continued to rub and tease her tits until he felt he couldn’t hold out any longer. He had longed to see her suck his fat cock for as long as he could remember. The thought was impossible to vanquish once it had invaded his mind. “Please Lacy?” He moaned as he pulled her close enough to give her a hot kiss. “Please suck my cock baby.”

She smiled at him and slid down off his tented lap onto the cool Mexican tile floor. She unbuttoned the few bottom buttons of his shirt and undid his pants. She unzipped slowly, letting the bulge of silk boxer cascade out of his fly. “Wow,” she said softly as she moved closer. She laid he hand on top of it, feeling the hot throbbing sensations that had been culminating below her during their make-out session. She pulled down the boxers, and his fat eight-inch cock sprang forward.

He was completely shaven, and the smooth feeling of soft skin on skin made both of them shudder.

“Yesss,” he moaned as she began to work her hand up and down his shaft. Each time she reached the top of his dick, squeezing gently, a fat drop of precum slid out of his hole.

She looked up at him; his head was thrown back. She stuck her tongue out and licked it, he shivered. Lacy let his cockhead rub against the top of her mouth before she devoted all her ingenuity to cramming all eight inches of him down manavgat escort her throat. She was afraid she might not be able to, his cock was so damn fat. They were both pleased moments later when she was able to take all of him in her mouth.

Greg couldn’t believe his luck; he had the girl of his dreams giving him the best blowjob of his entire life. He could only watch her go down on him for a few seconds before he had to throw back his head and stare at the ceiling. He had to last long enough to fuck her, and that was all that mattered.

A minute or two later Greg eased her off his dick and made her stand up. He unbuttoned her shorts and slid both them and the thong off in one ardent sweep. He put his hands on her white hips and pulled them toward him.

Lacy’s pussy was shaved as well, she couldn’t stand it any other way, and Greg could only imagine the divine pleasure he would experience within her delicately wet pussy lips. He grabbed his dick and positioned it against her pussy, rubbing it against her hot swollen clit.

She moaned loudly and pushed her hips forward.

“Easy girl,” he said between labored breaths. He couldn’t believe he had her this eager to fuck. He pulled her closer and let his fat cockhead slide into her tight hot vagina. He began to push up, sliding farther and farther into her slick virgin-esque pussy.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Come on Greg, fuck me good!”

He thrust forward and felt himself disappear into her steamy folds. “Yes, oh yeah.”

She bucked against him and they fucked like mad, humping and thrusting. Lust clouded their eyes and they felt themselves losing reality in a thick foggy pleasure.

She came hard, her pussy gripping his cock feverishly.

It was almost too much for him. “I’m going to cum,” he moaned. He pulled out of her and stood up, pumping his steaming cock the entire time.

She grabbed his cock and plunged it back into her throat, milking it wildly; she wanted his cum. The first wave came almost unexpectedly, shooting down her throat faster than she could swallow it. When she thought she might choke she continued to pump his hot sticky cum onto her glistening tits. He smiled down at her as she emptied him and rubbed his juices into her young firm tits.

When Lacy was done she stood up and kissed him. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“Oh no, it was my pleasure,” he smiled. He heard a car door slam and he made a dash for his clothes. They were both dressed by the time Brandy walked into the house with tears streaming down her face.

“Hart was cheating on me! The whole time!” She blubbered, “I’m so glad you’re here Lacy.” She threw her arms around Lacy and cried.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Lacy said soothingly. She led Brandy up the steps, looking over her shoulder at Greg who blew her a kiss.

His hand was in his pocket gripping Lacy’s thong. Sure, he was concerned for his daughter, but he knew that Lacy would be a better listener than he could ever hope to be. Besides, Brandy’s breakup meant one good thing: he’d get to see Lacy ‘a lot’ more from now on.

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