My Birthday Present

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“Are you ready yet? These reservations cost me and they made it clear on the phone that we lose our table if we’re late!” Steph called out to me.

I’m usually the one waiting on her to get ready but tonight is different. It’s not often that I get dressed up in a suit and tie but this was a special occasion. It was my birthday and Steph was taking me out for some fine dining. She wouldn’t tell me where we were going, only that it was a very upscale restaurant and I would have to look the part.

She walked in to the bedroom as I was buttoning my suit jacket, completing my ensemble. She looked me over head to toe, beaming with a giddy excitement she could hardly contain.

“You look so handsome Rob, I like it when you dress up. You wear it well, sweetheart.”

Steph leaned in to me to give a light peck as if she didn’t want to wrinkle some overly delicate fabric. As she turned away from me I responded with a sharp spank to her rear. I was not delicate in my response. She was wearing a short blue skirt with a matching blouse. She has very sexy legs and is not the least bit shy about showing them off.

“Oh no Rob, dessert comes after dinner and you’ll just have to wait,” she teased as she skipped out of the bedroom.

I stood in front of the mirror adjusting my tie when she came bouncing back in to the room with a camera in her hand. I was starting to think we may be late for dinner after all.

“Can’t we do that later? I thought we had to go soon,” I was almost pouting with the dread of knowing any pictures would be on the computers of every friend and family member in the virtual rolodex by the end of the night.

“We’re good Rob, just a couple shots with my knight in dry cleaned armor and off we’ll go.”

She clicked a couple of selfies with us cheek to cheek and then a couple with a tripod. Yes, we have a tripod ready to go in the bedroom. If I have to explain why then you’re reading the wrong story!

She almost jumped with excitement as a huge grin materialized across her face.

“I have a great idea for a picture Rob. Just one more and we’ll go. Please?” She begged with a look in her eyes she knew damn well I couldn’t say no to.

“I usually get paid for my modeling Steph! Alright woman, what pose shall I strike for my adoring fans?” I said with all the fake enthusiasm I could muster.

“Lay on the bed!” She commanded like some pushy film director.

“Steph, I think I know what you have in mind and I’m not sure if I like it,” I responded with an almost scolding tone.

Just a few weeks prior we had a bit of a kinky idea and attached some wrist and ankle restraints to the 4 bed posts. When secured, the person is locked in spread eagle formation and can’t get out. We both love teasing and wanted to experiment with giving up total control. I must say it has worked out very well so far!

“Okay Steph I’ll do this, but this picture goes in to the secret stash. Keep it offline!” I negotiated.

“I promise babe, this one’s only for us,” she agreed. I didn’t think the smile on her face could get any wider, it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong.

I took position on the bed, full suit and tie with my own smile shining through. I had been pretending not to enjoy all of this but I couldn’t fake it any more. I enjoyed the silliness of it all, and I was fairly certain that the night would eventually end in pretty much the same setting except with far less clothes and a bit more serious tone.

Steph locked me in one restraint at a time until all four had me hopelessly secured to the bed. She got the camera and started snapping off a few shots. My facial expressions alternated between seductive and silly, but frankly, the whole situation felt silly due to the setup.

With the director satisfied, she set the camera down and took out her phone and started texting someone. She smiled at a response on the phone and went bouncing out of the room.

“Umm, hello? Did you forget something?” I called out to her, not knowing what part of the house she was in or if she could even hear me.

A couple minutes later she walked back in to the room, not acknowledging me in the slightest. She put the tripod in the closet and placed the camera in a dresser drawer.

“Steph? Starting to get a little puzzled here. You gonna release me so we can get going?” I inquired.

She continued to ignore me and just tidied up the room a bit more when suddenly the doorbell rang.

‘Doorbell? What’d she do, order a pizza?’ I pondered as she bounced back out of the room.

As I lay helpless, I went totally silent to try and hear what’s going on. It sounded like two women talking, but it was too distant to be sure. After a couple minutes of this silent torture Steph comes walking back in.

“I must say Rob, I wasn’t sure you would fall for my little ruse quite so easily, but you did. Now you’re just lying there, completely helpless and at my mercy. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re not going out tonight. No, I’ve decided to bring the birthday party to you,” she explained as I was seriously urla escort bayan questioning whether I was in trouble or not.

Steph called out to the hallway, “Alright Nikki, you can come in now.”

Nikki was a girl that Steph had worked with for the last couple of months. Steph helped teach her the ropes when she first joined the office and they had quickly formed a tight bond. I liked hearing about her from Steph, it was obvious that Steph had fancied her co-worker. She would come home that first week beaming about the new girl and how pretty she was. As Nikki stepped in to the room it all made sense to me. She was stunning! She looked in her young 20s with long brown hair flowing down below her shoulders. She had a very pretty face and it looked like a nice body but she was wearing a trench coat.

‘A trench coat? What, is it raining outside?’ I thought to myself.

Nikki stepped front and center looking down on my helpless self, “So this is the guy you can’t stop talking about, huh Steph? I want you to know, Rob, that it can get very boring at work, and when the girls get bored, we talk. I think I know you better than any of my exes!” She giggled making me ponder the dirty little stories of ours that Steph must have shared.

Nikki started to unbutton her trench coat, “It’s a little warm in here for this I think.”

She turned her back to me as she worked her way down one button at a time. With the last button undone, she let the coat slide off her shoulders as it fell to the floor.


She had been completely naked under the coat and now she stood in front of me. I stared at her tight ass and long legs as my wrists involuntarily pushed against their restraints, reminding me of my helpless state. She was a light brown from head to toe with no tan lines anywhere on her body. Absolute perfection.

I caught myself with my jaw open, quickly realizing how pathetic I must look. Steph had a huge grin on her face, she knew all too well what we were both in for tonight.

Nikki turned her head to look back at me, still showing me nothing but her perfectly tight ass. She smiled as she recognized the power she had over her helpless admirer.

“He looks so adorable Steph, so helpless and adorable!” she said more towards me than Steph as she spun around to give me the full view.

There goes my jaw again.

She had a very athletically toned body, firm and strong. Her breasts were not natural, they couldn’t have been. Too perfect I deduced, but that was just fine with me. She was just as flawlessly tanned on the front as she was in the back. My eyes traced down her naked form coming to rest on her pussy. Completely shaven, just the way I like it.

“Daddy likes I think,” Steph chimed in.

“Daddy likes a lot,” I confirmed, earning a responsive chuckle from Steph.

Steph was still fully dressed as she stepped behind Nikki. Steph nestled up to her and put her head on Nikki’s shoulder so they were both looking at me. Steph rested her hands on Nikki’s waist and smiled at me. Nikki turned her head back to Steph and they gently kissed each other lightly at first as if to test the water. Their lips separated and both of them smiled at each other. They both liked the softness of their kiss, the tender caress they felt between them. Steph leaned her head back in, bringing her lips back to Nikki’s. Their lips pressed together with just a little more pressure this time.

Steph let her hands glide further around Nikki, across her belly. Their tongues gently explored each other, the tips lightly danced together in their embrace. Steph’s hands slid up on to Nikki’s breasts. They kissed a bit more as Steph massaged Nikki’s breasts and brushed the palm of her hands over the tip of Nikki’s nipples. Nikki liked the sensation and her kissing intensified. Steph turned her head back to me, breaking the seal their lips had formed.

“I think Rob is going to enjoy playing with these,” she said towards me as she started gently pinching and tugging Nikki’s nipples, causing them to harden under her touch.

Nikki enjoyed the sensation but she clearly wasn’t as adapted to teasing as Steph and I were. She was still facing away from the woman that was playing with her. The hands at play on her body felt good but she needed to touch and feel with her own hands too. Nikki spun around in Steph’s arms, put both her hands on Steph’s cheeks and kissed Steph with a hungry passion. Steph entertained her passionate kiss for a moment before pulling back.

“Slow down my little plaything, we’re in no hurry. We have all night ahead of us,” Steph told her as Nikki almost looked frustrated. Nikki nodded and smiled. She knew she was in good hands.

Steph leaned back in to her slowly, their lips returned to each other with the same tenderness of their first kiss. Nikki rested one hand on Steph’s hip as the other gently caressed her breast. She lightly groped Steph’s breast, forcing herself to keep the pace slow. Steph’s hands slid around to Nikki’s ass and she cupped both cheeks as their tongues continued escort urla their dance. Steph pulled Nikki in tightly, forcing Nikki to release the hold she had on Steph’s breast. Their lips parted again, this time Steph started kissing Nikki’s neck as she rubbed her firm ass. Nikki loved the sensation as a soft moan escaped her lips. Steph started kissing her way a little lower, down Nikki’s neck to the top of her chest. As her lips worked down to Nikki’s breasts, she dropped to one knee.

Nikki looked down at the beautiful woman pleasuring her and moaned a little louder in approval. Nikki ran her fingers through Steph’s hair as Steph started caressing a nipple with her lips. She kissed it. She licked it. She started sucking on Nikki’s nipple, only pausing to occasionally flick her tongue on the tip before resuming the suction.

Nikki looked past Steph to see me laying helplessly on the bed, a hungry stare in my eyes. She had a very serious look on her face as she focused on the pleasure she was receiving until our eyes met and she smiled. I honestly think she forgot I was even there! I smiled at her and glanced quickly over to one of my bonds and back to her, trying to signal to her to release me. I was very worked up at this point and I was hard as ever from the show being put on before me. Nikki giggled.

“Mmmm Steph, I think your man is trying to tell me something, I think he wants his freedom.” The smile in her eyes told me I was completely alone at the moment, no release in sight for me.

Steph stood up and stepped behind Nikki again. She reached around with a hand and this time it went to Nikki’s bare pussy. Her finger traced over Nikki’s pussy lips, teasing it as she looked to me.

“Is that right, Rob? Do you want to be set free to enjoy your birthday present?” She asked as she continued to lightly caress Nikki’s pussy.

Nikki brought both of her hands to her tits and started squeezing and pinching her own nipples as she looked down at the hand between her legs. She moaned in ecstasy as Steph’s middle finger gently slid inside her and back out again. Lightly. Back in and out again. She lightly rubbed her clit, teasing it with the tip of her finger.

“Steph! You know damn well I want out of these bonds, woman!” I light-heartedly scolded her. “It’s my birthday and not only have you opened my present, your hogging it all for yourself!”

Steph released Nikki and walked over to me.

“Is daddy ready for some fun?” she teased as she placed her hand on my cock. She didn’t grip, just set the palm on me to feel how hard I was. “Come here Nikki, you think he’s ready yet?”

Nikki stood over me and she grabbed a handful. Her face lit up when her hand took hold of me over the dress slacks.

“Damn Steph, he feels ready to me,” she responded as her hand started rubbing and masturbating me over the cloth of my pants.

Steph grabbed her hand and lifted it off me, “Well, I don’t think he’s ready just yet so I think we’ll keep him right where he is.”

I was too excited at this point and her hand felt good before being removed. My hips almost instinctively thrust in the air as if to catch her hand but it was no use.

Steph became the director again, tonight she enjoyed being in control.

“Nikki, I want you to lay down next to him,” she instructed.

Nikki nestled up to me as she lay under my arm facing up. Steph was still fully clothed but decided to get more comfortable. She removed her blouse and let her dress fall to the floor as she stepped out of it. Steph climbed on top of Nikki and came to rest on top of her breast to breast. She leaned down in to her and they started kissing again right next to me. Steph worked her way back down Nikki, not quite as slowly as before. Nikki looked down on her as Steph reached her pussy. Steph paused and looked up at Nikki as if to ask ‘ready for this?’ Nikki smiled her approval and Steph lowered her head. She gently kissed Nikki and was pleasantly surprised. Nikki was soaking wet, she may have been more worked up than I was by now. Steph put both hands on Nikki’s hips and started licking and sucking on her clit. She was gentle with it, like only another woman could be. Nikki grabbed her breasts again and started massaging herself and gently pinching her nipples as the sensation started to build inside her.

Nikki’s eyes were closed as the moans of pleasure escaped her lips. I love seeing a woman in such sweet ecstasy. Her back archs slightly, then her pelvis pushes lightly up against Steph. I can tell Nikki is very hot right now, her nipples are hard and pointing straight up. She turns her head to me and opens her eyes to see me enjoying the show. She brings a finger to her mouth and starts sucking on it as her moans get louder. Nikki starts to whisper softly to me.

“Damn Rob, she’s very good at this. Her tongue feels so good on my pussy. She’s going to make me cum, Rob, but don’t worry. I still want to feel that hard cock of yours inside me, baby. Mmmmm, I want to fuck that hard cock so good and earn that delicious cum of yours Rob.”

My urla escort wrists and ankles are now pushing full force against their bonds. She knows exactly what her dirty whispering is doing to me and my cock is throbbing now, begging for its own release. I couldn’t see very well what Steph was doing but evidently she was hitting the right spot on Nikki. Nikki’s eyes left mine very suddenly and looked down at Steph.

“Oh my God, Steph! Right there, that’s it! Oh God you’re going to make me cum Steph!” She cried out.

Steph brought both her hands up to Nikki’s and they interlocked fingers, holding each other tightly. When the orgasm started to hit, Nikki gasped loudly and threw her head back into the mattress. The orgasm was overwhelming and their hands separated. It was too much for Nikki as her body started to cheat up towards the top of the bed and away from Steph. But Steph grabbed her by the hips and stayed with it, not letting Nikki go so easily. Nikki couldn’t muffle her screams, the feeling was too intense. She put both hands on Steph’s head in a weak attempt to push her away as the sensitivity was too much but Steph kept at it. Nikki’s body started to twist and contort as her eyes rolled back and she let out a half cry/half scream. Steph looked like she was buried in Nikki’s pussy and was showing no mercy at all. Nikki’s breathing turned to short gasps for air as she gradually regained control over her own body. The orgasm had ripped through her and was starting to pass as her body returned from its blissful high.

Breathing returned to normal and her body language signaled an ending to the orgasm. Steph released her and looked up with a huge and wet grin on her face. Nikki was fired up. She slid down the bed, grabbed Steph by the head and started kissing her with a new passion. Not the tender kisses from earlier, more like a starving lioness with her helpless prey trapped under her paws. Nikki could taste her pussy in Steph’s mouth and she loved it. No one had made her cum that hard before and she looked like she would return the favor. It definitely wasn’t the best time to interrupt, but I had enough teasing for one night.

“Excuse me ladies, not to ruin the mood or anything but, I think I’ve endured enough torture for one night,” I pleaded my case.

“Time for another check-up Nikki,” Steph suggested.

Steph walked over to me and grabbed my cock this time.

“Hmm, I’m still not convinced he’s ready. Let’s take a better look, shall we Nikki?”

Nikki joined us and I think she wanted a turn to play but Steph stayed in the lead. She lowered my zipper and gasped a bit.

“Oh wow! Look at this Nikki. He’s soaked with precum!” She said pretending to be surprised.

I was wearing boxer-briefs and yes, they were soaked. Nikki licked her lips looking like she wanted to have a go but she would have to wait. Steph pulled the undergarment down just far enough to pry my length out through the fly in my pants. My cock was standing straight up, straining for her touch. She gently grabbed me around the base and massaged me up to the tip milking out more precum. I’ve always had this response to sexual stimuli, and I’ve never been able to mask my excitement as Steph has learned. As Nikki watches, Steph’s one hand grabs me around the base and balls while the index finger on her other hand rubs the tip and spreads my precum over the entire head. She uses a very soft, slow and teasing touch to do this as I again fight my restraints and start to melt under her sweet torture. She looks up at Nikki.

“I just love it when Rob gets this worked up, I like to tease the precum then gently suck it off his swollen head,” she explained to Nikki.

I look down at Steph with great relief, the end of my torture is within sight! Still holding me by the base, she lowers her lips down to the head of my begging cock. Her mouth opens and her tongue protrudes ever so slightly as she closes in on me. She’s no more than one inch from the tip of my penis when she stops, releases her hold on me, and pops back up.

“Nope, I don’t think he’s ready yet,” she exclaims. “Now where were we, Nikki?”

She abandons me! In my moment of need she abandons me! Now I’m the one half laughing and half crying.

Nikki is smiling from ear to ear. She’s never done teasing of this nature before and I can tell she’s learning some good techniques for future use. They both embrace each other at the foot of the bed and resume their fun. Nikki kisses Steph with a renewed passion and starts to feel up her chest. With Nikki’s hands on Steph’s tits, she pushes her weight into her and forces Steph to sit on the bed.

I am still completely spread and Steph is sitting just below my crotch facing away from me. Nikki get a wicked grin on her face and pushes Steph again, forcing her to lay her back over my crotch. Steph’s hair falls over my chest as I am now supporting her upper body weight. Nikki drops down to Steph’s pussy and starts kissing her thighs, dancing around Steph’s shaven pussy. I think she wanted to give the teasing a bit of a try so she took her time. Steph inched her way back until she was almost completely on top of me, her head rested next to mine. Her ass was now slightly above my cock and Nikki reached under her and pulled my cock out so that it rested up against Steph’s asshole, not nearly enough contact or friction for my good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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