My Brother Anthony Ch. 02

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I woke to find myself in my brothers bed. At first I thought I had been dreaming but when I turned on my side I could see my brother Anthony sleeping quietly beside me; naked.

I smiled to myself and watched him as he slept. I watched him for a few minutes then heard my stomach rumble. I sighed, it was my usual after sex munchies, and slid out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. I slipped out of my cum-soaked panties and pulled my camisole off before turning on the hot water. Shower first then eat, I thought as I stood in the hot jet of water.

I grabbed my favorite sarong that I kept in the bathroom to wrap in after a shower and put my hair up in a clip. I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. “Bunny food, bunny food, bunny food. Oh yum steak,” After cooking and eating half of the steak, I put the rest of it in the oven and went to go check on my sleeping sibling. Anthony lay on his side curled in a fetal position, his arm over the side of the bed. I smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. I ran my fingers across his bare foot and watched his toes curl. I giggled and did it again, “Anahi don’t do that,” I Eeped and fell off the bed when He opened one eye and smiled.

“That’s not funny,” I said finally standing, “How long have you maltepe escort been awake?”

“Long enough Miss giggles,” He smiled as I sat on the edge of the bed, and leaned over to brush my lips lightly against his. “Mmmm,” he sighed and raised himself up on an elbow, “Any regrets?”

“I have learned to never regret anything or anyone I do,” I smiled playfully and leaned into kiss him again. I gently sucked on his bottom lip and nuzzled his cheek.

“Ana,” he purred into my ear, “I love you so much little sister,”

“I love you too big brother,” I put emphasis on ‘big’ and watched his grin grow.

Anthony rolled over onto his back on watched me for a few minutes before closing his eyes again. Smiling to myself I ran my fingers up his bare thigh. He squirmed as my hand reached his cock. I took his cock in my hand and began to stroke him gently. I bent down and licked its head softly, I could still taste myself on him.

He moaned and raised his hips slightly, “Ana,” he breathed heavily, “What are you doing?” he opened his eyes.

“My turn,” I said as I straddled his hips and guided his rock hard cock into my wet pussy. I pressed his entire length into me and ground down my hips, rocking them slightly.

“Gods mecidiyeköy escort Ana, are you a nympho?” He pulled my sarong from around me and reached for my breasts.

“No, I just border on it,” I raked my nails up and down his chest causing him to moan. I rocked my hips slightly and watched the look of lust grow in his eyes.

“Can I come in you?” he asked between breaths, “Please Ana?”

“You don’t have a choice,” I leaned forward and kissed him while grinding my hips down. “Come in me Anthony, Come for me.” I purred into his ear.

“Ana! I gonna cum!” He pulled my hips tight against his own and made a loud guttural roar as he came. “Gods tits Ana! I can’t stop cumming!”

“I don’t want you to stop,” I moaned as I came. I collapsed against his chest panting and feeling my heart pounding. “Gods you are wonderful…” I nuzzled against his sweaty neck and sighed.

“You’re pretty damned good yourself,” he murmured, and brushed his hand along my cheek. “Ana?”

“Hmmm?” I didn’t want to move.

“I can’t feel my legs,”

“Why not?” I asked

“Because you are sitting on them, and pretty soon…” His sentence was interrupted with a stomach rumble, “Gods woman you merter escort know how to make a man hungry,” “It’s not my fault, honest,” I gave him the most innocent look I could muster, “There’s half a steak in the oven,”

“What happened to the other half?”

“I ate it of course,” I rolled off of him and raised my self onto an elbow, “Come on silly get up,” I tugged on his arm.

“I’m getting up when I am ready to get up,”

“Fine by me, I would just be careful of the cold sticky spots if I were you,” I hopped off the bed, “I going to take a shower,”

“But you just had one,” Anthony replied.

“True but that was before I decided to wake you up,” I ducked out of the room and headed back to the bathroom for another shower.

Anthony was up and in the kitchen when I came out of the shower. He had my sarong folded over the back of one of the stools. He had somewhat dressed, wearing only a pair of shorts. “You smell clean,” he said nuzzling my neck.

“I should hope so,” I watched him pull the steak from the oven and grab a knife and fork, “It’s pretty rare,”

“Pink meat has never bothered me before,” he grinned as he took the first bite, “Your pink meat I could eat forever.” I felt the tips of my ears beginning to burn.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked watching Anthony eating.

“I say watch a movie, cuddle for a bit then I get to have at it with that cute ass of yours,”

“Sounds like a plan,” I smiled and continued to watch him. Not knowing what other goodies lie in store for me.


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