My Brother’s Love

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Thomas was my brother. My parents adopted him when we were kids, so I had always thought of him that way. By high school I had started to have confusing feelings for him, but I thought college would make those go away. I wasn’t prepared for the rush of emotions I felt when I saw him on my first break home from school.

“Sis! I hardly recognized you!” he said when I walked in the door. Before I could react, he grabbed me into a hug.

“Thomas, I missed you,” I managed to squeak. He had big square shoulders, and I always thought of him as a typical jock. Now his arms felt strong and safe. I pulled away, embarrassed but warm. I saw him look me up and down. I had also filled out some; the freshman fifteen had gone to my hips and exercise had expanded my chest. “Wow, Caroline, you look great,” he said.

“Don’t just stand there,” Mom said, pushing by to get a hug. “Go get her bags.” I was relieved for the interruption. I had messed around with a few guys at school, but none of them made me feel like my brother. Stop that, I thought to myself. He’s my brother, not a potential boyfriend.

I went to my old room, and I didn’t have any time to compose myself before Thomas came in with my bags. He dropped them on the dresser and jumped on my bed. “So what’s college like?” he asked, lying on his stomach and propping up his head with his arms.

“You should I know, you went.” I said, unpacking my suitcase.

“Yeah, but I didn’t get to go to big ole State U. Are there a ton of hot girls? Besides you, of course.”

“Thomas!” I blushed. “There are a lot of fraternity girls in my dorm. I don’t go to a lot of parties, though. Not my thing.”

“No, I’m sure you are the perfect student. Always straight As in high school.” He sighed. “Did you have a little fun at least? Looks like you’ve been working out.”

“I joined the colorguard. Who knew flag twirling could build muscle?” The days outside had also darkened my skin. Back in high school, people had always assumed we were related because we had the same skin tone, the color of dark wood. I held my arm against his. “I got a tan,” I said. He laughed.

“You got some muscles, too.” He ran his hand up to my shoulder. They were still big and rough. He played football in high school. I shook myself away. I had goosebumps.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

“I quit the job and came back. I’m crashing until I find a new one.” He only went to school two years before going into a trade, something to do with electricity. “Mom still has both our rooms the same.”

“I noticed,” I said, looking around. Had I really outgrown the pop stars and princesses in one semester? “It feels good to be home.”

“I know what you mean,” he said, staring at me. I turned away quickly, wondering why I felt like blushing again. He’s only your brother, I thought to myself.

I remembered seeing him in the bathroom one weekend when he came home to visit. It was just after my 18th birthday, a few months before I graduated high school. I never thought much of banging on the bathroom door to get him out, but this time I noticed the door sarıyer escort wasn’t all the way closed. When I looked in, he was undressing to get in the shower, facing the doorway but looking down. I saw the toned muscles rippling under his dark brown skin. His arms and legs were slim and round—they gave him a lot of speed on the football field. His wrinkly cock was swinging between his legs. It looked long even while flaccid, and I wondered what it would look like hard. Thomas never brought many girls home, but I’d overheard him tell his friends how they liked to suck it. That day I thought about what it would be like to taste him. I was ashamed of my thoughts, but it still made me wet. I had slipped away without disturbing him.

Mom made all of my favorites for dinner. She was humming and pecking like a hen. I think she missed me more than I missed her. Dad was the same as usual, watching TV and checking his phone. Thomas kept watching me, teasing and asking questions about college life. We had not kept in touch, so it was good to be with him again. I just wished I could stop thinking about how handsome he was.

Before bed, I decided to read my book. It was a trashy romance novel, but I loved the sex scenes. I was wearing just a t-shirt and panties for easy access. Just as it was getting to a good part, my door swung open and Thomas bounded in.

“What are you doing?” he asked as I shoved the book under the covers. “What are you reading?” He pulled down the covers and grabbed the book. “Oh, sis! Look who’s being naughty!”

“Stop it,” I whined, trying to grab it back. “I’m an adult. I can read whatever I want.”

Thomas flipped open to a page. “‘He rubbed his quivering manhood over her flooded lips…’ Does that get you hot, sis?”

I crossed my arms and didn’t answer. He grinned at me mischievously. “So how about it, you getting any in college? Not just reading about it, I hope.”

I shrugged. “I’ve been out with a few guys.”

“Yeah? And?”

I squirmed. “Why do you want to know?”

“I just want to make sure you’re having fun,” he said, flipping through the book. “God knows you couldn’t get in any trouble in this house.”

Our parents had been kind of strict. “I’ve done…a couple of things.”

“Like what?”

“Thomas! I can’t tell you what.”

“Yes, you can.” He pushed up to sit beside me. “Mom and Dad are out at dinner, remember? Look, you can whisper it to me.” He dramatically looked around the room, and then cocked his ear toward me. I felt warm all over.

“Well, I gave this guy a blow job.” I wasn’t a virgin, but until college it had all been one guy.

“Bravo, a blow job.” He politely clapped. “Did he return the favor?” When I shook my head, he said, “He didn’t? Did he even finger you?”

“It’s only been one semester,” I joked. It wasn’t enough to divert the look in his eyes. I tried to tamp down the tingle in my crotch. “It’s no big deal.”

“Do you like to masturbate, sis?” he asked in a low voice. I couldn’t help but look down his pajama bottoms. Was there a bulge there?


“I mean, you’re sefaköy escort reading a trashy sex novel, what if you get horny?”

I was already horny. “Then I’d…do something. After my brother left the room,” I said, trying to at least pretend to fight.

He looked around again, smiling wickedly. “I don’t see any brothers. No parents, either.” I just stared at him, hardly able to breathe. “Look Caroline, I know I’m technically your brother, but I’ve always thought you were pretty hot. Especially when you came home the other day. Doesn’t that make me a terrible brother?”

“Yes,” I said, my voice shaking. “Adopted brother.”

He put the book down and reached down into my pants. His fingers quickly found my wetness.

“Are you horny, Caroline?” he asked, lightly stroking my clit. “Want me to help you ‘do something?'”

I closed my eyes, trying to imagine anyone but my brother doing this. I couldn’t. I didn’t want anyone but my brother doing this. He circled my clit with his thumb while his fingers dove in and out of my pussy. It felt so good. I leaned my head back and massaged my breasts with my hands. He rubbed until the tingle became a flood. I pumped against his palm as the wave hit me, moaning as my juices covered his hand. He pulled away and sucked on his fingers.

“Mmm,” he said. I felt faint watching him. My brother. “God, that was hot. I think I have my own problem to take care of now.”

I didn’t need any other prompting. I leaned over and pulled on his pajama pants. His cock popped out, stiff and thick. Anxiously I looked toward the door. What if mom and dad came home?

“It’s ok, sis,” Thomas whispered. Taking a deep breath, I placed my hand on his cock. I rubbed it gently, eliciting a groan from him. I looked back. He had closed his eyes and rolled his head back.

“Put it in your mouth,” he whispered. “Please.”

I bent down and licked the head of his cock. It bounced away, and when it came back, I caught it in my mouth. He groaned louder as I pulled the shaft in past my lips and down my throat. I couldn’t get past my gag reflex, but I knew how to use my tongue and hand. He rubbed my back while I worked. Suddenly he lifted his hips.

“Oh fuck, Caroline, I’m going to come!” As soon as he said it, his cock shuddered and streams of cum started to hit the roof of my mouth. I tried to swallow as much as I could, but the rest seeped into my hand onto his crotch. He exhaled loudly and grinned. I blushed.

“How was that?” he asked. “Better than your dates?” I nodded. “You going to let me eat you out?”

“Maybe tomorrow,” I said. “We can’t get caught.”

He put a finger on his lips. “It’s our secret.”

He was gone most of the next day. I spent the whole time wondering if I should tell Mom and Dad what happened. I relived every moment, bouncing between guilt and happiness. He wouldn’t meet my eyes when he came home. I took that to mean he regretted it, so I kept quiet. He was still cheerful at dinner, but he didn’t tease me as much. When I tried to catch his eye, he looked away. Soon a friend called, and he was out the silivri escort door again.

I went to bed confused—relieved that we didn’t have to talk about it, sad that he hadn’t enjoyed himself. I thought about him all night. His hands, his cock, his mouth. What would it be like to kiss him? Would it feel weird? I thought I was dreaming when I felt him slip in bed behind me. His hands reached around to cover my breasts, and he kissed my neck. I leaned back and could feel his cock pressing against me. He was naked. Shocked, I turned over and looked at him.

“What are you doing?” I asked in a whisper.

“I’m coming back for seconds.” I could hear the smile in his voice.

“You hardly talked to me all day,” I complained.

“I know. I just didn’t want it to be weird. But I had fun, Caroline. I liked it.” He leaned down blindly and kissed my cheek. “A lot.” The next kiss was more accurate, capturing my mouth. I kissed him back and felt my body rising to meet his. He pulled me close and pushed his tongue deep inside me. When he pulled away, we were both breathing fast.

“What if Mom or Dad wakes up?” I asked.

“I closed the door this time.” He reached under my shirt, and I helped him pull it off. He held on to one breast while he licked the other, and then he switched. I shivered. He kissed down my belly, and when he reached my panties he pulled them off. He drew his finger down across my slit. He traced the outside and then the inside lips. Finally, he knelt down and followed the same path with his tongue. I shivered again, happy that I always kept that area shaved. Now my brother was enjoying it. He reached his tongue inside me, tasting my wetness. I moaned and lifted my hips to meet him. He licked upward and found my clit. He played with me for a long time, bringing me agonizingly close to an orgasm.

He pulled up my ear and whispered, “Are you going to let me fuck you, sis?”

I nodded, but knowing if he could see it, I whispered, “Yes.” I had never wanted anything so badly as my brother’s cock. He positioned himself over me and easily slid in. It felt like a perfect fit. I squeezed my pelvic muscles and he groaned. He made quick thrusts into me, and I wrapped my arms around his wide shoulders. My orgasm thundered through me.

As I shook underneath him, I heard him saying, “Oh fuck, Caroline!” He repeated my name as he released himself inside me, and then he was still. I held him on top of me until I felt him getting soft. Neither of us seemed to want to move. Finally, he rolled out of my arms onto his side. I couldn’t see his face, but I heard him sigh.

“You better not have any STDs,” he said, back to his joking self.

“Thomas!” I hit him, and he laughed. He was still my brother. “What do we do now?”

I felt him shrug. “We just have to pretend like everything’s normal. It’s not like we can tell Mom and Dad. I’m going to come visit you at college, though.”

“You will?” I asked, excited.

“As long you pretend I’m your boyfriend.” He traced his fingers over my face. “How will they know?”

“We look alike.” I giggled.

“All black people look alike!” We both laughed out loud, but then I shushed him. I didn’t want to wake up Mom and Dad.

“Do you think we’ll get away with it?”

“I don’t care if we do or not. I just know that I love you, in that way.” He kissed me, and my stomach tingled.

I’d never felt happier.

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