My Daddy, The Stud Ch. 03

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Well after the morning orgy with my mom and dad we sat around eating lunch and my mom told me that Aunt Clair and Uncle Joe would be here about 3 o’clock. Joe is my mom’s older brother. He is about 43, 6′ tall, gray hair, and a slim build. Aunt Clair is moms age around 40. She has shoulder length blonde hair, small perky tits, and long legs that meet a very tight sweet ass.

I have had the hots for Aunt Clair for a long time. I once got to see Aunt Clair’s tits once when she was changing at our house for a party. I was hot for her right then, those tits stood strait out. Her nipples were large and dark and were hard. It gave me a raging hard on looking at them and wishing I could suck on them. But I had to rely on my faithful hand to end all my tensions, but this weekend I might just get to suck on those tits.

They finally arrived and we were sitting around getting ready to eat supper and Joe ask “have you guys been having any fun out here in the wilderness?” my dad smiled and answered “yea, we have had a lot of fun. But I think our son has had the most fun up till now.” with that dad winked at Joe and Clair. They looked at me with sheepish grins. I could feel my face getting red with embarrassment. I wasn’t sure if they were in on the family orgies or not, so I really didn’t know how to act.

Then I almost died when Aunt Clair said with a big smile “well I want to hear all about this fun you have been having.” I looked at my mother with a stricken look on my face and mom said “it’s okay, tell them everything. That’s why they are here, more initiations for you into our family sex circle.” with that I started telling my story of how I watched mom and dad screwing the first night. Then how dad caught me jacking off and how we gave each other blow jobs and how he popped my anal cherry, and how I found mom watching us and then about our morning orgy and how I got to fuck mother and dad fucked me again.

Uncle Joe and Aunt Clair looked at me and Uncle Joe said “you have been having a good time, now lets see if you are a good cock sucker. Come over here and show me what you have learned.” with that he stood up and rubbed his crotch, I could see his hard cock in his pants. With nervous anticipation I looked around to my parents and my dad said “go ahead son, suck him dry.” with this urging on I walked over to Uncle Joe and I moved his hands away from his crotch and I began to unbuckle his belt, then unbutton his pants, and unzip his fly. I could feel his cock pulsing under my hands as I slowly pulled his pants down. His cock was straining to get out of his underwear, I got down on all fours and licked ataşehir escort his cock thru his underwear. I got my fingers into the waist band and pulled them off. His fat cock bounced in my face.

His cock was clean shaven smooth as a babies ass, I have never seen one like that before. I took his hard cock into my hand and slowly stroked it and take in the musky aroma of his body. God I am getting horny. I begin to lick the head of his cock, I can taste his precum. It is real good, it makes me want to more. I begin to suck the head of his cock and run my tongue up and down the shaft. He lets out a soft moan as I suck his balls into my mouth, this is a lot of fun. I put one of is legs on the bench so I can have access to his asshole. From his balls I licked my way to his brown hole and began to ream his asshole with my tongue.

Uncle Joe says “damn, he is a natural at this. He is tongue fucking my asshole!!” I am doing just that, running my tongue in and out of his ass as deep as I can. I keep two fingers in his asshole and return to his fat cock. I suck it in my mouth as deep as I can and he takes me by the head and fucks my mouth. I can feel his cock going into my throat, I am gagging on it but he keeps fucking my mouth. Uncle Joe says “god, I am gonna cummmmm!!!” I moan in anticipation and finger his ass faster. With a loud moan he shoots his hot cum into my wet mouth. I suck as hard as I can to get every drop out of it. I swallowed every drop as fast as it hit my mouth. Some of the cum ran out of the corners of my mouth and down my chin.

Uncle Joe sat down and said “that was the best blow job I ever had from a beginner, your sure you never sucked a cock before this weekend!?!?” Aunt Clair came over to me and without a word she began to kiss me and lick the excess cum off my chin and she asked “do you eat pussy that good??” my mother said “yea he does, he has had practice on his girlfriend and on me. He does this thing with his tongue that will make your toes curl!!!!” Aunt Clair said “I am going to have to find out about this for myself.” the next thing I know Aunt Clair is nude sitting with her legs spread wide with her gorgeous wet cunt open for me. Aunt Clair says “eat aunties pussy like a good boy.” I didn’t need anymore encouragement than that. I began by getting to suck on those beautiful tits, as I done this I was rubbing her clit with my hand and running a finger into her dripping hole. Slowly I made my way down to her wet cunt.

I was in heaven, I got a mouthful of hot cum and now I was gonna get to eat my favorite aunts cunt. I began to suck avcılar escort on my aunts clit and finger her wet hole and I felt someone pulling my pants and underwear off. It was my mother, she was eating my ass hole as I was eating Clair’s pussy. Mothers tongue felt good going into my asshole. I looked up to see Uncle Joe sucking my dads cock into his mouth and a couple of fingers moving rapidly in and out of dads asshole. I heard my dad say ” Joe I want to fuck your tight asshole and fill it up with my hot cum.” Joe moaned his approval. Joe bent over the picnic table with his ass checks spread wide open. Dad began by tongue fucking his ass to get it wet.

Dad stood up and placed the head of his fat cock against Joe’s ass and slowly pushed it in. I watched as all of his 10 inches disappeared into Uncle Joe’s ass. Aunt Clair moans out loud and her cunt muscles tighten around my fingers as she has her first orgasm. I can taste her juices running into my mouth, damn it is sweet as candy. I watch as daddy strokes his cock in and out of Joe’s ass and he says ” Joe your ass is always tight just like I like it….mmmmm it is so fucking good!”

I could see dad quicken his pace and I knew he was about to cum, damn I would love to eat it out of Joe’s ass. Dad grunts and says “I am cumming, oh yesss!!!” Joe says “fill my ass with hot cum, do it to me, fuck my tight ass!!!!” daddy pumps all of his cum into Uncle Joe’s ass and leans over him and leaves his cock in him till it goes soft and it pops out. Mother goes over and sucks his cock clean and then begins to clean Uncle Joe’s asshole. She sticks her tongue in his ass and laps up all the cum she can get out, then she has Joe to stand up so the rest of the cum can run down his legs. Mother then licks his ass checks clean as well as his legs. Mother says “that was mmm mmm good as she licks her fingers clean.”

By now my cock was hard enough to cut diamonds and I wanted to fuck someone, and Aunt Clair wanted it as bad as I did. Aunt Clair said “put that big dick of yours in your aunts wet cunt and fuck me hard. I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her wet love tunnel and with one thrust I was in all the way to my balls. Aunt Clair moaned with approval, as I pounded her cunt, mom, dad, and Joe cheered me on. Her cunt was tight, her cunt muscles tightened on my cock as she had another orgasm. Aunt Clair moaned loudly that she wanted me to cum in her ass. I thought hell yea, I haven’t got to fuck an asshole yet.

She got on all fours and rubbed her cunt juice on her asshole to get it real wet for the ride. I stood behind avrupa yakası escort that gorgeous ass and put the head of my cock against her asshole and with one hard push my cock was buried in her ass. Clair let out a loud moan, form intense pain and pleasure but she cried for more. So I pumped her asshole for all I was worth. God it was great, it was so tight. I could feel her ass muscles milking my cock, and I wouldn’t last long like this. I moaned that I am gonna cum. I shoved my cock in as deep as I could get it and then I shot my load of cum deep into her asshole. It felt like I would never stop cumming. When I pulled my cock out of her ass my cum began to run down the cheeks of her ass. It was a beautiful sight, so erotic. She put her fingers into her asshole getting as much of my cum as she could and then putting in her mouth. Aunt Clair said “damn, you do have sweet cum, you fucked auntie Clair real good!!!”

Daddy got down and finished cleaning my cum from Aunt Clair’s asshole. My cock was getting hard again seeing daddy eating my cum from this asshole. I said “Daddy, your little boy wants to fuck your asshole now. What do you say?”

My daddy just moans out “mmmm okay, fuck your daddy’s asshole real good!!” by now Uncle Joe was fucking mother and she was eating Aunt Clair’s cunt like there was no tomorrow. Daddy was down on all fours wiggling his ass at me. I said “daddy I think you need something in that hole you have there, what do you think??” as I said this I was fingering his asshole with two fingers. Daddy said “stop teasing me and fuck me already!!” I put the head of my cock up to his asshole and he pushes back against me and my cock slides into his dark tight hole. He is so tight, as I fuck his ass I can feel his tightening and loosening his ass muscles on my cock.

“This feels great!!” I moan. Daddy just moans in agreement. I can’t believe this weekend, fucked by my dad, fucked my mom and Aunt Clair, and sucked off my dad and Uncle Joe. I am gonna cum I moan. Daddy says “fill daddy’s ass with your hot cum like a good boy!!” I begin to slam my cock in his ass deeper and deeper then I shoot my load deep in his ass, god it felt so good. I pull my cock out and daddy licks it clean and says “eat your cum out of my asshole like a good little boy!!”

“Mmmm I would love to” I said. I get down and begin to lick the cum that is running down his legs and then I make it up to his asshole and I stick my fingers in and get as much cum on them as I can. Sucking them clean, I then move back to his hole and stick my tongue in and suck all of my cum out of him.

Damn, I have had an incredible vacation. Found out about our family secret, got initiated into the activities. Now I am looking forward to bringing my little sister Mary into the fun as well as my cousin bobby. But that is another story. Please let me know if your family is like this and if you would like to hear more.

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