My Dates with Mom Ch. 02

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Thank you to all those that provided feedback, either posted on Chapter One or via my profile. I do appreciate it and I do read every one of your comments or suggestions. I try to write my stories with respect to the woman depicted and will not consider degrading acts… well maybe a little, acknowledging that we all get our kicks in different ways. I try to write stories for the reader to get lost in the fantasy, not as a literary masterpiece. I therefore have no time for those of you that prefer to provide feedback on the contextual use of “mom” and “mum”, and for those who wish to debate the use of a colon in 7.30pm, please take your colon to the Gay section… I’m sure it will be put to better use there. Stay safe everyone, you are all important people – thepeckker

From Chapter One

After a few minutes I lift myself up and looked at my mother. She has a tear rolling down her face. She knows that nothing will ever be the same. We crossed a line that is never meant to be crossed. We both had a need and put everything else aside to satisfy ourselves. I poked my tongue out and tasted the saltiness of her tear.

“I love you mom.”

Chapter Two continues:

“And I love you to Tony,” she replied, “but what we have done is…”

“Wonderful,” I interjected as I lay my head against her neck and snuggled closer.

“Tony, I need to go back to my own room,” she said softly, “I need some time to myself right now.”

I lifted myself onto my elbows and studied moms face for a moment. The tracks were still visible from her tears and her brow was furrowed. Although her eyes now had a sparkle to them, I assumed that was from crying. “Sure mom,” I said, “but I want you to know that being like this with you has been one of… no,… the absolute highlight of my life.”

“Thank you son,” she said, “but please let me up so that I can leave.”

As I lifted myself off, my cock gave an audible plop as it exited mom’s pussy. I did not look down but stopped and looked straight at mom. Although her face was still sad, her mouth broke into a discernable grin at the edges. I rolled onto my side, and as I did, mom pulled the covers across to hide her nudity from me.

I lay there still naked as mom stood up and wrapped a sheet around herself. She then turned to me and quietly started to sob. As the tears started to flow once again she said, “I’m sorry Tony. This is so wrong in so many ways. I don’t…”

I cut her off. “Don’t say anything more mom. Not just yet.”

With that she nodded. Her eyes slowly swept down my body and lingered on my cock lying flaccid and glistening in the moonlight with our combined juices. When they returned she looked directly at me, gave a barely discernible nod, then turned and left my room silently.

“Wow, what just went on,” I thought to myself as I tried to figure out the events of the past hour. Making love to my mother had been just so fantastic. I had never felt such passion before. My emotions were still electric as my heart continues to beat so hard it is thudding in my ears.

It was clear that my mother enjoyed all of the kissing and caressing. So what had changed mom’s demeanor? Perhaps she didn’t like my cock? I know it’s not long but perhaps it was just too fat and she was uncomfortable? Maybe I am just no fucking good fucking and she was completely dissatisfied with my abilities? After all I did come very quickly, and there wasn’t any foreplay. But that was at her request, and it was our first time!

I continued to mull everything around in my head looking for a solution, and when an answer did not come I was just determined to make my dancing date with Laura the following night something special. With that decided I pulled up the remnants of the covers, turned on my side, and welcomed the blackness that soon descended.

The sunlight bursting through my window woke me and, when I looked at my clock, I could not believe it was 10:30am. I quickly pulled on my shorts and rushed downstairs. “Mom, …mom,” I called. There was no response. “Of course,” I said to myself as the penny dropped, “It’s Wednesday and mom will be working until about 3:00pm before she collects the girls.”

As I entered the kitchen I looked for a note, looked for anything that could be a message from mom. But there was nothing. “Right,” I thought, “time to get moving”.

With that I quickly had a shower, grabbed some new sheets for my bed, as the old ones were clearly soiled with a huge dry patch. “Fuck, how much did I cum last night,” I thought as I put the old sheet in the laundry. I noticed that its matching partner was also in the laundry and that it was also soiled. Mom must have put it there before going to work. My cock started to get hard as I thought about mom cleaning herself off with this sheet, cleaning all of my cum as it dripped from her pussy. I picked it up and held it to my nose. I wondered if mom’s pussy had left a distinctive odour. There was nothing.

I threw the sheet back on the floor, headed back to the kitchen and grabbed the keys beşiktaş masöz escort to dad’s car, then hit the road. I’d already searched the internet and worked out that it would take me two hours to drive to the costume hire place that specialized in rock-n-roll type outfits, which unfortunately was in the next town.

I don’t remember most of the drive as I continued to mull over the events of the night before. Before I knew it the two hours had gone and I was pulling up outside the front of “Cabaret Costume Hire”.

Most costume shops have that musty smell to them and this was no different. Behind the counter was a woman of about 35yo, about 5ft 7in, and platinum blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She was dressed like she had just come out of a soda shop from the 1950’s, however it was the lilting screech of her voice that shattered the whole illusion.

“And what can I do for you today,” she greeted me.

“Hi there,” I said, “I am looking for a special outfit for a special lady to go dancing with tonight. Something that will be fitting for social dancing more than specifically for rock, or latin, or ballroom. Do you have a sort of middle of the road outfit?”

“Oh yes,” she screeched, “we can cater for all sorts of occasions. Come over here with me honey and we will see what we can find.”

Well that was easier said than done. I had no idea there would be so many designs, colours, skirts, dresses, slacks, sequins, laces, tassels, lycra, chiffon, flats, pumps. The list was endless. Finally, out of frustration the assistant asked who the dress was for, and before I knew it I had blurted out that it was for my mother.

“What!” she exclaimed, “You’re looking for a sexy dress for your momma? To take dancing?”

I just looked at her not knowing what to say. When the silence got too long I said, “Well yes. She’s a wonderful lady and a fantastic mother who also happens to be sexy with it. What’s wrong with wanting to do something nice with her?”

“Nothing I guess,” she responded, “I hope my bloody no good boy’s think like you one day. It would be lovely if they give me a thought sometime instead of just thinking about their stomachs and their dicks! I’ve got two of ’em you see… 15 and 13… their old man cleared off and left me to bring ’em up myself. Bloody useless bastard he was… and they’re turning out the same as ‘im. Come with me darl, I got something out the back that just might do the trick.”

As soon as she held it up I knew that it was the one. It was an ice blue silk ¾ length dress, fitted at the waist, and with a strapless top. The fall of the skirt was just spectacular and I just knew that with every twirl the skirt would flair out beautifully.

“Oh yes,” I said, “that is just perfect.”

“It won’t be too revealing for your mother will it?,” the assistant said, “that neckline does plunge rather deeply.”

“On no!” I responded, “it’s perfect.”

“So, what about you then?”, “she continued, “how about an outfit for you?”

It took another hour before I eventually settled on a black tango all-in-one outfit, settled the account, and was making my way back home once again.

It was 4 o’clock by the time I drove into the driveway. Mom’s Honda people mover was already in the garage and I parked dad’s Mercedes next to it. As quietly as possible I removed the costumes from the back seat and went around the front of the house with the intention of slipping through the front door unnoticed.

Just as I opened the door I heard mom call to me from upstairs. “Tony, is that you?”

Fuck, what to do? “Yeah mom, it’s me.” I responded.

I raced through to the laundry, dropped the costumes, and managed to return to the kitchen just as mom and the twins appeared. “Tony,” mom said not looking toward me but pretending to look for her car keys, “I just have to take the girls down for their gymnastics lessons and then we were going to stop off for some pizza. Will you be ok to get your own dinner?”

“Sure mom, no problem,” I responded as she walked straight past me.

As she was about to go out the back door mom turned. I was shocked by the sadness I saw in her. “We need to talk about last night son,” was all she said before slowly turning her back and heading out to the garage.

Oh no! That didn’t sound too promising. Given moms attitude I debated long and hard about whether to go ahead with the dancing date. In the end I thought I would just lay mom’s costume out on her bed so that she could at least see the trouble I had gone to. Even if the evening turned really bad perhaps that would soften mom’s attitude toward me.

Dad’s music system was so antiquated that I spent the next two hours lounging on my bed downloading a variety of music files to my iPod and creating a playlist that I thought mom might like.

By that time it was 7 o’clock so I headed back downstairs to make some dinner for myself. Although the pantry was well stocked it took me a long time to find everything I needed because beşiktaş otele gelen escort I was no longer used to the location of specific items. Plus after two years I was now used to Australian ingredients. Nevertheless, I managed to make myself a three egg ham, cheese, and tomato omelet with baked herbed potato and asparagus spears on the side.

I propped myself up at the kitchen breakfast bar and got stuck in. I was only half way through my meal when mom arrived home and the girls come running in to tell me all about their practice. They screwed their noses up when they saw what I was eating, preferring to boast about the pizza, fries, and ice-cream they had just consumed.

“Well it’s great to see that you know how to eat reasonably healthy,” mom said, then, “come on girls, shower and off to bed with you, I’ll be up shortly.”

Surprisingly the twins never argued this time. I surmised that all of the exercise had worn them out and tonight they welcomed their beds. As they scampered out of the kitchen and up the stairs, mom came over and sat on the stool beside me. She then reached out and took one of the asparagus spears from my plate.

“Hey this isn’t half bad.” she said, “Can I have another?”

“Of course, take what you would like,”

“Tony, about last night,” she continued as if I hadn’t answered her, “I have been sick with worry and guilt. What we did was so very very wrong. It is wrong in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of society. You are my son for goodness sake! A mother is not supposed to do those things with her children. She is supposed to protect them.”

“Mom,” I interjected, “I am ok with what happened. I am not emotionally scarred or damaged. In fact mom, I love you so much more because of what happened. You are so very special to me now, so much closer in my heart.”

I could see her face soften at my words.

“Tony, I don’t think that you realise the full impact of what could occur because of those few minutes. This can have an impact on your father, the twins, my marriage, and our family. I have never cheated on your dad since we have been together. Oh there were opportunities of course, but I never wanted to betray your father. I love him so much and we have had a fantastic life together so far. Oh! I admit that I am unhappy about him being away all the time for work these days, but that’s his job, that’s not him. Now, not only have I betrayed him but I have done so with his son, our son. Don’t you see what all of this could mean to our family?”

I admit that I had not thought it all through. I had been selfish and only concentrating on my own emotions and physical gratification. “I am sorry, mom,” I answered, “I hadn’t thought of all that.”

“I know you hadn’t Tony,” she responded, “Can’t you see that it has to stop here. We have to try and put this behind us and continue as mother and son. Act as if nothing happened and continue on with our lives. We must take this secret to our graves. Can you do that Tony?”

“But, what about birth control mom? We never took the time to be very responsible in that department either,” I said.

“Its ok honey,” mom responded, “I went to see the doctor today and have taken the morning after pill. I know I will be ill tomorrow… but better now than in nine months eh?”

Mom had taken all of the responsibility and I had done nothing. “Don’t worry mom,” I said, “I never intend to tell anybody that I had a lover that is my mother… and a mother who is my love. Our secret is safe.”

With that mom reached up and softly stroked my face. “Thank you. Your reassurance means so much. I feel so much better now, but right now I must go and see if those girls have made it into bed yet.” And with that she got up and left, leaving me feeling emotionally exhausted… hungry no longer.

I sat at the counter for about another 15 minutes before washing up and heading to my room. As I passed, I could hear the soft sound of sobbing coming from my parents room. I knocked lightly, “Mom, are you ok?”

Receiving no response I slowly turned the knob and silently opened the door. Mom was sitting on the edge of her bed with the remnants of tears rolling down her face. She held a tissue to her nose whilst her other hand was tentatively pulling at the edge of the gown I had laid out for her hours previously. Fuck, I had forgotten all about that.

She lifted her eyes to meet mine as I hesitantly took a step forward. “It… its beautiful Tony,” she said, her sobs ebbing, “It’s the most beautiful dress I’ve seen.”

“Well it was meant for Laura mom, but she cancelled our date a short time ago.”

What remained of mom’s sobs then intermingled with little giggles. “She always was a bitch that woman,” she replied, then, “I never really approved of you going out with her anyway. She is much too old and cunning for you.”

“I don’t believe that to be the case mom. Nevertheless, I would love to go dancing with her… sort of au revoir to a relationship beşiktaş rus escort that never really got started I guess.”

Mom just sat on the bed looking at me for what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably more like 30 seconds. Her tears had now dried, leaving her face red and streaked, then quite suddenly she broke the awkward silence and said, “What, you mean like a platonic break-up date?”

“Well, yes… it would be a shame to see such a beautiful dress go to waste,” I responded.

“Mmmm, that would be a shame,” mom said, and after a momentary deliberation continued, “You know, I reckon if you turned up at Laura’s door unannounced, say in about an hour, you might just catch her out.”

“Do you really think so mom?” I asked eagerly, and when mom gave a little nod I continued, “You know I think your right. I’ll give that a go then.”

With that I left moms room and continued on to my own. I don’t know why mom suggested going through with the date, but I think she probably felt bad about all the trouble I had gone to and just wanted to make some amends to me.

I stripped naked, grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom. I could hear mom’s shower going as I passed her room and was instantly cheerful. I had a shave and then took my time in the shower, turning the hot water up and just allowing the stress and tiredness to wash from me.

By the time I got back to my room and I was feeling completely refreshed. I hadn’t tried my costume on at the store, I was already running late by then, and so it wasn’t until now that I realised I should have gotten the bigger size. This costume was not just tight, but it was like a second skin. It had a stretchy lycra top that had a deep scooped neck down to the lower chest, then from the thighs it flared out and each leg was covered with diamantes and glitter.

My crotch area was very pronounced and my underwear was keeping everything bunched up. I made the only decision I could. Off came the underwear, it was commando tonight. After I had made the necessary adjustments I looked better than ok. The neckline showed off my chest rather nicely and my package was hidden a lot better than it had been previously.

Once I was finished I headed downstairs to the patio and cleared away all of the chairs to make way for a small dance floor. The type of flooring wasn’t ideal but it was enough to be able to get some moves going. I then grabbed one of dad’s champagnes from the fridge and set up glasses along with plenty of ice.

When I thought everything was a good as it could be, the last thing I did before going back upstairs was to set the iPod going softly with some Glenn Miller music.

I was very nervous when I knocked on mom’s bedroom door again. Momentarily the door swung inwards and there mom stood dressed in the ice blue silk outfit. It fitted her perfectly, “just as well I had remembered to take her size with me,” I thought.

The bodice fitted snuggly and was adorned with mom’s milky white breasts filling the inbuilt bra cups to the max. Mom had pulled her hair back into a bun exposing a small diamond cluster on a gold necklace that hung around her neck.

“Wow! Laura,” was all I could say as my mouth hung open.

“It is beautiful isn’t it Tony?” mom said, “I just feel so elegant.”

“You look spectacular!” was all I could muster.

Then gathering my thoughts together I continued, “Would you like to come dancing with me tonight Laura?”

“Yes, I would like that very much thank you Tony,” mom said, and as she moved to entwine her hand with my outstretched arm. I noticed her take a quick glance down at the bulge in my crotch. Unsurprisingly, it had risen significantly since my initial knock on the door.

We spent the next two hours dancing our feet off. Non-stop we went through jive, swing, waltz, quickstep, and foxtrot. Well the best we could do anyway. Unbeknown to mom I had been having lessons so I had a good grasp on most of the dances. Mom, on the other hand, was completely out of practice. I did notice that the skirt of her dress did flair out with each twirl, giving me a glimpse of the powder blue lace French knickers she wore underneath. The end effect of the night was a lot of sore toes and multitudes of laughter mixed with a decent helping of alcohol.

We were both very relaxed by the time an extended Rumba mix came on. Mom said, “I think that’s enough for me. I am feeling quite heady from the alcohol and I do have an early start in the morning.”

“Ok Laura,” I said, “but how about one more dance for the road?” and before mom could object I pulled her close to me and commenced leading her with the gentle gyration of the Rumba. Mom placed her left arm around my neck, allowing me to glide her around slowly and seductively, as she rested her head against my chest. I looked down upon her, then further to her cleavage. The image of those lacy French knickers flashed back into my head and the effect was immediate. My restrained cock started to fill, and coupled with the gyrations against my mother’s body, it started to harden.

“Mmmm,” said my mother as she started to respond in kind. Shortly afterward she must have realised what was happening and suddenly pushed away. “This has been a great night Tony. Thank you very much, but I have to get some sleep now.” Mom then turned without so much as another word and made her way up the stairs.

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