My Daughter Mila

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All persons in this story are presumed to be of legal age.


I was never gifted with fitness. I didn’t play sports. I was smart, usually in the top three percent of my school. I was picked on, and teased, sometimes even tortured by bigger boys. But I was cute, and the girls liked me. In High School I curried special favors from the Head Cheerleader Kimberly, in exchange for tutoring her. No sex, just her tutoring me on girls. In fact she decided she liked me and we ended up dating. After we graduated college, we got married. I got a good job and advanced up the chain to senior management. On our sixth anniversary Kimberly announced she was pregnant. We had a little girl and named her Mila Renee after Kimberly’s Grandmother and my mother. Life was beautiful for a while. Then Kim had a miscarriage.

Doctors determined her uterus had major issues and she had an ablation. I was okay with one beautiful child, but Kim had longed to give me a son. She was laid off when her company downsized and depression took over. An auto accident in the rain left her in chronic pain and sadly, sex was just not possible for her. We spent years just making do with oral and hand jobs and toys. I was committed to pleasing her in any way possible. I just pushed my ego aside and learned to bury my longing. Mila grew up to be a chubby but adorable academic all star. Due to advanced placement, she actually graduated just before turning seventeen, and had already been taking some basic college general education courses on the side and during summer. She went off to start college at 17. We hated to see her go out of state, but an academic scholarship was nothing to sneeze at.

Then my world came crashing down. Kimberly was killed in a massive multi vehicle crash on the turnpike. I somehow managed to call Mila, although I cannot recall what I said. She flew home and supported me. The funeral, the insurance, the bills, the friends and family… all of it, was managed mostly by her. I was numb and lived those days, and many thereafter in a fog.

I sat one night and watched Mila working on yet another pile of paperwork. I wondered when she grew up. I tried to remember spending time with her. Sure we had dinner together most evenings, hadn’t we? My life had been busy. My job and taking care of Kim… had I neglected my daughter? There were a few, too few vacations. It just seemed as if it had happened all too fast.

That night as I lay in bed, Mila came and sat with me.

“Daddy, we need to talk.”

“About what, honey”

“I’ve rearranged my classes for the summer semester. I’m taking a full load but they are all online, so I can stay home longer.”

“That’s nice. It’ll be good to have you home, for a while. But I’ll be fine. I’ll go back to work in a few days…”

“No, no you won’t. I spoke with your HR rep and they’re insisting that you burn some PTO. It seems you are capped. Two weeks minimum on top of the bereavement leave and sick time already spent.”


“So your vacation starts tomorrow, I have some stuff planned so get a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”

She kissed me and left.

When I stumbled into the kitchen the next morning, Mila was just putting breakfast on the table.

“Good morning Daddy!” she said cheerfully and kissed me.

She seemed bubbly and happy and I wondered how that could be. I picked up my tablet and scanned the news. Then I noticed the date. June 4th, the date of the Battle of Midway and… shit! How could I have forgotten? I laid it aside and smiled at her.

“By the way, Happy eighteenth birthday sweetheart.”

She grinned. “Thank you Daddy! I hope you don’t mind but I made some plans for today.”

“I don’t mind a bit. You go on and have fun.”

“Oh no, you misunderstand me. WE have plans. You’re going out with me! A Daddy-Daughter day. No arguments.”

I laughed, “Okay, sure.”

We talked as we ate and it was nice to have such pleasant company. I found myself smiling. She finished before me and went to my room. beşiktaş türbanlı escort She laid out some clothes for me and then bustled off to get herself ready. Shorts, sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. Well it was supposed to be hot today. I was sitting in my easy chair in the living room when she emerged. I was a little shocked to see my daughter was attractive. When had that happened?

Mila wore sandals too, along with short shorts and a flouncy off the shoulder crop top.

“Let’s go!” she said grinning.

We spent the morning at the zoo where a new Amazon Rain Forest exhibit had recently opened, then grabbed some coneys for lunch (always one of Mila’s favorites) before heading to the mall to do some shopping. Mila wanted to get me to buy some new clothes but I balked.

“I’ve got to be careful, I don’t know what the financial situation is like, there are going to be bills and I should be cautious about splurging.”

Mila looked at me with her hands on her hips and her head cocked to one side.

“Dad! What do you think I’ve been doing the past two weeks? You’re set. I mean it. Mom’s insurance and the insurance from the company whose driver hit her has made you wealthy. Your bills are paid up or paid off. Including your mortgage. You could retire if you wanted, though it might be tight. Look…”

She took my phone and pulled up my bank balance. I was stunned.

“Now I don’t want you to blow it on a boat or sports cars but treating yourself to some new clothes should be fine.”

“But… it’s your birthday!”

Mila looked at me with a gleam in her eye. “Fine. For my birthday I’m buying you something special to wear and for my birthday you have to promise to wear it…”


“Trust me Daddy.”

“Oh… alright.”

And so less than an hour later I walked out of the mall in a new ensemble. New boots and socks, a new green polo shirt and a new brown modern utility kilt. I felt awkward at first, especially since Mila had insisted I wear it “traditionally” or something. Meaning commando. The breeze caressing my manhood was both startling and nice. Mila held my arm and giggled.

“Did you see that? Those women were leering at you! And god, I swear the redhead over there looks like she wants to eat you alive! But don’t worry Daddy, I’ll defend you. If they want you, they’ll have to get through me first.” She laughed and the musical note filled me with joy.

We locked our bags in the trunk and drove to the theater for an afternoon movie. She wanted to see some romantic chick flick before it left circulation. As we walked from the car I remarked,

“I could get used to going commando. It is much cooler…”

“Yeah I know,” Mila responded. “I absolutely hate underwear! So confining and uncomfortable.”

I looked at her in surprise.

“Yup, commando all the way!” She grinned.

As she stood in front of me to get tickets and again for concessions, I couldn’t keep my eyes from roving over her. Was she just teasing me? Or was she really wearing no bra or panties?

When we got to the concession counter, there was no one behind us and As Mila turned away she dropped her box of hot tamales. Instead of squatting she simply bent over to pick them up and her crop top swung away and I had a glimpse of her full round breasts for a few seconds as she fumbled. She stood up and grinned at me.

“Still clumsy.”

I was flustered and dumbfounded.

As we walked down the hall. She slid one arm around me and whispered.

“Told ya…”

We found our seats and I was surprised that there were only three or four others in the theater with us. We watched the previews and then the movie. Then when I reached for more popcorn, Mila moved the tub. As I fumbled in the dark she took my hand and guided it. Suddenly my fingers touched her skin. She placed my hand on her pussy and I felt her soft fuzz, her heat and, as her hands pressed mine down firmly, I felt her fleshy folds. The couple on the screen were beşiktaş ucuz escort kissing and fondling each other and Mila rubbed my hand against her pussy. I wanted to yank it free. Should have yanked it free. But somehow I couldn’t. My pulse raced and I felt my blood pressure rise. My fingers found her slit and she was wet. I was stunned further when she forced two of my fingers briefly inside of her. The scene was winding down and Mila withdrew my hand, but didn’t let go.

Instead she turned my hand over and brought it to her face. She inhaled deeply and then looking into my eyes, sucked my fingers. I was flabbergasted, and strangely aroused. I don’t know what else Mila might have done but the lights came on along with the fire alarms. We exited and walked around to our car. She acted as if the incident had never happened. And as confused as I was, I was happy to drop it. We went to dinner at a Mongolian BBQ place we loved and everything seemed normal again. We had ice cream at the shop next door and finally got home. We set our bags on the table and she wandered into the kitchen. I hit the bathroom and then stepped back into my bedroom. I stood there for a while trying to tell myself I had imagined the whole episode. Then there was a knock on my door and Mila came in. She was in a bathrobe already and handed me a glass.

“Here, I made you a nightcap.”

I tossed back almost half of it.

“I wanted to show you what you bought me today.” she said and dropped the robe.

I stood there for a moment in shocked amazement then sat heavily on my bed. Now Mila stood an average 5’5″ and had the same dark brown hair as her mother. She had worn it up in a tail all day but now it fell in chocolate waves over her shoulder. She was wearing an emerald green underbust corset with garters to support the black stockings. I stared. Her pussy was on display, capped by a neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair. Her breasts too were showcased and accented by a glittering pendant. They were full, round and bigger than I had expected, yet firm with no sag. Her nipples were carried high on her breasts and proudly erect and bold. They were small red buttons inside large, bright pink areola. Her eyes stared resolutely into mine.

“Mila… no…”

“Daddy, you need to understand something. I’m not some wild naughty daughter. What I’m doing is out of love and duty. I made Mom a promise, a solemn promise. I know she couldn’t make love to you for years. And she asked me to take over when I turned eighteen. I thought it over and agreed. But the plan was that she would be here to be a part of it. I wish she was. But the fact remains that I AM going to fulfil my promise. And Daddy… I really, really want this.”

I tried to imagine Kim and Mila discussing and planning this and realized that, yes it did sound like something Kim would have done. (She had more than once suggested I consider something on the side.)

Mila stepped closer and I felt her hands in my hair. Slowly my head came to rest against her breasts. I felt her flesh on my lips and started to cry. God! How I wanted this! Needed this! But she was my daughter! What the hell kind of man was I? Why wasn’t I fighting? Resisting?

Mila’s hand cupped my chin and lifted it. She looked in my eyes a moment and spoke softly.

“Mommy wanted this to happen. I want this to happen. It’s okay Daddy, I love you.”

And she kissed me.

It wasn’t the kisses we had shared before. It was a lover’s kiss. Full and passionate with no hesitation on her part. I crumbled. But Mila was strong. She kept it together and held me in her embrace, kissing away my tears and whispering soothing words. She finally stood and faced me than straddled my lap.

“Mommy said you were always a tit man.” She guided my mouth to her breast. “There you go Daddy, yes… yes…”

I kissed, suckled and caressed her breasts. They were wonderful and somehow I ignored that she was my daughter. She was a woman, making love to me. She eventually pulled my polo beşiktaş üniversiteli escort off over my head and pushed me back onto the bed. Again I found my hand guided to her pussy. She sighed as I explored her wet folds. We kissed more fervently and passionately and she slipped me her tongue teasingly. Her breast pressed against my chest and my hand grew wetter as she rubbed against it. Mila rolled over and spread her legs. Her pussy was beautiful. And oh so wet. I could smell her aroma and crawled forward. I kissed her mound and worked my way down to her labia and lapped the wetness. Oh god, it was sweet! She spread her lips with her fingertips and I gazed at her tiny wet opening and her little nub of a clit. I kissed her clit and she moaned. I surrendered to my lust and forged ahead. Kissing her, licking her, lapping her juices and sucking on her clit until I lost all track of time. Until…

“Oh god Daddy! I’m cumming! I-I, uhhh, I-I’m c-cuuuummmiiinnggg… Uhhhhhhhh…”

I sat up. And stared. Mila had her head thrown back and was gasping. Her hands squeezed her breasts tightly and her back was arched. And her pussy, her pussy was soaked with her fluids. I realized I had never seen such a an erotic sight. Slowly she relaxed and looked at me with wonder.

“Oh my god Daddy! That was wonderful! My orgasms are tiny tingles compared to that!” In spite of the situation I felt a glow of pride.

Mila explored her wet pussy and tasted her cum. She smiled.

“I’m really quite tasty, right Daddy? I love the way you’re looking at me right now. Mommy said this would work. Now come make love to me Daddy. Come make me a woman in every sense.”

“You’re a virgin?”

“Of course, I saved myself for you just like Mommy asked. Come Daddy, I need this, I need you and you need me.”

“It might hurt.”

“I don’t care.”

I edged closer and Mila lifted my kilt to grasp my swelling cock. As I knelt over her she guided me into her tight pussy. I pushed hesitantly and felt resistance. Mila wrapped her legs around me, grasped my belt and pulled us together. There was a moment of painful pressure and then I was in. Mila gasped, winced in pain and then relaxed. She smiled at me with tears in her eyes.

“There see? It’s done. I’m a virgin no longer.” She sighed and squirmed beneath me. “It feels good Daddy. I like having you inside of me.”

I kissed her and tried a few gentle strokes. Mila grinned.

“That’s it, yes. Oh it feels so good Daddy. Keep going… mmmnnn yes, so good…”

Soon I was fucking her faster and giving her my all. Mila loved it. She was happy and smiling and laughing and I was… hers. I realized it right then. I also didn’t give a damn. Somehow Mila recognized it too.

“”I’m yours Daddy, for as long as you’ll let me. Now give me one last birthday present… Fuck me until you cum. I want to feel your cum in me! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!”

I fucked her with every ounce of energy I had. I watched her tits bounce and listened to her begging for my cum and suddenly I was exploding in her. Deep inside of her. Mila gasped as I grunted.

“Oh Daddy! Yes! Oh I can feel it! It’s so good!”

I stayed joined with her until the afterglow ebbed, then rolled over beside her. After a few minutes I glanced over and saw that Mila was lying on her side facing me. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

“That was wonderful Daddy. I loved every second of it. I-I just wish Mommy had been here to help us.”

I surprised myself when I answered truthfully, “Me too baby, me too.”

Mila woke me the next morning with a wonderful blow job and though she gagged initially when I came, she swallowed it all down and pronounced it delicious. We showered together and fucked again. By summer’s end we were totally devoted to one another. She went back to school for the fall semester but flew home often. We would spend the entire time making love. Even though she was on the pill, she did get pregnant. She moved home and we told everyone that her boyfriend had dumped her. Mila gave birth to a healthy boy we named Brian, and I rediscovered how wonderful breastmilk was. After she fed Brian his fill, I would drain her completely. About two years later I took early retirement and we moved. We’re living in Japan where she is on record as my wife and Brian is recognized rightfully as my son. No one knows the truth that she is also my daughter Mila.

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