My Experience With The New Doctor

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I am a happily married woman! I am 34 years old and I love my husband. We have been married for 10 years and I have never strayed at all. I am sure my husband, Wayne, hasn’t strayed either as we have a wonderful sex life together. Despite all we hear about sexual activity waning after the first few years of marriage, ours has simply gotten stronger as the years go by. When we were first married I guess we fucked every day for the first year and in that time we probably did it more than once on some days but now we leave it to about 3 or 4 times each week and we are both more than satisfied.

If I tell you I am a very attractive woman with a very good figure you will probably think I am bragging but I do consider myself very attractive. I have wonderful breasts which haven’t sagged over the years they have been used by the two kids for feeding and also the abuse, kindly abuse, given by my loving husband when we make love – he just loves to squeeze and play with my tits! My nipples are the lovely types which stick out prominently when I am aroused and I have large areolas which compliment my breasts and nipples. My nipples are quite dark and also my areolas so they seem to stand out against my whiter breasts. I have very fair skin – the type which burns quickly in the sun – and my hair is blond but the hair on my pussy is very dark, almost black. My waist is very slim despite the two kids and I have a lovely bum. My legs are beautifully shaped and are very long so you can see, despite me telling you myself, that I am an attractive woman!

I want to tell you about my visit to the doctor. My own doctor is dear old Dr. James who is almost 70 years old and has been my doctor all my life, in fact, he delivered me and my sister at the local hospital. Dr. James has had a bit of ill health lately and is considering the idea of giving up the practice and retiring while he is still able. Old Dr. James is a lovely old man – not in years – but in the fact he is such a kindly man who will take whatever steps are necessary to help his patients and nothing is too much trouble.

The telephone rang one morning and I was surprised to hear Dr. James on the other end of the line. He has used my first name since I was a child and so I listened to what he had to say – he never rings me because I simply ring him for appointments. He started off by saying, “Margie, I have known you for such a long time and I feel we are very good friends as well as doctor patient and it is because I know you so well that I want to ask you for a very personal favor. I don’t want to discuss this over the phone so would it be possible for you to come to my office say this afternoon and I will tell you in detail what I want to ask you to do for me! Would you be able to see my at, say, 3pm today?” I was surprised by his request but as I really love Dr. James and he must want something very important to ring me, I told him I would certainly be there at 3pm.

I am always a very neat dresser and like to look my best at all times. I never overdress but I do like to look attractive and so I wear attractive young clothes! I showered and shaved my legs and underarms and then sprayed my body with lovely smelling scents. I always try to look my best for Dr. James because he always tells me how attractive I appear to him – I think he gets a bit of a thrill seeing me.

I decided to wear a thin but not see-through blouse, with a short bright red mini-skirt and, as it was a warm day, I wouldn’t wear stockings or pantyhose. I found a very small pair of thong panties which are almost entirely transparent and slipped them on up my legs and pulled them tight into my cunt. My dark bush was not only visible through the tiny panties but plenty of hair was showing around the sides of the thong. I didn’t think it would be necessary to wear a bra although my tits do jiggle when I walk but I knew the blouse wasn’t transparent so nobody would be able to see my tits.

Knowing I looked very attractive I headed for Dr. James’s office. Fortunately I didn’t have anything on my calendar that day so had no problem making the appointment. When I reached his office his receptionist asked me to wait while she told Dr. James I had arrived. Soon I was ushered escort ataşehir into meet Dr. James and he gave me one of his kindest smiles and welcomed me and also thanked me for coming to see him. He asked me to sit down and, instead of his usual practice of sitting on the opposite side of his desk, he drew up a chair and sat beside me.

Dr. James began by telling me he was getting on in years and was thinking of his retirement but was having such a lot of trouble finding a suitable doctor to take over his practice and who would get on well with his patients. Dr. James confided in me that he wouldn’t give up until he found someone who would be able to replace him and be accepted by everyone. He was finding that a rather tall order and most of the doctors he knew were all established in their own clinics and weren’t interested in taking over his!

He further confided in me that he had a very young doctor, well he would be a doctor next year, whom he was considering as a replacement but he wanted someone to give him an opinion of the compatibility of this doctor. He further told me he valued my opinion but he wanted me to not only tell me what I thought of this doctor but he wanted him to examine me intimately and see how he would be with me. Dr. James told me he had already asked 4 other people in different walks of life to meet with Dr. Woods (he kept calling him Dr. but he wouldn’t be one until next year). These were people in the older age group, children and young teens etc., but now he wanted him to examine an attractive woman like me! Flattery will get him everywhere!

Of course I agreed and then asked Dr. James what this examination would entail. He grinned and told me it wouldn’t be anything I didn’t like, in fact, I might enjoy being felt up by another younger man, but he wanted to see how he would handle a nice woman like myself! Naturally I agreed and so he asked me to wait while he collected Dr. Woods from the next room!

When this Dr. Woods came in with Dr. James, I just couldn’t get over the fact that he was so young looking. He look more like a young teenager rather than an almost doctor! He was so shy that I had to reach out and shake his hand when Dr. James introduced us because he was just too coy. I tried to reassure him everything would be O.K. but he was plainly more nervous that I would have thought possible.

Dr. James tried to push Dr. Woods into relaxing but it wasn’t likely to happen so Dr. James told him we were going to investigate the possibility of lumps in my breasts and he, Dr. Woods, was to examine me thoroughly and see if he could find any lumps or anything else of importance. Poor Dr Woods blushed terribly but I tried to help him and slowly unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders and tossed it on to the chair nearby. Dr. Woods almost had a fit. I guess he must have seen tits in his training classes but maybe he hadn’t seen lovely tits like mine so close-up!

As Dr. Woods wasn’t likely to make the first move, I stepped towards him and pushed my tits out so that they were almost in his face. I am not the least bit shy about my body and I love to show it off – that is why I reckon I have a good body and nobody complains! I thought Dr. James would have to lift his hands onto my breasts but eventually he lifted up one hand and gingerly touched my breast. I have attended breast self-examination classes and know exactly how he should be testing me. He has to press all of the breast and gently squeeze the important parts to see if there is anything abnormal present. He was only touching me with his fingertips and he was doing a terrible job of the examination.

I couldn’t stand it any longer and so I grabbed his other hand and brought it up to my other breast and then squeezed both of his hands on my tits. He almost jumped when I did that and he was embarrassed beyond all reason. Dr. James growled and told him to at least feel them up properly and see if he could find any lumps. Of course Dr. James had tested my breasts for lumps only a month earlier so I knew he wouldn’t find any lumps. At last Dr. Woods began to massage my tits properly and I started to feel a bit excited. As I have said, my nipples extend outrageously kadıköy escort when I am excited sexually and he was now beginning to do a good job with them.

Dr. James kept on telling him to feel my breast completely and not to just look at the nipples which, by now, were extended out quite a distance and I was now excited! Eventually Dr. Woods finished examining my breasts and shyly took his hands off me. My nipples didn’t go down and still stood out prominently. I loved this!

Dr. James then asked Dr. Woods to examine my chest, back, throat and in fact all parts of my body. By this I knew we would be having a gynecological examination and he had left this till last. Dr. James even asked Dr. Woods to check my feet and then my legs for varicose veins although he knew I had none. It was a great thrill to feel this young inexperienced doctor running his hands up my legs feeling me all the way. He was too shy to lift my skirt but Dr. James asked me to remove my skirt and we would proceed with the examination.

I quickly removed my skirt and was left sitting on the edge of the desk wearing just a very tiny pair of panties which really hid nothing! Dr. James was having a really good time teasing poor Cliff (that was Dr. Wood’s name) and he couldn’t look at my pussy at all. Dr. James told him to examine my thighs and to report on any abnormality but I could have had a fly running up my legs for all the pressure Cliff placed on them. Dr. James came over and grabbed Cliff’s hands and pressed them into my inner thighs and squeezed them and told him to at least examine me properly. Before releasing Cliff’s hands, he pushed them up further until he was touching the edge of my panties and a little of the hair which was showing at the sides. Poor Cliff. Dr. James must have decided to let Cliff off without further comment but asked me to move over to the examination table and remove my panties. He had a wicked grin on his face and I could see he was having fun with poor Cliff.

I did as I was asked and soon was lying on the examination table quite naked but for poor Cliff’s sake I kept my legs together. Dr. James told Cliff to set me up in the stirrups and to strap me in place. Poor Cliff! I wriggled my bottom down until it was at the end of the table and Cliff had to hold each leg while he strapped my feet into the stirrups which meant my legs had to be held wide apart! I didn’t mind because I love showing off my body but Cliff didn’t know where to look. Dr. James told him to conduct a thorough internal examination and Cliff had to use the speculum to open my cunt up widely enough to peer inside. He was shaking and I have to admit I was very excited by having this young stranger playing with my cunt even if Dr. James was watching. Cliff was made to do a pap smear test and he fumbled doing this but I enjoyed the sensations. Really he was hopeless and took several tries to obtain the swab but I enjoyed the sensations just the same.

Dr. James told Cliff he had to do an external examination of my genitals and see if there were any abnormalities. Cliff withdrew the speculum and it was a thrill to feel him holding me as he pulled it out. When my lips had settled back he was required to inspect them to see if anything was wrong. He barely touched me but I could feel the thrill shoot through my body. Dr. James asked him if he had been able to locate my clitoris and Cliff said he was trying to find it but couldn’t find it yet. Dr. James roared at him and said, “How do you expect to find it if you don’t play around and feel for it?” Cliff began a probing search and I could have told him he had touched it many times but I was enjoying the thrill of the touching. Eventually he found it properly and began to massage it. Dr James asked Cliff if he had every brought a girl to climax by massaging her clitoris but Cliff blushed even more and said he hadn’t had any experience with that. Cliff was then instructed to give me an orgasm to see and feel what it was like! I was surprised at Dr. James but certainly didn’t object because I wanted to have an orgasm ever since I took off my blouse and if it was done under the watchful eye of a doctor it wouldn’t be wrong! What logic.

Cliff started maltepe escort bayan massaging my clitoris and I was really getting into the swing of things and steadily rising towards my orgasm. I tried to keep it in check but knew it would come very soon. I looked over at Dr. James and he winked at me as much as to say you had better enjoy this – it is you payment for the use of your body.

Cliff started to get excited too and I could just see between my legs and past his hand which was rubbing me that he had a large erection in his pants. I couldn’t hold out much longer and eventually had to give in and had a glorious orgasm which resulted in me screaming out at the peak. I think I asked Cliff to fuck me, I am not sure what I said but Dr. James laughed and Cliff didn’t know where to look. As Cliff stood up at the end of the table, Dr. James told him to move to the side of the table and to examine my internally and to push his fingers up inside me and then press down on my pubic hair to feel the muscle in between. He was so new he didn’t even put a pair of rubber gloves on but just thrust his fingers up inside my cunt. His other hand gingerly touched my pubic hair and felt for his fingers. It was really exciting with his hand inside me and I was on the verge of cumming again. I looked over at Dr. James and he grinned at me and pointed at Cliff’s erection sticking out in front of him. I understood what Dr. James meant and suddenly reached over and grabbed his cock through his pants. He really had a hard cock and as I grabbed it, he thrust his fingers further up inside me and pressed down firmly. This was all I needed and came with another shout. Dr. James thought it was a great joke.

Suddenly things go really serious. Cliff still had his hand inside my cunt and he was still moving his fingers giving me wonderful sensations. Dr. James asked Cliff if her had ever had sex with a woman and Cliff hung his head and said no – he hadn’t had time for that with all of his study. I could see he would be the type of person to study rather than go out for a good time.

Dr. James instructed Cliff (yes, he didn’t ask him, he told him) to move around between my legs and to drop his pants. Cliff was too shocked to refuse and did exactly what Dr. James asked him to do. When he dropped those pants his hard cock was probably 9 inches long and quite large in diameter. Dr. James simply told him to walk forward and to push it into my cunt! Cliff, for once, didn’t hesitate and soon I had this stranger’s young cock embedded in my cunt! I looked over at Dr. James but he was just grinning at me and he told me to enjoy the reward. For a man who had no previous experience, Cliff did a very good job of fucking me and I soon had a series of orgasms each one better than the last up till the time Cliff shot his load deep into my cunt. I had been fucked by a young doctor while my regular doctor watched us! All in the name of medicine.

When we had recovered Dr. James suggested I get dressed and he took Cliff into the second examination room. Some five minutes later Dr. James returned alone. He smiled at me and said he knew I had enjoyed my little episode and he hoped I wasn’t upset at what Cliff had done to me. I responded saying I had enjoyed the session and what did he think of Cliff as a replacement for the clinic? Dr. James grinned and said, “Unfortunately Dr. Woods has just failed what I would expect him to be able to do with a lovely patient like yourself. When I was first ready to move into practice I was asked to do exactly what I asked of him but I can tell you I did a much better job of it. Would you believe the young woman I had to examine could have been you 50 years ago – she was just like you and just as lovely. Thank you Margie for helping with Dr. Wood’s tests but I am sure you would agree he wouldn’t be able to deal comfortably with women of your looks and age group.

Before I left his office I shyly asked Dr. James if he would require my services in the future to test more up and coming doctors and his smile told me I could look forward to some very interesting afternoons in the near future. I love Dr. James he is great and I will miss him! I also asked Dr. James about patient confidentiality and he told me he would never have cause to discuss my medical history with anyone, ever! I guess if what we did was covered by some sort of confidentiality agreement then I had better not tell my husband! I do love my husband no matter what I do which mightn’t include him!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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