My Fantasy Pt. 01-05

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my fantasy…part 1

I so want to try this out…I’m on a bed, naked, restrained and blindfolded. The restraints are loose enough that I can move some, but not so I can release myself. I hear movement; someone else is in the room with me. Then I hear the voice…my boyfriend is telling me that he is in control of the situation – do I agree to go along with this? I say yes, excitement beginning to build within me. What does he have in mind for me?

He says the first sense he wants to heighten is touch. I begin to quiver; what will he do to me? I feel light strokes from something with somewhat soft bristles…a brush of some sort? I don’t know…all I know is he is stroking across my belly, down the inside of my thighs, along the soft underside of my arms…I writhe and moan as the sensations build within me. I could almost cum just from this alone! But as I think I can’t take any more, he stops. I begin to protest, but he starts trailing some sort of fabric across my inner thighs. It feels like silk…soft and cool. He rubs it along my slit, teasing my clitoris and making me moan with pleasure. Then suddenly I’m being rubbed with something very rough, like sandpaper. The contrast from the silky fabric is so painful and yet so erotic. He replaces the sandpaper-like stuff with the silky fabric again, and then switches back once more. By now, I am writhing against the restraints in ecstasy, my sense of touch heightened to a degree I never thought possible. He tries various items on the tender areas of my body: cold, warm, soft, hard, smooth, rough, slippery, clingy. I am in a world of nothing more than touch – all I know is what I take in by my sense of touch. And just when I know I can’t take any more, he seems to sense what is happening, because suddenly he withdraws all the items and bends down to whisper in my ear, “That was only one sense, my love…ready to explore the other four?”

I agree eagerly, wondering, what will be the next sense we explore?…

my fantasy…part 2

I lie on the bed, shivering with anticipation: what will be the next sense we explore? I realize that, with my eyes covered, I can hear things more fully and acutely. I hear him walk away from me…then I hear a door open and close – maybe a door in a cabinet? – then I hear the faintest of sounds. I strain to hear it…it sounds like my favorite: slow, seductive jazz. I hear him walk back to me. “Do you remember?” he asks in a voice barely above a murmur.

I nod eagerly, remembering the night he and I danced to this song in our bedroom, naked, our bodies oiled with sweat and desire. Oh, how it felt, to dance in the nude, güvenilir bahis our bodies sliding along each other…then as we got fully aroused, and the music built to a climax, we fell back on the bed and had hot, passionate sex…I remembered every detail…the way it felt as his huge cock plunged into my wet, swollen pussy, the only sounds our breathing and the hot, syrupy jazz flowing around us, binding us in a peak of ecstasy as we both climaxed over and over to the last few notes of the song.

I am amazed at how many details I remember, thanks to the song; it makes me writhe again against the straps. I feel as if I could climax right then and there; moaning, I beg my lover to take me right then. I barely hear him chuckle as he walks over again to the cabinet and turns off the music. “Can you hear me?” he whispers, and amazingly, I can. I tell him yes, still struggling against the bonds, my desire having built to a pitch that I am sure I cannot endure. But his laugh brings me back to the room as he murmurs, “My love, there are three more senses to explore…remember?”

I nod, wondering, how can I make it through three more sessions like these two?…

my fantasy…part 3

With my hearing now heightened, I find that I’m able to figure out more of what’s going on around me. I hear my lover moving around the room…the clink of glasses…the sounds of various liquids being poured…I wonder, what will happen next? The rattling of glasses on a tray brings me back to the scene. Are we taking a break? As he sits on the edge of the bed, I wait for him to untie my blindfold, but instead he murmurs softly, “Are you ready for the next exploration?”

I agree, but cannot figure out: what do glasses have to do with senses? Maybe taste? Suddenly, something is thrust under my nose; what an unpleasant smell! I try to pull away, but the glass follows my nose. “You don’t like this, eh?” my lover says tauntingly. “Then guess what it is, and it will go away.”

Of course, if I want to guess, I have to smell it more deeply. Fighting against all my instincts, I smell the disgusting scent. It is acrid and damp, smelling like rotten garbage, dead things. Something about it seems familiar…something I dislike…then it becomes clear. “Cabbage!” I spit out with loathing in my voice. I hear laughter, soft, but unmistakable. “Yes, my love,” he breathes into my ear. “Now for something more…pleasant.”

This scent is easy to breathe in…pleasant, floral but not a flower. It teases me with a vague hint of familiarity. Something to drink, maybe? It has hints of fruit in it as well, and reminds me of a garden…the türkçe bahis garden I played in as a child…”Perfume!” I exclaim delightedly. His chuckle assures me I guessed correctly.

The exploration of the sense of smell goes on for some time. Some scents are unpleasant, some delightful. Some are kept in the glass, but a few are poured on my body “to let the heat of your skin bring out the full fragrance,” my lover explains. Oh, the erotic feeling of liquid flowing on your skin as the scent of strawberries or ferns releases into your nose! And my lover teases me with those scents, trailing his fingers through the liquid, then over my breasts, making my nipples harden, down my belly, to my mound, stroking down my cleft and around my opening. I beg him to enter it, but he simply laughs and strokes down my inner thighs…I groan with unfulfilled need. I realize that I will forever associate these scents with arousal…every time I smell them, I will be instantly transported to this erotic tease.

Now, I am certain I cannot bear any more. He must take me now! But he withdraws, and as if he can read my mind (or my body, more like!), he says softly, “Two more senses to go, my dear…”

Oh, what will he think to do to me next…?

my fantasy…part 4

I writhe in agony on the bed, desiring my lover to bring an end to my exquisite torture. How much longer will my master make me wait? All my senses are straining now to gather as much information as possible. I hear the sound of something being sliced and smell something delicious; I try to place the scent. Citrus? My lover moves to the bed with the something producing the scent; it gets stronger as he gets closer. I wonder what will be next.

My lover instructs me, “Open your mouth.” I do so, and the next thing I feel is the juice of a citrus fruit dripping into my mouth. Not quite sweet…not quite sour…what is it? My love laughs quietly at my puzzled expression (what he can see of it, that is!) and says, “Can’t you guess what it is? It’s blood orange.” With my tongue thus primed, my lover then gives me more taste sensations…raw oysters…strips of melon wrapped in proscuitto…noodles I suck into my mouth as per my master’s orders…these tastes and more he invites me to indulge in, all without sight. It is oddly arousing, especially when my lover feeds me the melon and proscuitto with his mouth, or lets me lick his fingers after I suck the noodles into my mouth. As we go on, and he describes for me the tastes he is giving me, and as I moan in pleasure at the delicious flavors I experience, I begin to feel a warmth in the pit of my groin. güvenilir bahis siteleri My moans begin to feel as if they come up from my pussy, like they are vibrating my clit. Soon I am squirming and straining against my bonds once again. I beg my lover to please, please end this, although he knows I don’t really want it to end just yet…I want to know what will happen next. He simply laughs and says, “One more, my love slave…one more. Can’t you endure one more?”

I nod, but I wonder…will one more be it?

my fantasy…the finale

The last sense…For this, my lover removes my blindfold. I am finally able to see…darkness. There is nothing to see. How do we explore the sense of sight if there is no sight? My confusion must be apparent to my master, as he murmurs in my ear, “Do not worry, my love…all will be apparent in a moment.”

The lights come up to a dim glow, and I see my lover, naked, glistening as if oiled. Every muscle, every line, every crease and joint on his body is outlined by the light and shadow created by the glow of the oil. My eyes are drawn to the muscles of his chest, the nipples hard and inviting, then to the ab muscles tightening under my gaze, down to his cock, standing upright and hard. “Oh yes, my dear,” he purrs at me. “I have been ready for you; are you ready for me?”

Ready for him? My entire body is aching for him with an intensity I’ve never known. To finally look at his sexy, aroused body after the exploration of the other senses is heaven. I moan, “Please darling…please take me now!” The lights change, becoming different colors, as he climbs on the bed next to me. He unties me and lets me finally touch him as I have been dying to all evening. I run my hands down his body, over his back with my nails, down his chest and stomach to his groin and that all-important member, straining against my hand. I take it into my mouth, sucking and licking him, hearing him moan his pleasure as my mouth and tongue arouse him. I can feel his legs tremble as he gets close to climax. But instead, he pushes me away and down onto the bed, spreading my legs wide and plunging his swollen cock into my hot, wet, inflamed pussy. Oh god, I have wanted this! And he has known it too. He plunges into me harder and harder, deeper and deeper with each thrust as I beg him to fuck me as hard as he can. Over and over he plunges in and pulls out, and my hips rock to meet him in perfect rhythm. Soon, too soon, he is moaning my name, and I his, as we both climax together, his cock tightening as his seed spills into me, my pussy contracting and cum pouring out all over his huge shaft.

This was the most intense sex I have ever had with him. As we both drift off to sleep, exhausted from the depth and wildness of the passion we experienced, I wonder, what other things could we explore to bring our passion to this level again…?

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