My First Story…

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My First Story (Not My First Slip)

I’m a professional. I’m not going to talk about what I do. So far I will just tell you that I’m a busy professional. A woman, by the way. In my thirties. Well, not yet, but I feel like I’m in my thirties. My first language is not English, so please forgive any mistakes.

I’m writing this because I need to talk to someone about my sexual life. Why I can’t talk to a friend?. Well, unfortunately, my closest friends are many miles away from me at this moment. And… I have a husband.

It’s not that my husband does not know I’m cheating on him. He knows. It’s just that I don’t want to hurt him anymore.

Let’s get straight to the point. I want to tell you about my last adventure. I went to a meeting. I can’t give you many details; somehow I’m scared that my husband will find about this. Needless to say he did not travel with me.

So we were at this meeting. What a place! Exotic location. Delicious food. Such nice people, such interesting professionals! I was on a cloud all the time; this time I was the star. My work is real good and I’m quite attractive. And my profession is still dominated by man: this means it’s really easy for me to pick up.

So here I am. At the party. Surrounded by men that are constantly hitting on me. And I pendik escort am a very sexual person. So just give me a little bit of alcohol and I’m done. I will forget I am married. I will hunt my prey. And I will not rest till I get it. My pray has been set. I want him. Not a different man. Not today.

I know he likes me. He hitted on me some years ago. I’m older now, but I’d say I’m more attractive now. I have starting dressing a little bit better, and I lost some weight. What about him. My goodness, he is so young. I do remember him quite well: I remember his beautiful eyes and his charming smile. He is sweet, but very masculine despite being so young. More details? He is French. He is usually quite serious, but today he is feeling happy and he is having fun, talking to everyone. He is dancing in a very sensual way.

So I approach him. He likes me, but I can feel he is not in a hurry to go to bed with me. Actually, he is not in a hurry at all. So I am scared that he may NOT WANT to lay with me! In fact, my first approach did not work. I went straight towards him, but after the “hello,” someone came to talk to me and the next thing I now he is on the dance floor again. Why? I am beginning to lose confidence in myself. Let’s go for another beer. No. Let’s go after him. I have to maltepe escort leave early in the morning and I better not waste my time. “hey, you still have beautiful eyes.” That was the only thing I could tell him. I know it sounds ridiculous; a man will never get me by saying that.

But… hum! it works! look at his smile. OK, finally he realizes. I want to go to bed with you, you idiot! (that’s what I think, not what I say). But he gets it. So we walk out of the disco. A few man look at me, disappointed.

Without talking, we walk till we find a dark corner. Actually, it is really late: sun will rise soon. So let’s not waste more time! He kisses me. I like his kissing. He is kissing me all over. I love what he does to my neck. I am wearing a shirt, a skirt, boots. My shirt is easy to lift. He suddenly pulls my bra and kisses my nipples. Now he is not that sweet anymore. He is quite aggressive! He is licking and biting my nipple. But I like it: it does not hurt. Well, that nipple is starting to hurt a little bit. So let’s move him away from there. Kiss him in the mouth. Deep. mmmmmm…

Now HE is in a hurry. What did I do with my skirt? Oh, I see, it’s suddenly around my waist. He is lowering my panties. I am not wearing tights; now I think it was a good idea not to kartal escort put them on. Because it is really easy to get my panties out of the way. I am not drunk: I know we are in a corner, not a locked room. We are far from the disco, but still, anybody could see us! I am suddenly scared. But he is not. And that desire in his eyes is contagious. So I unfasten his jeans and lower his underpants in a couple of seconds. My lord! that thing is hard. Well, he IS young. It’s been a long time since I touch something that hard.

He puts me against the wall. Fortunately, he is a little bit shorter than me. So he will be able to penetrate me easily. Ouch! It does hurt a little bit. But… my goodness… it was worth the pain. Oh yeah. Young men. I had almost forgotten about it. After some minutes of unbelievable pleasure I am starting to feel a little bit tired of this position. Let’s go to the floor. We are not talking, but he knows I want to move. So he takes his awesome penis out, and sits in the floor. “Ride me,” he says. Quite classical. He wants me to do the job.

I am obedient. So I ride him. Yes! it feels good. He is so good-looking. So young, so attractive, so French. He likes the way I move; he is smiling and gently touching my breasts. “you have beautiful eyes,” I whisper while panting. He laughs. He likes me riding him. Oh shit. He likes it so much… I feel him ejaculate.

The sun is up. We better get dressed fast. “I am married,” I state, ridiculously gravely. He smiles again. Kisses me softly. I am not feeling that guilty.

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