My Funny Aunt

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So I’m divorced from my first wife and living in a downtown high rise. There was a death in the family. I was asked to board some of the relatives coming in town for the funeral. The son of my “funny aunt” prevailed upon me to let her stay at my place. I resisted. He pleaded. His wife was pregnant and they already had two kids. There was no room.

My place was small. It was barely 800 sq. ft. It was just 2 tiny rooms. But I relented. I gave her my bedroom and I bunked on the couch.

Her son dropped her off early in the afternoon. She was 50ish and I was 30. She was amazingly well preserved. Her breasts had lost the fight with gravity. But they were full and lush. They tended to jiggle disturbingly when she moved. She was 36-38, D or better. Like most older women she had fantastic legs. They were long and well-shaped. She stood 5′ 7″- 5′ 8″ or so, about 170 lbs. Her ass was full, round and well-shaped. She had a slight pooch to her belly. Her black hair was mingled with grey. She wore stylish wire rimmed glasses. She also had a fondness for sour mash whiskey. At that time in my life, so did I.

The three of us put a dent in a quart of Maker’s Mark. When he left, nobody was feeling any pain. While he was there his mom had changed into peignoir. It was a knee length, filmy pink thing. It covered all the vital parts but when the light was just right, you could see the outline of her lush body through it. I caught myself staring, trying to imagine what might be under the insubstantial gauzy thing

We finished off the bottle and she tottered off to bed. I grabbed a beer and settled into watch some TV. Two beers into it, I needed to piss. One of the inconveniences of my small apartment was that the bathroom was in the bedroom. I knocked gently on the door and got no answer. I eased the door open calling her name. She was passed out on the bed, flat of her back. The pink peignoir had ridden up around her hips. Her pussy was on display. Her bristly black bush was streaked with gray and neatly trimmed. Her labia were large. They were the color of ripe plums, a rich blue black color. Between them was the beginning of the pink inner lips. They glistened slightly with her wetness.

I shook myself out of the lustful trance I was in. I tiptoed across the floor. I partially closed the bathroom door and took a leak. When I finished, she was still laying there, her wet pussy on display. I tiptoed back across the room. I went out into the other room and closed the door behind me. I lay down on the couch, those vague memories flooding back. The effects of the alcohol kicked in. I fell asleep, stroking my dick and having incestuous thoughts about my aunt.

I was having this strange dream, almost a wet dream of someone sucking my dick. It was an incredible blowjob! Light teeth action on the head of my dick continued with a hot wet tongue licking the underside and on down to my balls. The light pressure of a finger against my ass was replaced by a wet tongue. Nearly ready to cum, I woke up.

My aunt was kneeling on the floor, my dick in her hand, her face buried between my thighs. I could feel her tongue probing my asshole. I jumped up from the couch.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I screamed at her.

My sudden movement caused her to lurch backward. She was sitting on the floor, her back against the couch, her legs splayed out in front of her.

“I’m sorry. I…….I….I must have drunk too much!”

I was at once repulsed and aroused. Even as I screamed at her to go to bed, my dick was so hard it hurt.

“You perverted old bitch!”

Pre cum dripped onto the floor. She was on all fours trying to get up. She was too drunk to stand and rolled to her back. I sat on the couch. My temples throbbed with the beginnings of headache from the adrenaline and a hangover.

“Aunty, just get up and go back to bed.” I uttered tiredly.

I was too tired to deal with this now. Aunty was still struggling to get to her feet. She tried to crawl but her knees go tangled in the folds of her gown and she would roll to her back. She pulled the gown up and started to crawl toward the bedroom. All this did was put her big ass on display. She crawled past me. On impulse, I slapped her ass. She rolled to her back again. I felt my dick getting hard as I stared at her gleaming wet pussy.

I mentally slapped myself. Boy, you are a perverted mother fucker to be staring at your aunt’s pussy like this!

It was obvious I was going to have to help her up. I stood over her, got my hand under her arms and helped her to her feet. In the process I could feel her full breasts against my arms. She slumped against me. I turned her so that my arms were under her arms and under her breasts. As I duck walked her back to the bedroom, my hard dick was being bent back by her weight against me. I pushed her forward. She fell face down on the bed. I could see small wet spots where my pre cum and stained her peignoir. She mumbled something and started snoring.

Her ucuz escort peignoir was trapped under her. I could see her full ass. Her left leg was bent slightly. The hair of her pussy was clearly visible. I found myself slowly stroking my dick. The urge to fuck that full ass was almost overwhelming.

I turned to leave, but hesitated at the door. Instead, I walked to the head of the bed. I leaned forward so my dick was above her head. I rubbed my dick against her cheek. Pre cum shone wetly on her cheek. I drug it across her lips.

I began to slowly stroke my rigid member. The old freak had it coming. After all, she had started it.



I slapped her face with my dick. She snored, open mouthed. I positioned my dick just in front of her open mouth. I felt my seed rising from balls. The pressure built. I exploded. I watched as rope after rope of my man fluid shot from my engorged member. It hit her open mouth. I watched through lust filled eyes as her face and hair where covered in my love fluid.

I braced myself against the wall, spent. The headache was fully there now. My head throbbed. I watched as aunty rolled over, smearing my cum on the sheet and spreading it all over her face.

I staggered out the couch. What the fuck was wrong with me?? Jezuz, I had just jacked off on my drunk, sleeping aunt’s face. I sat down heavily, ashamed of myself. I lay back on the couch and tried to get back to sleep. I dozed off with my dick getting hard again as the image of my aunt’s cum covered face filled my mind.

The next morning it was like it never happened. She showered and dressed first in the bedroom. While I was showering and dressing I heard her answer the door for her son. They were having take out coffee when I came out of the bathroom. Aunty was wearing a dress with a full skirt. It came to just below the knee. It flowed and moved with her when she walked. I was struck by the fact that she was wearing stockings with a pattern to them and a seam up the backs of her shapely legs. The bodice of the dress was cut just low enough so the tops of her large breasts were visible. The cleavage that made was only rivaled by the Grand Canyon! She looked like, and probably was, a late middle age cougar on the prowl!

The day was spent visiting relatives and paying our respects at the funeral home. The services were scheduled for the next day. Late in the day we stopped at a liquor store and grabbed a bottle of Maker’s Mark and a 12 pack. We also got some take out Chinese. While we ate and drank, Aunty changed into her pajamas. She took some light teasing from my cousin about packing so much lingerie. She gave me a quick look as she said she only had the two and had spilled something on the other. I felt the heat come to my face. She knew what I had done!

The three of us killed the 12 pack and about 1/2 the Maker’s Mark. When her son was leaving, with motherly concern, she cautioned him about driving drunk. She closed the door behind him. She turned, leaned against the door, looked at me and said we have to talk!

“I know you jacked off on my face last night.” she said. “And I had it coming.”

“Nobody has that coming! But waking up with my aunt sucking my dick was very confusing!”

“I’m an old woman with too much sex drive and not enough sex. I heard you pissing and got incredibly turned on. When I thought you were sleep, I came out just to look at your dick. Then I touched it….I….I got carried away.”

We were both drunker than we should be but we were having the conversation we both needed.

“If there is anything I can do to make up for what I did, please tell me!”

I poured us both another drink. Aunty downed hers in one gulp. She slumped down on the couch. She tried to stand. I unzipped my pants and took my hardening dick out of my pants. It sprang erect like it was spring loaded. I grabbed her head and forced my dick in her mouth.

“Finish what you started, you old freak!”

With loud smacking sounds she inhaled my dick. I felt the head first touch the back of her throat then move down it. Up her head came and down it went forcing my dick deeper in her throat. Her drool was running down my dick to my balls. I felt her finger pressing against my ass.

I fell backward on the couch. She crawled between my legs and continued sucking. Her head bobbed up and down, fully engulfing and swallowing my dick deep in her throat. Her finger pressed against my anus, then entered it. She stroked my prostrate as she sucked my dick.

I could hear this strange animal sound. It moaned, squealed and cried out. It mewled in passion. I realized it was me. I also realized that I that my ass was off the couch. Aunty’s finger was buried in my ass. She moved it back and forth. I was balanced by my head on the couch and my feet on the floor.

Expertly, she massaged my prostrate. She rubbed it slowly back and forth while deep throating my dick. I thought I was dying. My heart ümraniye escort was trying to jump out of my chest. I tried to take deep breaths. All I did was moan louder. My body, suspended by my neck and feet, began thrust up and down, trying to get my dick deeper in her mouth, to get her finger deeper in my ass. Then I started cumming. The first spurt went deep down her throat. Then she pulled it out of her mouth. She sprayed her face with my cumming, pulsating dick. She moved my dick back and forth like a hose, covering her face in my cum. After what seemed like eternity, an eternity where I felt my insides were pouring out through my dick, I collapsed back on the couch.

I was gasping for air. I was drenched in sweat. My dick was still pulsing little drips of cum on to my couch. My aunty was on all fours in front of me. Her hair was matted with my cum. My seed was dripping from her nose and chin. There was a relatively cum free area around her eyes where she had wiped it off.

“How did I do?” she asked.

I managed a weak laugh.

“Fucking great! But you owe me! I intend to collect!”

After all of this, we were still awkward around each other. She went into the bedroom and I heard the shower come on. I stripped naked and lay on the couch. I turned my face to the back of the couch. I heard the bedroom door open. There was a long silence then I heard the door close. Soon I dropped off to sleep.

The next day we did our kabuki dance for dressing for the funeral. She showered and dressed in the bedroom. When she finished, I entered the bedroom, closed the door and did my thing.

She wore a very severe charcoal grey suit. The skirt hit just above the knee. It was tight enough to emphasize her full ass. The jacket fit tightly at the waist. The sleeves on the jacket came to her wrists. There were 3 or 4 buttons. Her large breasts were trying to bust out of the top. I recall wondering if showing that much skin was appropriate for a funeral. When I came out of the bedroom her son was there.

After the services, we attended the repast in the basement of the church. By chance I was in the hall leading to the bathroom as she was coming from the bathroom. I stepped to the side to let her pass. For whatever reason as she passed me, I smacked her hard on the ass. She squealed and jumped. Amazingly, she broke out in a light sweat.

“I noticed you have a large army belt hanging in your closet”, she said, “Maybe you can use that instead of your hand later”

I watched her large hips move down the hall in stunned silence. But the beginnings of an idea took root in my mind.

We stopped by a family member’s home for a few drinks. It turned into a party. Aunty’s son bailed early when I told him we would get a cab. Aunty was feeling no pain. I had a few but was busy in a card game most of the evening. About 9 p.m. a cousin told me that aunty was passed out in a spare bedroom. I was pissed! I went to see about her. Not only was I winning at cards, but all I was supposed to do was provide a place for her to stay. Now I was baby sitter for a passed out freak.

Someone had pushed the clothes on the bed to the side. She was faced down on the bed snoring. I tried to wake her a few times with no luck. My cousin had said she couldn’t stay because he already had a full house of funeral guests.

I had him call a cab. He, his wife and I carried her to the cab and dumped her in the back seat. She had her head against one door. I slid in and put her legs in my lap. Her skirt had ridden up around her hips. The old bitch was wearing thigh highs and no panties. With no hesitation, I slid my hand under her skirt and began fingering her very wet pussy. I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger. Her clit was huge, almost a tiny dick! I rolled in back and forth between my fingers. Even drunk and sleep her pussy got incredibly wet. Her juices were running down my fingers and getting on her skirt. I looked up and the cabbie was watching me in his mirror. With some difficulty, I got her skirt up around her waist. By the time the cab reached my house, she was bucking against my fingers and moaning. The cab driver was a traffic hazard because his eyes were glued to the mirror the whole time.

I had the cab pull up to the elevator in the underground garage. I tipped him a little extra to help me get her to the elevator. Her skirt was still up around her waist. She was sprawled in the back of the cab. One leg was on the floor and one on the seat. The driver, a middle aged white guy, was bug eyed looking at her black pussy. It gleamed wetly.

“Want some?” I asked.

“Nooooo man!!” he said. “I don’t want no trouble from some woman crying rape later!”

I noticed he did get some feels of her bare ass as we half walked, half carried her to the elevator. She was starting to come around. She said something about pulling her skirt down. I propped her against the wall in the elevator and hit the button for my floor. üniversiteli öğrenci escort On the ride to the 22nd floor, she started trying to straighten her skirt. Drool was running out of the corner of her mouth. She rocked back and forth with that loose boneless motion all drunks seem to have. The elevator stopping at my floor caused her to fall back against the wall. She was sliding to the floor when I grabbed her around the waist. I bent, let her waist fall over my shoulder and stood. She was now face down over my shoulder. Her fat ass was against my cheek. She must have weighed a ton! I staggered down the hall the short distance to my door.

Once in my apartment, I carried her into the bedroom and tossed her onto the bed. I heard her skirt rip as she hit the bed. I went to pee. When I came out of the bathroom, aunty was standing with her ripped skirt in her hand. All she had on was thigh highs, no panties, heels, and the suit jacket still buttoned. Somehow this was strangely erotic. I watched as she staggered slowly to the dresser. Her ass jiggled slightly as she moved away from me. I had thought her legs were her best feature. But that big heart shaped ass was begging for cock. When she bent to open the dresser drawer, her clam shell pussy peeked out from between her ass cheeks.

Despite myself, I was getting hard watching this weirdly erotic scene.

“What are you looking for?”

“I need a needle and thread to fix my skirt!”

She swayed slowly from side to side. She was uncaring about the image she presented. I began to slowly stroke as she rambled through the drawers. I knew there was no needle and thread there but I didn’t want her to stand. I walked up behind her. With one hand, I pushed her head down. With the other, I slid my dick into her pussy.

“What……Wait…What the fuck are you doing?” she screamed. . I stroked in hard one time. She was trying to raise her head but I wouldn’t let her. I thrust in hard one more time.

“OH no….this is just……just….wrong!” she mumbled.

She was trying to move away from my dick. She dropped to her knees and I slid out of her pussy. My dick was hard and throbbing. It gleamed wetly. It visibly twitched as I stood over her. I dropped to my knees. I grabbed her full hips. I positioned my dick against her pussy and rammed home. She screamed and tried to pull away. I gripped her hips tightly and thrust hard against her full ass.

I smacked her ass with my open hand.


“Move your ass, you old freak!”

Slowly she began to thrust back against my dick. I heard the guttural sounds again. This time it was both of us. No words, just moans, snarls and the squishy sound of hard dick in wet pussy. To that add the occasional pussy fart as we fucked like wild animals. I felt a sudden wetness against my thighs as she came, squirting like a fire hose. That put me over the top. Two or three short hard strokes and I released deep in her old pussy. I collapsed on top of her, my weight pushing her to floor. We lay there breathing heavily.

I was losing my fucking mind! My anger at this old drunk was turning me into an abuser myself. I went out and lay down on the couch on my back. A few moments later aunty came into the living room. She wore a robe. She had taken off the jacket and heels but still had on the thigh highs.

Without a word, she went into my tiny kitchen and began fixing coffee. My dick was slowly softening but still throbbed slightly. While the coffee was percolating, aunty came and sat on the couch at my feet. I was naked from the waist down. She went to say something. Her hands flopped uselessly in the air. She lay down with her head in my lap, my throbbing dick lying just in front of her face.

She licked the head of my dick slowly, tentatively. It was covered in drying pussy juices and my cum. Aunty licked the length of my shaft. She licked my pubic hair, getting the cum from there. She raised my balls and licked under my balls. She spent extra time licking my sweaty asshole.

She rose to her knees and pumped up and down hard, sucking my hard cock. Then she turned. With some difficulty and with no lube, she took me in her ass. At first slowly, then with a growing urgency she rode up and down. With each thrust, the down stroke was harder. She plunged me deeper in her ass.

Roughly I pushed her off me. She rolled to the floor. I retrieved my army belt from the closet.

“Slut, I want you on your knees hugging that couch!”

I could see both apprehension and lust in her eyes as she did as she was told. Her anus was still open from our brief fucking. I lightly snapped the belt across her fat ass. There was a satisfying smack of belt on flesh.

“Oh…fuck! She moaned wiggling her ass.

Smack! She lurched forward. Her ass rippled slightly at the force of my second blow.

“Jezuz…make me feel it! I need to be punished!”

I braced my feet. I drew the belt well back of my head. To increase the force, I mentally aimed for a point just past her ass. The belly whistled as it came past my head and landed loudly on her waiting ass.


“You useless tramp! Tell me what you need!”


“Oh my gawd! Harder…I need…”


“I need……I need to be….used!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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