My Hospital Stay: Tuesday

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I’d really love some feedback on both new and old stories. Please leave comments to help guide my future writing. I know some of them are long but I’m really proud of them.

This is the follow up to my story ‘My hospital stay: Monday’


Nina guided Stephen to the washroom for his shower. Unless required for medical reasons, a shower every three days was fine, while for the other two days a bed bath sufficient.

Stephen’s hand was still in the metal contraption holding his metacarpals in the right place while the bones in his hand knitted back together. His arm was raised in a sling around his neck while a plastic bag was taped over his hand to keep it clean and dry. Nina would clean the rest of his hand later with a cloth and cotton buds.

She had been the one to give him his first shower while in the hospital. Stephen could barely remember having the first shower. Things were still a little hazy about the experience. He’d barely slept his first night and had still been on the more powerful pain medication.

The shower was spacious and despite being tiled on every wall it was nice and warm. There was a seating area for anyone elderly or with a disability. Come to think of it he was kind of remembering sitting there himself.

Nina took off her shoes and socks before rolling up her black cotton trousers to her knees. The blue tinted plastic apron would keep the rest of her dry as long as she was careful.

She helped him remove his medical gown that was clipped on at the shoulder. When she slipped it off his shoulders he was left standing in just his boxer shorts.

Nina was about the same age as Carol but they couldn’t be more different physically. Stephen was five foot ten and Nina was practically toe to toe with him in terms of height. Her long hair was darker than jet black and her brown eyes were like milk chocolate. Most women who had large breasts had over ample bodies to boot. But neither Carol nor Nina were in any way overweight. So they did have one thing in common after all.

Looking at women’s bodies was something that every man probably did without thinking. She was definitely athletic and had to be a keen runner with the definition of her legs. Her arms were toned too but not so muscular that she looked manly. Whatever her fitness regime was she hadn’t taken it so far that she’d lost her feminine shape.

Even though her jaw was very sharply defined the rest of her features were perfectly balanced with each other. She reminded him of an actress he’d seen on TV but for the moment he couldn’t remember who the actress was or even what she was in.

Nina took a step towards him and his heart began to race. But instead fully undressing him she stepped past him and turned on the shower. Immediately he could see how hot the water was from the steam coming from it. When she turned back she began to help him off with his boxer shorts. Nina had been so swift that even with him being on edge she had taken him almost by surprise.

Stephen’s arms jerked in their sockets but he couldn’t stop her from undressing him.

She was confident in the way she moved around him and guided him to the hot spray. The water was about as hot as he could tolerate until his skin got used to it. Nina stayed an arm’s length away from him in an effort to keep herself at least half dry.

She picked up the shower gel that Stephen’s family had provided from home. Nina applied a small amount to her hand and placed the bottle on the floor.

With both hands, she began to apply the gel to his body. Expecting half it of it slide onto the floor it somehow stuck to his wet skin. Her touch was very gentle as she was so used to dealing with patients with operational scars and injuries.

She rubbed all over his shoulders making best use of much of the gel as possible before working it down over his entire back to the tops of his buttocks. Nina then applied some more gel to her hands and did his uninjured arm and as much of the injured one as she could do safely.

“Keep it raised if you can,” she reminded him of his hand that was wrapped in the bag.

Stephen raised it a little higher.

Nina then moved around to his chest. She seemed to spend a little more time on it and worked it so much that the gel became a lather.

Between the sensations of the hot spray and Nina’s warm pendik escort touch there was a stirring in his loins. Stephen tried keep control of the feelings in his body that were putting thoughts into his head. He looked down at all the curves of her body. In the warm air, he could sense the softness of her perfume. As hard as he tried to resist it all he could do was imagine her naked. Perhaps it was her having clothes on in a shower which made it feel so unnatural.

Stephen kept trying to stop thinking about her body but the only other thing that jumped into his head was what Carol had done for him yesterday. And that was just making things even worse

The warm sensation that was in his loins continued to grow and eventually he could feel the pulsing of his cock. He looked down to see the first signs of it filling with blood. At first it lengthened slightly before beginning to extend outwards.

Nina moved around him and begin to clean the cheeks of his behind before gently scrubbing down the backs of his thighs.

Stephen looked down to his cock and saw it continuing to twitch with his pulse. He hoped that it would go down on its own and have settled back to normal before Nina came back around to the front again. But it just continued to bob up and down.

Trying to keep herself from looking at it, she continued to wash his legs. But she couldn’t keep her eyes off its length and was washing him almost by touch alone.

Nina’s face was mere inches from his cock and it was putting thoughts into both of their heads. Without taking her eyes off it, she had to pull her head back to go around it as she did the other leg. She accidentally brushed her forearm against it. When it pinged off her arm it swung back and forth like a pendulum.

Stephen closed his eyes to try and drive the thoughts out of his head. But it was impossible. He now didn’t need to see it to know that his cock was standing staight out in front of him. Even with his eyes closed, he was aware of Nina standing up beside him. The touch of her hands for some reason made him draw in his breath sharply. But all she was doing was guiding him into the spray of the water to cleanse off the lather.

Nina took the shower head and went all the way around his body to wash him clean. She started at his shoulders and kept working down and around him as she rinsed him totally clean. As she worked around his back she came back around to his front again and as she brushed down his body with one of her hands it was only then she noticed his cock standing straight out. Nina, who had now dropped to her knees, froze as she stared at it.

Stephen couldn’t control his body. He looked down at his cock as it stood straight out.

It was even bigger than she remembered from the first time she washed him. Nina just continued to stare at it as it bobbed up and down with his pulse. She didn’t know what to do with it.

He almost felt as though something was wrong because he kept expecting it to relax. But it just seemed to suspend itself it mid-air.

With the spray head in one hand, she reached towards the tip of his cock. Then stopped and took her hand away again.

Stephen stared down at her watching her reactions. She was almost captivated by it.

She reached out again before stopping a hair’s breadth from touching him. Nina’s fingertips were so close that Stephen swore he could feel their presence even though the didn’t actually touch him. She took her hand away again.

Her fingers clenched and unclenched as she came to a decision about what she had to do. One last time she reached out to his cock and took it in her warm fingertips.

Stephen almost jumped out of his skin as his whole body tensed up. He was holding every muscle in his body so tight that he began to tremble.

Nina paused as she looked up at him but she didn’t let go of his cock. She waited until he was able to breathe again before she pulled his foreskin all the way back to expose the head. She looked at it for a few moments and noticed that it was clean. But in spite of that she used the shower head to gently rinse the swollen helmet to keep it clean.

The water which was warm on the rest of his body felt so much hotter when the tip of his cock was exposed to it. His whole body tensed before he got used to the water bouncing off his delicate head and maltepe escort running over it.

Using her fingertips she softly ran them around the edge of his helmet. The silicon gloves felt weirdly more stimulating than skin. With a delicate touch she rubbed around the crown several times before suddenly his cock tensed up and flicked out of her grasp.

It bounced so exuberantly it was as if it was trying to ejaculate. But there was nothing trying to come out. He phoned a phone sex chat line a couple of times to see what it was like and some of the girls there spoke about pre-cum. Even though his cock now suddenly felt hot from the inside too; he’d never experienced anything that he’d considered pre-cum. He only came when he came properly.

Stephen felt like he could now relax. He’d been counting off various parts of his body like a checklist that she’d been over. The worst was now over and he no longer had to anticipate her touching his cock again.

When he looked to make eye contact with her she was still on her knees in front of him. At first she was staring at his cock but eventually she looked up to meet his gaze. Then she looked back at his hard cock. He could almost feel the coolness as she exhaled several deep breaths directly towards it. His cock was still refusing to go down.

“I’m sorry,” he apologised.

Her eyes came back up to meet his. “It’s okay,” she reassured him. “Some things you just can’t help.” She then stared back at it.

Nina had to snap herself out of it. She stood up and went to turn off the shower.

As the warm water stopped, Stephen still didn’t feel cold. The room was warm and so was he.

With her hand still wrapped around the tap, Nina stared at the rest of his athletic body. But time and time again she kept staring at his amazing cock that was larger most men’s. It almost looked oversized on his slender body.

“Carol would be able to do something about that,” she jibed before her brain could tell her not to say it.

But Stephen’s cock just kept twitching a little higher. Normally a joke like that would make him relax but nothing was working.

Nina made a step towards him and drew in a breath to speak. But all she could do was stay silent.

Stephen just stared back.

Then as Nina took another step towards him and this time she spoke.

“Do you want me to help?” she offered.

Stephen froze.

Even though Stephen didn’t say anything, Nina took one more step towards him and reached down towards his cock. Stephen had time for a couple of deep breaths before he felt her hand working around his cock. She grasped the tip, giving it a little squeeze, before sliding down to the base of his shaft.

Taking her hand off his cock she gripped him up at the tip again and stroked down his length. Each time she did this she stretched his foreskin further and further down until she exposed the head. His helmet was so swollen that it was perfectly smooth.

Because of being a nurse and having a healthy sex life, Nina had seen many cocks of all shapes and sizes. But there was something about Stephen’s cock that was beautiful. At ten inches he was bigger than most men; but at the same time not a freak of nature. The shape of it was like a work of art. His young cock was broad rather than just round and fat. And it had just a little bit of a bend to make a woman feel it as it slides in. Nina had seen some that would make banana blush; and the pencil straight ones somehow looked even weirder.

Keeping a firm grasp of his cock she began to pull the foreskin back up again to cover the sensitive rim of his helmet. Stephen’s cock was still moist from his shower and when she began to stroke back up the way it made gentle ‘slopping’ and ‘squelching’ sounds.

Stephen could feel the tingling heat as his foreskin rubbed over the ridge of his crown. The more he relaxed the more he felt every stroke from her warm hand. Her latex gloves felt strange against his skin and somehow stimulating.

Nina glanced up at him but found that his eyes were closed. His head twitched back and forth like it was trying to balance on top of his body. She looked back down to his perfect cock that was mere inches from her face. Nina lifted her other hand and began to use it to stroke him too. She started stroking down towards the base of his shaft with kartal escort one hand and then the other.

He could feel her grasp working hand over hand as if she were trying to climb a pole that was covered in grease. She was pulling his foreskin so tight that it was beginning to hurt. Nina noticed the change in his posture and eased off.

Stephen relaxed again. He could feel her hand once again working the tip of his cock, gently squeezing it. Suddenly he jumped as he then felt her hand cupping his balls.

She tried not to squeeze them too hard as she knew how sensitive they could be. They felt so full and heavy in her hand. And hot!

Stephen put his good hand down to the side of her face. He didn’t mean to do it, it just happened. The sensation of her soft, cool hair working through his fingers was so comforting. Nina didn’t seem to mind his touch.

Keeping one hand on his balls she began to stroke up and down again with the other. As she breathed in she could feel sense the scent from his cock that was intoxicating. She could feel the warmth from her own pussy beginning to work its way from the inside of her body.

Continuing to work his cock she stared at its glistening length. The skin of his cock was almost a fluorescent white while his swollen helmet was bright purple.

The smell of sex coming from his cock was driving her wild. As she kneeled on the floor her knee’s began to tremble underneath her. She was becoming more and more aware of the heat from her pussy which was now beginning to turn into a moistness. As she stared at his cock, wilder and wilder thoughts began to run through her mind. She couldn’t help it.

But she had to remember that she wasn’t doing this for her own pleasure; or even his for that matter. All she was trying to do was relieve him and relax him like Carol had done for him. Despite being so used the human body it was hard to get away from the sexual nature of what she was doing for him.

Nina then let go of him and stood up. After several deep breaths he finally opened his eyes and looked at her. There was silence between them but it was because he was now relaxed and more comfortable with her presence. When his eyes had been closed he was trying to enjoy the moment rather than distance himself from it.

After only a moment’s pause, she reached out to his body and touches his the boney protrusion of his hip. Her latex gloves still felt so different against his skin. Keeping her hand where it was she delicately walked around him. She almost strutted around him on her toes until she was standing right behind him.

He felt her body push up against his naked body. The plastic apron clung to him like a shower curtain. Soon he felt her hand wrapping around his cock.

She squeezed his shaft firmly before giving a couple of deep strokes. It felt so hot in her hand it was amazing. The tighter she squeezed the more she could feel the definition of every muscle in his cock.

He could feel her face pushing against his back and could even feel her hair sticking to him. As Nina’s firm strokes got deeper and deeper he could feel electricity surging through his cock.

Nina’s grip eased a little as her strokes got quicker and quicker. The moist sounds it made were so sexy and satisfying. She kept stroking at a now furious pace.

Stephen knew he was getting close now. So close.

He moved his good hand down to her wrist but it didn’t stop her from pounding his cock. The surges he could feel were getting closer and closer. They were also becoming more intense.

The feeling then hit him like a wave. Stephen clutched her wrist and indicated for her to stop. His groin tightened with the first contraction but it was then second when the first of the fluid began to spurt out. His cock was aiming up at his own body. Some sprayed high up into the air while some of the hot cum sprayed onto his own body. It stuck to him like warm shower gel.

Nina kept a secure grasp of his cock while at the same time letting the fluid flow freely through its length. She could hear some of the white substance splatter on her glove and could feel it’s hotness covering the back of her wrists too. It felt soothing to her.

They let the moment come to its natural completion and when his cock finally stopped tensing up she softly milked the last of his cum from him.

He looked down at the cum sticking to his body and to the end of his cock. Nina then cleaned the last of it away with her thumb before releasing him. She walked slowly around him and saw the mess that he was in. Now she’d have to clean him up again.

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