My Hotel Fantasy

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You see me from across the room. You are attracted to me. I see you watching me. I think in my mind how horny I am and how long it has been. I haven’t had a man eat me out in such a long time. I love being eaten and played with. I think of a hot tongue licking me. Oh how good that feels on my pussy. How I miss that. I wonder if this man watching me is thinking of eating my pussy. If he is a real man he should love to eat pussy.

I’m in the bar at the hotel you are staying. You have a nice suite at the hotel and you’ve fantasized of meeting someone at your police conference you could “use” for a toy. You fantasize of using a beautiful woman who is afraid to be submissive but you know she would like to be controlled and dominated by a real man.

You have always loved women. You love to eat their pussy and feel their whole body. You love sucking on their breasts and finger fucking them. You love sucking on your woman. There is nothing you like more than devouring a woman that loves to be devoured by you. You fantasize of a sexual encounter during this trip. You want to meet a woman that will be submissive enough for you to fulfill your fetish of stuffing, exploring, and eating a woman’s pussy to your hearts desire.

You walk across the room toward her. She is intelligent looking with glasses, Redhead. Dressed in a short pink and black skirt, you wonder if she is wearing panties. You can almost see through her skirt. You watch her by the barstool and think of how you would like to pull out your cock and push her over one of the bar stools right now and put your hard cock up inside of her. She is wearing black boots. 5’6/160…and those legs…how far could I spread them! How deep into her pussy would she let me go? Would she let me spread her apart as far as I wanted? Could I look and feel deep into her pussy? Could I put things inside of her and suck them out? Would she let me open her up?

You have always wanted a redhead. This is your chance. You imagine a beautiful hot clit in your mouth and how you could run your tongue deep in it, sucking on it. Tasting my juices. You think of how you would savor the way pussy tastes in your mouth. Your mouth is watering. You finish your drink. You look at her and wonder if she’s wet. Your thick cock is throbbing. You picture stuffing her with your cock. You know she’s not ready for you.

You start making small talk with her and offer to buy her a drink. She tells you how hard she has been working and she is just so tired from working so much. You look at her and ask her if she would like to come up to your room for a cocktail. She reluctantly looks at you. You offer to help her relax. No strings attached.

You tell her you think she is beautiful. You lean over and kiss her. You whisper to her that you want to give her a massage and make her body tremble. You tell her you will not do anything she does not like and nothing she doesn’t want done to her. You take her hand and lead her to the elevator.

The ride to the suite on the top floor seemed to take a long time. You think of stuffing her pussy with your cock. You think of under her skirt. Does she have any panties on? You push her against the elevator wall and kiss her neck, your hand reaches under her skirt. You spread her legs apart to feel her cunt. She is wet.

The room was comfortable, a couch, entertainment center, whirlpool tub, bar, king sized bed. I lead her into the room, and closed the door behind us. I took her by the arms pulling her toward me. I kissed her on the lips. My tongue entered her mouth and I felt the warmth of her mouth on me. I imagined her mouth on my cock.

I mixed us some drinks. She drank hers quickly. I refilled her drink and handed it to her. She looked innocently at me as I lead her to the bed. I am going to make you feel so good. She smiled and sat on the bed. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. I pulled up her skirt and pushed her back, spreading her legs apart so I could look at her red pussy. I push her down onto the bed. She has black lace stalkings.

You start massaging her and tell her how you will shave her pussy. you tell her how you will spread her legs and suck on her pussy when you are finished. You tell her to be ready for you playing with her pussy for hours.

Looking at her she seemed nervous. I wanted her to submit to me and enjoy this seduction. I began to remove her clothes. I pulled off her top and sucked on each of her breasts. She quivers when you suck her. She enjoys it.

You pour two more shots. You know she will release her inhibitions with this shot. She smiles a crooked smile. You ask her if she would like some pampering, göztepe escort and you continue massaging her with your strong working man’s hands.

You slide your hand up her leg, under her skirt and begin stroking her crotch with your fingers, under her silky skirt. You rub her gently back and forth across her clit. You feel her wet panties. You spread her legs further apart. You tell her you are going to take her. She looks up at you in obedience. You straddle across the top of her. Your hard dick presses up against her pussy. You kiss her breasts and work down her to devour her sweet wet pussy.

She squirms as you suck her close. You bury your face in her bare pussy sucking and gently biting on her lips. You get up off her. You tell her to keep her legs spread for you to watch her. She tries putting her legs together. “Spread your legs.” “I didn’t tell you to put your legs back together.” “Spread them.” She spreads her legs slightly. You reach forward and spread her legs further apart. She is completely exposed for you.

You take off her high heels. You slide your hand up her leg again to reach up her skirt. You feel her wet pussy through her white panties. You take off her stalkings. You spread her legs further apart and rub your hand over her wet pussy. You slide your finger into her crotch teasing her with your finger. You reach over and come back to her spread pussy. You have scissors and you cut her panties to fully expose the pussy you waited so patiently to see all of.

You tell her you have plans for her. You rip her panties off and slide your tongue into her pussy. You suck and lick her with passion. She is soaked with her juices from your tongue. You stand up leaving her spread out on the bed. You tell her to keep her legs spread apart.

You walk across the room and come back with a bag in your hand. You put the bag on the bed and open it. You are watching her. You pull out peaches and whip cream. You pull out bananas. She asks what you are doing. You reach into the bag and pull out cherries and chocolate syrup. You tell her she is about to be your desert. You blindfold her.

You pull out a bottle of astroglide and huge dildo. You have plans of toys to use on her. She lays there spread open in unknown anticipation. You plan to spread her wide. You will devour her. You go into your bag again and pull out metal Chinese balls.

You place these items within your reach as she lays there, blindfolded. You tell her you are going to shave her pussy the way you like it. Her bare pussy will be waiting to be stuffed and sucked. You start massaging her clit. You rub shaving cream on her and shave her bare. Now she is completely exposed. Her lips are pulsing. You can see how big they are. You can see her cum dripping on her.

You spread her legs further and take the tip of your tongue, sliding it up into her hole, back and forth. You lick her and begin to suck on the lips of her pussy. You find her hole and push your finger in and out of her while you suck the lips of her pussy. You search with your tongue for her knob to suck and lick on. Your tongue is so hot and she loves the way you lick her pussy. She moans as your tongue licks her and you finger her in ecstasy as you suck on the lips between her legs.

You tell her you are going to tie her to the bed. You tie her arms on two posts of at the top of the bed. You spread her again and prop her hips up with pillows to fully expose her red hot clit and her shaven pussy. You tie her legs to the bedposts and stuff more pillows under her so her pussy is high up waiting for you.

You pull an instrument from the bag. You squirt astroglide up onto her pussy and rub your fingers up inside her. She is dripping wet.

You insert the metal object gently into her. You squeeze it so it spreads her apart. You have her legs spread apart and her hips are high for you. You have a beautiful view of her completely open. You open her hole a little more and start to lick and suck on her hot lips while you keep her spread apart. She feels you put something on her pussy. You start squirting her pussy with whip cream. You put the tip of the can inside and squirt her until white cream starts shooting out.

You lick it. You open the can of peaches. You tell me how you love peaches. You take a peach and slide it up inside me. My pussy starts to suck it in. You take another peach and start stuffing me, my pussy sucks it inside again. You lean down and lick my pussy. You lick all of the juices and lick the cream out of me lapping me up in your mouth, sucking on my lips. You tease me as you suck the peaches out of me and bite them as they istanbul escort come out onto my lips. You tell me how good this tastes.

You suck me over and over, eating the peaches out of me as you suck them out. I quiver as you suck me empty. You reposition my legs. I have been spread for you now for a long time. You have been devouring my pussy but you think I want more.

I want to be stuffed by you.

You take the Chinese balls and place them inside of me, one by one. They fill me up. You use astroglide on my pussy. You have me completely stuffed now and you are gently stuffing your fingers into my pussy with the balls. You can hear the balls chiming inside of me as you roll your fingers inside of me, moving the balls against me.

You reach in with your fingers and have to stuff your fingers deep to pull them out. One slides out and you can feel my juice coming. You put astroglide on your fingers and start stuffing my hole. You gently go in a circular direction, slowly spreading me apart with your fingers. You go in and out slowly, each time feeling a little bit deeper inside of me. I can feel your fingers on the walls of my pussy. It feels so good when you massage it in and out and in a circle. You start feeling me grow wider inside.

You keep me wet and continue going in a circle as you go deeper into my pussy with your fingers. One by one you add more to stuff me. You have four fingers inside of me and you are slowly going in and out of my pussy, spreading my hole wide for your excitement. You gently take your hand out of me. You know you will get all of me in a little while.

You bring my hips up to see your prize. My hole is wide from your partial fisting. You put more astroglide on your fingers and one by one go back into me. You gently ream me in and out while lubricating my pussy so it is so wet your hand glides into me. You make me squirt on your hand. You gently push your hand in and out and slowly spread my pussy so wide your whole fist is almost inside of me. You make me squeal and then you pull out of me. You look at my pussy. My hole is wide open, you lick on me and suck me. You suck on my tits and play with my hole with two fingers. Gently massaging my pussy to your satisfaction.

You grab the 10″ dildo you brought.

You untie my hands and bring them down next to my ankles. You spread me wide and tell me to not move. You try to get the tip into me, but it is too big. You squirt the tip and my clit with more astroglide. You rub it on my pussy and begin to push it in.

You tell me what a good girl I am and how you are going to stuff me with this big fat cock. You inch it into me. You make me tell you I love it going into me. You pull it in and out slowly. My pussy is getting worked. You stuff my open hole with a banana and squirt me with chocolate syrup. You stuff cherries in my hole and suck them out to eat them. You begin to eat the banana out of me slowly, pushing it in and out as you suck it completely out of me. It is so moist you can’t stand it. You smear me and lick me.

You suck my pussy more and more. You squirt me with water and suck ice cubes out of me. My lips are on fire.

You turn me over onto my knees. You caress me and finger fuck me from behind. You prop me up on pillows so my legs are spread up and wide for your tongue and fingers to have their way with me.

You make me moan. You rub my clit.

You tell me you are going to teach me another lesson. You grab the 10″ dildo and start spreading my legs further. You come up under me and start fucking my pussy from the bottom, stuffing the cock inside me and talking nasty as you move it in and out of me and make me spread my legs wider for you. You want me deep.

You turn me over. I lay there so weak. I have had so much pleasure. You start sucking my breasts. You start going harder sucking like you want to suck something out of them. You know you are turning me on.

You lay me down one last time. You spread me out and start stuffing my pussy with different small objects to feel around inside of me. You like going in and out of me. It gives you the power. You stuff me with another vibrator and show me you are the boss. You bring me to climax and then take it away. You are in control and you know it.

You begin to lick my pussy again. You suck on it and suck on it, licking me to a point that I feel like I’m going to explode

You want me to squirt on you. You’re going to make me and you tell me so.

You bring my pussy to your lips again. You pull your cock out of your pants. This is the first time I’ve seen your cock. It is at least an kadıköy escort 8″ cock. It is thick and I now I know why you had to work me so much to open my pussy so your cock would fit inside my tight pussy.

You spread my legs apart. You gently put your cock on the entrance to my pussy. I can feel how hot you are. You put the tip inside of me. I want the whole thing and you can feel me tremble toward your cock in desire.

You push your cock inside of me, and you pull out. One more inch, and out. Each time you go back in deeper. You start to feel full with your cock. I can see you have more inches to go, your cock is only halfway in.

You keep pumping me. You are spreading me so wide and filling my pussy up with your cock my pussy feels ready to explode in pain and pleasure.

You tell me to squirt on you. I squeeze my pussy around your cock and you feel the juices drip onto your hard cock. You pump me deeper. You fill me up with your whole cock. You are pumping me so hard it hurts. I scream and you come out a little bit but to give me relief from the big cock. You slide gently back into me holding your cock up against the top of my pussy. you tell me this is your pussy. You are pulling my ass into you so I can’t get away from your big cock as it goes deeper each time and I moan.

You start fucking me without moving. You are deep inside me and I begin to collapse. My legs go limp as you thrust me. You have my legs spread open in our arms holding me as wide as you can, you keep pumping me deeper with your cock. Your cock is getting bigger and pumping me full and spreading my pussy to the max. I feel so stuffed.

You lift my lefts up and spread me apart again. You push my legs above my head and spread me out. You hold me down while you penetrate me with your cock. You go deep. You tell me to squirt on you again as you pump me deeper and push my legs up. You have me pinned with my legs spread up for you. I can feel your cock as far up inside me as I have ever felt.

You pump me and pull out as I squirt. You pump me in and out and as you come out I squirt on you again. Your cock goes deeper and deeper in me as you pull my legs up and further apart. You pump me until I scream. You are pounding me. You are hurting me. You pound me three more times and pump me full of your cum You pull out of me and my pussy starts squirting all over. Your cum is all over me.

You pull me down in the bed again and you start sucking out my pussy. You are licking me dry and sucking me while I am squirting all over you. You finger fuck me and keep me squirting in your mouth. You are sucking it out of me. You won’t stop.

You have excited me so much I can’t stop squirting on you as you suck me. You suck me and suck me. You get your suction on me and hold my lips with your tongue while your tongue goes inside my wet hole. It feels so good when you suck me that way.

You stop sucking and licking me when I feel dry. You spread me out looking at my red swollen pussy and my wide hole. You pump me again, seeing my pussy makes your cock so hard.

You pump me and pump me until you come in me again. You suck me again and start licking my clit. I start to squirt again. You finger fuck me again, adding two fingers and three as you go deeper. You stretch me and put your fourth finger in. You massage in a circular motion, opening me up. My pussy walls open for you and your hand slides in. I can feel your hand inside of me.

You fondle me inside, stroking the walls inside of me. You start twisting your hand inside of me. You gently start pulling out. There is so much pressure it is tight like a cork. You pop your hand out of me. I squirt again and you praise me for being good. You know it felt good but it hurt me too.

You lick me dry and suck on me a little more. You put your Chinese balls in me and stuff me in and out. My pussy is so wet. I have the balls inside of me and you put your cock inside me again. I cum again and again. You pull out.

You cannot resist so you fuck me one more time. I spread my legs willingly for you to pump me. I am so wide now your cock fits perfectly. You pump me in and out. You pull out. You pull me up and lay down on the bed. You put me on top of you and tell me to ride your cock.

I mount you slowly and start pumping you up and down. I pull your cock slowly with my pussy and I move up and push down filling up my pussy with your thick cock.

I pump on you until your whole dick is deep inside me and I lay down on you. I rub my tits on your chest. I squeeze you up a little deeper until your cock is on the spot and I squirt on you again. I can feel you squirting inside me. My pussy is throbbing. I push your cock up as I spread my legs further so you can go deeper onto my spot. I bear down on you so your tip rubs me in the right spot. I squirt everywhere. You pull me up and down onto you as you hit my spot. I ride you until we are sopping wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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