My How the Tables Have Turned

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Tom handed Mark a beer, before sitting down next to him on the couch. They’d been knocking back beers all night, which inevitably turned to talking about girls, which inevitably turned into getting horny, which inevitably turned into watching porn together. It was the same every time. It would start with normal conversation, and end with them jerking off next to each other. They’d been doing it since they were teenagers, so they had no shame anymore.

Scrolling through the pages, they found a video that had a really hot girl in the thumbnail, and started watching, It started out interesting enough, with a little bit of foreplay, and a nice looking blowjob. Within minutes, both men had their pants off and were lightly rubbing their own cocks through their boxer shorts.

Tom couldn’t help but notice as Mark’s cock began to grow, pitching a tent in his underwear. He was slightly bigger than Tom’s own, but not by much. Shaking it off, he turned his attention back to the screen. The girl was now making full use of her lips, gliding them up and down in a monotonous fashion, and was now tickling the underside of his balls.

Wait. Was she? Tom looked closer. No, he realised. She’s tickling his backdoor. He glanced over at Mark and saw that he too had noticed, but didn’t seem surprised. He caught Tom looking at him though, and raised an eyebrow.

“What? You never done that?” he slurred out.

Surprised, Tom shook his head. “Fuck no”

Mark shook his head in disbelief. “Fucken hell mate, you’re missing out. I had a chick do it to me once, and I nearly cried I came so hard. Do it.”

Tom was stunned, but he was drunk as well, so he just snuffed a laugh. “What, now? Get fucked.”

“Why not?” Shot back Mark. “You had your dick in your hand 30 seconds ago, it’s not like we’re a pair of prudes. Just stick something up there and jerk off, you’ll love it”

“Like what, it’s not exactly like I’ve got arse dildos lying around”

Mark rolled his eyes. “It doesn’t matter ya dickhead. Big enough to feel it, small enough so it don’t hurt. Just fucken pick something, and stick it up your arse.”

Tom could not believe the conversation they were having, and they’d had some truly bizarre ones in the past. Finding it a mix between confusion, curiosity, and hilarity, he blurted out “Fine then cunt, I pick your finger” as a joke, but Mark’s response was not what he expected.

Raising an eyebrow at Tom, he was silent for a moment, then replied. “Fine, ya wuss. I’ll bite the bullet just to show you. Just…don’t jerk off while I’m doing it, istanbul travesti I don’t want that in my face. I’ll do it for a little bit, you’ll see it’s not that bad, then you can do it yourself.” And with that he got off the couch and dropped to his knees between Tom’s legs, surprising him so much he could barely respond.

“Y…you’re serious? I…I was just kidding.” Despite his verbal protestations, his body did the exact opposite, his hips lifting of their own accord as Mark grabbed the waistband of his underwear and slid them down, exposing Tom’s manhood. The angel on his shoulder was asking him why he was going along with this, but the devil on the other side was telling him to let it happen.

The devil won.

Mark spat in his hand and rubbed it all over his finger, coating it with the slippery saliva, then without any hesitation, reached under Tom and probed his backdoor. “Just whatever you do, don’t tense. Just relax your muscles and it won’t really hurt.”

Tom managed to actually will his body into calming down, and a second later, he felt the pressure of Mark’s finger push inside him, causing his hip to lift up and a deep gasp to erupt from his throat. A second later, his body accepted it, and relaxed into the seating position again.

While he was initially nervous, he suddenly realised that he was the one in power here. He had told Mark to finger him, and while there was no humiliation on Mark’s part to start off with, Tom could see a bit of it creeping onto his face, clearly not enjoying having to finger his mate’s arse. Something about this power balance turned Tom on, and he began to watch Mark, who had his eyes low toward the ground.

The finger inside him was worming itself around, and while Tom could agree that it “wasn’t that bad”, there was certainly nothing good about it. It just felt weird.


There was something he felt for a split second, it – there it was again. What was that? He was about to say something when it happened again. This time he gasped without meaning. What was going on?

He suddenly realised this was going for longer than he thought. He was expecting maybe 30 seconds, tops. Mark had been fingering him for at least 3 minutes now. It happened again, a loud gasp this time. Did this feel good? He wasn’t sure. It was so sporadic he couldn’t focus on it. As if Mark read his mind, it happened again, for several seconds this time, as if Mark was pressing a magic button again and again.

His back arched and his eyes rolled, another gasp, followed by a long sigh of pleasure. istanbul travestileri Mark looked up to see Tom’s fattening cock and smirked. He’d found the spot.

Tom lifted his head to see Mark looking directly into his eyes, then felt it again. This time it didn’t let up. It just kept going. And not for a few seconds like the last time, but continuously. As if Mark had hit the correct spot and stayed there. Seeing a devious smile on his face, Tom realised he had. He couldn’t back down though. He had to maintain eye contact, to maintain the power balance.

He failed.

Stronger pressure from Mark sent his head back, his back arching, his hips pushing forward, his breathing becoming heavy, his cock becoming hard. “See? It feels good. Your cock isn’t even being touched and you love it. Don’t you?”

Tom could tell from the tone of his voice that it wasn’t a rhetorical question. Mark wanted to solidify his control. But Tom wouldn’t give in. At least he thought he wouldn’t. Mark applied more pressure, rubbing his finger against that magic button, causing a loud moan to spew from Tom’s mouth. His dick was now so hard it was starting to hurt, and could feel a bead of precum beginning to leak out.

“Tell me Tom. Tell me how good it is, and I’ll make it even better”

Tom couldn’t believe that Mark was going this far, but he couldn’t help himself. He’d never been this turned on, he’d never wanted to cum this hard. He had to give in. “It’s so good Mark, please. Please make it better, I need to cum.” His humiliation at begging his friend for sexual pleasure was cast aside, arousal now having absolute authority over his mind and body.

“Lift your legs and hold them up” came Mark’s command, and Tom obeyed without question, hoisting them up in the air. Suddenly, the pressure that had turned him into a quivering mess of a subservient was gone; Mark had removed his finger. Tom looked up, and saw that Mark had moved closer in between his legs, and was staring directly at Tom, the sinister smile on his face still there, only bigger.

A moment of pressure on his anus, and Tom realised. His eyes went wide and he shook his head. Mark’s grin only grew, and he slowly nodded. But Tom was done. Mark had won the battle of power before, but not now. He let go of his legs and began to lower them, before Mark spoke.

“I told you. Lift them up, and hold them. Now.” The way Mark spoke when he said ‘now’ caused Tom’s cock to throb, and he knew he had to obey. He lifted his leg’s back up.

“Look at me”, was all Mark said, before travesti istanbul he began to push his cock into Tom, causing rapidfire gasping for each centimetre of depth gained. With seconds, he bottomed out. Savouring his victory, he stared at Tom the entire time, then began to withdraw a few second later, causing a loud moan from Tom.

Tom’s humiliation was now complete – at least he though it was. He was looking up at his friend, the man who has basically commanded him to take his cock, and he was now on the verge of cumming after only seconds of having it inside him.

Mark fucked him slower than he thought possible. It was torture. With every thrust, both in and out, he would brush against the magic button, but it wasn’t enough. It was too slow, too soft. He wanted more, he *needed* more. Then Mark spoke.

“Tell me. I know what you want. Say it.”

Tom shook his head. Mark had already won, he’d already reversed who was in power, this was going too far. Mark stopped moving, the head of his cock just past Tom’s barrier, but the rest outside. Tom felt empty, and instantly lifted his hips to chase the feeling.

“Say it, or I stop. Look into my eye, and tell me, or I’m going to pull out, and never do this again.”

Tom’s cock forced his eyes to open and look up at Mark, and it was at that point that he knew he had lost forever. The command in Mark’s eyes, the arousal, the pleasure, he crumpled under it all.

“Fuck me. Please, just fuck me, I need it. I need it hard, just fuck me and don’t stop.”

That was what he intended to say, but he was only halfway through the third word when Mark’s cock rammed into him with force, pulled out rapidly, them rammed in again. And again. And again.

Tom asked Mark to fuck him, and fuck him Mark did. He fucked Tom like a man with 2 minutes left on the whore’s clock. It took 20 seconds for Tom to cum. The pounding in his arse was everything he needed, everything he hoped for when he gave in and begged. Cum spewed from his cock onto his stomach while he moaned loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

But Mark didn’t stop. He kept going, and within a minute, Tom had cum again. Now it was Mark’s turn. Tom felt a surge of pressure everywhere, as Mark’s cock swelled in anticipation, then suddenly he felt flicks of pressure as Mark’s cum shot inside him.

He moaned with each pulse. It was the most erotic thing he’d ever felt. Mark pulled out after a few seconds, leaving Tom feeling empty and sore. He wanted to say something, but the post-sex fatigue was too much, and all he managed was to mumble a few words. Mark could though.

“I’m going to fuck you whenever I want, and you’re going to enjoy it. Say it.”

Fatigue notwithstanding, the humiliation persisted, but as before, it turned him on. He couldn’t help himself.

“You can fuck me.”

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