My Husbands Boss

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It all started when my husband Jack got a great job with a very big company. We were married right after college and had struggled to get by the first few years. Then Jack got the very high paying job with a local company. The Owner and President was Mr. Anderson. He was a very rich and powerful man in the community and his industry. Mr. Anderson had us over to his house for dinner when Jack was first hired and it was amazing. While we were far from being poor growing up, we were less than middle class. Having a formal dinner in such, a large private home did make a big impression. In addition to his large estate, Mr. Anderson also owned a large boat and private jet. He was also very attractive for a man in his late sixties. Six feet tall, tan strong build, deep blue eyes and silver hair. He was always very charming and a bit of a flirt, which I have to admit, I liked. His wife Joan looked much younger but might be closer to his age.

Our income grew to a point where I did not have to work and we started paying off our student loans and were buying our dream home. It was all happening so fast and we were both 26 years old.

Then one day I was having lunch with one of my girlfriends at an upscale cafe. In the booth behind me, I could hear the voice of my husband’s boss and the owner of the company. While I waited for my friend to arrive I could not help but listen to them talk. Mr. Anderson was talking about cutting back on low performers and he mentioned that Jack would have to be let go soon. I was in shock as to what we would do. If Jack were fired then we would loose our new home and cars. He would never find such a great job again and we would both have to go back to work. My days of going to the health club and spa with my girlfriends would be over. If we could not find work soon we might even have to move in with one of our parents.

I was still in shock when Mr. Anderson walked by my booth and then turned around. He saw me and stopped in his tracks. Then he smiled and sat next to me and held my shaking hands. I can tell you listened to my discussion about Jacks future with my company, he said. I like you and Jack very much but business is business Kelly and if I can find a way to keep Jack I but right now things don’t look very good. Still feeling numb, I asked what could be done to save his job. Nothing is final yet and I don’t want you to worry so you are going to join Joan and me on the boat Saturday. Jack will want to know where I am going, I said. Don’t worry about Jack my dear he will be going out of town to meet with a client this Friday and Monday, he said pulling his phone from his jacket. He a meeting client review meeting for Jack on the other side of the country. Hanging up he looked at me and said something that I did not fully understand at the time. Holding my hands and bringing his face close to mine, he said that if he enjoyed my company this weekend then Jack would have a very good career with the company.

Jack called from the office and asked me to pack his bags for his trip. While packing his things I started looking at all our nice cloths, furniture and photos of trips we had taken. I decided güvenilir bahis that no matter what I was going to make sure that Jack kept his job.

All that night I did not sleep, very well so I was still in bed at 11: 00 a.m. when the doorbell rang. Looking out the window, I could see a black limousine and a driver holding a box. I opened the door and the drive handed me the box and said it was from Mr. Anderson. Opening the box I opened it and found a red thong bikini and a note. The note said to wear just the bikini and no shoes, shirt, shorts or other anything else. Then get in the car and the drive knows where to go. I admit that it was exciting to me. The mystery of a drive and a box with instructions.

I changed on the spot, grabbed my purse, and headed out the door. The driver was holding the back door to the car open for me. I got in and off we went. The driver would not tell me where we were going or who would be waiting for me. Just that Mr. Anderson requested that he deliver me to him dressed in the red thong and nothing else.

The car pulled up to a private dock area where big boats and yachts are kept. The driver walked me down a pier to a very big cabin cruiser where we met Mr. Anderson. He was wearing just a pair of blue shorts and dark sunglasses. His body was tan all over and was in contrast to his chest of thick gray hair. A man with lots of hair on his chest is very attractive to me and Mr. Anderson was no different. So glad you could make it Kelly please come aboard, he said offering his hand. Thank you so much for inviting me Mr. Anderson, I said stepping onto the boat. Oh dear Kelly don’t call me Mr. Anderson just call me Frank.

The driver untied the boat from the dock and Frank had me join him up at the wheel. We pulled out of the bay and headed out into the open sea until we could not see land. The radio was playing loud rock music but the sound of the boat engine covered the big speakers. Frank had the boat very fast and it was exciting to see this rich and powerful man at the wheel of a big fast boat.

After we were way out with no other boats in sight he stopped the boat and dropped the anchor. We went below and grabbed some wine and food. Cheese, fruit, crackers, sushi and very expensive wine. Sitting on deck we ate, drank, and talked about the boat and how it is a great escape for him. Then Frank said we should get in the water and he got up and did a dive off the back of the boat. Not being as skilled a diver I just jumped off the back. Swimming around the boat we laughed and got a little closer. Then Frank went under water and I could not tell where he was. I felt a pair of hands grab my ass and lift me up out of the water. Screaming like a teenage girl, I was surprised and thrilled by his playful move. Frank came up for air and said that he could not resist getting his hands on my sexy ass.

Let’s get some sun, he said climbing up out of the water. As I climbed up the ladder into the boat Frank was washing off the salt water under a shower that was set on the back of the boat. My eyes explored his body as his hands washed away the saltwater. I gasp is surprise when he removed his blue türkçe bahis swimming trunks showing his fully tan body. His butt was small, tight, and just as tan as the rest of him. When he turned around I could not help but look at his cock. It had all gray pubic hair and very big low hanging balls. He was half-hard and looked much like my husband Jack. The great thing about owning your own boat is that you don’t have to wear cloths all the time, he said looking at me. Looking up at him I knew that he saw me checking out his cock from the smile on his face. Come on over and wash off the salt water Kelly, he said picking his trunks up off the deck and tossing them onto a lounge chair.

I walked over and joined him under the shower. This was the first time I had been in a shower with another man other than my husband and it was a thrill. Letting the water wash over my face I closed my eyes and rubbed my hands over my face and my hair washing away the saltwater. When I cleared the water from my eyes Frank was watching me from his lounge chair with his legs spread apart. Make sure you wash yourself off real good, he said looking me up and down. Running my hands all over, my body I watched as his cock started to grow. I don’t know if it was him being my husband’s boss or just watching his cock stiffen from watching me but I felt turned on. Turning my back to Frank I bent over and rubbed my hands over my ass. Raising up I arched my back and untied the bottom of my bikini top letting the straps fall to the side. Slowly I turned around, reached behind my head, and untied the strings for the top letting it fall to the deck. Oh my Kelly you have wonderful breast and I love your hard little nipples, Frank said. Why thank you Frank, I replied as my hands rubbed over them several times squeezing them. My nipples were very small but pointed outward almost half an inch when hard.

Walking toward Frank, I asked if he would mind helping me with my bottoms. With each step I took his cock grew harder and harder. Once I was standing next to his chair he was fully hard and pointing skyward. His hands grabbed my bottoms at the hips and rolled them downward. Glad to see you haven’t shaved, he said looking at my hair covered pussy. You like it being covered in hair do you, I asked. His hands rubbed my pubic hair and then moved to my pussy lips. If you don’t mind I would like to get much closer look, he said parting my legs. With his fingers now slowly moving up and down my opening, I knew that he could tell I was getting wet.

Raising my right leg up I stepped over the lounge chair so I was straddling his face. Frank moved the top of the chair back so he was almost flat. I scooted forward so my pussy was over his mouth. His hands reached around and over my legs grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. Looking down at him I grabbed the top of the lounge chair and let him guide me down onto his mouth. Ooohhh I moaned softly as his tong darted in and out of my hole then licked upward and circled my clit a few times before moving back to my hole. In college, a girl went down on me once and Frank was just as good as her. Oh yea like that, I moaned instruction as he started güvenilir bahis siteleri licking around my clit and fingering my hole slowly. Gradually he started to speed up his lick and finger fucking. Feeling my body start to shake I cried out loud with pleasure, OH GOD YES FRANK AAAHHH YES. I was getting close to climax and then Frank sent me over the edge. He pulled his wet finger from my pussy and pressed it into my ass and started fucking me with another finger. All while continuing his licking work on my clit. OOOHHHH SSSHHHIITTTT, I screamed out loud, as I climaxed! My legs became weak and I dropped down pressing my pussy hard into his face. His fingers went deep into my ass and pussy and he started to wiggle them around. Grabbing the chair hard I could see that my knuckles were white from my tight grip.

Frank slowly pulled his fingers from in me and I raised up from smothering him with my pussy. His face was covered with my juice and cum. I stepped back until his hard cock was under me. Holding it steady my legs bent and I lowered myself on him. Oh Kelly, he moaned as his entire length entered me. I sat on his cock and started to slowly rock back and forth. He was not the biggest cock I had ever had in me but he was slightly bigger than my husband. Oh Kelly your pussy feels so good, he said.

Frank adjusted the lounge chair raising his upper body upward. He reached forward to grab my breast and I leaned to meet his hands. He played with my breast and nipples as I continued to wiggle around on his cock. Pulling me closer his mouth reached my breast and he started sucking and licking my nipples. I started moving up and down on his cock as he worked his mouth on my breast. My nipples are so sensitive that I can almost cum from having them played with. Holding the arms of the chair, I started raising up and down on his cock. Oh yes Kelly ride my cock baby ride it hard, he moaned. Encouraged by him I bounced up and down on his cock while holding onto the arms of the chair and using my strong legs. I had been a cheerleader in high school and was still in very good shape.

Oh god Kelly I am going to cum, he said. Pinch my nipples baby pinch them, I said wanting to cum as well. He pinched my nipples and pulled them toward him. I was starting to build to climax when he started let me know he was going to cum. OH KELLY AAHHH YES GGGEEEERRR, he screamed out and I dropped on his cock as I felt it starting to shoot in me. I dropped down pressing his entire length in me and started rocking back and forth. PULL MY NIPPLES PULL HARD, I shouted out as my fingers rubbed my clit. All this combined with his throbbing cock shooting in me brought me to climax. Frank pulled my nipples hand and wiggled them side the side. AAAHHH YYYEESS, I screamed out with pleasure. Frank let go of my nipples and we were both gasping and covered in sweat.

After taking a shower together inside we had dinner and then headed back. Frank said that he enjoyed his time with me and that he would see me again in two weeks at a dinner party at his house. I was driven back to my house where the answering machine had a message from my husband. I called my husband and he asked how my day went. All I could say was same old thing. He then told me that he just had a call from Mr. Anderson and he was giving him a $5,000 bonus. I started to wonder what would happen after the dinner party in two weeks.

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