My Lawyer

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This is my second story, and is quite a bit longer than the first! I had a lot of fun writing it 😉 Please tell me what you think!


I really wasn’t in the mood for this.

I found myself sitting in a lawyer’s waiting room, first thing on a Monday morning. One of my employees was getting sued for sexual harassment. Usually I wouldn’t get involved with something like this. But the lady had threatened to sue the company as well. I was here to try and reach an agreement, outside of court. If an employee of mine couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself, then that’s his problem. I was just trying to get the company out of the equation.

The secretary called to me ” Miss Lowe is ready to see you now.”

Miss? Miss Lowe? Great. The unsympathetic ears of a female lawyer.

Her office door was closed; I entered and closed the door behind me. I had to admit it was a nice office. Plush leather chairs, big dark oak desk, thick carpets, pretentious bookshelf, the works. I even noticed a liquor cabinet in the corner. Only expensive lawyers have whiskey for their clients I thought,

Miss Lowe was nowhere in sight, so I took a seat in the plump leather armchair in front of her desk.

Behind me, the door opened. I stood up and turned around. Miss Lowe was standing in the doorway, and she absolutely oozed professional sexuality. Black stilettos, black suspender stockings, pin-stripped skirt, and a tight fitting black blouse and jacket. This was topped of with black librarian’s glasses and tied up dark brown hair.

Shit. I made a mental note to not stare! The last thing I needed her to think was that the whole company was perverts!

“Please, take a seat” She said.

I sat back down, and she crossed the room to the corner. As she passed me I noticed how tight her skirt fitted around her ass. She had an incredibly sexy round ass and her choice of skirt really emphasized that fact. She took off her jacket and hung it on the coat stand. She had an exceptional pair of breasts; her blouse stretched tight around her firm tight tits!

Top this all off with the sexiest perfume I had ever smelt and my balls were already starting to stir.

Keep a hold of yourself!

She sat down opposite me behind her desk “So, what can I do for you?”

“Well” I began, “an employee of mine is getting sued, by you, for sexual harassment.”

“So?” she replied unconcerned.

“So, my company is also getting sued. I don’t think that’s fair.”

She paused, and pushed her chair back.

“What’s unfair is that an innocent young lady is victimized in the work place.”

I really wasn’t in the mood to get a lecture this early in the morning and decided I probably wasn’t going to get sympathy from this woman.

“Forget it” I stood up and started making my way for the door.

“Hold on. Now don’t get carried away! I agree, that perhaps it isn’t fair your company gets sued for something you didn’t do. Why don’t you take a seat, and let’s see if we can come to some kind of an agreement.

I stopped. Maybe she wasn’t so bad. Maybe we could actually come to an agreement.

I sat back down, and she got up and walked to the liquor cabinet.


“Its 9:30 on a Monday morning.” I replied

She seemed unfazed, “So? You want me to be civil don’t you?”

This was true.

She poured me a large whiskey on ice, and a straight whiskey for herself.

She sat back at her desk, and crossed her legs. As she did this her skirt rode a little higher up her leg, revealing the tops of her black suspenders. I gulped. It was your typical secretary porn star scene. Only she wasn’t a secretary, she was a high-powered lawyer suing my ass off!

She took a sip and so did I.

“So, what kind of agreement do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well, I’m still going to sue your employee.”

Fine by me.

“But it was my idea to sue your company” she continued, ” She only wanted to get a reprisal against the perpetrator and it took a fair amount of convincing on my part to persuade her to sue your company too.”

This was news to me.

“So on that note it shouldn’t take much to get her to drop the case against your business” she finished with a smile.

“However Mr…?”

“Mr. Marsh” I finished

“However Mr. Marsh it is important that you understand in the future that sexuality and the work place should never mix.”

This was coming from a lawyer dressed to the height of sexual appeal. Feeling a bit irritated by this last comment I couldn’t resist saying that perhaps she should consider leading by example.

She looked at me over her glasses, “and what might you mean by that?”

“Well…” I began, but realized I had best choose my words carefully. ” You are dressed in a very-uh-alluring manner.”

This seemed to surprise her, and she looked at me with a very questioning expression, ” Do you find me sexually attractive Mister Marsh? ”

I paused.

“Well, pendik escort your choice of cloths is very flattering to your figure…”

Thankfully this didn’t seem to upset her at all and she sat up in her chair and took another sip of her drink.

“Well Mister Marsh, do you think that because someone may be attractive that means that they should be harassed at work?”

“Well…uh…no….of course not…”

Miss Lowe interrupted and continued, ” I happen to find you attractive Mr. Marsh does this mean now that I should make sexual advances at you?”

I think my jaw literally dropped at this, for perhaps the first time in as long as I could remember I was taken aback. I didn’t know what to say. After a long sip of my drink I managed to compose myself slightly. I knew that what she had just said, while perhaps the truth, was just meant for effect. To get her point across.

However, I also had a point to get across.

“Well Miss. Lowe…”

She sat up in her big leather chair and listened intently, her brown eyes looking straight into my own.

“…If two people are in fact attracted to each other then surely there is no problem if they were to flirt with one another or share a sexual encounter.”

“Yes, I suppose if two people had mutual feelings for one another then there shouldn’t be a problem.”

We both took another sip, both staring at each other. A bit of a tension was beginning to build between us. I felt a bit nervous, but knew that I should push on, not to let this voluptuous lawyer escape.

I took the last sip from my glass and said, “Well would you not say that you and I have mutual feelings of attraction towards each other?”

She smiled.

Standing up, she walked right past me to her office door. I heard it ‘click’ locked.

I stood up and knew that I was going to fuck this lawyer hard. I knew exactly what I wanted to do to her body, but allowed her to take the lead…assume control.

She sat facing me on her desk, took both our whiskey glasses and set them aside.

I knew I wanted to bend her over her desk and fuck her right there and then, but I wanted her to be the boss.

I stood up in front of her, “Miss Lowe, you are doing me a huge favor by dropping this case and I want to make that up to you now. I will do WHATEVER you ask.”

This really seemed to appeal to her, maybe it’s because she’s a lawyer and is used to bossing people around I thought to myself. She smiled and bit her lower lip seductively while thinking of what she wanted me to do next.

“Take off your tie and jacket.” Was her first instruction.

I quickly complied and removed my jacket and undid my tie.

She smiled while keeping her eyes on me, “and your shirt.”

I slowly undid the buttons of my shirt, until eventually my shirt slipped off over my shoulders. I go to gym a lot, but I’m not built like a body builder, rather just fit and well defined.

Miss Lowe was obviously like what she was seeing, and she lazily undid her hair, letting it fall loosely around her face.

She moved up her desk, so she was sitting in the middle, pushed her stationary to one side and leaned back on her arms, watching me.

“Now take off my shoes.”

I bent down in front of her and gently removed her stilettos. I would have preferred to keep them on, they were really sexy but she was in control and I really didn’t mind that.

Her feet were small, and seemed so delicate. She put her feet up on her desk so she was leaning back with her knees bent and her legs slightly apart. She was really starting to look even more like a slut. I loved it!

With a small smile she announced her next instruction, ” Mr. Marsh, please take my panties off for me.”

My heart was starting to beat hard, and I could feel my dick pushing against the front of my pants.

I took a step forward, and put one hand around ankle, I leaned forward between her legs and kissed her gently. Her lips were soft and full, her mouth was hot and our tongues found each other and slowly entwined themselves together. I began to run my hand up her leg, and slowly under her skirt until I found the top of her suspenders. I dipped one finger underneath the top of her stocking and gently ran my finger around her leg until I could feel her breathing starting to get heavier in my mouth.

I ran my hand further up under her ass until I found the top of her underwear. They felt lacy and sheer. I began to gently pull them down and she lifted her ass slightly to accommodate me. I pulled them down slowly, and only broke my kiss when they reached her ankle and I slipped them over her small feet and let them fall to the ground.

She looked slightly flustered but managed to say with a grin, “I didn’t say that you could kiss me…”

“I know” I replied, “I just couldn’t help myself.”

She lowered her eyes down my body towards the obvious bulge in my pants, “That’s OK.”

She moved forward on her desk so that she was sitting on the edge, maltepe escort with her legs hanging off and her toes just touching the floor.

She looked up at me into my eyes, bit her lip and said, “Mr. Marsh…lick me.”

That had to be one of the sexiest things I have ever heard.

I lowered myself in front of her until I was on my knees in between her legs. She undid the zip down the side of her skirt but didn’t pull it off.

I put a kiss on the tip of her toes, and another on top of her foot. I continued to kiss up her leg, and she pulled her skirt up higher so that it was just covering my destination. I kissed up her suspender leg until I reached the soft skin above them. From there I licked up her thigh to the crease at the top of her leg. I pushed the bottom of her blouse up so that I could kiss and lick her smooth flat stomach. With that she lay on her back, on her desk. I continued to run my tongue along her flat tummy while gently pulling her skirt down until it met her knees and from there it simply slid to the floor.

I stopped kissing her and got my first sight of her naked exposed slit. She was completely waxed except for a small landing strip running the length of her mound. Her cute pink clit was already revealing itself from between her lips. It was divine. I kissed the flesh of her inner thigh on each leg, gently slowly teasing my way towards her center.

I gently licked her exposed clit with the tip of my tongue, which caused her to gasp loudly,

“Oh my god!”

I licked her clit again this time using my whole tongue. I did this again and again and I could see a small trail of her juice starting to run down her ass. I gently opened her slit so that I could get more access to her clitoris and started to lick in upward strokes, rhythmically. I could see her chest rising heavily under her blouse, and she began to squeeze her breasts, squeezing them together. While licking around her clit, I started to run a finger around the entrance to her pussy, never inserting, just teasing. When I looked up at her again her blouse had become open, and she was playing with her tits, under her tight pink bra.

I wanted to make her come, I wanted to hear and feel the orgasm rush over her, and I started to suck her clit between my lips as I easily pushed my finger into her absolutely soaked hole. Every time I pushed my finger into her I would suck her clit into my mouth and would let go of it as I withdrew my finger. I continued to do this as I heard her moans getting louder and more intense. She had pulled one of her large breasts out of her bra and was squeezing the nipple hard while biting the tip of her finger. Her legs were now over my shoulders and she seemed to be pulling my face deeper into her. Occasionally I would break the routine and lick and gently bite her inner thigh.

Her juice was covering my chin, and I couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous pussy. Her breathing was becoming erratic and I heard her cry, ” I’m-going-to…”

But before she could finish that sentence she was wrapped in an orgasm, her legs pulled my face harder against her pussy and I licked her clitoris intensely. I could feel more of her juice releasing around my finger, as the walls of her pussy contracted around it. I rubbed her clitoris between two of my fingers making her come even harder. As I felt her orgasm begin to subside I gently brought her back to Earth, slowing my assault on her clit, and kissing her softly around her quivering pussy.

She lay on her back, breathing hard. One breast hanging out of her bra; her hair swept out across her desk. It was the sight of a very satisfied woman.

I stood back up, and went to pour us each a drink from the liquor cabinet in the corner.

“Oh my goodness Mr. Marsh! That was truly incredible! You wouldn’t believe how badly I needed that.”

“Please Miss Lowe, my name is Andrew.”

“I’m Angie. Angela Lowe.”

I smiled, even though she was a big shot lawyer, she was actually really cute too. I handed her the drink and she sat up on her desk, crossed her legs and took a sip. I also took a sip, then put my glass down and picked up my shirt and began to put it on.

“What are you doing? I’m far from finished with you yet.” she said with a huge grin spreading across her face, “Take a seat.”

I picked up my drink and sat down in the plush leather armchair. She stood up and straightened her glasses and ran her fingers through her hair.

Putting her glass down she walked around her desk to where I was sitting and put her hand out for my glass, which she then put behind her on the desk.

She stood in front of me in all her sexual glory. She was now wearing nothing except her suspenders and bra. She crossed her legs coyly.

“Andrew…can you please take off your pants”

I gladly pulled my pants down, revealing my boxer shorts stretched by my straining erection.

“And the rest please” She finished with a big smile.

I pulled my boxers to the floor, and stood in front kartal escort of her naked.

My dick is average size; it’s not small but not huge either. It’s quite thick with a large, smooth fat head. The thing that makes my cock different though is that I have truly massive ejaculations! It’s easy for me to cover a woman’s face with six or seven long strings of thick white semen.

She was watching my cock, as I sat down in the big leather armchair. She slowly approached me and sat down on my leg, straddling my thigh. I could feel her perfectly moist slit rubbing against my leg.

She raised her arms above her head and began to tie her hair up, pushing her breast outwards towards my face. I took this opportunity to slide my arms around her and unclasp her straining bra. Her bra slid off her shoulders allowing her beautiful tits to fall free. Her nipples were dark pink and hard. I leaned forward and took one of her breasts between my lips sucking her entire nipple into my mouth. I heard her breath out hard, enjoying the feeling of my tongue playing with her. I felt her hand grab me at the base of my dick, and slowly start rising up and down. I continued to work both her tits, as my pre-cum started to lubricate her hand and my shaft. She closed her hand around the head of my cock and made small circular movements. It was heaven!

We were both getting very worked up, and she was grinding her slit against my leg while jerking me off. I was starting to get quite rough with her tits, and was biting her nipple while squeezing her ass towards me, encouraging the grinding against my leg.

I was briefly disappointed as I felt her body lifting off my leg, and the tits I was worshipping being gently pulled away from my mouth. My disappointment didn’t last long though, as she began to lower herself between my legs, until her knees touched the carpeted floors. Her face was now inline with my cock, which was twitching in anticipation. I shut my eyes and leaned back…

I felt her mouth enclose around my balls, and she sucked one of my testicles into her mouth. It felt incredible in her boiling hot mouth. I felt her tongue toying with it, as she sucked harder on it. She let it drop out of her mouth and she focused her attention on the other one. I felt her licking quickly all over my sack, while her hand began to work my dick again, in the same slow motion as before. She seemed to love sucking balls, continuing this incredible feeling for what seemed like and eternity. She would suck one round testicle in her mouth and very gently pull on it, then give the other one the same treatment. This focused treatment on my ever increasingly sensitive ball sack combined with the methodic wet hand job on my shaft had the cum welling up in my balls in no time.

I felt my balls getting released from the wet heaven of her mouth and I opened my eyes. Her hands were rubbing the inside of my legs, and she was looking directly into my eyes. Her brown eyes continued their contact with mine, as she licked from the base of my balls all the way up my shaft until her mouth enveloped the top of my cock. She lowered her head, taking in my entire length all the while looking up at me with those sexy brown eyes. She was now on all fours with her round ass pushed outward as she continued to slowly deep-throat my dick. I could feel my shaft resting on her tongue as she slowly took my dick into her throat then let it slide out again.

I was starting to get lost in the lustful moment, and knew I needed to cum soon. She took my shaft in one more time, and then started to concentrate on the head of my penis. She began sucking on my sensitive gland and she could see I was losing control. Her hand found the base of my shaft and she began to jerk me off while sucking on my head. The speed of her dick pumping increased and I could feel the orgasm building, about to be released.

I looked down at her pretty face, and she looked up at me, her mouth stretched around my dick. The sight of it was so sexy, I wanted to warn her that I was about to cum and then it just rushed over me.

My dick jerked once in her hand and I shot my load into her mouth. The orgasm was incredible! It lasted for what felt like an eternity, pumping load after load into her tiny mouth. Her eyes bulged at the amount of cum that was squirting out my cock and into her waiting mouth. By the time my aching balls were spent her cheeks were bulging from the amount of semen I had shot into her and a little bit was leaking from the corner of her mouth.

It was the best oral orgasm I had ever received.

She pulled my dick from her mouth and a little bit of cum spilt out of her mouth and ran down her chin. She shut her eyes and swallowed my entire load.

When she opened her eyes we were both still breathing hard.

“Jesus Andrew, that was…like half a glass of cum I just swallowed!”

She scooped up the bit of cum on her chin with a finger and lazily sucked it clean.

“I feel like such a slut” She said dreamily.

She hopped up onto her desk so that she was sitting daintily on the edge. My cock was totally spent, and I sat in the armchair watching my smutty lawyer. She seemed to be lost in her role of sexy seductress, as she leaned back on the tabletop and took a sip of her drink.

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