My Little Secret

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My name is Brandon. I am a 21 year old junior at the local collage who still lives at home with my mom and my stepdad. It’s a nice arrangement. As long as I do well in school, I don’t have to get a job. I do some odd jobs here and there to make some spending money. I don’t need much since I burry myself in my school work and don’t have time to date. I haven’t been with a girl in over a year.

I am an average looking guy though I am a little bitty fellow. I am 5′ 2″ and weigh 125 pounds. I have brown hair and eyes. I like to dress nice, never any blue jeans. My hair is shoulder length and naturally curly, it pisses the girls off.

One thing that makes the whole not having a girlfriend thing kinda hard is my mother Karen. She is holding up well for a 36 year old woman. She is a tiny woman like mom is 5′ 2″ just like me, only she weighs 135. She works out three times a week, keeping fit. She likes to dress sexually in her skimpy little show off my body outfits. She really likes miniskirts. Her boss is a fashion designer. She likes my mom coming to work looking good. She says it’s good for business. Her moto is, “if we look good they’ll buy from us. “But mom didn’t just dress for work. She liked being dressed up. She wore the same clothes at home as she did for work, unless she was walking around in her favorite lingerie.

My stepdad Bob is a good guy. He is the giant of the family. He is 6′ tall and 215 pounds. He has short blond hair and blue eyes like my mom. He is a muscular man that works as an electoral contractor. He takes good care of us. They have been married for ten years now. I bostancı escort couldn’t ask for a better man for my mom.


My story really starts back when I was 18. Bob and my mom went away for the weekend, leaving me home alone. Friday and Saturday went by fine. But, by Sunday, I was getting pretty bored. For some reason I was thinking how sexy my mother’s lingerie looked when she was flaunting it around the house. That started to turn me on a little. After a bit, I started to wonder how sexy I would in her lingerie.

I was glad they would be back until around midnight. I went to her room and undressed. I decided I was gonna find out how I looked in lingerie. I took out one of her satin teddies, held it up and inspected it, and then I slipped into it. It felt dreamy on my skin. I walked in front of the full length mirror. I got an instant hard on when I saw myself standing there looking back at me. I struck a few poses then went and tried a few others.

I then decided to try on my favorite one. The matching bra panties garter belt and stockings. Having seen other girlfriends getting dressed, I knew to hook the bra and garter in the front and then spin them around into position instead of trying to hook them in the back. I got the bra and garter on with no problem. Then, I slid the stockings on my legs and fastened to the garter. And last but not least I stepped into those lovely panties and pulled them up. They felt oh so good on my cock.

Once I got it all on and inspected myself in the mirror, I decided I was going to wear it for a while. I went çeliktepe escort down stairs and kicked back on the couch to watch TV for a bit. I would rub my cock through my panties until I was about to cum then stop until I cooled down then start over. I kept doing that for two or three hours watching TV until I couldn’t take it anymore. I started to tremble and shake and then I shot t biggest load that has ever come out of me.

I took off mom’s lingerie and rounded up some other clothes to make a load. I put it in to wash and went ad showered off. Then it dawned on me. The last thing those panties touched before I put them on was my mother’s pussy. I instantly got hard again so I grabbed a rag, laid on my mom’s bed and jacked off again.

So now you know. I am a crossdresser. Every time I am home alone, I play dress up. I start with panties and a bra. Then I would pick out an outfit and wear it around the house as long as I could. I would do my chores lounge around and do just whatever until I had to change. I just feel so comfortable in my mom’s sexy clothes.


Mom and I were at the breakfast table; Bob was out of town for a week. Mom and I were doing our usual. Mom said she had to work late. I was glad to hear that, Gives me more to play. And the first thing that came to mind was the first time I dressed.

I went and put on the bra panties garter and all right after mom left. I spent the whole morning running around in my lingerie. It was getting me very horny so I thought I would go lie on momma’s and jack off. I was really getting into it cihangir escort when I heard, “well, doesn’t that beat all I’ve ever seen.

I looked up to see my mother standing in the doorway. I just froze there not knowing what to do or say.

Mom walked over to the bed and looked me up and down. She said, “my but you look mighty sexy.”

She said, “Move your hand.”

I moved my hand off my cock and she replaced it with hers. She started to stroke my cock oh so gently and slow. I was freaking out. I didn’t know what to do. It was one of my favorite fantasies coming true. My mother’s hand on my cock felt so good. All I could is lie there and softly moan.

Then she bent down and started nibbling on my pantied covered cock. She yhen pulled out my cock and sucked me off. God, I came so much.

Then, mom took of her miniskirt top panties and bra. She climbed up and straddled my face. I ate her until she came. That got me rock hard again. Mom slid down my body and sat on my cock and started grinding on it. We fucked for a while and then I shot my load deep in her pussy.

I looked my mom and asked, “what was that?”

She said, “I’ve always wanted to see a guy in lingerie, and seeing you there like that , it drove me over the edge.”

“Well I must say, that was a fantasy come true for me. I’ve wanted to do for years.”

“well, doing my son wasn’t part of my fantasy, but the rest of it was a dream come true.”

We cuddled up with each other and we were just stroking each other. We would kiss a little and nuzzle a little until we started getting hot and bothered again. Then we fucked again and got up to get cleaned up.

We each went to our shower, cleaned up and met back in mom’s room. We both picked out a teddy to wear and stayed dressed that way the rest of the day.

So, now we play dress up every chance we get. And, it always leads to great fun.

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