My Lyn Ch. 04

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‘I spent the journey trying to finish the novel I had been reading at home. It had been by my bed at home since the summer because it hadn’t really grabbed my interest sufficiently to make me want to know what happened next. Stories need to do that, don’t you think?’ I nodded to her and suggested we walk around a little. We had been on the studio couch for a long time. Most of the couples had gone to bed and the large lounge area was deserted apart from a sleeping dog by the door. ‘Shall I continue as we walk?’ Lyn asked. I nodded again and squeezed her arm. We picked up a glass of white wine each as we passed a tray near the way out to the garden.

The journey was uneventful and uninteresting. The scenery as you head into East Anglia is depressingly flat and monotonous and to make things worse it was pouring down with rain. My book seemed to match the landscape and my mind wandered. I seemed to be thinking about my mum and hoping she could find outlets for her emotions and her needs. Also I fretted again about Ben’s family. What if I didn’t like his dad or his mum? Would his sister seem to like me but resent me deep down? Was all this shared family stuff capable of masking more sinister feelings? I needed Ben I realized all the more urgently as I got nearer to him. I wanted to feel the calming touch of his hand in mine. I could face anything if he stood beside me. I smiled to myself as I imagined him in his anorak in the rain waiting on the platform in Norwich.

The train stopped outside Norwich and I wondered if we had broken down in the middle of nowhere. A guard came round and said there was a signal failure. Fate was conspiring against me ever being in the arms of my soul mate. At last we moved off slowly, then stopped again. I picked at a piece of dried-on mud on the bottom of my bag and broke a finger nail. I swore inwardly.

The five car diesel unit rattled across the bridge and into Norwich station thirty-five minutes late. I spotted Ben on the platform as we passed him. He didn’t see me through the coloured glass.

I snatched my bag and pushed past people to get out. I wasn’t normally assertive like that. Tumbling off the train, almost losing my footing, I ran back to where I’d seen Ben. He saw me coming and held out his arms. I threw myself at him in relief.

‘Oh, Ben, do you still love me?’

He ruffled my hair and said: ‘Only just. Another five minutes and you were history! Have you any idea how long I’ve been on this platform?’ He pulled me to him and we kissed. I melted against him and all my anxieties melted away too.’

‘Where’s your dad?’

‘Oh he decided to keep dry. I said we’d find him in the Bull over the road.’

‘The Bull?’

‘Yes. Pub, silly.

‘Oh of course, sorry. Brain dead today. Shall we go?’

We found Dave sitting with a beer reading a paper. He stood up and said ‘Hello, Lyn. Welcome to Norwich. We’ve heard a lot about you.’ He held out a hand and I shook it.

I blushed heavily and wondered just what Ben would have said about us. Perhaps he described how I pleased him in bed and things. I wanted the earth to open up.

Dave must have realized what I was thinking. He said: ‘Hey nothing you wouldn’t mind us knowing. Just about your family and your sister, you know. He did tell us you were beautiful, though.’

I blushed again but began to relax. He asked if I wanted a drink before we set off.

‘No thanks, I’m fine. How long will it take, Dave?’ I admired my confidence in calling him Dave so soon. He probably didn’t even notice. I liked him already and could see a lot of Ben in him, especially in the way they both talked and certain mannerisms. He would be easy to get on well with.

‘I’m afraid it’s a thirty minute drive. Can you ring Clare on your mobile, Ben and tell her to tell mum we’re only just setting off?’

‘Yes, fine,’ Ben said. We climbed in the car. Ben gave Clare the message and was clearly being interrogated. ‘She’s wearing a green fur coat and tall beige suede boots’, he said, seeing just how big a lie he could get away with without Clare suspecting. ‘No, I don’t know what she’s got on under that, probably nothing. Don’t be so nosey!’

He rang off. He looked at me and laughed. ‘She has to know everything first.’ I realized he was describing me but didn’t care. I got the joke. We cuddled in the back as we drove along but apart from one long kiss I talked to Ben and Dave about my holiday and they told me what they’d been up to. I said my mum and I had got on really well, much better than usual but I didn’t say why. I’d tell Ben later. It would turn him on and I knew he would approve of what we’d done together.


We reached the house just after 6 o’clock. I met Gail and Clare for the first time. I felt I knew so much about them. There was a lot to take in. I was being assailed from all angles. Gail told me to ring my mum to say I’d arrived safely. Clare grabbed me round the waist and said she’d take my bag to my room. I wondered what ‘my etiler bdsm escort room’ meant. Was I sharing with Ben or was I on my own? I trusted everything Ben had told me about his family; I was unsure how I fitted in at the moment. I suspected everyone else knew the answer to that question except me: however I knew no-one was hiding the answer from me. I just needed a bit of time to understand how things stood in the Roache household.

Gail passed me a cordless phone and I gathered my thoughts and dialed home. I was thrilled it was mum who answered. ‘Hi, it’s me, mum.’

‘Hello, love. Are you all right?’

‘Yes, I’ve arrived safely. Is everything all right with you?’

‘Yes. Your dad got home an hour ago. He’s having a late dinner in the lounge.’

‘Where are you?’

‘I’m in the kitchen, Lyn. Lyn, I don’t know who else is there. Please could you use my name again; it was so nice of you?’

I was so touched to hear her request.

‘Jenny, I love you. We must get together again very soon.’

‘I love you too, my darling. I need to know we can do it again. Say something to help, please.’

‘Is dad going away again soon?’

‘He’ll be in Vancouver for a fortnight in May, from the seventeenth,’ said mum.

‘Would you like to come to stay for a weekend while he’s away? It needn’t be a secret and you could get Sam to stay over with Victoria again, I’m sure. Jenny? Would you like that?’

‘Would Ben mind, do you think?’

‘No, but he might want to watch us – how would you feel, Jenny?’

‘You’re turning me on, Lyn!’

‘Good.’ I laughed. I thought you’d like me to, mum, but you haven’t answered me!’

‘I’d like to say yes but I need to meet your Ben first. I do love it when you call me Jenny. Can it be our secret code, Lyn?’

‘Sure. I presume you are on your own?’

‘Yes, Lyn.’

‘I’ll put those dates in my diary. Tell me what you’d like me to do when I see you.’ I looked around to see if anyone was listening. Gail was just next to me; everyone else had wandered away.

‘I want you to push into me and feel me and hurt me in my cunt. I want you to use me to make you cum and make me cum. Can you understand?’

‘Yes, Jenny, I can do that for you. Ben will want to be there too. Can you think about that, please?’ I wondered if Gail had grasped any of that. In a strange way I hoped she had. I glanced at her.

‘I’d like that, Lyn,’ said Jenny. ‘If you’re there, I feel safe for anyone else you want to join us. I trust you.’

‘You’ll have to book a room at an hotel,’ I said.

‘You’re right. I’ll drive down early and get a room at the ‘Long Boat.’

‘I must go, Jenny.’ I said.

‘Of course. Enjoy. I envy you, you know.’

‘Bye mum’

I put the phone down. Gail smiled at me. ‘You and your mum clearly have something very special,’ she said.

‘Yes, but only since I told her about Ben and me,’ I smiled up at her. ‘We showered together before we left this morning,’ I said simply.

After very gently brushing her hand across my bum and kissing the back of my neck very lightly, Gail said: ‘Ben’s very lucky to have found you, Lyn. I hesitantly turned and kissed her on the lips; she responded and put a hand on the small of my back, pulling me in against her. She pushed her tongue forward and our tongues entwined. I pulled gently away and smiled.

‘I’ve delayed the meal. What with the train and everything dinner will be ready in about forty-five minutes. That should give you time to check your room out and freshen up. I’m sure Ben can help.’ I caught her eye as she winked at me. I understood that she was giving us time to be together before dinner and just catch up. I was so grateful I held out a hand. Gail took it and said:

‘I can see why Ben likes you, Lyn. I think you’ll fit in just fine.’

‘I hope so,’ I said nervously. ‘I do want to.’

Gail smiled. ‘Get upstairs then!’

I ran to find Ben.

When I got upstairs I called Ben. He appeared from his room.

‘Is your mum OK?’

‘She’s fine, thanks. Is this your room?’

‘Yes. Yours is opposite. Look.’

‘We’re not sharing, then?’ I was getting confused.

‘I hope we are, Lyn, yes. My parents won’t let anything rush you, however long it takes for you to make up your mind about us. At the same time if we show them we are together they won’t question it; they will approve whatever we do, however far we go. They want to make it easy for us, you know. They’re not throwing obstacles in our path. You will always have your own room if you need it.’

I smiled at him and said: ‘We need five minutes alone together thinking only about each other. Look at me, Ben.’

I stood before him and I knew he was my friend, my soul mate, a partner for life. At the same time I granted him the right to enjoy others, including his sister, his mother and others still unknown. I knew I would have other partners too, and that Ben would want me to, including etiler elit escort all his family, probably, and maybe others that Ben might donate me to. I was content and at rest with Ben but I wanted him too. I needed to tell him about my mother and I needed to feel him inside me. I stood before him and said. ‘I want you, my lord.’ I grinned and pulled my sweater over my head and was topless before him. I unfastened the belt of my jeans, unzipped them and stopped. Do you still want me, Ben?’ I asked.

Ben embraced me and pushed my jeans down. I undid his shirt buttons. Faster and faster. I undressed him and we stumbled together naked, falling onto his bed. I giggled.

‘I need this,’ he said. ‘I need this now, please.’ Ben and I were naked together. He kissed me tenderly and then bit me on the breasts and on the neck. I bit him too. ‘Hurt me’ I said urgently. He pulled my nipples and dug his nails into my behind. He hurt me. I begged.

‘Rape me now, Ben.’ He pushed fingers up into me, but gently. I wrapped my hand around his cock and slowly pumped him.

He pulled my hand away and moved himself up against my cunt. I said: ‘Do me, Ben. Do whatever you want and then give me to the others.’

‘This sent him over the edge and he entered me and thrust selfishly into me. I responded as gutsily as I could. I wanted him to think I was his and his to command. ‘Tell me what to do,’ I said as my legs grabbed him and my cunt enclosed him. ‘I love you, Ben. I’ll do whatever you tell me. I’m not afraid.’ I came as he spurted his cum into me. We held each other tight.

‘You’re different, that’s why I love you,’ he said. ‘Don’t be mad at Clare, she wants to please us both but she’s frightened you won’t let me satisfy her.’

‘I won’t split you apart,’ I said. ‘I want you to still be free to enjoy each other whenever you need to. I want to watch you both doing each other. In my fantasies I’ve dreamt of being with you all – not of dividing you. I have to belong to you all and be there for any of you who want to take me.’

‘Mum will love you, that’s no problem,’ Ben went on. ‘Dad will want to use you but he won’t touch you till you tell him you want to share with him. He’s a good dad but you must let me know how you feel about him. As I said, take it easy and talk to any of us. There’s no hurry. They’re not having you till I’ve made sure you can still remember how to do everything!’ He laughed, kissed me and held me.

‘Oh, and there’ll be no nudity until you take the lead. We all decided that last night. No-one will embarrass you or rush you.’

I wanted to restore their normal routine. I’d come there in order to experience first hand their unusual lifestyle but I too wouldn’t rush things. I had heard so much and it was if as my appetite increased it also broadened. I could do whatever Ben wanted me to do and from our long intimate talks I knew we both wanted the personal variety and fulfillment the family could offer us. ‘Go with the flow’, as someone said. I turned away from Ben, bent to almost touch my toes and pushed my bottom up towards him. He understood and placed his cock at my arsehole. He had stiffened immediately and I felt his stiffness.

‘I do like you a bit,’ he said. I thrust back at him. He responded and pushed forward into me. I pushed back in reply. Suddenly Ben came hard down on to me and began to use me. I loved it. I realized that in my mind Ben now owned me. I wanted to be owned and therefore he could do anything with me without even asking my permission. I grunted and moaned in response as I accepted him. ‘Yes, push it up as far as you can, use me, please,’ I whimpered. Ben gathered himself and forced himself as he twisted into orgasm and into my tight arse. I screamed with pleasure and pulled his ball sack. He screamed too and bit my neck. I gave in and said: ‘I am your slave. I will do your command, sir.’ Moments later we flopped down on to the bed; I grinned and stroked his cock as it lay between us.

‘Tell me about your mum,’ he said.

I think it’s time to eat,’ I said.

‘No there’s ten minutes to go he said. ‘I’m a fast worker!’

‘Then you should learn to control yourself more!’ I said. ‘I’ll tell you in bed tonight – that’s if you’re sleeping with me, of course.’

‘I want to make love to you slowly like we do in your room at college,’ said Ben. ‘I want to play with you and arouse you. I want us to come together several times and then fall asleep in each other’s arms. I love you so much, you know.’

We dressed quickly. Both of us were just wearing jeans and either a jumper or a t-shirt. My big baggy jumper was loose fitting and had a comfy free feel to it. Since I had met Ben I had grown to hate tight, restricting clothes. Although I agreed not to rush things, I didn’t think being nude around any of Ben’s family would bother me. My fantasy mind wondered if I would make his dad’s cock go as hard as Ben’s does when we strip for each other.


We etiler escort went down for dinner. I loved the tuna steaks with broccoli. Cabernet Sauvignon wine and goat’s cheese finished a simple but filling meal. I helped clear away and stack the dishwasher. Gail thanked me and spanked me playfully on the bum as I was bending to put the dinner plates in the rack.

‘Sorry!’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t have done that Lyn. I couldn’t resist.’

‘It’s ok,’ I said. A few seconds later I rubbed my hand across her bum in reply when she bent to put the knives and forks in the washer.

‘Thanks,’ I said. ‘I mean thanks for having me.’

She grinned and said: ‘Please don’t take offence, Lyn, but I think you’re intelligent enough to know I wouldn’t mean to embarrass you. If you want to join me in the shower any time, like you and your mum did, then I’d be thrilled if you’d be there for me.’


Very, very slowly I was being seduced by the erotic magnetism of Ben’s family. Everyone snuggled down in the tiny lounge together and watched a film on satellite TV. I felt really relaxed and yet excited, especially every time Clare looked at me.

‘That’s a lovely sweater, Lyn,’ Clare said. ‘I’d love to try it on. Do you think it would fit me?’

‘I bet it’s one size fits all.’ I said.

‘Do let me try it, Lyn,’ Clare pleaded. She was used to getting her own way.

‘I’ll let you wear it tomorrow, if you like’ I countered.

‘Can’t I just try it on now?’ she wheedled. In a way I was grateful for the chance to shock them. However Dave broke in. ‘Clare, are you looking for a punishment?’

She stopped. ‘I’m sorry Lyn. I shouldn’t have asked.’

‘That’s all right,’ I said. ‘I want no punishments on my behalf, however naughty Clare has been.’ I leaned forwards and pulled my jumper over my head. I was naked to the waist.

‘Try it,’ I whispered. ‘Try it now.’ I threw it to her.

‘Game, set and match,’ said Gail. ‘You’ve been upstaged this time Clare.’ I saw Dave looking at me.

I learnt much later that there was a family rule that anyone who broke a family agreement was beaten with an old slipper. The minimum sentence was twenty strokes but no-one was ever beaten unless they declared themselves guilty and agreed they should be punished. In the last year Gail had been beaten once and Clare twice. Dave and Clare had been beaten twice each and Ben once the year before. I learnt that beatings were usually for selfish behaviour that upset or caused worry to other members of the family. Not for breaking plates or pranging the car.

Beatings were watched by the rest of the family or by those who were at home at the time. The guilty person always chose who was to do the beating. Months later Gail told me she had been beaten by Dave and by Clare but had never chosen Ben. The last time she was punished, it was for saying to a friend on the phone that Clare was so flat-chested she sometimes looked more like a boy. Unfortunately Clare had overheard and was devastated. Mum was distraught when she realized that Clare had heard her and that she was so upset. Gail had immediately demanded to be punished. She decided to receive forty strokes, twenty from Dave and twenty from Clare. She stayed in bed for two days afterwards but never complained. She told me she wept uncontrollably from about the nineteenth stroke but she didn’t flinch.

Apparently Gail liked to be spanked now and again, but these less formal events did not figure in Dave’s punishment record. This was more of a desire she and Clare shared when they were alone together and was no more than six to a dozen strokes. When Gail told me all this I began to imagine myself being beaten and I asked Dave one night what I needed to do to get well beaten by him. He smiled and said: ‘I don’t think you should plan to be nasty or inconsiderate, Lyn. That would be against the family’s principles. If you want to find out whether being beaten turns you on I can always give you twenty strokes for our joint pleasure.’ Apart from Ben, Dave was the only man who could make me climax just by talking to me.

So, naked to the waist, my nipples hard with the awareness of what I had done and feeling all eyes on me, I sat rigid, a bit scared but proud and very excited. Then, embarrassed, I stood and went upstairs. I went to my own room.

Gail must have followed me upstairs. She came into my room. I was sitting on the edge of my bed, still naked to the waist.

‘I want to share myself with you all, not split you up.’ I felt tearful and Gail realized and put an arm round my shoulder. ‘I don’t mind Clare’s teasing; she may feel threatened by me. I don’t want that; I want her to still have Ben as she always has. I’m sensitive too to other people: affection hasn’t been copyrighted. Gail, I’m intelligent enough to let Ben enjoy others while others enjoy me. It’s what Ben has made me expect as he has let my fantasies fly. And I know I’m capable of going down sexual paths I haven’t explored yet.’

‘We promised ourselves we wouldn’t rush you,’ said Gail.

‘Then Clare broke the rules,’ I said. ‘but I won’t have her punished. That wouldn’t help and I want her to be my friend. I’m glad I took my sweater off in front of you all. In fact I’m going to go back downstairs.’

‘Like that?’

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