My Mom, My Sister and Me

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Everything is made up, and all the participants are over the age of 18. Enjoy your read.

I was a happy man. Around thirty. With a great job. And a nice place to stay. That I shared with the love of my live: A hot woman around 50. A natural beauty. Big tits, an even bigger ass, a nice big round belly and some beautiful face. She was my everything. And I was the same to hers. And the we gave a damn on the fact that she was my mother, or that I was her son. We just accepted us. We accepted our great, kinky and very, very sexual relationship.

We have been together for more than ten years back then. Well not officially, because it took us about three years to tell dad about it, and yes he called us some perverts, but well, it probably just was another big turn on for mom and me. After we told him, dad just left me and mom, and to protect her, he took my younger sister with him. It hurt to see my sister go. And it hurt my mom even more. We were hoping to keep some contact, but dad dragged her some place safe from our influence. It was the prize mom and I had to pay to be with each other.

Luckily our house was owned by mom, and by mom only. Because mom and dad never were married, so he couldn’t claim his half of her belongings. Due the fact that mom and I liked our hometown — we both spent our whole lives here — we just stayed. Due the fact that it was, and is, a small town, people were gossiping about mom and me even before dad moved out. And they were right, I was a motherfucker, and she was fucking her own son.

So we decided to hide nothing. Luckily that sort of relationship wasn’t illegal were we were living, so we openly showed that we were a couple. And just for the kink in it, or maybe out of an old habit I kept her calling mom, she sometimes called me son. Even in public. The looks of the others were just a big turn on, especially when we were making out in public and I said something like “Mom, I love.” Total fucking perversion. Exactly our style.

And yes, we liked risky sex. We got caught a couple of times doing it in public restrooms, behind bushes, in parked cars and in some dark alleyways. The whole town knew us. Knew exactly what we are doing. A big turn on for mom and me.

We did this over years. We even found ways to turn up the kink: We had next to no limits at all. We tried it all over the years: She was spanking my ass, I spanked her ass. She was pissing on me, I was pissing on her. I was fucking her ass, she was fucking my ass. She tied me up, I tied her up. She was fucking guys and girls in front of me, I was fucking girls in front of her. And some of the stuff was there to stay, so about six years after sis was gone, we decided to turn her room into our own little BDSM dungeon. Our playground. And we played a lot in there.

And time past by. Mom and I were both working, fucking and doing stuff that couples liked doing. We we were lucky together. We were the ideal match. Two kink obsessed pervs that were with each other, and mother and son.

But it all changed. Around a year ago. Out of the blue, the doorbell rang. Mum and I were having dinner in the kitchen. We asked ourselves who might that be? I decided to open up. And at first, a total stranger stood in front of me. But when she began to talk, I realized, that it was my sister. I haven’t heard and seen anything of her for a decade. I called for mom. She immediately knew who was standing in front of her. She hugged her daughter. With tears running down her cheeks. And she invited her in.

We sat down at the kitchen table. It took a while for the ice to break. But then she began to talk told us her story. She had a rough time. Dad began to drink shortly after he left us, or we made him leave, and destroyed his life, and partly the life of his daughter. She had to leave him. Not sure where to go, she just somehow drifted through her life. Doing day jobs, not staying long at one place. Strolling around through the country. Falling in love, finding out that her boyfriend was just a no go, heading out again. With a few years in between, sis was on the road for the bigger part of her life. Or her life since she left home. She was shedding some tears. And she was looking terrible. So we invited her to stay. To stay as long as she wanted. She said thank you, and headed towards her old room. We tried to stop her, but it was too late.

She just stood in front of the open door. Starring with open eyes and an open open mouth. It was mom arriving next to her first: “Sorry, but we turned you room into our playground. But you can use your brothers old room. All of your stuff is in there. I just prepare it for you.”

And off she was. Leaving sis and me alone. And she asked me one thing: “You both do it in there?”

I just answered: “Yes, we love it kinky. Just a big turn on for us. Sometimes we even invite friends over to join in.”

She just nodded: “So mom and you, you still are together?”

“Yes we are. Ever since back then. We adiosbet yeni giriş share everything. Do everything together.”

She nodded again. And then mom called her over into my old room. She just cleaned up a little and put some new sheets on the bed. After she was done she wished her daughter a good night. And went into our bedroom.

As soon as mom and I were in bed, we began to talk. And came to the conclusion to help my sister. To help her daughter. She could stay as long as she wanted. Then we kissed each other. It got passionate. A minute or so later we fucked each other. Totally forgetting that someone was sleeping in the next room, only separated by a thin wall. I was ramming my rock hard deep inside my moms hairy cunt. Doggy stile. Hard, deep and brutal. Showing no remorse. She loves it that way. After a while she pegged me to fuck her up the ass. And the good boy I am, I did what she told me. And yes, the only lube I used was some spit and the pussy juice on my dick. Her head was banging against the wall with every thrust. She screamed some “Harder” through her moans. And I tried to follow her orders. Not even five minutes later it all was over. I blasted a big load deep inside her hairy asshole. After I pulled out, she turned around, with a big smile on her face and gave me one kiss. After that, we both collapsed. Next to each other. And we fell asleep.

The morning after was a usual morning for me. I woke up alone. Mom always gets up earlier. To head to work out of town. After opening my eyes, I went over to the bathroom. Taking a shower, brushing my teeth, getting dressed up for the day. And there it stood. On the counter of the sink, a used, unwashed dildo. Probably a present from mom. She liked to fuck herself in the morning, before she headed out of home. And as a present, a turn on for her own son, she just put the dildo in place for me to find.

And I, had to touch that thing. Had to smell it. And had to lick it. To lick it clean. And jerk off while doing so. Relieving my morning wood. Putting out some pressure. But this time, it tasted different. And it hit me hard. It must have been my sister using the dildo. And not cleaning it, putting it away. Put how? Needless to say I cleaned that thing. And shot out my first load of the day.

After I was done in the bathroom, I went over to the kitchen. To get some coffee and grab some breakfast. There I met my sister. She siting at the table. Drinking some coffee. Wearing nothing but a large, but tight sitting T-shirt. I probably smiled at her. With some satisfied smile. She smiled back: “So you found your present. And you enjoyed it.”

“How? Why?”

“I ran into mom, earlier this morning. Talked with her about what I was hearing last night. Told her that it was a big turn on for me. Told her that I went along fingering myself. Yes, I am at least as dirty and nasty as you both. Then mom told me about her special morning surprise. I liked it. So I said, let me try. So I got into your playroom, got myself some nice dildo and fucked myself with it. I think mom watched for some time. While drinking her coffee. Than she left for work.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. And it got better. Sis just pushed back her chair, pulled up her shirt, spread her legs and showed me her beautiful, juicy and tasty hairy cunt. I think saliva was dripping out of my mouth. But I had to leave. I had a very, very important work meeting to attend. A very, very big and important client. I just had to leave. Totally blue balled. But I promised her to be back soon. She just smiled at me: “Have a nice day.”

When my workday was finally over I headed home. As fast as anyhow possible. When I opened the door, I heard some fucking noises. After undressing myself — just getting rid of some parts of my formal work cloths you perverts — I followed the noises. And they led me straight into our playroom. In there, mom and sis were at it.

Both of them were naked. Sis was strapped to our gynecologist chair. Both of her holes exposed. Mom was toying them. Sis seemed to have a good time, it was mom noticing my presence. She signaled me to undress and to come in. When I was next to her, she just said hi. And gave me a kiss. Then she asked me about my day. And we talked for a while. While she was fucking my sis. After we were done talking, I joined in. I took over for mom. I toyed my sisters holes. But only for a minute. Then I pulled out the damn toys. I had to ram my rock hard dick into her.

She noticed me pulling out. Smiled at me. Said hello. And asked me to choose a hole. And yes, I went for the asshole. I fucked her gently. She told me to fuck her harder. I did. I fucked her as hard as I fucked mom the night before. She enjoyed her ride. Her body began to tremble. A great orgasm was building up inside her. Then one last trust. And boom. She was squirting all over me. As soon as she regained, came back to her self, she signaled me to pull out. And I did.

When adiosbet giriş I turned around, I saw mom. With her phone in her hand. She took some pictures of her son and her daughter fucking each other. She had damn proud expression on her face. But a smile wasn’t the only thing she was wearing. A nice sized strap-on was dangling between her legs. And yes, by the looks of it, my time to get fucked was finally there. A big smile appeared on my face. Two girls fucking me. One of them was my mom, the other one my sister.

I placed myself on our love chair. They tied me to it. And began playing with my dirty hole. They opened it up in a gentle way. Applied a lot of lube. Mom showed sis how it in a proper, non hurting way. She was an attentive pupil. I, I was in heaven. Or close too. While opening me up, they ignored my dick. As if he wasn’t existing. They brought in some bigger toys. Fucked me in a gentle, passionate way. They took turns doing it. The one not fucking was playing with the tits of the other one. And they kissed each other. Passionate. Because they liked doing it, because they wanted to turn me on even further. And it worked. And then it happened. I had an orgasm. From anal only. And nope, wasn’t my first one. Mom did that a lot to me. But it was the first one with sis.

After I was done, it was mom’s turn. We strapped her on the chair, and began to toy her holes. And kinky as she was, she had a special surprise prepared for her son and her daughter: After taking turns on her for a while, alternating the wholes, she just let out a nice warm golden stream. And I showered myself in it. Tasted it a little bit. Just enjoyed. Sis was just watching. Smiling.

After my shower, mom got it hard. Again, I fucked her up the ass. Hard. Without showing mercy. While sis was playing with her tits. Kissing her on occasion. We made mom squirt out a huge fountain. Directly onto me. My fourth shower for the day. And now I knew, that mom was done. So I pulled out. And nutted a huge load onto her beautiful belly. Without being asked to so, sis just liked it clean. After we all were done, and after taking a break, we cleaned up the mess we made. All three of us with a smile on the face.

After we were done, we had normal family evening: Dinner, talking with each other, watching TV, some cuddling and then to bed.

In the next morning, again, a damn work day. I got up, mom was already gone, and went over to the bathroom. And surprise, two used and uncleaned dildos were standing next to the sink. And I cleaned both of them. Cured my morning wood by doing so. And went to the kitchen, to run into my sister. She just said good morning, and asked me, if I want some warm beverage?

I said yes. And well, she gave me some warm beverage. But not the sort of I was expecting, no coffee for me. She just pulled up her night gown, spread her legs, exposed her pussy, took a big mug and filled it up with some fresh tapped golden juice: “Enjoy your drink.”

I had no clue how to react. I clearly wasn’t in the mood to drink her golden juice. So I just placed the mug on the kitchen table, turned around and walked towards the front door to leave to go to work. What a damn stupid move that was. She got mad, angry, really, really pissed: “Stop, brother. Come back. Enjoy the drink I prepared for you. I saved it up for you. For at least an hour. It began to hurt. And you just walk away? Not even trying it?”

I knew that I was screwed. And that I only had two options: Turn around, do what she wants me to do or leaving and going to work. Solution A would solve the problem immediately, solution B would postpone it and probably make it worse. So I took solution A. I turned around, went back to the table and took a sip. Not enough for her: “Don’t you like it? You loved moms yesterday? Why not mine?”

And so I took another sip. Tasted it. Smelled it. And slowly but steadily emptied the whole mug. Pretend to enjoy it. Her angry face turned into a pleased one: “Good boy. From now on you enjoy your warm drink every morning. A nice day to you.”

I said something nice to her too. Still tasting her piss in my mouth on my way to work. And honestly, what just happened, it really had something. Something between my legs got pretty damn hard pretty damn fast. After that, work. The usual bullshit. And then back home. Home to my pervert mom and to my maybe even kinkier sister.

When I came back home, they were already at it in the playroom again. No, they were not fucking each other. They were just dressed to impress. Two true rubber latex mistresses. Masks covering their faces. Rubber dresses. Hot as fuck. Posing in front of a camera. When they saw me standing in the door frame, they asked me to take over the camera. To take some nice picks of them both. I said that I would try my best.

And some pics were great: Mom and sis kissing each other with passion. Sucking on each others strap-ons. Throwing themselves in some sexy poses. Just pure hotness. adiosbet güvenilirmi Hot enough to put them online. So we made a few accounts and put the pics online, tagged step-mother and step-daughter. The response was overwhelming.

But before that would happen, after the photo shooting was done, at least I was thinking that it was, it was my turn to get dominated again. They ordered me to kneel down in front of them. To suck on their huge plastic cocks. To take them as deep as I somehow could. And it didn’t took long then I was begging them to fuck my tingling asshole. And mom did it. She fucked me once more with passion. Sis was filming it all. From different angles. But without showing my face. It was great. I came from anal only again. Just pure awesomeness. And as I mentioned above, not just the photos draw some attention, the video did even better.

In the evening sis went to the next bar to grab some drinks. To blow off some steam or just to give mom and me some alone time. Lovebirds need time for themselves. And yes, we fucked each others brains out. On the sofa, in the living room. We made a nice hairy cream pie. For me to eat. I enjoyed it. Mom liked it too.

After fucking and some cuddling on the sofa, mom said that she was tired. She went to bed before. She told me that she was okay with me keeping watching TV. I kissed her good night and kept on staring on the TV screen.

But I wasn’t alone for a long time. Sis came back home. Drunk. Not in a good mood at all. She placed herself on the sofa next to me. Complaining about her evening. Complaining about the guys in the small town: Not even one of them was willing to fuck her next to the trash containers in the backyard of the bar. They were either married and in the no cheat team or just busy watching some damn sport on TV. While complaining she slowly came closer to me. Her hands got touchy and landed between my legs. I tried to say no to her. Told her that I was with mom since years. Told her that I have to ask my girlfriend first. But she ignored me. Opened up my pants. Pulled out my cock. Began to suck on it. She made me rock hard. Jumped onto me when I was ready. Rode herself until she had orgasm. After that, she thanked me and went to bed. I just have been used by my sister as living dildo. I was okay with it. After she was gone, I kept on watching TV. I let my boner go to waste. And after I finished the movie, I just went to bed.

The next morning, morning three since sis moved back in, I found no presents in the bathroom. So my morning wood stayed untreated. Until I came into the kitchen. My sister was already waiting for me. Laying with her back on the kitchen table. Legs wide open. Showing me her already wet pussy: “Fuck me brother. Cure your morning wood.”

I just unzipped my pants, pulled out my rock hard dick and slid him into her pussy. Then I fucked her. Hard. And brutal. In a way that makes me cum pretty damn fast, because I had to go to work. I didn’t took me long to finish myself off. She enjoyed it too, but it just was to short for her to climb to the top. After pulling out, I just said: “By sis, have a nice day.”

She wished me a nice day at work too. As if nothing had been happening in the minutes before. On my way to work I was cursing a little, because I had forgot to make some coffee for my way to work. A quick stop at some coffee shop fixed the error.

And yes, work sucked. Big time. The only thing that kept me going through the day was the fact that I would come home to my family. And yes, I was fantasizing about fucking both of them. Fucking my mother and my sister. I just love it.

But when I came back home, nothing. I was home alone. Two hot girls at home, no one around to fuck. And I was horny. Really damn horny. So I decided to take matters in my own hands.

I went into our playroom. Dropped my clothes on the cabinet, threw on some nice kinky porn on the TV we got in there and began to choose some toys. Yes, I was planning of fucking my cute little asshole until I would blast out a big and nasty load. I decided to go from small to big. And yes, before I began, I cleaned out my dirty hole. I don’t like it when stuff goes nasty that way.

Yes, I used our love chair. Placed myself onto it, lubed me and my toys, and began to fuck me. The first penetration felt awesome. Then I began slow, went faster and deeper and brought in some bigger toys. It felt awesome. I fucked myself someplace else. I didn’t caught any glimpse of anything that was happening in my surrounding. And finally, I jumped. I came from anal only. My whole body was trembling. What an awesome mind blowing feeling.

When I came back to the real world, I realized that I wasn’t alone in the room anymore. Mom and sis were watching me. Filming me from two different angles. They told me that they would upload it to the internet. I just said, yes, do it. And yes, the video somehow went viral on some porn platforms.

But not that day. After asking me if I was okay with sharing me fucking myself with the rest of the world, they both came up with the decision to fuck me a little bit more. They told me, that I deserve punishment for fucking myself without their permission. I just said: “Yes, punish me.”

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