My Mother, Mine Ch. 05

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She was right of course… I did want her. But in the back of my overheated Masterly mind a question kept nagging me: was it really her I wanted? Or was it all about my father? Was it him I wanted to hurt badly, by taking his property away from him?

And what if it was, I told myself in my more obstinate moments. What if it was? God knows he deserved all the hatred I felt for him. All my life he had been, as he called it, challenging me, pretending it was all for my own good, to make a man out of me. But it was just downright pestering, showing me on every occasion that there was just one man in the house and it wasn’t me.

Oddly enough he never touched me, he never hit me… sometimes I wished he just would have and been done with it. It was all verbal, all getting in my hair with words… words I more often than not could not find a snappy answer to.

On other moments I watched my mother move through the kitchen, or walk up the stairs, or stride around to do whatever she needed to do, while just the sight of her swaying hips and her wiggling butt made me stir instantly. And she never failed to catch my staring and send me a little knowing smile. Oh yes, she knew where I was heading. Straight to her and away from Jane.

Meanwhile I kept seeing Jane and we kept on playing, as if nothing was happening. It seemed like she felt there was, though, because she became more and more compliant, eager to fulfill my every wish even before I knew I had one.

And instead of mollifying me, it annoyed me and made me sterner towards her than usual, at which she reacted by crawling for me even more again and thus we lived in the proverbial vicious circle.

It often happened nowadays that I had to ease Jane’s welts with some lotion; whipping most surely was on our repertoire now. And so was paddling, and using the crop on her: Jane’s cheeks were permanently colored these days.

While I was gently rubbing the balm on her fiercely red buttocks, while I was soothing her and drying her tears, I felt guilty as hell. For certainly my sweet sub did not deserve this, even though she seemed to think — so far, at least — that this was normal D/s business and that the more I hit her, the more I loved her. But there was anger in my hitting and if there was one thing I knew about dominance and submissiveness, it was that anger had no place in it, least of all substitute anger, for it was not Jane I was angry with at all. It was me. Because I knew where I was heading too.

But the one who is really getting it, finally, is Lizz. Richard is not at college today and Lizz seems to think I need company. So she parks her tray demonstratively on my table and does not wait for me to ask her to sit down; she parks her butt on a chair right away as well. That action leads to an icy reaction from my part; the look on her face spells doom. I’m in for a lecture, that much is clear.

She does not waste any time.

“What is it between you and Jane? Why haven’t the two of you moved in together yet?”

I gasp at her.

“Since when is that any of your business, Lizz?”

“Since always, ” she snaps. “Jane happens to be my friend, remember? My best friend! And I can recognize distress when I see it, Jack! My best friend is very unhappy, that is not difficult to tell at all!”

Casually I’m playing with my napkin, but to my annoyance I notice little pieces of it adorning the table. So much for nonchalance.

“Good thing Jane has such a omniscient friend. What did she say to you?”

“Nothing,” she snarls. “She pretends it’s all peace and harmony between the two of you. But I know my friend, Jack! I know exactly when she is keeping up a façade, when she is determined to be all brave about something and not complain to anyone, least of all to me.”

Accusingly she points a finger at me.

“It’s been weeks since she told me the two of you would be going to live together, that you were looking for an apartment and she was so happy about it! And now she is just making excuses if I ask her about it. You are so busy, she can’t bother you now with looking for anything.”

She is making a face and adds in a little girl’s voice: “Ooh, Jack and me are so happy, you have no idea how happy we are, we have never been this happy ever before!”

And in her normal, now angry voice: “Well, if that is happy! I see those thick eyes of hers almost every morning! That’s not happy thick eyes, Jack! That’s crying thick eyes! Why the hell do you make her cry every night!”

“That’s between her and me!” I growl at her. “You should know better than to interfere with a Dom and his sub, you stupid cunt!”

That is a severe slip of the tongue. I have no idea, really, if Lizz knows about the nature of our relationship nowadays. Apparently she does, because she does not even blink.

“Cunt? So now I’m a cunt, huh? Richard will love hearing what you call his girlfriend!”

Contemptuously I draw back my upper lip and hiss “He will so agree with me when he hears what his busybody girlfriend pangaltı escort is sticking her sharp nose in! You should have heard him complaining to me about you over and over again, telling me what a little bulldog you are, never letting go, always nagging and nagging!”

That’s it for her. Abruptly she stands up and sends me one last devastating look, before sailing away with her tray. Smirking as insolently as I possibly can I watch her go. I probably lost a friend just now. Well, not Lizz of course, she never was my friend to begin with. But Richard won’t take this lightly.

He doesn’t. I do get a phone call but that’s all I hear from him. Very haughtily he tells me that I can insult and humiliate my own girlfriend as much as I like, but his girlfriend is quite another matter. If there’s to be done any insulting or humiliating, that’s up to him and not to me. Not that there is any solid reason to insult or humiliate her, of course. She is the sweetest girl that ever walked this earth and Jane is a close second.

“Too bad you prefer not having any friends, buddy. But you brought it on yourself.”

So that is that. Well, we had our quarrels before, but never as fierce as this. So far we always made amends, but I would not be surprised if this time I had seen and heard the last of my good old friend.

Jane has heard what happened. When I let myself in to her apartment — I have a key these days — her eyes are just as thick as Lizz described them. At first I try not to let on I notice how sad she looks and how taciturn she is, but I don’t abide long.

While she is kneeling on her cushion — we keep one just for that purpose — I lift her chin and look into her eyes.

“What is it, my girl? What’s wrong?”

This makes her tears flow right away, so much so that she seems unable to answer. Which opens the gates of my annoyance right away too, but I’m well aware how unjust that is.

So as gently as I can I stroke her hair and let her get back her composure again before pressing her for an answer.

Still sobbing, she manages to say something at last.

“We are not going to live together, are we?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Promptly I feel phony as hell. As if I did not know!

“You,” she sniffs, “you never talk about it anymore… and if I try to, you start talking about something else right away.”

“But I did not say we would not, now did I?” I say way more sternly then I feel. “Why don’t you give it some time… we had not decided on it yet anyway.”

“We have!” Now she looks up at me accusingly.

“We have?” I raise an eyebrow. “Tell me exactly what I said, what made you think I had made up my mind on it!”

“Well, you know… ” Her voice trails away.

“No, I don’t know, girl. Tell me! When did I say whatever you seem to think I said? And precisely what did I say?”

She is frowning.

“It was… it was after we talked about the first time. I asked you if you had seen anything yet and you said… you said…”


Despite all my good intentions I hear how ominous my voice sounds. Obviously she hears that too, because she cringes and says in a small voice: “You said you had not found anything yet, nothing concrete, but there was a promising apartment down the river and you wanted us to have a look at it in a few days.”

“So that sounds to you as if I had made up my mind yet, huh?”

Frankly it sounds that way to me too, but no way I’ll let her know that.

“Well, yes… ” Her eyes are all teary again. “What’s the point of looking at something if we don’t intend to move in?”

“I’d call that rather presumptuous, my sub. And you know what happens to girls that get it in their head to be presumptuous, right?”

Slowly I start unfastening my belt. Her eyes turn into saucers. Normally just seeing this would make her cower, but this time she seems determined to stay put. I can’t exactly blame her; in fact, I’m glad this finally comes out in the open. My belt stays where it is. She gasps.

“I’m sorry, my Master, I don’t mean to be presumptuous… but will you please be honest with me? “

“I’m always honest with you, ” I lie.

Without a doubt she knows it’s a lie too, but she does not show her hand. Not yet. In a honey voice she soothes me.

” I know, of course you are… how else could I trust you the way I do… how could I be yours the way I am… but I mean, will you please give me a straight answer to this question?”

“Shoot, ” I say curtly.

For a few moments she is still wavering; then she visibly makes up her mind and blurts out: “Do you still want us to live together, my Master? If not, well, then you don’t, but I need to know the truth.”

For a second I consider saying that I had not even made my mind up, remember? But she’s right, she deserves the truth. Whatever the truth may be, because I honestly don’t know the answer myself yet and I totally surprise myself by saying “No.”

She inhales sharply. pendik escort And then, before my very eyes, out goes my demure sub and in comes a harpy, all fire and wrath. She jumps up from her cushion and points at me with an accusing finger.

“I knew it! I knew it! Lizz was so right and I would not believe it, but deep down I knew she was right… you son of a bitch!”

I’m flabbergasted… that is quite some other language my sweet sub is using!

She’s giving me the look of a thousand deaths. And she’s not finished yet.

“You know very well that you made me believe you wanted us to live together… and don’t you dare try to deny it! And I, fool that I am, just kept doing what you told me, kept being your obedient sub, never complained when you thought it necessary to hit me, all because I hoped… I hoped…”

She is biting her lip so hard that a drop of blood sprouts from it.

“Wait a minute here… are you saying you just pretended you liked being my sub? That you liked playing around?” This is quite a new point of view.

“I was not pretending!” She spits it out. “I liked doing what you wanted, because… because…”

“Yes? Because?” I say dangerously calm.

“Because I wanted to please you! Because it was what you wanted! Because I wanted to show you I’m a good sub!”

“So, let me get this straight… you did not do these things because you liked doing them yourself?”

“I liked doing them for you!” she screams. “And I thought I could trust you! But you can’t be trusted, that much is clear now… you just took advantage of me! ” She scowls. “And I wanted to believe you… I thought you loved me, I thought you honestly wanted to build a life together with me!”

“But I do love you!”

“You think that’s love? Betraying someone like that?” Now her voice is all bitterness.

I’m on the verge of denying any betrayal, but then I realize she’s right. This IS betrayal. It is, when you prefer your mother over your girlfriend, but when you just won’t admit that to yourself. My hands drop down my sides.

“Now what?” I say helplessly.

“Just go,” she says. “And don’t come back. I have had it with you. Seek yourself another sub. One who does not care if you love her or not.”

She turns her back on me and out I go, as sheepishly as I feel. When I close the door behind me I can hear her on the phone already… no doubt complaining to her buddy Lizz. I shrug and go home. Where my mother is waiting. For me.

She is there, watching television and thank God my father is not. It would have been real awkward to see him now, before I have told my mother she has won, I will stay.

Well, won… that is one way of looking at it, I’m telling myself, still rather tamely. The episode with Jane has not made me feel proud, far from it. What I seem to feel most of all now is shame. Shame for treating her that way, while she did nothing to deserve it, on the contrary.

But there is some joy underneath it all too, which shames me even more.

Brusquely I drop my body in the seat next to my mothers and I stretch out my legs, my hands clasped behind my head. My mother has been watching me ever since I came in. It’s rather unusual that I’m in this room, as a rule I go straight up to my own.

First, last and always the expert sub she is, she does not say a thing but just looks at me attentively. I clear my throat. She is totally alert right away, but she still does not say a word.

“Ehm…” I say rather helplessly, “I guess you’re not going to get rid of me after all.”

“Ah!” she exclaims, her eyes gleaming with joy right away.

“Yes,” I say lamely. “Jane… Jane and I had a major row. We broke up.”

“When?” she inquires.

When? Is that relevant? Well, if she seems to think so.

“Just now.”

My curt answer leads to a deep sigh.

“So you came here right after you broke up with her? To tell me?”

Ah, now I see why this would be relevant to her. It proves who is the most important person to me. It shows someone has won a battle.

“Yes, mother. I could not wait to see your happy face. A bit selfish, don’t you think?” I remark bitterly.

“Well, I don’t like saying it, but…” And now she actually smirks and I hate her for that, which has an instant effect on my crotch.

“Yeah, yeah… you told me so, I know.” I see her watch my growing bulge and just seeing her look at it makes it grow real fast.

“Come here,” I say hoarsely. Immediately she is on her feet and before me.

“Turn around.”

My hand lands heavily on her butt and once I smash her, I keep on smashing her. The only sound she is making is a little grunt with every whack. My smashes are punctuated by muttered words.

“So… you…little slut… you think… you think… THINK!… you…have… won… huh? I… I will… show… you… who… has won here… me… Me!”

Then I turn her half towards me and I pull her down, over my knees and I grab rus escort the hem of the dress she is wearing and pull it up.

And then I practically tear down her panties. Her naked butt has some color already, I had not realized how hard I had been hitting her, but seeing it just gives rise to a rain of blows on those splendid buttocks, my mother’s bum that sways with every blow. In between I’m fingering her hole, her pussy, and it’s soaking… all ready for my swollen cock.

Now she is screaming. She does not seem to mind who might hear her, who may hear us, because all this spanking and screaming makes a lot of noise, together with the soppy sounds of my mother’s cunt, every time my fingers go in and out.

I will fuck her… oh yes, I will fuck her hard and what’s more, I’ll do it right here, in this very room, no matter if my father comes in or not… I will fuck her, I will ravage my mother’s hole, I will punish her for whatever she needs to be punished for, I will…

Then I freeze. The thought of my father entering this room was just a fleeting one, merely a flash. But there he is, standing in the doorway, watching us. He does not say a word, but his jaw is working hard.

I know it’s now or never. This is the moment; if I don’t act now, I’ll miss my window and it will never present itself again.

So… I look up slowly, my hand frozen in mid-air above my mother’s red cheeks.

“Yes?” I say with all the cool I can manage. “Is there something you want?”

It still takes a few moments… ages, in my experience… for him to answer.

“Sarah!” His voice lashes out. “Get up and come here. Now!”

At once my mother is about to get up from my knees, but I pin her down firmly.

“Stay!” My voice lashes out as well. If we were carrying whips, we would have used those instead. My mother stops moving right away.

“I’m not done with you yet, my slut… did I give you permission to get up?”

“No… no, but…”

“No buts, ” I say grimly. I’m avoiding to look at my father, but when I hear him sneer, I look at him after all.

He just stands there, his mouth twisted in a crooked smile. Then, finally he addresses me.

“Not an easy one to handle, that mother of yours, ” he smirks. “You sure you’re up to it? She’s nothing like that sissy of yours, what’s her name again… Jane.” His lips curve up in a sarcastic smile.

“Don’t you dare mention her name, she is no concern of yours, ” I snap. “Whereas one might say this slut here is… or was. Get used to it, old man… she is no longer yours.”

Now his face is contempt itself.

“Up Sarah, on the double. Your son has tried to color your cheeks alright, but I’m sure some whipping would do a better job. Just what you need. And just what I need too, after a hard day’s work and after finding my slut in a position like that… on the knees of that momma’s boy. Don’t let me repeat myself… your butt will have to answer for it.”

“Yes, get up, ” I tell my mom, “and bend over. Now.”

Indecisively my mother is looking alternately at my face and my father’s. She does get up, but she does not bend over yet. My father takes a step into the room.

“Don’t touch her!” I’m amazed at how my voice sounds: it’s a growl and I’m baring my teeth, like a predator guarding his prey. “I’ll kill you if you dare touch her.”

Incredulously he laughs at me and takes another step. But then something in my face makes him stop. I know what it is. I did not know before I said it, but now I know. I will kill him, if he dares to lay his hands on what is mine. Mine!

Rudely I grab my mother’s hair and pull her down, until she is bend over the way I want her. I don’t look at my father, but every muscle in my body is tuned in on his. If he moves any closer, I will leap and go for his throat.

It’s completely silent in the room, or so it seems… I know the TV is still on and I am aware somehow of his heavy breathing close by. And maybe my own too. But even so it seems as if the three of us are in the eye if a hurricane. Everything around us is still, everything around us seems to be holding its breath, waiting for what happens next.

What does happen next is that I stand up too and I get my cock out of my pants. It is hard as a rock and I drive it straight into my mother’s soaking pussy. Then, slowly, calmly, with long strokes I start fucking her, holding her firmly by her breasts and then I do finally look at my dad.

He is watching us, his mouth half open, as if he wants to say something, but he doesn’t. He just watches. And I know I should not say anything right now either, or I’ll disturb the spell.

It does not take me long to get close; I start pounding my mother’s pussy now, bang, bang, bang… the sopping sounds of her cunt echo through the void we are all in. And then, with a long ‘aaaah’, I explode in her and squirt after squirt is shot into my mother’s womb, the womb that I once left, long, long ago.

Then I grin at my father… a slow grin.

“If you behave, you may play with another hole of hers some time, ” I say. “Not her ass, of course… that is My prerogative. But maybe her mouth… or her cunt. But only if you behave.”

He does not answer, but his face is the mask I saw in that dream. But I no longer fear that mask.

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