My Older Woman

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This is a fictional story. You need to be 18 years old or older to read it or be on this site. First I will tell you about the people in this story.

Cindy is a secretary where I work. She is a divorced mother of two boys, one 19 years old the other 10 years old. She has been divorced twice and a child by each. She is always in a good and happy mood. Cindy is 40 years old but only looks 29 years old. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She is 5 ft 5 1/2 in. tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her stats are 36C/32/34. She has long arms and legs.

Now about me. My name is Terry. I am still a virgin. I am 26 years old. I have black hair and brown eyes. I am 5 ft 6 1/2 in. tall and weighs 195 pounds. I have short arms and legs. My dick is 6 in. long and 2 in. wide.

At the start of this story, I am in her office talking with her.

I said “Cindy, I would like to take you out on a date.”

She said “Terry, you know I am to old for you.”

I said “I still want to take you on a date.”

She said “I am not going to talk you out of it am I?”

I said “No you are not, so lets go on a date tonight at 7 pm. Is that ok with you?”

She said “Sure that’s ok.”

We each went back to our jobs. After work we each went to our own homes. I went inside my home and to my room. I picked out some clothes for tonight, black jeans, white dress shirt, black dress shoes and black leather jacket. I took them into the bathroom with me and put them on the counter. I took off my work clothes. I then set the water how I liked it and got in the shower. I washed my entire body from head to toe. After I was done, I dried myself off. I put on cologne and combed my shoulder length hair. Next I put on the clothes I brought in with me. I when into the living room and checked the time, it was 6 pm. So I went to my car and drove to Cindy’s place.

Meanwhile at her house at 5:30 pm. She went into her room and picked out the clothes, she is going to wear on the date. She picked out a very sexy and beautiful dress, it was a very short and tight black dress. It went under the shoulders with a very low scoop neck line and back. The bottom of it was just 3 in. under her ass. She picked out some black high heel shoes and a black, lacy, silky and string panties. She did not get a bra or nylons. She went into the bathroom and put the clothes on the counter. She took off her work clothes. She put the water how she likes it and got in the shower. She washed all of her body from head to toe. After she was done, she dried herself off. She put on perfume and her make-up. Next she combed her ass length hair. She then put on the clothes, she took in there with her. She finally left the bathroom and went into the living room to see what time it was. She saw that it was 6:30 pm.

Just then the door bell rang. She went to the door and opened bahis şirketleri it. She stepped outside and I walked her to my car. I opened the car door and she got in and I got in on the other side. I drove us to the best restaurant in a 60 mile radius. It takes 50 minutes to get there.

When we got there I got out and opened the car door for Cindy. I took her arm and walked us to the restaurant door. I opened it for her and let her walk in. We sat down at a table and they gave us menus. We looked at them until the waitress came back. We order our food and waited for them to bring it to us. While we waited we talked.

I said “You are very beautiful tonight.”

She said “Thank you very much. You look handsome too.”

I said “Thank you.”

We continued to talk about our lives up to now.

I said “I have liked you Cindy for a long time. I really like you a lot.”

She said “Thank you, I like you too but I have always though you were to young for me. I am glad you insisted on going on a date with me”

Then our food came and they sat it down. We ate it and talked a little. When we were done, they took away the dishes. I paid for the food and walked her to my car. We got in and drove away. I drove to the next part of the date, which is setting on the beach by the lake. It was 8:30 pm when we got there. I walked her to the beach and laid down a blanket on the sand.

I said “Will you please dance with me?”

She said “Ok.”

We danced and danced until it was very dark about 10 pm. We then sat down on the blanket and talked some more until it was 11 pm.

I said “Lets go swimming?”

She said “But I did not bring a swim suit.”

I said “Nether did I. So lets go skinny dipping?”

She said “You really want to?”

I said “Yes I do.”

She said “Ok.”

I turned around to let her get undressed and in the water. When she said she was in the water, she turned to where she could not see me get undressed. I got undressed and in the water. I swam over to her and turned her around. I then kissed her on the lips, we did that for a few minutes until I put my tongue in her mouth and she put hers in mine. We kissed like that for a very long time. I put my hands around her back and she put hers around mine. I then dropped my hands down to her ass cheeks and she did the same thing. We caressed each others asses lightly. After a while we stopped. We then swam and played around in the water. Finally we got out of the water and laid on the beach nude, no one was there so we could do it.

I said “You look so beautiful nude!”

She said “Thank you.”

We kissed on the lips. We also pressed our bodies together tightly. We did both for a while until I stopped. I rolled over on top of her and dropped my hands and head down to her breasts. I used both hands to caress each bahis firmaları of her breasts. I kept caressing both of them and her nipples until they were hard. I then put my lips on the nipples of her breasts and licked them. I licked all around the whole breast and her nipples going back and forth to each breast. I then sucked on the left one. I sucked on it until I got milk to come out of it and I drank the milk until it stopped. I went over to the other one and started to suck on it. I kept sucking on it until the milk came out and I drank it until it stopped.

I kissed down her stomach to her belly button. I kissed all over them and down her body until I got to her pussy. I kissed all around it. I then inserted one finger into her pussy and felt for her sweet spot. When I found it I caressed it with my finger. I kept caressing it and after a few minutes she was cumming. I then started to kiss and lick the out side of her pussy. I then slipped my tongue into her pussy. I licked all over the inside of her pussy. I ate out her pussy until she could not juice or cum at all. I then stopped and let her rest a while.

After we rested a while, she kissed and licked my chest, stomach and belly button. She then went down to my dick which was hard and jacked me off. She gripped it hard and pumped it up and down fast. When I came she licked it all off me. Then she sucked and licked on it. She licked all around the head and down to the bottom. She to suck on my dick until I cum after I cum she licked it all off. We rested a little while after I cum.

I turned her over on her stomach. I spanked her ass lightly and then caressed each of her ass cheeks. I then put a finger up her asshole. I pushed it all the way in her. I fingered her and kept on fingering her until for a long time. I then ate out her asshole for a while. She told me to stop where she would do it to me.

I laid down flat with my ass up in the air. She got over on me and lightly spanked my ass. Then she started to caress my ass cheeks. She continued to caress my left one and took her right hand to finger my asshole. She fingered it for a long time. Then she put her tongue in my ass and ate it out for a time. After she was done doing that she told me something.

Cindy said “Please fuck me in the ass.”

She laid down with her ass up. I got on top of her and lined my dick up with her asshole. I pushed the head of it in her ass. She gave a light oh. I shoved even more in her until it was all the way in her ass. I then pulled most of it out to the head. I pumped in and out of her ass as fast as I could and got faster each time. I continued to pump more and more. She screamed and screamed to fuck her more and to cum in her ass. When I was about to cum I shoved it all the way in and shot my cum deep in her ass. After I cum I laid down beside her and kaçak bahis siteleri I kissed her on the lips.

I said “I love you very much.”

Cindy said “I love you too.”

I said “Can I fuck your breasts?”

She said “Ok, sure you can.”

I got back on top of her ad lined my dick between her breasts. I put it between them and Cindy pushed her breasts together. I then started to fuck her breasts. I pumped my dick and continued to pump it.

She said “Oh that feels wonderful! I love it and I want more. Oh yah.”

I kept on pumping faster. When I was about to cum I s6hot my load all over breasts, chest, neck and face. We licked it all up and swallowed it. I kissed her on the lips tasting it.

She said “Your cum tastes great.”

I said “It’s getting very late we better get dressed and go.”

She said “Ok.”

We both dressed each other and when we were done I walked her back to the car. I drove her home and walked her to her front door.

She said “Will you please come in and stay for a while?”

I said “Ok.”

We walked in her house, sat on a sofa and talked.

She said “I had a wonderful time tonight with you. I would love it if you would spend the night with me tonight.”

I said “I would love to.”

She said ” Good, I it is time for be now.”

We walked into her room and got completely undressed. We then laid down in bed her on the left and me on the right. I kissed her good night.

She said “Can we have real sex?”

I said “Are you sure you want to?”

She said “Yes.”

I said “Ok.”

I got on top of her and put my dick in her pussy. I put the head in and pushed it all the way in her pussy. I pumped and fucked her fast and hard. I continued to do it until she came which made me cum too, so I pushed my dick all the way in her pussy. I shot my load of cum deep in her pussy. After we both came and settled down we cleaned each other off. We kissed each other good night and said I love you to each other. we went to sleep shortly there after. After a couple months she came by.

She said “I am pregnant and it is yours.”

I said “That is wonderful news! I love it!”

I hugged her and kissed her on the lips. We kept on dating the whole to months and we had a another date set for the next day which I had got a ring for already and I was going to surprise her with.

She said “You know what you are going to have to do now.”

I said “Yes. I was going to give you this presant tomorrow night but I will give it to you now.”

I got out the ring.

I said “Will you marry me Cindy?”

She said “Yes I will!”

She then hugged me and I put the ring on her finger. We then went some place private to talk. We divided when the wedding would be. We got married a few months later and had the baby a few months after that. I moved in with her a few days after I asked her to marry me. We had a baby girl named Rashel Nicole.

Rashel Nicole has blond hair and blue eyes.

The End?

If you have any comments or story ideas send them to me.

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