My Second Massage

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This was my second work visit to Berlin. I had already made an appointment for a second massage after my first one. I had been looking forward to it all month so when Friday came I was already very excited. I took the U-Bahn and walked to the house and pressed the buzzer.

Gerlinde opened the door she was again wearing what look like hospital scrubs although this time they were red rather than blue she was still very pale and her blue eyes sparkled in the late morning sun her long blonde hair was in a simple plat down her back (she really does look very Wagnerian which is why I use that non de plum for her) she welcomed me into the house and gestured that I should remove my shoes.

I then followed her into the small office room. At the end of the last session we had discussed what would be best for this visit It was a longer session and would start with hot rocks. Also this time it would be a table massage rather than a chair massage. I was taken into the table room this is a bit bigger than the chair room and has a hydraulic massage table poker oyna in the middle of the room. The windows were covered by curtains which coloured the light coming through. In the corner of the room was what looked to me like a barbeque with some large stones on it. This made me feel a little nervous but I was sure Gerlinde knew what she was doing. She told me to go into the little en suite bathroom and use the toilet then shower.

After I had showered I came back into the room wearing a towel. Gerlinde had turned off the main light and lit some candles and she told me to remove the towel and lay on the table. This I did. Gerlinde explained that she would lay the rocks on certain points of my back and leave them so the heat would transfer into my body. The rocks themselves were hot but not uncomfortable and once they were all in place I started to drift off a little. The heat felt very good.

After a time, I don’t really know how long, Gerlinde returned and removed the stones. She then drizzled hot oil on my back and started the massage canlı poker oyna at my shoulders. I was surprised how erotic it felt to have my armpits massaged but soon Gerlinde started to work on my lower back and this felt really good. She started some long strokes down my back and across my buttocks her fingers grazing my anus which felt really good. She massaged both my legs and her fingers just teased my pussy each time.

I turned over and Gerlinde poured hot oil on my breasts and started to massage the top of my shoulders and my chest. Giving each of my hard nipples a lot of attention. She massaged my belly and her hands crept down a few times to just tease my clit. My legs were together and she then moved around me and gently parted them.

She then massaged my legs carefully before standing to my left and gently running her fingers around my pussy lips. This actually started to relax me and then she gently pushed three fingers of her left hand into me. I can’t describe how good it feels to have someone enter their fingers into internet casino you and know exactly the right place to stimulate. It is as if Gerlinde knows how to stimulate me better than I do myself.

I pushed my hips up a little and she gently pushed me down on the table with her right hand and then used it to stimulate my clit. I could feel an orgasm building inside of me but before it could break Gerlinde backed off massaging my belly with her right hand while her left gently rested inside me. This went on five times before Gerlinde took me to another level, both her hands working me one inside, one out, when I came it was the most powerful climax I have ever experienced. My whole body was shaking and tingling it is indescribable how good it felt. After I had come Gerlinde rested her right hand on my chest while her left remained inside me, my heart was racing and gently stroked my chest until it slowed to a more normal rate. She withdrew her fingers and told me to take as long as I needed to lay there.

When I stood up I looked at the table and was surprised to see how large the wet patch on the paper covering was between where my legs had been. I got dressed and joined Gerlinde in the office room. I sat on the couch and drank a mug of herbal tea and we talked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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