My Sister Megan Ch. 03

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She squeezed my hard cock a little tighter now as she still jerked it up and down making sure that on the down stroke she jerked it really hard and tight. It was then that we both heard a little cough coming from the toilet part of Megan’s bathroom and as we both looked round with Megan still holding my throbbing dick in her hand as we saw mom sitting there watching us. She was playing with one hand in a boob and her other hand was inside her Wonder Woman pants and was obviously intoxicated sitting there playing with her pussy.

“Well now looks like I just came in at the right time.” Mom said again as she looked at us both while playing with herself.

“Err it’s not what you think mom.” Megan blurted out.

“I think it is Megan.” Mum said pointing at Megan’s hand with my now shrinking cock in it.

Megan gave my cock a little jerk again to get me hard and throbbing again. Mom was still sitting there on the toilet watching what her daughter was doing, Seeing as mom hadn’t said anything and was still playing with herself I began to get hard again in Megan’s had as she began to jerk me a little bit faster now. A few seconds later my prick was again at full mast and starting to throb.

“Oh that looks delightful.” Mom said looking at my hard on in my sister’s hand.

“Bring that lovely hard cock over here Megan I want to have a feel of it.” Mom said with a bit of authority in her voice now.

Megan did as she was told without any come back and led me to mom by my hard on. As mom took me in her hand Megan knelt down by her feet on the cold tiled floor.

“Oh my, what a lovely hard cock you have Tommy.” Mom said as she wrapped her fingers around my stiff member and began to jerk me up and down tightly but also gently at first.

“Oh fuck that feels so good mom.” Was all I could say as she began to jerk me off faster.

“Don’t be so flippant.” Mom said as she yanked down hard on my dick making me yelp out.

“Get up Megan and follow Tommy and me.” She ordered my sister again.

I was getting a funny feeling that this might not end well for myself after seeing Megan being ordered to do something twice now but I went along with it to find out what was going to happen next. Mom then led me out the bathroom by my hard cock and down the hall to her bedroom as Megan followed behind us. As we went into mom’s bedroom Megan shut the door behind her and locked it. It was then that it dawned on me that I might be in here over my head. Just what did mom have planned for her naughty boy?

Mon sat down me down on her bed and walked into her big walk in wardrobe as she was taking the rest of what clothes she had left on off. Megan also entered mom’s wardrobe as well leaving me sitting there wondering what was about to happen. As I sat there jerking my cock off slowly mom came back into her bedroom from her wardrobe and my jaw just dropped open wide as I took in what mom was wearing. Right behind was Megan also dressed in the same outfit. Oh my god mom is a domme and Megan must be her slave or something.

“Oh you like what we are wearing Tommy?” Mom said as she looked at my groin to see me now jerking my now throbbing cock.

My mom was wearing a red basque, black and red panties, black stockings and black thigh high boots. Megan had on a blue basque and panties with blue stockings but no elmadağ escort boots. Right at that moment I wanted to fuck both my sister and mom and cum inside both of them and hope I made them both pregnant. My hand was now a blur as I jerked my cock as fast and hard as I could. Mom took five steps over to the bed beside me and smacked my hand away from my now dribbling cock as my precum connected my hand and cock.

“Don’t you dare cum Tommy until I tell you so, is that clear boy?” Mom barked at me as Megan followed behind her and then sat at our feet


“You know what this is for don’t you Tommy?” Mom asked me again as she pulled out what looked like two black collars.

“Yes I think I do mom.” I said as my mom put one of the collars around her daughter’s neck.

“I will give you that mom just this one time boy, from now on its Mistress to you while you are wearing this collar is that understood?” She questioned as she then placed the second collar around my neck.

“I have something special planned for you Tommy and I know Megan is going to really enjoy it.” My mom said with a smile on her face as the smile on Megan’s face grew bigger.

“But first I think a little enjoyment for me first.” Mom said as she sat down on the bed next to me and shoved me to a standing position.

“Now get on your knees like your sister this instant.” Mom ordered me to which I complied a little fearful now.

“Get up on the bed sweetie.” Mom said to Megan and she did as she was told sitting on her knees on the bed beside my very sexily dressed mom in the middle of the bed as I sat on the floor on my knees.

“There is a Big Mirror on the dresser at the end of the bed look at us in it.” Mom told me.

My hand went instinctively to my cock as I looked at us in the big mirror just before mom smacked my hand away again. She then smacked my hard cock to and it went limp almost instantly.

“Now watch and see what comes next.” My mom said again.

She then lent over the bed and opened the middle drawer of her night stand and took something out of it which I couldn’t quite make out was it was. She then climbed on the bed and moved up next to Megan who she told to get on her knees and face away from her. I was still on my knees, legs spread, watching as mom got Megan to take her blue panties off and get on her hands and knees before her.

“Watch your sister’s face in the mirror Tommy and start stroking your cock for me I want it nice and hard again” She said I did as I was told looking in the mirror and now stroking my cock again.

Mom unzipped Megan’s basque and it fell on to the bed. She then began to stroke Megan’s boobs with one hand and then showed me what it was in her other hand. It was a small vibrator.

“Now as you stroke your cock I want you to keep an eye on your sister’s face until I say otherwise is that understood?” Mom asked me.

“Yes mom oh I mean yes mistress.” I replied.

“Good boy now watch your sister and stroke that cock but don’t you dare cum until I say so!” She commanded me.

As I watched in the big mirror mom turned on the small vibrator and rubbed it over Megan’s nipples all the while watching me stroke my hard on. As I watched my mom’s hand with the small vibrator it began to move down to her stomach and on down to esenyurt escort her bald pussy. Megan was now breathing heavier as mom then pinched one of her nipples as she slowly moved the small vibrator over Megan’s clit. As I watched in the mirror I could see Megan spread her legs and I saw mom push the small vibrator towards Megan’s pussy and it disappeared into Megan’s cunt.

I let out a moan as I watched mom’s hand move up and down between Megan’s legs as she fucked her with the vibrator and Megan began to moan out loud. I watch it go in and out of my sister’s pussy as her orgasm built and her face screwed up and she got nearer and nearer the edge of no return. Mom was still watching me stroking my cock fast and hard and stealing a look at her I remembered her words “Don’t you dare cum” so I slowed down to a nice gently stroking again.

“Get up on the bed in front of your sister Tommy NOW!” Mom commanded me and I did as she said.

As I sat knee to knee with my sister mom pulled her back onto herself as she fucked her faster and faster with the buzzing little vibrator as I resumed slowly stroking my cock. Megan breathing was now laboured and she was almost at the edge of cumming.

“Cum all over your brother!” Mom ordered Megan.

As she said this mom pulled the buzzing vibe from Megan’s cunt and as Megan lay back on mom her body began to spasm as she went over the edge of no return.

To my shock Megan squirted all over my stomach and by hard throbbing cock and balls. My hand froze as Megan’s juices coated me as mom now twisted and teased her daughter’s tits.

“Cum you little bastard cum all over you’re sister.” Mom now shouted at me.

With the feel of my sister’s pussy juices over my hand my cock and my balls I began cumming all over Megan’s stomach and breasts until both Megan and I stopped cumming. Mom then pushed Megan up and forward towards my cock.

“Clean your brother up Megan.” Mom said and Megan moved between my legs and licked from my stomach down to my cock and took me deep in her mouth and sucked out any cum that was left in my cock.

As Megan licked and sucked me clean mom leaned over the top of her and pulled my head to hers and we kissed passionately as our tongues danced with each other.

“I want you to taste me.” Mom said pulling her head from me.

All I could do was smile as Megan was still sucking on my cock and I was starting to grow in her mouth again. As I pulled out of Megan’s mouth my cock slapped up against my stomach and my mom’s eyes lit up when she saw that. Mom then lay back on the bed and spread her legs and pulled me into her soaking pussy as o licked and sucked on her clit while I fingered her pussy.

“Now I want you to get on top of me and straddle my face you little fucker.” Mom moaned out and pushed my head from her cunt.

Mom then sucked my cock tasting herself on me as she lapped and sucked on my now throbbing cock. A few minutes later mom was pushing me off her and nodded to Megan who got off the bed and went back into the wardrobe again.

“Now get on top of me between my legs and bury that fucking cock of yours as deep as you can inside me.” She said with a huge smile on her face.

I got off her and between her legs as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe one of my fantasies was about etiler anal yapan escort to come true, I was going to get to fuck my mom. As I lined my cock up with her pussy mom wrapped her legs around me and pulled me deep inside her and ordered me to fuck her hard, deep and fast. As I did mom then wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled down on top of her.

“Now you little mother fucker you are going to take your medicine and you are going to fucking enjoy it or I am going to pull that pecker of yours off is that understood?” Mom said as I tried to look behind me.

There was Megan right behind me and she was now plastering something very cold on my asshole and then forcing two fingers into my ass with that cold stuff on them too. After a few seconds of that she pulled her fingers back out if my ass. Then to my shock and horror Megan stepped to the side of me and showed me what my medicine was about to be. She stood there with a big strap on attached to her and a big smile on her face.

I began to struggle but mom had to good a hold on me now so there was no way I was escaping her grasp. Megan then got behind me and pushed me down onto mom till I was at the right angle for her to push that strap on up my ass. As soon as about an inch of that plastic cock was in my ass Megan stopped moving. My asshole was now burning but the pain was starting to ease a little. Megan had all the plastic cock in me to the hilt and she held still again until my ass got used to what was in it.

“Now this is your punishment for what you did to your sister you little shit.” Mom said still holding on to me while Megan held still in my ass.

As I began to fuck mom Megan began to fuck me. I only lasted a few minutes inside mum before she ordered me to cum deep in her pussy which I did. Megan then pulled that thing out of my ass and it felt a little strange not having it in there anymore. We all lay on the bed for a little while kissing and hugging while letting our hands roam all over each other’s body. Mom then got up off the bed and headed for the shower. As she did Megan straddle me and took hold of my cock which started to grow again.

She then slid down my shaft till I was balls deep inside her then she proceeded to fuck the living shit out of me. Looking to my side I watched my sister riding my cock in the mirror which made it even hotter for me. As our rhythm increased our moans and need to climax hit us both at the same time and I felt her body quiver as I pushed my hips up pushing my cock deep in my sister and explode deep inside of her.

By the time mom came out of the bathroom we were both laying on our backs again with a big smile on our faces. Mom walked over to the bed and knelt down on the floor and pulled our legs over the edge of the bed. She then took my cock in her mouth and tasted her daughter on me. Then she moved to between her daughter’s legs and began to eat her pussy and sucking my cum out of her then swallowing it.

“MMMMMMMMmm! Mom said smacking her lips.

“I have wanted to suck and swallow all of your juices for quite a while now.” She said as she pulled her head from her daughter’s cunt.

Then slowly pulling out from between her daughter’s legs she moved back to me and swallowed my cock again. Gently mom licked and sucked any last remaining drops from my cock. Moving her head up to my chest and now being face to face with mom she wrapped one arm around me and her other around Megan and hugged us both tight. We lay there sated, relaxed and fulfilled talking and giggling together until we were all rested.

That night was just the beginning for the three of us.

The End.

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