My Sister, My Loving Twin

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Joanna and I were only minutes apart in age, and although I was the older one, you’d never know it. She was always the achiever; smarter, faster and wittier. However, as the class clown I somehow compensated for my inadequacies while entertaining captive audiences. Today was different though, as I seriously pondered a long-time problem. The problem was Joanna, how beautiful I had discovered she was, and how this had been affecting me lately. When we were toddlers I’d ‘de-panced’ Jo…..who could have cared less at the time. I even think she even gave me the toy she was holding in gratitude for my relieving her burden of the training pants she had been wearing! And at that time I was more interested in reaching out and grasping anything to stretch my developing little arms, than checking out my sister….or any other female. Mom scolded me soundly and I’m told, asked me why I had done such a thing to my sister. I probably waddled off, not realizing what the scolding was even about. “Shit, why did we even have to wear clothes,” I probably wondered at the time.

That was my first and only encounter with my sister’s anatomy. Although we were very close, I never breached her privacy or confidence. I did admittedly sneak opportune looks at her sculpted, tanned cleavage, which she seemed to almost teasingly show off, bending down very low. I’d also occasionally glance at her as she sat, sometimes getting a glimpse of pantie and dark pubes. I even spied on her as she sunbathed topless around our pool. Hey, I’m a guy, and it’s difficult to overlook a beautiful topless young woman in your back yard, regardless who she is. Never though until today, did I acknowledge that I was sexually attracted to my own sister and gorgeous twin.

What really bothered me though, were thoughts of Joanna which seemed to go beyond the sexual or physical nature .Some sexual attraction, while certainly not right or acceptable, might have even been seen as ‘normal’ for a healthy young guy my age. But I didn’t have a clue about the feelings I was having, what they meant or even how they’d started. I did know these thoughts about Jo, my lovely sister and best friend, were unlike anything I’d experienced before, and I was beginning to obsess about them. Of course I loved Joanna, and since her latest crisis over her boyfriend’s leaving, we’d drawn even closer than ever. But regardless of the circumstances, I was not supposed to have what had begun to seem like romantic feelings for my own sister. The idea that I would was a very troubling thought to me, and that was my biggest problem.

I had a knockout girlfriend who attended college with Joanna and me where Jo and I would be juniors in three weeks. My sex life was fantastic, and sometimes I thought my girlfriend Lori could not get enough! However, on this day I just continued to worry about why I was obsessing about my beautiful sister. This hangup might be considered almost natural I’d reasoned, as I remembered talking with some buddies about this ‘problem.’ At least two of my fraternity brothers also had beautiful sisters, and during a very ‘drunk’ party one of these guys opened up about ‘opening up’ his lovely sister. Then the other guy said he’d done his sister, as well. The girls were no less than stunning from their pictures, and I thought at the time that these dudes must have been cut off by their girlfriends. This was not the case they said, and that’s when I started thinking the unthinkable. I realized I had the hots for my sister, and this worried, confused and excited me, all at the same time.

My twin sister and I both turned 20 in June, and we would be college juniors when we went back in a few weeks. We’d always been great buddies to each other, and participated in some of the same activities. Jo would play football with me, and was perhaps even better at it. When we were younger I sometimes played dolls with her after swearing her to secrecy on the matter. Although our hobbies and activities ran the gamut, Jo’s preferences were more like mine, the guy stuff, and she was into many sports and outdoor activities. She was extremely feminine though, and nobody would even guess that a beautiful, petite young woman like her would hold a brown belt in Karate.

Joanna had been dating a guy for a year, and the two of them had considered marriage after college. For some unknown reason he left California to return to New York without so much as a goodbye to Jo. Of course this completely broke her heart, and many evenings Jo and I would shoot pool, play cards, or just hang out like we did when we were kids. Lori, my girlfriend, would sometimes accompany us, but she usually let us have our space. Lori understood the deep bonds we had as fraternal twins who were also best friends. Jo had just gotten over Tom a couple months earlier, and this period of mourning took quite a few months. Nobody knew why he didn’t get back to Joanna, and I secretly felt that he might be gay, and just didn’t know how to explain it to her. kurtuluş escort He was a nice guy, but what he did was a dirty rotten shame. I was there for my sister as usual then, as always. We both were there for each other when any type of crisis occurred, and quite a few times the pieces of one of us were picked up by the other.

Jo was 5′ 3″ and about weighed about 105 lbs. She had enticingly flashing brown eyes, flawless light olive complexion, and glistening dark brown hair which danced flowingly around the tops of her shoulders. She looked a little like the brunette on ‘Three’s a Crowd,’ the girl next door type who guys dream of nailing when they first see her. She was very cute, although she had classic beauty which was responsible for a couple of beauty contest crowns during high school.. Joanna worked out and ran almost daily to keep her nice body and beautiful legs–which seemed to go all the way up to her neck–toned and in shape. Her breasts were almost perfect… that is, from what I could tell anyway, and her waistline and hips were exquisitely proportioned to her beautifully shaved, smooth, tanned and toned legs. Her carved dancer’s legs morphed into delicate softness toward the very tops of her almost white inner thighs. Beyond that area, I could only dream, and I often did. This had begun to really worry me.

My sister and I were very much alike in everything but physique. I was 5′ 10″ and weighed in at about 155 lbs of Budweiser-toned semi muscle. I had the same olive complexion and brown eyes as my sister. Mine didn’t flash though, although they sometimes opened from sleep, which I didn’t get enough of. I was told that I looked a little like Ashton Kutcher, only after I paid a girl ten bucks to spread the word at her sorority house. My slender physique came in handy when I thought about weight training….which was usually about ten seconds, or until I could put that ridiculous thought out of my head! Probably my main sports were watching pro football and riding my vintage Harley. I would sometimes even walk to class at our huge college campus, but only when the campus shuttle was down. These activities satisfied all my physical exertion needs…..that is, most, anyway!

So today I’d finally thrown in the towel to these troublesome thoughts about Joanna, which had grown stronger over the years as my lovely twin and I grew up. I finally admitted that I wanted my sister even more than my beautiful girlfriend Lori. Pretty Lori absolutely never had a headache, and gave me my workout for the day every time I saw her. I also remembered my frat brothers who carried pictures of their sisters they said they’d nailed. I guess this was what I needed in rationalizing my thoughts as not completely perverted. But I was still having trouble with the idea and didn’t fully understand what was going on in my head. What I was thinking about Jo would be incest, and incest was the ultimate taboo. It just didn’t happen in our upper middle class neighborhood, or so I thought at the time.

About that time Joanna came jogging up to where I was sitting on the chaise by the pool. Her shorts were cut very high and fit tightly around her crotch. The skimpy, wet shorts clung to her body and left hardly anything to the imagination. Jo’s tanned midriff was bare, and her jog bra fit extremely tight, which caused my Jo’s model’s bust to spill out very slightly over the edges. The bra did little to conceal the contours of Joanna’s supple, soft, youthfully smooth, creamy white breasts, whose upper curves and shapes were completely visible to the point where they met above the center of the running bra. Joanna’s hair was slightly wet, and her lips were puffy and open from the run. She was gasping a little from the workout and her breasts heaved, in even more revealing thrusts as she caught her breath. Her exhausted but beautiful moist open mouth looked a little like the old Marilyn Monroe pictures I’d seen, and it almost called out for a strange tongue, I thought.

“What are you looking at, Joseph?” My sister jokingly demanded as I broke my gaze from her ‘Marilyn’ lips.

“Oh Nothing. Only my sister, damnit! What’d you expect me to say, sister dearest, the full moon? So how many dogs did you run from today, Jo,” I asked sarcastically, with a little chuckle and smirk as I kept my gaze well away from the areas I really wanted to look at. Joanna was not for a moment interested in me, the same way I was with her, and I certainly didn’t want her to know about my ‘problem..’

“Dogs? The only dog I’ve seen all day is sitting in your chair, brother dearest,” Jo replied even more sarcastically, but with the same smirk we’d both picked up as kids, play-acting. “So what’s your dead ass up to today besides planning on how you can get out of cutting the grass, and scoring beer money? I should call Lori and tell her how your study habits have improved, especially around the pool.”

“Oh, cut the crap, Joeyodey. levent escort And you’re suddenly valedictorian, huh? I haven’t actually seen you camping out in the library.”

“Brother….do you need reminding that it’s summer break. We don’t go back for another three weeks, if you don’t remember. I thought I’d keep the bod in shape with real exercise, not the Budweiser twelve ounce curls like you do.”

“Oh that hurts, JoJo….you know I’m a drama student, and don’t want knee surgery before I’m in the home. I’ll visit you in the hospital when your knees are replaced, and might even remind you that I warned you.”

“So, dearest Josephine, just because I’m in Physical Education I’m supposed to listen to my drama queen excuse for a brother??” Jo always managed to get the better of me in these little sparring contests. We both had great fun putting each other down though, as we were very close and could joke about anything. Many times we even anticipated what the other was going to say, and it wasn’t always good!

“Okay, already, okay, my self-esteem’s ruined for life. I’m going out to the back yard and look for worms,” I moaned as I pretended to cry.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, almost-brother. Here, let sissie give you a little hug to make you feel better.”

“Get away, goofball sister. Yuk….who wants a hug from their sister?” ….I felt unbelievably hypercritical as I said this, even joking, as I had to fight off an erection after seeing my gorgeous twin in her sexy jogging clothes.

“Well, ‘hugging your sister’ goes both ways, I can assure you, Joe boy. If I wanted to hug a brother, I’d hug Rex down the street. I’m sure that a running back could receive a hug as well as he could give one out. I was only kidding anyway, Joey. You’ll get a hug from me when pigs fly, and when dogs lie down with cats,” Joanna said, now laughing out loud. She gave me a little pat on the shoulder and as she bent over, I got a perfect view of her absolutely flawless tits. “I gotta go take care of some business, Joe. Why don’t you see if you can get some business?” Hahaha.

“JoJo, get outta here; the cat’s starting to put on hip boots!”

“Shit,” I thought, why does she treat me like this, and almost make me feel like I’ve been teased…..?? Hell, I have been teased, but not even my girlfriend is this malicious. You might even think she’s trying to prove something. Sisters, you can’t live with ’em and you can’t shoot ’em! But you sure can lust for them….just one time to drive that smooth, hard cock into little smart-ass twin sister, to make her cry out and swear to never get the best of you again if you’ll only continue to drive her wild. Ha, I was finally even thinking about it at this point although half-seriously, but this was only in my dreams I thought disappointedly.

I’d dozed off for a few minutes when darling sister reappeared, this time dressed out in a new bikini…..a thong! Jo had never been much for these dental floss swim suits, but wearing this she could easily make a grown man cry with the way she filled one of these things. Good Lord I thought, if she only knew what I was thinking she’d probably come out in Grandmother’s one-piece bathing suit. As my goddess twin strode over to me I stammered for something to say, and I’d never been at a loss for words around Jo. “Cat got your tongue, brother dearest? I see she’s still not wearing her hip boots. You must have stopped your bullshitting, Joey. Well, if it works on the cat, it should work on Brenda, next door. That two-faced little bitch wants me to be a bridesmaid for her mother’s wedding. Can you imagine?? Screw her and the broom she flew in on.”

“So what did you offer that small child for her her bikini, sis?” “Hope you left her with something decent. That is, none of your stuff, anyway.” At that moment I knew I’d approached the tipping point as Jo lunged for me, pinning me quickly in a Half-Nelson. “Wow, my head loves the spot it’s in, between your bountiful boobs, sissie dear,” I laughed almost uncontrollably as Jo attempted to slap me, and gave me another really nice eye full as she bent down near my head to playfully whack my cheek. “What’s that perfume, Jo-Annie? Eau de gym clothes?”

“Shut up, biker boy. The only times you need cologne are when you miss your shower and when you take one!” ‘Biker boy’ was a reference to my vintage ’60’s Harley, which had been completely restored and even had the large, original seat and saddle bags. I had been teaching Joanna how to ride it, and we were practicing on the old deserted drive-in parking lot across the street. She was going to start riding the motorcycle that Tom left when he left no forwarding address. That seemed only fair, I thought.

“Speaking of biker boy, when are we taking another lesson,” Jo asked.

“WE are taking another lesson whenever YOU think you can ride my machine by your lonesome. I think it’s time for the bird to fly. It’s solo time, Sister Goldenhair, maçka escort whenever you’re man enough.” I was going to let Joanna ride without any help from me today for the first time. I would of course be on the back of the bike in case of emergency, but Jo would finally be captain.

“Okay Joe Blow, I’ve been man enough long before you were, and woman enough long before you even thought about ’em.”

“Good God,” I thought.” Why wasn’t this insult machine in Iraq? Jo would ‘dis’ the enemy to death!” I was wondering if my comebacks were going to even stand a snowball’s chance when Jo put a sympathetic hand on my shoulder and said….

“Brother dear, I’m only joking, of course. Sometimes I get carried away. But please, don’t worry about your deficiencies, whatever you do.” My sister broke into even more laughter and slapped me on the back, celebrating her own wittiness.

“Okay, Joanna. I think you’re plenty woman enough to solo my Harley now. Why don’t we make a couple Malibu Twists and draw up a flight plan?”

“Alrighty, but I’m wondering if we still have lime and rum?”

“Freshly stocked, Jo-sister. And since you asked, the lemons are in the fridge. Thanks in advance for making our drinks.”

We downed the lemonades in short order, and after the sun got lower in the hot July sky we set out. “I think I’ll let you drive first, Jo. Do you think you’re ready?”

“Well, ready as I’ll ever be. Been practicing for a couple weeks, and I should be teaching others by now.”

“Patience, Jo, patience. Wine, cheese and good Harley riders are not made in a day. I did wanna know if you had the self-confidence to ride by yourself and thank God my insurance and hospitalization are paid up!”

Jo drove the bike extremely well for a girl I thought, and after only a couple weeks of brief lessons. She had caught on even faster than most experienced riders from what I could tell. We were on the old county road today and there was absolutely no traffic there. I held onto my sister’s waist a little tighter than I would on most roller coasters and feeling this pressure, Jo took my hand and brought it up to the bottom of her left breast. Wups, I thought as I quickly moved my hand back down. Through the wind, Jo told me to put my hand back, and I did so without any convincing. The bike had a large, bicycle-style seat, and I was crammed in tightly behind my sister. After my hand was strategically placed I felt an uprising under my belt.” Wups again, I thought.”

Jo stopped the bike at our turn-around point, the old abandoned church. “Okay, Joey, is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me,” my sister quipped wryly.

“Uhhhh….well, you know I don’t hunt….Sorry, this road’s a little bumpy and I guess it’s just one of the hazards of being male, you know?”

“I wouldn’t know, but it’s okay.” Here, you can drive back home, but I’ve got something in my eye. I forgot my glasses.”

“Joanna, let me take a look. Which eye is it?” I gingerly spread my sister’s right eyelids to look for debris. “Jo, roll your eye down toward the bike seat. Then roll it back. Do you feel anything?”

“Yes, my brother, playing ophthalmologist. Joe, I do think it’s out now. Thanks so much.”

Joanna reached for my hand and gently squeezing it, quietly thanked me again. She pulled her head closer to mine and gave me a little kiss on the lips. “Yuk!” I said. “Kissing your sister! That ranks down there with eating worms, running out of underwear, and a wet kiss from Aunt Sally.”

“Now what’s so bad about kissing your sister,” Jo playfully challenged.

“Well, I, uh, I guess it”….I didn’t finish my sentence before Jo kissed me again, but this time it was a real kiss, not a great aunt Sally kiss. I started to recoil in mock repulsion, but I realized suddenly that this was not what I was supposed to do, nor much less what I wanted to do. I kissed my twin for the first time, passionately, longingly and lovingly. We broke the kiss after what seemed like an eternity of bliss, oneness, and something very long overdue; something so special which I’d never, ever dreamt of before. I looked stunned as I quizzically half-smiled at my sister. For once I didn’t have a funny one-liner. Jo apparently didn’t either. Her voice was shaky and her composure completely shot for the first time I can remember. We just stared at each other for a moment, not knowing just what to do or say….for the first time in 20 years.

I said, “Jo, whatever possessed you?”

“I’m sorry Joseph, I was half-kidding, but things just got out of control.”

“I’ll say. I…..uh…..don’t….know just what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, Joe. This has been our moment; our private, personal moment. We’re very special to each other, and if we can’t have a moment like this occasionally….,” she sighed as her voice trailed off.

“…..can’t have a moment like this, occasionally??,” Bending my head to lean toward her, I softly strained to repeat my sister’s unbelievable words. “Do you….mean……that we could ‘have a moment like this occasionally’..again., I incredulously asked with restrained excitement.”

“Well, why not? It’s between you and me, and no one else,” Jo whispered.

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