My Sister Takes Care of Us

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I don’t like getting sick and I especially don’t like hospitals.

One day I was working around the house doing odd repairs when I tripped and broke my right wrist.

My wife, Connie, had just flown out of town for a conference so I called my friend who took me to the emergency room where they took great care of me. When we got there, my younger sister, who is an ER nurse wound up attending to me.

After she gave me a lecture on taking care of myself, she got me ready to go home. She helped the doctor’s put a cast on my wrist and gave me my instructions.

A few hours later, they were ready to release me.

However, while I was still in the ER, my sister, Alexandra or Alex for short, and who did excellent job with me, told me she would stop by to check up on me since my wife was out of town.

I told her I would appreciate it since I am right handed and couldn’t do much, including any driving.

Smiling, I asked her if she would like a job taking care of me until my wife came home, about a week.

She laughed and said she would be able to stop by after work. We made arrangements for her to come over the next day, for three hours each day. We agreed on the hours of 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

I felt a lot better when I was released that somebody would be there to help out.

I called my wife and told her what happened and after she lectured me, she said she would cut the trip short but I told her to stay as Alex was going to help me for the next few days.

Let me give you some info on Alex. She is single, 30, 5’7″, about 120, streaked long blonde hair, seemingly nice sized tits and an infectious smile.

My sister and I were very close as we grew up. Being kids, we managed to see each other’s naked bodies on a few occasions. I always had the hots for her and I was sure she felt the same towards me, although nothing ever happened.

As for me, my name is Richard and I am 40, 5’8″, 165, brown hair, brown eyes and in decent shape.

My wife, Connie, is 35, 5’5″, 120, black hair, green eyes, firm ass and nice sized tits.

My friend took me home and I pretty much rested the remainder of the day.

The next morning I got up and was able to do some things but I could not use my hand. I couldn’t get the wrist wet or use it for anything. So, I pretty much watched tv most of the day.

At 6:00 p.m., the doorbell rang and it was Alex. I welcomed her in and we settled in the kitchen. We talked about my needs and her helping me.

Alex said she would do some light cleaning, keep things neat, prepare a couple of meals that I could freeze and help me with personal hygiene matters, like shaving, bathing, etc.

The first night she prepared a couple of meals that I put in the freezer and one meal she made for my dinner the next night.

Before she left, she helped me shave and get my clothes ready for the next day.

The next day I felt better knowing Alex was coming over. When she arrived, she came in carrying a bottle of wine. I asked her why the wine and she just said, “It will go good with dinner and it will relax you.” I smiled and thanked her. Then we headed to the kitchen.

Alex heated up the food and we chatted and had wine with my meal. She even cut up my food. Alex was wonderful.

She staid until 9:00 and got things in order for me for the next day.

When she came over the next day, I asked her if she would help me with taking a shower, even though it would etiler eve gelen escort be embarrassing for me. Alex said she would and got everything ready.

Now, my sister and I saw each other naked but that was when we were kids.

We have both gotten older and I was a bit nervous.

Alex got the shower ready and told me to undress. I got naked and called her in. She came in wearing only a bra and panties.

My sister looked at me, smiled and said, “My, brother, I see you have grown a bit.”

I looked at her and replied, “You are supposed to be a professional, so act like it. This isn’t fun for me sis. It seems you have filled out pretty good yourself.”

I got in the shower with my right arm away from the water and my sister washed me up, all over. Needless to say, even though she was my sister, I got a hard on.

Alex didn’t say a word but finished the shower and then dried me off with my cock still hard.

She looked at me and smiled and said, “Richard, I think you have a problem. Are you going to need help?”

I looked at her and told her it will be all right in a bit and she need not worry.

Alex helped me get dressed and cleaned up in the bathroom, then went into the kitchen and made tea for us.

I tried having a conversation with her but she just kept kidding me about my erection. I got pissed and told her that she wasn’t being professional at all and if she was going to continue , I wouldn’t need her.

She apologized and stopped kidding me.

I called Connie and told her everything was ok and she should enjoy her conference.

Later that night, I had a dream that I was fucking my sister as Connie watched us and we all enjoyed it.

The next day when she came over, I told her about my dream and she laughed. She laughed asked me, “Did we both fuck Connie?”

She fixed dinner and then she asked if I wanted another shower. I told her that would be nice.

I went into the bathroom and got undressed. My cock was already getting hard and my sister laughed when she saw it.

She said, “Hey brother, I think your cock needs some attention. Want me to help you?”

I looked at her and smiled and then I saw my cock was rock hard and erect. I said, “Well sis, If you could find your way to resolving my problem, I would be grateful.”

Alex wasted no time getting on her knees. Within seconds, her warm mouth was engulfing my hard cock.

As she started sucking my cock, I looked down and she looked up and winked at me and was giving me the best blow job I ever had.

It didn’t take long before I shot my load into her mouth as she swallowed every drop.

She got up and asked if I felt better and I told her I did and thanked her. She then told me that she always wanted to get my cock in her mouth and laughed.

We then proceeded into the shower where my sister gave me a thorough Washington’s.

As she was drying me off I decided to see how far I could go with her.

I said, “Alex, I really appreciate your helping me out. I was thinking, since there are quite a few times when I have problems like you just took care of, why not stay here at the house in case I need your help again until Connie gets back?”

She looked at me, smiled and said, “Listen big brother, if you want me to stay here so I can give you blow jobs or fuck you, why not just ask?”

I responded, “OK. Would you stay here so you can sleep etiler grup yapan escort with me and take care of my sexual needs until Connie came home?”

Alex looked at me and replied, “I’ll do it if you promise me one thing.”

I asked her what that was.

She said, “You know I adore you and Connie. How about arranging a threesome with you, Connie and me? I have always had the hots for your wife and you too.”

At first I was astonished at her request.

Then I said, “Look, how about this…my friends and their wives and me and Connie get together once a month for adult fun. You don’t have to participate but I just wanted you to know. If you want a threesome with me and Connie, that would be a good place to start.”

She looked at me and said, “I never did anything like that but I wouldn’t mind participating in one.”

I told her that would be fine and that the next get together would be in three weeks. She then said that my wrist should be well by then.

I told her I would speak to Connie and make sure she is ok with it.

That night I called Connie and told her everything. She listened and finally said, “Babe, I am ok with all of it. I wouldn’t mind getting your little sister’s pussy in my mouth. Oh, by the way, did she give you a good blow job?”

I laughed and told her she did and we hung up.

The next day I called a couple of my friends who participate at the get together and told them that Alex would be joining us. They both said that was fine as long as she participated. I told them she would be.

One night a friend of mine, Eddy, stopped by while Alex was out and we both were naked when Alex came back home. When she saw us naked she panicked. I told her that we were nudists and to relax. She said hello to Eddy and went into the bedroom. In a short time she came out naked and smiling.

Now, let me describe Eddy. He is single, 33, 6′, about 185, muscular, light brown hair, brown eyes and a nice size cock.

The three of us had some wine as we chatted. I could see Alex taking glances at my Eddy’s cock, which was bigger than mine.

Eddy left after a couple of hours. As soon as he left, Alex told me she liked him and wouldn’t mind fucking him. I just laughed and told her that he would be at the get together. She just smiled.

Me and and Alex fucked a few times until Connie came home. During this time, she asked a lot of questions about the upcoming event.

I told her that there would be ten people there, six men and four women. The women were married to the men they would be with. I told her that my friends are looking forward to her being there.

I explained that anything went and that there would be a lot of swapping and fucking and bi activity. I asked her if that bothered her. She just said it wouldn’t.

Then she said, “So, does my big brother suck cock?”

I replied, “I guess you will have to be there to see. Does my little sister eat pussy?”

She said, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

We laughed and relaxed naked for the rest of the night.

When Connie came home she took care of me and my wrist was much better.

That night as we were in bed fucking I told my wife what transpired with me and Alex. She just smiled and asked how good Alex was. I told her that she will enjoy her as much as I did.

Time flew by and before we knew it, the night arrived for the get together.

Connie etiler masöz escort and I got dressed and I called Alex and told her we would pick her up to take her to the party house. Connie yelled in the background, “I can’t wait to see you tonight Alex.” Alex said, “Tell Connie I can’t wait to see her too.” Then we hung up.

Connie wore jeans and a sheer too with no bra. I wore jeans and a shirt.

We left the house and went to get Alex.

She was ready when we got there. I could see that she was wearing jeans and a top.

The ride to the party house was nothing out of the ordinary with both women saying they were looking forward to the evening.

We finally arrived and went into the house. It was then that I saw Alex was also braless. Several people were already there. The host introduced everyone and made a special introduction of Alex as being my sister. We then found a spot for the three of us to sit.

Food and drink were readily available and Alex had a couple of glasses of wine right away to relax her.

When Eddy came in, her eyes lit up. When Eddy saw us, he came over and sat next to Alex.

Well, within the hour, the party started. The host and hostess shed their clothes and people started pairing off.

I undressed and Connie followed, as did Eddy and Alex.

Eddy wasted no time and before I knew it, he and Alex were making out next to us. His big, hard cock was ready for action.

I watched as my sister had his cock in her mouth, giving him a blow job.

As she was sucking on his cock, Connie went over and started playing with Alex’s tits and even sucking them.

Alex looked at her and just smiled as she kept sucking Eddy’s cock.

It was only a few minutes when Eddy said he was going to cum and sure enough, he unloaded his cum in my sister’s mouth.

My sister then grabbed Connie and kissed her and Eddy’s cum seeped into Connie’s mouth as they kissed.

Alex got on her back and Connie mounted her. The two women started grinding their pussies together and playing with each other’s tits.

In seconds, the both women exploded in orgasms and were spent.

I went over to Alex and slipped my cock in her cunt and started fucking my sister in front of everyone. It wasn’t long before I filled her cunt with my cum.

As soon as I pulled my cock out, one guy after another fucked my sister. Cum was pouring out her cunt.

The women each had their way with her as they sucked her nipples as she was eating their pussiest, including Connie’s.

Connie went down on Alex and was slurping cum out of her cunt as she ate Alex’s pussy.

After a very brief respite, Eddy got Alex on all fours and lubed her ass with cum from her cunt and slowly inserted his cock in her ass.

As he was sliding his cock in, I knelt in front of Alex and let her suck my cock.

Just then, Connie got on her back and laid under Alex and started licking her clit as Eddy fucked her ass.

It wasn’t long before Eddy shot his load in my sister’s ass. As he pulled out his cock, his cum dripped down to Connie’s mouth. Just then I shot my cum into Alex’s mouth.

We all were spent and fell in a heap of naked bodies.

The rest of the evening was pretty much the same. When the party ended, Eddy came back to the house with us and staid the night in our king sized bed.

Nobody got much sleep as the four of us did it all…even Alex got to see me suck off Eddy’s big cock and take his cum.

Alex eventually moved in with us and sleeps in our bed. Many a night Alex and Connie put on a great show for me and when they are done, I get to fuck them both.

Eddy comes over often and we do some swapping and Alex never says no to any of us.

I guess it wasn’t so bad me breaking my wrist after all.

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