My Slut’s Needs Ch. 01

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L is a fuck buddy of mine, shes in her 50s a few years older than me and has had a wild life. Now shes a highly educated professional but she has maintained her early life preference for rough, dirty sex. She is a light skinned Aboriginal women with huge DD tits with long thick black nipples and lovely long purple labia, a bucket for a cunt and a loose arsehole. Her Aboriginal background meant her early life was rough and she experienced the racism of this nation first hand, because of this she loves to abuse my white body, hear me scream, humiliate me and use me rough, hard and long until she is satisfied no matter what i think of it.

I turned up at Ls house unannounced with a bottle and a need to fuck. I was let in by her daughter who is 28 and who just nodded towards the rear of the house where her bedroom and retreat were. As I passed by she was grinning and said,

“She has company. She’ll be surprised and busy!”

I stepped past and through to the back of the house where I could here something on the tv and voices, L had someone there, not that unusual so I walked in.

To everyone’s surprise L was on her knees her head in some mans lap. She only had a skirt around her waist, her naked arse and fanny pointing towards the door where I’d walked in, he had his shirt open and was otherwise naked and sitting back his eyes closed and his hands entangled in her long hair as she was devouring his cock, as usual for her, to the balls.

I stopped as I entered, they hadn’t heard me and I stepped back into the hallway a little so I could watch before making an entrance.

I’d prepared, showered, shaved, cleaned out and had both a butt-plug and cock-ring in place just like L likes. I was erect anyway but the sight of L servicing this stranger and clearly straight from work as her blouse, bra, knickers and shoes were just lying around the floor where she’d clearly thrown them in a hurry. His clothes were also everywhere and I assumed they’d come in and got into it. It was a Friday and her office usually had after work drinks, I assumed that she’d hooked up at that and decided to get an itch scratched. L is a determined and independent woman and likes to ensure her needs are met when she wants them met.

I watched as she was really going to town on his cock, he had his hands on her head but that clearly wasn’t needed as she was willingly swallowing everything he had to offer, moaning and gagging like a cheap slut and playing with his balls and arse as she did. He was moaning and talking, saying how good she was, how deep he was, praying she’d swallow.

I slipped back to the front lounge where the daughter, S was and asked about what was going on. I found out they’d got home about an hour ago, she didn’t know who he was and mum had told her to ignore anything from the back room. They weren’t being quiet but L and her daughter didn’t hide things and noisy sex by either of them wasn’t unusual. I joined S and poured a drink sitting to watch the tv with her and listen to mum and her pick up go at each other.

We heard him getting louder and announce, “I’m going to cum!”

A garbled response from L was most probably, ‘Do it!’ As she swallowed him to the balls, she preferred not to taste cum, just swallow it.

He groaned loud and long causing S and I to laugh knowing L would be sucking his balls dry and not letting him bahçelievler escort go until she was satisfied. He began to whine a bit, L getting the last drops before she’d demand he satisfied her.

I was hard as iron and S could see my erection outlined through my jeans, she pointed and laughed,

“Aw you like that huh? Hearing mum fucking like that.”

I laughed, I’d known L and S for years and the daughter knew mum and I played often, kinky and hard, she’d heard us often enough and even walked in catching us doing some unusual things before tonight.

“I’ll give her some time to really get it into her then ‘catch her’ and make her squeal!”

“Don’t tell me the details, I’m sure I’ll hear it.”

We had another couple of drinks over about half an hour by which time I needed a piss and excused my self,

“I may be gone a while.”

L was ordering him to,

“Fuck me. Fuck me harder.”

He was grunting and puffing heavily as I walked to the toilet near where they were fucking. I spied through the door I’d left ajar to see L kneeling on the coffee table and the man standing behind her, he had hold of her hips and was ploughing away at her really fast and deep so I could hear the slap of their flesh and the sloppy gurgle as his cock was slamming in and out of her capacious and clearly very wet cunt.

I slipped into the toilet and forced myself to piss through my erection listening to the fucking just a couple of meters away. L was now really grunting, demanding,

“Fill me you bastard. Fuck me hard and deep and fill my hole you bastard.” He was grunting clearly really working at fulfilling her demands so I quietly stepped out to watch the climax.

Ls noisy anyway but tonight I expected he was a new cock and she was trying to fuck it off of him. They’d shifted slightly and I could get a view of his cock, it was a good length and quite thick so it’d touch the sides of her bucket sized punch bowl cunt. She was wet or he’d already cum in her as there were juices dripping from his balls and her gaping hole. I could smell the cum and watched, my cock in hand as he groaned, again telling her he was cumming which sent her into overdrive and she rammed herself back onto his cock the last few strokes and managed to join him in a noisy, sloppy orgasm, both of then squealing together as I watched his balls contract and they melded together grinding their bits together as they came.

I waited a few seconds until they’d stilled then I stepped into the room coughing.

He was collapsed across her arse and back still buried in her cunt, she was kneeling, tits on the table, thighs trembling slightly as her climax subsided.

He jumped and pulled back, spinning around to expose his shrinking but clearly impressive tool. It was still at least 7″ but softening and very messy, he either came a lot or it wasn’t his first load pumped into her cunt. He looked stunned and began to splutter some exclamation.

L just looked over her shoulder and smiled at me and admonished him,

“Oh relax. It’s only C, he’s seen me doing much more than this.”

He stumbled back, caught his heals on the couch and fell down on to it, his cock wilting under the scrutiny.

I laughed at Ls sluttish behaviour knowing just how far into her fuck she clearly was and just what that meant.

“Enjoy balgat escort the show?” She asked.

“I did in deed, S and I’ve been listening fir at least half an hour, since you were sucking.”

“Oh that long. You should’ve been here earlier, you could’ve heard me when he took me dry!”

He was looking a bit concerned so I just waved at him casually,

“Don’t worry mate. L needs a lot of cock to satisfy her.”

He smiled weakly and reached for his shirt.

L saw him move,

“You want to go or stay for another round?” She asked as she remained kneeling, her gape now dribbling a good stream of juice.

He sort of mumbled as he pulled on his shirt.

“Suit yourself sweetie, I’m going to need a bit more work to finish me off yet. If you want you can help do me or I might catch you up next week if you’re at the Friday drinks.”

I stepped over to where L knelt on the table moving to the side furthest from the lounge. I let my cock bounce free and trailed one hand across her buttocks slipping down across her pucker which made her twitch and then into the gooey gape which was draining before me. She moaned and rotated her hips slightly.

He was watching but reaching for his trousers as I slid four fingers straight into Ls cunt making her appreciatively groan and grind back causing even more juice to flow.

I undid my trousers so they’d fall down and L reached up to grasp my cock pulling me towards her head where she reached up to kiss it before looking up at me and with a fucked up smile tell me,

“Fuck me, sloppy thirds please.”

He had fucked her twice. He was now sitting back, his trousers not fully done up and watched as I stepped out of my boots and jeans and stepped up behind L. My cock was pointing straight towards her gape and I just pushed it into the mess. Having a second fuck had made her hole frothy and it was so slippery with their juices I barely felt a thing as I entered and slipped it in until my cock was fully stuffed into her. L groaned and ground back onto me making obscene gurgling sounds as she did so. I took her my the hips and began to fuck her big loose sloppy cunt. L likes dirty talk and I described the scene,

“I walk in and find you sucking off some stranger, begging him to feed you cum. Then he’s pounding your gaping bucket cunt, pumping cum into your hole. You’re a fucking slut L, a dirty randy fucking cock hungry slut!”

L moaned and began to fuck back once again.

“You’re such a fucking slut I can barely feel the sides of your hole.”

She moaned louder,

“Oh fuck me harder. FUCK ME.”

I began to really slam my full length into her, pulling out and slamming in so I could at least get some stimulation when my cock pierced her sloppy gape.

L grunted with each penetration and pushed back trying to get more stimulation. She was very loose and getting frustrated with the lack of contact. She looked back over her shoulder and saw him still sitting there, I looked, his cock was reviving and he was watching intently.

“You, don’t just sit there get over here.” L ordered.

She pulled forward and looked back at me.

“Get on the table.”

Then pulled right forward and stood up letting me lie on my back in the puddle that’d poured out of her.

I lay back, my cock straight up and L batıkent escort quickly straddled me lowering herself down and guiding it straight into her drooling gape. She sat down and then lay on me, kissing me,

“I’m glad you turned up, momma needs a really good seeing to and two cocks are always better than one.”

He stepped up behind her. She looked back over her shoulder,

“Stick it in.”

I felt his cock probing into her hole alongside my cock. As he began to push I stopped thrusting so it’d be easier for him to get in. He grunted as he pushed in, he’d recovered well and was hard as he slid in. I waited until he’d bottomed out, he was a bit longer than my 7 1/2″ and thick. L moaned into my ear as he went in,

“Oh god it’s so good, so big!”

He began to fuck and she really began to enjoy it, moaning, grunting, begging for more.

I started to thrust and now had stimulation. It took us only a little while to coordinate our moves so we could both fuck in and out together and thus ‘touch the sides’.

L was chewing at my neck and fucking as hard as we’d allow her to as we held her hips and ploughed her gape. It squelched and gurgled as we stretched her open, he’d pop out every now and then to immediately smash back in. As his cock slid along the sensitive underside of my I was getting closer and closer to giving L her third cunt load. I told her I was going cum and she just moaned,


I slammed into her full depth and he kept pumping. My orgasm was hard and made more so by his thrusting and her huge cunt contracting slightly, as she joined me. He kept pumping and she kept cumming until she was squirting.

Then he roared and buried himself deep again and added to the mess before collapsing onto her back.

He staggered to his feet and collapsed back onto the lounge. L lifted herself up off me slightly and looked down at me, she was a mess, her lips looked like she’d been sucking cock, slightly swollen and reddened, she was flushed and her hair a mess. Her cunt was pouring juice out and she squirted across us and the table a floor. She kissed me then slowly wobbled to her feet, turned towards where he was sprawled and I got to see her gaping mess. It was thrilling, she was so open and used.

L knelt and took his cock in her hand, he twitched. She bent forward and after telling him,

“I’m going to clean you up and you’re going to fuck off.”

She began to lick him clean. She started by lifting his cock and balls and tonguing his arse, then moved up to suck each ball and finally slowly swallowed his soft messy cock down until her nose was pressed against his belly. She suckled fir a few minutes as I watched and he moaned. Then she sat back and let his now clean cock fall from her lips. She smiled at him,

“Thank you, now fuck off.”

“Ok already, I couldn’t get it up again anyway. Including the head job in the toilets that’s 5 loads, a record.”

He sat up and collected himself, dressed and rose to leave.

I was still lying back watching and recovering, I knew I’d be busy still.

L was running her fingers over my thighs and belly teasing me to get a rise. She looked up at him as he moved to the open door, wiggled her hips as she knelt,

“Next Friday? You still haven’t tried every orifice yet.”

He laughed,

“Sure thing, same time, different hole!” And he left. We heard him say bye to S and the door close.

L was now tickling my balls and blowing on them.

“Momma still has needs, think you can fulfill them?”

“You know I can. Which NEEDS do you need servicing first my slut?”

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