My Son and the In Laws? Pt. 01

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It was lust at first sight; the pixie face that just begged to be covered with hot sticky cum, the juicy cock sucking lips, the perky handful tits and when she finally turned around and walked away. Oh that bubble butt that just needed to be stuffed and stretched full of big hard cock.

Everything about Joanne drew me (and everybody who laid eyes on that hot minx) to her. She had moved back to the city to be closer to her family and joined our firm in the sales department. Intelligent and sassy she grew through the ranks quick (though everyone around believed she sucked and fucked her way to the top; that was all grapevine and a story for another time though)

We didn’t quite move in the same circles but her family was pretty well known around the town. A banker dad, a hot mom who worked in some accounting firm and a hotter grumpier younger sister. We connected over work events and drinking binges; she was what I had always dreamed of, an angel out of bed and a slut in it.

She could suck like a vacuum cleaner and swallow like a whore, take it in the ass without lube and be taken hard and rough and scream her delight through it all. We started off as friends with benefits and progressed to thinking of taking it beyond that. The dreaded walk to her porch to meet her family followed soon enough.

And here is a thing about life! You may think you know everything but there are still moments that take your breath away; you may have think you have done everything but there are still moments that make you want to cream in your pants..

I had heard stories about how hot Joanne’s mom and sister were but nothing had really prepared me for the finest set of mama tits I had ever seen. She was stacked and wasn’t afraid to show it; an older replica of Joanne but with tits bursting out of the dress in a way that made you want to rip her dress off her and suck her tits till she was screaming out your name in ecstasy and begging to be stuffed full of hard, hot cock.

Her “Pleased to meet you” had that warm, throaty tone that made you wonder how she would sound moaning your name and begging you to fuck her harder as you pile drove your cock into her pussy with her slender hot legs thrown over your shoulders. I digress but that is what Joanne’s mum did to me, made parts of me wake up that even her daughter hadn’t.

I will have to deviate for a bit to really explain the family dynamics for what happened next to make sense. Joanne and her younger sister had identical bodies; around 5 feet 6 inches; small perky tits, big bubble butt and strong muscled legs/calves. They weren’t identical, Joanne had bigger tits and a bigger ass; the sister had smaller tits and a firmer ass but you know what I mean.

Her mum was taller than both of them by at least an inch and had the finest pair of tits that constantly threatened to jump out of the tops she wore. Other than those big milky jugs, she was slender through and through (lots of sports back in college which I learned eventually) and had the kind of sensuality that oozed sex. The legs were long and skinny and the ass was tiny compared to the daughters which made it all the more drool worthy, I mean how many moms can boast of an ass smaller than daughters almost half her age right?

While I loved fucking Joanne in the ass and she loved me back there, looking at her mum’s small firm ass and her sister’s firm tighter one made me wonder how it would feel to be sinking my cock into one; both or all three at one, I mean who hasn’t thought of doing a mother-daughter or sisters together combination right?

The father on the other hand, was short, balding, and grumpy and stuck out like a sore thumb when surrounded by the vivacious ladies of the house .The first thought that struck me when I saw him was what a lucky dog he was; to be pounding into that sweet mommy pussy and sucking those creamy tits every night.

He seemed to take a dislike to me right away and the dislike seemed to grow even more as I got closer to him. One of the things Joanne liked about me was how big I was and not just the cock, I towered over most people and standing beside him the difference was even more pronounced. I smiled inside my head thinking of Joanne’s mom fucking someone like him all her life and then suddenly have her pussy and ortaköy escort ass split into two by someone as big as me. She would probably scream the place down and limp around for a week before she got back to normal

Dinner was good and uneventful. The Dad going through his array of grumpy faces, the mum shoving her big creamy tits in her low top into my face with the short skirt showcasing her creamy legs and thighs; the sister flashing her strong thighs and muscled legs and calves in her skimpy shorts. I was hard for much of the evening and the dropped spoon and flash of the mum panties had started to make my cock chafe

“I would really like to see the new painting you told me about” I said suddenly; looking at Joanne. That really put the spanner in the talks; it was abrupt and jarring like a metal spoon dropping to a ceramic floor or a big hard cock thrust to the hilt into a tight ass without lube or foreplay(bad analogy but Joanne’s sister in her tight skimpy shorts had an ass that just begged to be fucked).

“Bravo, way to create an impression” I chastised my errant, throbbing cock.

Just how I was expected to make an escape with a raging boner was just one of the things; the MILF tits had made me forget to think about. If I slid off to the left, I would be flashing the tent to the mother and the sister; if I slid off to the right, the dad would get to see what his mama didn’t give him.” Fuck it, I am going” I thought and watched the pair of females go still as they came face to face with my pet iguana.

The exhibitionist in me roared to life and I wanted to give them a show, wanted them to marvel how big it was; wanted her mother to think how it would be stuffing my big cock in her mouth instead of her husband’s; wanted her sister to imagine my hard cock stuffed in her tight ass while I fucked her doggy style or better fucking both of them together with their cunt juices mixing on my cock and them licking each other’s juices off my cock.

I walked up the stairs with Joanne; I could feel the eyes of her family burning into our back; when I placed my hand on her delightful rump and gave it a squeeze. “What the fuck is wrong with you!!They are right here” she hissed at me while trying to get away.

I pulled her back and whispered “I know” in her ear before landing a spank on her ass.

We were barely through her door when I turned around and pushed her on to her knees. I was big, hard and ready when I stuffed her mouth full of cock with the door open. She pushed against me as she tried to get used to the size of the cock and I stuffed it deeper thinking of her mother’s tits and sister’s ass. One of the things about me was despite my size, I had never been anything but gentle with her.

But this was different, I was turned on, I was horny and for the first time I think I scared her a little. I wanted to make a noise, I wanted her family to know I was using her mouth; that their precious little Joanne was choking on my big fat cock. The open door and the voices of her mother and sister drifting up just added to the frenzy.

“Suck my fat, hard cock. Choke on it, you dirty cocksucker” I gasped forcing the cock deeper as she continued to drool all over my cock and balls. The sound of her starting to dry retch finally brought me back to my senses and I started to pull my drool coated cock out to let her breathe a little.

And that is when I saw a side of her that I had never seen before; she pulled me back by grabbing my ass and stuffed her face full of hard cock again. “She wants this; she likes it rough and I bet her mommy and sister like it rough too” I thought to myself as I continued to feed off my hunger for her mum and sister. I grabbed her face and pushed her back into the door while she was still on her knees; grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth deep.

The room was filled with slurping, gurgling sounds; the more she gagged; the more turned on I got. My mind was full of lurid images of her mother and sister naked, her dad pumping her mother full of cum in all her holes, grunting as he unloaded into her; her sister getting gang banged by multiple faceless cocks, her ass ripped open and dripping cum.

All of the sudden an image of Joanne’s father holding her sister down otele gelen escort and pumping her tight, firm ass full of cum while she screamed and struggled to get away; pushed me past the point of no return. “I am cumming you hot slut, time to fill your slutty mouth and tummy with my jizz, open up wide and swallow every fucking drop” I spat at her and then my chic, proper girlfriend of 4 months continued to add to her pile of surprises today.

Just as I was about to cum, she slipped her finger into my ass and made me start spurting in her mouth. I usually cum loads but this was different; I was spewing rope after rope in her mouth, grunting with each rope splashed to the back of her throat and just couldn’t stop. She kept swallowing like a glory hole, champion cocksucker but gave up the fight after a bit and just let it spill out of the corners of her cock sucking mouth. I pulled out and splattered her gorgeous face with the rest of it, forehead, cheeks chin, I got it all and wiped my drool covered cock off her lips with a flourish.

I stood there leaning against the door panting to get back my breath while she slumped down against the same door catching her breath covered in jizz, looking up at me with glazed eyes. The thought that I had used her as cum rag with her family downstairs was a high that I still hadn’t come down from. I grabbed her by her beautiful blonde hair and pulled her to her knees again “Lick my cock clean you cock sucking slut, drool over it and clean it with that tongue of yours. Suck my jizz out of my piss hole my filthy cum whore” I whispered to her and she moaned at every word trying to get my cock to choke her throat again.

I finally realised we had been up there for more time than it would take to look at a painting and slowly pushed her away from my hard again cock. The disgruntled look on her face on having her mouth separated from my cock was almost comical. “Fix your face slut and I will give you some more cock as soon as we get out of here” I promised her and she skipped off with a happy look .It made me shake my head and smile in wonder

“Treat her like a princess and she is happy, treat her like a slut and she is happier”. I wondered if her mum and the sister were the same as I started feeling my cock start to grow again

I waited for her to come back and had a devilish thought by the time she came back. “Get your panties off and lean against the wall with your ass sticking out” I said in the deep, commanding, quiet voice that seemed to be flowing out of me today; the submissive mode she was in was ‘something else.

“Yes Sir” she murmured back in a voice so remarkably similar to her mommy; it made think of her mother in submissive mode and drove me into a frenzy again. She made a show off pulling off her thongs (my favourite black pair) out from under the skirt and over the black and red fuck me heels. She twirled and stretched her visibly wet panties around her fingers and licked the crotch teasingly. I strode across the room at a pace that made her take a step back in fear; pushed her forward into the wall with her legs and hands spread apart.

Her panty licking act had filled my mind with visuals of her licking her mommy and sister’s pussy and vice versa in a ménage’ a trios’; with me rubbing my cock standing over the three of them looking at their asses and pussies.

I mounted her from behind and unlike our other coupling times, stuffed her tight little pussy full of my engorged cock without preamble. She screamed out loud as I stretched her gushing slit to the limit; stuffing her mouth full of her panties to keep her quiet through the rest of, what I knew was going to be a pounding fuck like never before. I kept pumping her cunt deep and hard from behind while she moaned and screamed into her panties as her cunt was being destroyed in the most savage fuck it had seen till date.

I kept sawing my cock into her till I felt her pussy walls start to clench around my cock and then started whispering into her ear the way she loved it “I am going to pump you full of my cum first, then I am going to pull out of your gaping slit and make you will lick my cock clean of our juices. Once you have the scent and taste of our pussy all over your face and mouth, I want you to walk otele gelen escort downstairs without your panties and sit with your family with my cum dripping out of your pussy” I could feel her pussy muscles start to clutch on my engorged cock harder with every word even as I felt my cock get ready to spurt for the second time in 10 minutes.

“I can’t hear you slut, for today my cock does the talking and your pussy and mouth do the listening” I whispered continuing to pound her pussy as she tried talking through her panties.

“When we leave the house, I want you to kiss your slutty mother and sister with your lips covered with our juices”. She gasped as she heard that and clenched on my cock immediately; her weeping pussy starting to spasm around my cock triggering my own release. I filled her pussy with a surprising amount of spunk considering I had cum just a while ago. She waited for as long as I kept unloading cum into her pussy and then spit her panties out.

I looked on with barely contained hunger as she got onto her knees in a flash and started sucking and licking my cock and rubbing it all over her face looking up at me. Joanne’s face looked shiny enough to look suspicious but not sticky enough to be obvious. I kissed her lips to sample the wares and licked my lips after, “Mm we taste good” I smiled to myself.

We walked down the stairs hand in hand to the raised eyebrow of her mum. “He really likes my painting “hummed Joanne.

“I bet he does” snickered back the sister elbowing her mum in the ribs and making her mommy jugs jiggle to my delight”. We could hear him liking your painting all the way down till here” she continued to the absolute shock of their mother. I felt more than saw Joanne squirming around while sitting on the couch for the rest of the evening, the way she always does when she has cum dripping down her thighs

We finally got up to leave and I could see her grumpy dad’s eyes grow wide with shock as he got a glimpse of what I knew was his daughter’s soaked, bald pussy unfettered with panties leaking my cum. She blushed cute for someone who had just been fucked sore while her dad looked like he would chop my cock off; if he could reach up to it.

I walked up to him to shake his hand and watched him cower back as I got closer. It was a weird thrill knowing I had been boning his daughter thinking of his wife and his other daughter 15 minutes ago and he was physically powerless to do anything about it even if he wanted to.

Joanne’s mum reached out her hand to shake mine but the monster in me was out for good. I brushed away her hand and grabbed her in a bear hug, her milky white jugs squished flat against my chest and my semi erect cock pressed along the length of her tummy. I felt her stiffen and gave her a little side to side shuffle to rub my cock deeper into her. “Very pleased to have met you” I leaned in and whispered into her ear while giving her a barely perceptible thrust of the more than semi hard cock now.

I could see Joanne watch the interaction with eyes as wide as glaciers as she saw a side of me she had never witnessed before. My erect cock was more pronounced now and I could see Joanne’s sister trying to figure how to get out of hand shake or a hug when I grabbed her into a hug. I repeated the little shimmy shake of my now hard cock on her tummy and ran my hand down her delightfully firm and big ass before moving away.

“It’s your turn now” I whispered to Joanne when I got to her and my leggy minx winked back at me; more in control of her senses than she had been for the entire evening. She walked up to her mum and kissed her flush on her lips and I could see from the way her mom’s eyes fluttered on contact that she could taste us on her lips. She followed through with the sister to an almost identical reaction and I could see both her mother and sister licking their lips while looking at each other trying to confirm their doubts.

Just as I thought we were done with excitement for the evening, Joanne looked at me with a dare in her eyes. She turned towards me; away from her family, mouthed “Watch me” silently to me and ran her hands up her thighs to her bald, gushing pussy. She dipped her fingers into her slit; still leaking our juices and smeared them all over her lips till they were all shiny.

I almost came in my pants again when she turned around; walked up to her father and kissed him on the lips while grabbing her own ass for me to see.

And that is the day I decided, I was marrying this sex goddess even if I had to sell my soul for it

To be continued.

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