My Son, My Panties

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Author’s Note: This story is written in tribute to fantastic stories of Neighbor Lady, and is a twist on her fantasy.

I’m a happily married woman, 41 years old, having been married to a great man for over 20 years. We have one child, my son Glenn, who just turned 18.

While I’m not as fit and firm as I was in my younger years, I take care of my body, eat well, and exercise, and think I’m still in good shape and attractive.

One day, my junker of a BMW was in the shop again, as usual, and I ended up getting a ride home from a friend. I unlocked the door, walked in, and went into my bedroom.

I was in the bathroom getting ready to take my makeup off and have a shower, when I heard the front door open, and the sound of my son’s voice, along with his two friends.

The three of them are always hanging out, doing homework or looking at magazines. The two boys, Todd and Michael, are nice, if a bit nerdy. They’re smart, and interested in school and college, so they’re a good influence on my son. With his looks and body, it would have been easy for him to fall into a jock crowd, and lose focus on his studies, so I’ve been glad he’s such good friends with them.

Since I hadn’t gotten undressed yet, I turned off the bathroom light, and went to open the door, to go out and say hi to them when I heard Todd say “C’mon Glenn. Your mom must wear some hot panties. A woman than sexy just has to.”

It was quite a surprise to hear myself talked about this, so I froze in the bathroom to hear more.

I heard them come into the bedroom, obliviously not knowing I was home, since my car wasn’t in the driveway, and I hadn’t left my purse or jacket out in the living room.

“I’ll bet she does too,” chimed in Michael. “I’ve seen her panties lines under her skirt, and it makers her ass look so sexy.” I had to stifle a giggle at hearing his geeky description of me.

“Dude, that’s my mom you’re talking about,” Glenn said.

“Yeah, duh. If she wasn’t the hottest MLIF that we knew, we wouldn’t be talking about her. Now where’s her drawer?”

Drawer? What drawer were they talking about? Unless?

“I don’t know dude. I don’t like looking at her stuff,” said Glenn.

Todd piped in “Look, we already talked about this on the way over. We just want a peek at them. It’ll give us something to, well think about, when, you know.”

“Yeah dude, where does she keep them?”

“OK,” said Glenn. “Her underwear drawer is this one.”

Oh my God, I thought, as a flush ran through me. These two geeks wanted to look at my panties. I should have opened the door right then, and watch them run out like a cat feeling a trash can, but it made me feel good about myself, knowing these young teens wanted to see my silky panties.

They were always so polite and sort of shy around me. I took it as just them being geeky, though I did notice them checking out my legs and shoes when I’m come home after work, with my suit still on. That amusement was turning into something more as I peeked though the cracked door to see Glenn open up my panty drawer. With the bathroom light off, I wasn’t noticeable to them, but I could see exactly what they were doing.

Todd and Michael reached into my panty drawer, and each pulled out a few pairs.

“Gold mine guys. Wow, what a collection. Check out this pair – pink satin.”

“This pair is even better. White with red hearts. Imagine Rachel in these, stretching the material tight with her ass bouncing underneath.”

“These are so soft. They must feel so good on her tight body.”

“I know man. If I was a girl, I’d have sexy panties on all the time.”

All this talk was having the expected result on my under-sexed body. I mean Glenn’s father still fucked me quite well, but he was gone so much that I often needed more. I started feeling warm, and a tingle spread through me as I watched these young men playing with my panties.

“Man, I wish I could take one of these pairs home,” said Todd. “They feel so good wrapped around me I’d shoot off in no time.”

“Well you can’t!” Glenn said, sounding protective. “No panty raiding here. Now let’s go.”

“C’mon Glenn,” said Todd. “I know she’s your mom, but can’t you appreciate how hot she is, and how sexy she must look in these panties. I mean you see her all the time – in her work clothes, in short, tight jeans. I’d be stiff all the time.”

Glenn shifted in his shoes and replied: “Well, yeah, she’s nice looking, if that’s what you mean.”

“No dude. She’s hot. Remember last week when we came over and she was laying our by the pool in her bikini? I got so hard I had to just say hi and bye. You get to see that all the time. Admit it. You check her out too.”

“Well, she’s pretty and has a great body.”

“And big tits and a round ass.”

“Yeah, that too.”

That tingle was being to run into an ache, as I heard my son talk about me. I’d done the same thing as him – realize in spite of myself that he had turned into a very attractive young man, but never said şişli grup yapan escort it in words.

“If she was my mom guys,” Michael said, “I’d be trying to get a look at her all the time. Then I’d run off my room for some action.”

“That’s the closest you’ve ever gotten to some action,” laughed Todd.

“True, but I don’t see you pulling chicks either.” Michael kidded back.

Todd took the satin pair and sat down in a chair. “I wonder if these still smell like her?” He put the pair up to his face and breathed through them.

“They just smell nice and clean.” He then reached down and adjusted himself in his pants.

“Todd, are you hard smelling her panties?” asked Michael.

“Yeah. I mean, they’re so soft and smooth, and have been pressed against her pussy. How could I note be turned on?”

“Let me try.” Michael set on the edge of the bed and pressed the white and red heart pair against his face. “Oh man. They’re getting me turned on too. I’m sorry guys, I just have to do something.”

His hand moved down and unfastened his jeans, moving my panties down into his underwear.

“Wow. That feels so good. They’re just butter soft. Try it Todd.”

“I’ll do it one better” Todd said, and he pulled his jeans down, letting his young cock flop out. I started at it, the first new cock I’d seen in 20 years, marveling how stiff and smooth it was, as he wrapped my pink panties around his cock.

“Sorry guys. I can’t help it. Ohh. They feel so good against my cock.”

“Dude, you’re a homo,” said Michael. “But fuck it. I can’t help myself either.” He got his cock out too, and for a brief moment I saw it before he sheathed in into my underwear. It was a bit shorter and thicker than his buddy’s, but just as hard.

“You’re right, it feels so good in her panties.”

“C’mon guys. You’re going to stain them,” Glenn chided.

“Your mom doesn’t get home till 6. We can do a load of laundry before then,” replied Michael. “Oh man. It feels so wonderful to rub against her panties.”

“Just imagine if these soft panties were her soft and wet pussy,” said Todd. “Now Glenn. Don’t be a square. It makes it strange if you’re not doing the same thing.” With his free hand he reached into the panty drawer and threw my black satin pair of panties at Glenn. “Try it out.”

All this time, I’d just been looking and watching, getting more and more turned on as these young virgins used my panties. But seeing my son, my now grown up, hot stud of a son holding my sexist panties in his hands, with a dull look of lust on his face, flipped my switch. My aching pussy let loose, and I could feel my wetness dripping out into my panties. Without really willing it, my hand traced down to my pussy, and I began to rub myself through my skirt as I lustfully watched my son unzipping his pants, and letting them fall to his knees. His underwear, which I’d bought him, was stretched fully tight.

Still holding the panties in one hand, rubbing his fingers over the soft fabric, he worked his underwear down with his other hand. Then for the first time since he was about 5, I saw my son’s cock.

He took after his father, and then some. It had to be about 8 inches long, thick smooth, with a beautiful plum shaped, purple head. It throbbed with each beat of his heart, dancing with excitement. I had to bite my lips to keep out a gasp, and my fingers strummed their way over my pussy.

“Dude,” Todd said, “you’re hung. You weren’t lying when you said you had a big cock.”

Glenn shuffled over to a chair and sat down, taking his shoes, pants, and underwear off. He seemed in a daze as he started his masturbation, wrapping my black panties around his cock, and working them up and down on his thick shaft.

“Ohh, this is so nasty. But fuck it. I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he said.

“I hate to say it, but you have a great cock,” Michael said.

“Thanks. I like watching you all work your cocks too,” my son said.

“Then let’s see you at it,” said Todd. “Work that beauty.”

Glenn wrapped the now wet with his pre-cum panties around his very full balls, and rubbed his cock with his other hand.

“Yeah dude. Great view. Pump that cock.’

“Fuck this is so nasty” said Todd. “But it’s hot too. Let’s see you stroke it Glenn.”

My son’s fast strokes had made him break out in a sweat. He stopped for a moment to unbutton his shirt to cool off, showing his muscular chest and flat stomach covered with a thin film of sweat. He reached down and got back to stroking, his hand flying up and down his cock.

I’m not sure who was enjoy the sight more – me, or his buddies. They seemed fascinated to watch their stud friend bucking to his own rhythm, pulling on his wonderful cock. I guess teenage boys are so horny that they’ll watch and get turned on by anything sexual.

My lust was far nastier. I was a married woman with a very good life, but the sight of my young 18 year old son jacking off was making me sloppy şişli masöz escort wet. I threw a towel on the floor and dropped own to my knees, so I could work my pussy better. I pulled my panties off to one side with one hand, keeping my skirt rolled up, while my other found my soaked lips. Again, I had to stifle a moan as I touched myself, watching my son and his friends jerk off into my panties.

Glenn was giving himself some serious hand action, and Todd, ever thoughtful, noticed a bottle of lube I had on the nightstand.

“Try some of this Glenn. It’ll make it nice and slick. Your mom must use that same bottle to lube her fingers up when she masturbates.”

The nasty talk about me seemed to spur Glenn on even more, and he lubed his fingers up quickly and went back to stroking up and down on his swollen cock. My panties were now wrapped around his tight balls, caressing them the same way they do my pussy.

“Fuck. Your right. It’s so wet and slippery now. Thanks dude,” he said.

The three of them stroked away. Todd and Michael fucking my panties in their hands, Glenn blissfully stoking his big, long, stiff cock in his wet hands, my black satin panties kissing him around his balls. The studs jerked themselves, not saying anything now, as the pressure built up in their balls. I’m sure for all of them it was their first sexual experience with someone else around, and it was getting them so hot.

The bathroom now smelled of my sweet and sticky pussy, as I masturbated on my knees, stroking along with the studs. Todd started to lose control first, groaning, and began to buck his hips back and forth as he stroked his cock into my panties.

“Fuck dudes. I can’t take it. Gonna cum. Ohh.” he moaned, and I saw the pink satin turn dark as his virgin cum splattered into it. His orgasm hit him hard, and his back arched up as his balls emptied into the soft, now soaked material.

The sight and sound of Todd’s climax took Michael over the edge, and he groaned in pleasure as his swollen cock released his own load into my underwear.

After their climax was over they sank back, and focused their eyes on my son, who’d watched with fascination as his buddies came a few feet away from him.

“Man,” said Michael. “That was about the best cum I’ve ever had. I thought about your mom on her knees, suit still on, sucking on my cock. Ever think about that Glenn?” Michael led him on.

“You must have jerked off thinking about her ass too. All tight and firm. About bending her over the dining room table and pumping her from behind.”

“Ohh fuck. I can’t hold back. Oh man, I’m gonna cum too,” said my son.

Todd joined in “Ok then dude. You’re always bragging about how big of a load you shoot. Let’s see it then. Pump that big cock and splatter yourself.”

Both Todd and Michael were turned on by the sight of Glenn pulling that big cock of his. They still pumped their cocks into my now soaked panties, cocks still stiff and long.

It was true what Todd said about my son. He was a big cummer. For years I’d noticed when I washed his sheets, the large cumstains in them. I’d tried not to think about it then. I tried putting it out of my mind, the fact that my young son had pulled and stroked his beautiful cock into the sheets I was holding. But now, with my son jerking himself off, using the same bottle of lube I used to wet my fingers up when I fucked my pussy, all those repressed thoughts came flooding out.

I wondered what he thought about when he jerked off in his bed. Was it some girl from school, or from the movies, or maybe, even me?

His father and I were pretty loud when we fucked. Was Glenn hearing my moans of pleasure and pumping that big cock?

Sweat was coming out from his skin as he worked himself, his chest and stomach gleaming with the sheen. His cock seemed to get longer and harder from the egging on of his friends. He shut his eyes, and leaned his head back.

His hips started to buck against his hand, lifting his ass off the chair. This young stud, my own son, was getting closer to his cum. His other hand rubbed his chest, his friends staring with lust in their eyes at his swollen, purple plum shaped cock head, waiting for that magical movement with his liquid sex would come splattering out.

I rubbed my pussy in time with his strokes, mother and son, both using our fingers and our minds to stimulating our bodies and work up to our climaxes. My fingers were soaking wet as I fucked myself. I could feel my juices coat my slim fingers and then drip onto the towel. I wanted, I needed, to see my beautiful son reach his cum.

Glenn started groaning, getting so close to his climax, lost in some fantasy. He then said the sexiest words I’d ever heard.

“Oh yeah Mom. Suck my cock. Suck it you tease. Oh yeah take it! Take my cum!!” His balls tightened up in my panties as his body went rigid.

The first few spurts must have been pure pre-cum, as they flew out from his cock without warning, and şişli otele gelen escort landed on my son’s neck. Then his orgasm hit, and his moans filled my bedroom as the rest of his young jism emptied out of his cock. I watched in pure lust as 5, 6, 7 wet spurts soaked his heaving chest, my fingers frantically working my clit as best I could.

Both my son’s chest, and my fingers were soaked with our sex juices. Finally, Glenn collapsed in the chair, his smooth chest and stomach covered in sperm, some still dripping from the tip of his cock.

The shock of seeing that cum fly out of his cock and coat himself made my pussy shake and contract in a mini-climax, but the demands of being on my knees and trying to keep quite kept me from a full climax. So instead of release, it only made me hornier, and consumed with lust.

Without really deciding it, but probably just thinking with my dripping and soaked slit, I stood up, turned on the light, and opened the door. The boys were stunned by my sudden presence, and turned ghost white.

“Now boys, I’m not mad. But I think you all should be running home now,” I said, and with a stumble of awkward teen hands and arms, Todd and Michael pulled their pants up and tried their best to get out of my bedroom as fast as they could, without tripping over themselves or each other. They left my soaked and stained panties on the floor, heavy with their teen cum.

Glenn just stayed on the chair, too exhausted from his cum and too overwhelmed with embarrassment to move. I know I should have told him to leave too. Or I should have walked out of the bedroom myself. But I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. And even now, I’d do the same thing again.

Without speaking a word I walked over to him. I know I must have looked so overpowering and commanding in my heels, skirt, and tight top, nipples hard and swollen and sticking out, face flustered from my masturbation, and the same dull glazed of lust that I’d seen on him. I must have been the ultimate sexual image of his young life. As I gazed down on him, his heartbeat so strong and fast that it caused his whole chest to shake, I saw the clear sperm from his first few blasts drip and smear its way down his chest. And within seconds, I found bending down to him, my tongue tracing a sticky sweep trip up the cum drips to his neck. His cum tasted sweet, warm, and so nasty.

I began to nuzzle his neck, drinking in his scent, kissing wet kisses over his sensitive and smooth skin.

“Mom, please” he vainly, and without a lot of force or conviction, pleaded. But he was too far gone to think clearly either. We were just two people that had thought far too long about each other, wanting each other, and now were committed by luck and circumstance to fulfill our desires.

He looked up at me with soft, loving eyes, and stretched upwards to touch his lips to mine, sealing what was going to happen that afternoon. My hands roamed over his sexy young body, feeling how my boy had become a man, while his felt a woman’s soft skin and curves for the first time. His cock, which had never really gone down, began to throb and stiffen against my stomach as I traced my lips down his neck and chest. My hands lightly brushed his sensitive sides, down to his thighs, and then I pulled slightly away from his body to better touch his cock. A groan of forbidden pleasure passed his lips as I took hold of my son’s cock, and ran my painted nails up and down the growing length.

My black panties were still caressing his balls, soon aided by one of my hands, massaging and building up a second load of cum that I needed shot into my body. My other hand began to fuck his cock, pumping it up and down, stopping every few strokes to rub my thumb over the sensitive cock head, smearing his pre-cum over his own blood and lust swollen plum head. He was dripping again, thick and clear beads of young lust forming out of the slit of his cock, and I started at him, locking his eyes with mine as I let a drop hit and spread out on my extended tongue. God he tasted good. My tongue flicked against the most sensitive part on a man’s body, where the shaft of his cock joints the underside of his head, the tight and swollen purple skin of his head flaring out in both directions. He moaned again, telling me the words he’d said before, the image that he must have jacked his cock to and tossed off to dozens of times.

“Oh Mom. That’s it. Suck my cock. Take me in your mouth Mom. Please take me.”

So I did. I opened wide, and let his cock head rest against the flat of my tongue, Then slowly bobbed my head down on his swollen shaft, feeling his meat run along my tongue and lips till my mouth was full of my son’s cock. More groans. More pre-cum. More pussy juice wetting my lips and flooding my panties. I moved my head up and down on his cock, feeling it thicken and grow in my mouth, throbbing with each beat of his heart. Sometime, someday, I’ll suck my son off until he cums into his mother’s mouth. But today, I needed to get off too. My pussy was still so horny from my mini-cum in the bathroom, I needed it filled more that I needed a mouthful of Glenn’s cum.

Closing and tightening my lips around his shaft, I sucked hard and pulled my head back, as if unfurling a sword out of its sheath. His cock was the most fuckable one I’d even seen or could imagine, and I needed that meat in my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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