My Steam Room Fantasy

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Please ask for permission to post on other web sites or distribute. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about my fantasy and real life story! Don’t be shy, send me an email.


My fantasy takes place in Paris and I’m there on business. My day was long and stressful and finally made it back to my hotel room around nine at night. I placed my laptop and purse on the little desk in my room and started to unbutton my blouse. I turned the TV on and searched for an American television show.

I had a long week of travel and meetings. My job tends to suck and can’t tell you how aggravating life becomes when you have some ugly guy trying to blackmail you into sex. The classic, “If you don’t blow me I’m not going to purchase your services.”

Once I found some background noise I kicked my shoes off and unzipped my skirt, and then removed my blouse and bra. Outside of work I never wear a bra. I like walking around and having my nipples hard and love busting men and women checking out my chest.

Even though the curtains to my hotel room were open I didn’t mind walking around in my pantyhose. In fact, it’s kind of a fantasy thinking that someone was watching me. Someday I want to catch someone pleasuring him or herself while they spy on me.

I could hear someone moan and when I turned to face the Television I was shocked. I didn’t realize that I had turned a porn channel. On the screen was this woman with a man at both ends. I was frozen and captivated by this woman. Even though she was an actress she looked like she was really enjoying herself.

My clit started to throb and all I could think about was masturbating. Oh, if only some hung stud would walk into my hotel room and do me! I hadn’t had sex in a long time and really needed to get some. Sure I wasn’t looking for Mr. Right, just Mr. Right now! I lay down on the bed, slipped my hand under my hose and felt my wet pussy.

Maybe I could call room service and get lucky! I stood up and looked out the window, damn! Nobody was watching. Crap, why can’t a girl travel with her bff? Oh how I needed my vibrator. Could you imagine how embarrassing it would be getting busted while trying to get through security, when they discover your dildo thinking it’s a bomb? Yeah it’s a bomb but it to rock my world!

Well my fingers were not doing the tick. After a couple more minutes I decided to visit the spa. I stripped off my hose and put on some shorts and a tank top, and turned off the television. I put on my flip flops and left my room for the spa. Even though it was late the spa was still open. Part of me wished that another woman would be around, just for safety reasons.

I walked up to the steam room; the sign was in French and English that stated clothing option and for both sexes. I turned the steam on and started walking to the locker room. Well when in Rome as they say. So I undressed and worked up the courage to go nude. Grabbed a really nice terrycloth towel and wrapped myself.

I’ve always wanted to be nude in a public place but never had the courage. My arms trembled, should I enter nude or wait till I sat down. What if someone was in the steam room? What if there was no one in the steam room? Which would be more upsetting?

Once in the steam room I carefully sat on my towel and pulled open the towel exposing my breasts. Even though I was by myself, I could feel my body start to wake. I love being nude and while sitting by myself sarıyer escort I started to secretly wish that someone would join me.

My mind started to drift off as the tension from work released out though my pours. My body was still alive, wanting to be touched, but that would be an understatement. I needed to get some! By no means was I looking for Mr. Right, just Mr. Right now! Sounds like a slut, right? Well, a girl has needs too.

About ten minutes later a woman walked in. Okay I can handle this. Sure, I was nude and exposed but she would understand. Then this man walked in. He moved behind her and immediately I could tell that they were a couple. They both were nude. They walked into the steam room carrying their towels. I thought that was a little strange.

What I first noticed was that both the man and woman were hairless. After the shock wore off I started to check out their tone bodies. They sat down about three feet away from me. It took every ounce of energy not to get up and run away. I was a little embarrassed having these strangers in the room with me.

I didn’t know what to expect or do. She introduced herself then her hunky husband. They started talking about how relaxing a steam is and that they always look forward to sharing with others. That got my already aroused mind to thinking; after all we were in Europe. She sat back completely showing me her pussy and breasts. Seeing her sitting there so relaxed helped calm my nerves. Her husband didn’t mind me looking at him and when he caught me checking out his cock he just smiled.

I could feel their eyes on me and after a few moments his cock started to become hard.

The woman turned to me, “I think my husband is enjoying looking at your sexy body. I hope you don’t mind.”

I smiled and thanked her for the complement. He didn’t try to hide his erection, in fact he sat back telling me how proud he was of his growing erection. I love seeing hard cocks almost as much as I love a hard cock in me. Seeing his erection didn’t help my state of mind. I’ve been aroused since watching that porno and was going to get myself off in the shower.

I looked up and caught the attention of the wife; she reached out and grabbed her husbands cock. I watched as beads of sweat rolled down her chest to her shaved pussy. This stranger reached out and slowly she started to stroke his hard thick cock. Part of me was in shock that this couple would be so bold, but the bad girl in me wanted to watch.

She turned to me, “Guess that I better take care of this. Hope you don’t mind?”

Now I was embarrassed, “No, not at all.” Not sure if the sweat pouring off my body was due to the heat of the steam room or the heat from this couple.

Through the steam I watched her lean forward till her lips touched his cock. He was rather impressive with nice veins pumping blood to gorge his shaft. The skin tight like at any moment he would explode.

“Would you care to touch? He feels very nice but he feels even better when he’s in me.” She smiled.

“My wife, she loves to give pleasure to others. I’m going to watch her eat your pussy now.”

This stranger moved between my legs, looked up at me, while moving closer to my pussy. I could still see his cum on her lips. She drove right in, I watched as she licked around my clit teasing me.

I’ve never told my boyfriend Bob that I’ve been with women; he is too sefaköy escort conservative to appreciate the experience. I thought that I was supposed to be the conservative one in the relationship.

She took her time, moving closer and closer between my legs. Not sure if she was trying to tease me or her husband.

I looked up at her husband, right when I felt her lips touched my lips. Oh, she pulled me into her mouth. I’m not sure if I was aroused from seeing her husband fat cock or from watching the porno, but there was no doubt that I needed to get off.

Her lips were so soft and gentle. I could tell that she’s enjoyed a few women in her sexual past. I was just happy to enjoy this night with them. Her husband reached down and grabbed his cock. I’ve always loved watching men touch themselves. To see a guy with a hard cock, to watch him touch himself is just so erotic. The way that he touches himself, the way that he pleasures himself as always been intriguing; how do men pleasure themselves? This man didn’t mind that I watched! Course his wife was between my legs.

Her tongue was so soft, giving me pleasure rubbing against my clit. Her eyes were closed as she licked my very wet pussy. A rush of feelings flooded my mind, what if someone walked in? Would they want to watch or do me? What if we got busted? This little romp was so delicious.

While stroking his cock, “It seems that my wife enjoys eating you?”

Immediately I replied, “And do you enjoy watching her?”

“Yes, very much so. It’s been a while since she’s been able to enjoy a woman as hot as you. And yes, I love watching her lick between another woman’s legs.”

Guess that the stranger’s husband did not lack in any confidence. Wonder how many women this couple has enjoyed? Then again, it didn’t matter. For me, this was just a one night thing, sexy with out emotion. All I needed, and wanted was to get off.

She pulled her hair back, opened her mouth and took me. She wanted her husband to see, she wanted her husband to watch! I felt each and every little bump on her tone as she started to tease me.

He looked up at me, “I think my wife enjoys how you taste.”

I smiled, “Well I am enjoying her eating me.”

She took me deeper, started to suck hard. It kind of felt like my pussy was entering her wet mouth. She never allowed her tongue to venture far from my clit. I love having my pussy sucked on, and a tongue licking my clit. Oh she was good! I could feel my orgasm starting to build, granted I’ve been aroused all day and now, I was going to cum on the strangers face.

I ran my fingers though her hair, “Please, eat me!”

“That’s it baby, make her cum! Yeah, I love watching you such pussy.”

Oh the sensations were over powering. This woman really knew how to eat pussy. I loved the fact that her husband was watching and the rush knowing that at any moment someone might walk in. My legs spread and this woman eating my pussy. What an image, three people in a steam room, nude and the scent of pussy in the humid air.

My toes and the back of my head started to tingle. Oh I was getting close and that is when I lost control.

“Oh make me cum! Eat my wet pussy you slut while your husband watches. Does it excite you to eat me knowing that he’s watching? Knowing that he’s stroking that thick cock of his! Yeah, eat me!”

That is when I lost it. The sensations and rush şerifali escort of emotions exploded. I felt the rush, my nerves over loaded with sensations. My juices filled her mouth as I totally lost control. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the ride. I’m sure that her husband was watching but I didn’t have the nerve to look at him.

After a few minutes I was able to recover.

This stranger was sexy, very exotic and I wanted her. I’ve been with a few women and I wanted to be with her. I didn’t care that her husband was watching or that some stranger could walk in on us. Once my orgasm passed, I made my move. I pushed her back still she rested on her back. Instinctively her legs opened and I moved between her soft tone legs.

She turned to look at me, “I think my husband needs some relief. Do you mind if I help him out?”

With out me answering she moved between his legs and took his hard cock in her mouth. Part of me wanted that cock, while part of me just wanted to watch. She took him with gusto and was sloppy. She made lots of sucking noises but I wasn’t sure who for. Was she trying to turn me on or her husband?

I moved over and sat next to her. I wanted to touch her feel her skin and watch her. She looked so sexy taking her husband hard cock into her mouth. I watched as she moved up and down on his thick shaft. She would tease his mushroom head and lick her tongue all around. She defiantly wasn’t sure and was making lots of sucking sounds.

Slowly I side my hand down her shoulder, to the small of her back and than I shifted a little to get a little closer. After she ate me I didn’t think she needed any foreplay. I felt her wet lips but wasn’t sure if she was sweating or from her arousal. She didn’t say anything only parted her legs to allow me access to her pussy.

My ring finger easily entered her wet pussy then my ring and middle finger. I know when I’m getting some I like my walls to be touched. After a few minutes she started to sway her body. She wanted more and my teasing was distracting her from blowing her husband.

Her husband was checking me out and when our eyes met I pulled my fingers out of his wife and licked them clean. She closed his eyes and I’m sure that visual sent him over the edge. I heard her squeal a little and slurping. She wasn’t able to swallow everything and two steams of cum leaked out of her mouth and down her face.

Once he was finished she rolled over on her back. I moved in, went down on her. Taking her pussy into my mouth and filling her pussy with three of my fingers. I knew she was close. She reached down started to run her fingers through my hair and then started to pull me into her pussy. I could tell that she was on the edge! I sucked her harder to bring her to the edge. I wanted to taste her cum.

She buckled and squirmed and started to talk about how good it felt. That she loved having me eat her pussy. Her pussy was becoming very wet and could feel her arousal against my cheeks. Then she started to scream how good it would feel if her husband was in her while I ate her. She took one last breath and then exploded all over my face. She grunted as she started to cum.

Once she came back to eat I moved up next to her. I reached over and grabbed my town trying to make the wood bench a little softer. We laid there for about five minutes or so and she invited me up to her room. I wasn’t ready for that and thanked them for a wonder full night. They asked me to join them in the shower but I told them that I was exhausted and wanted to cash in my hotel room.

We hugged and I left them.

I went back up to my room alone but satisfied. Now, I had something to masturbate to if I needed to cum. However, all I did was grab a glass of water and crashed for the night.

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