My Vacation With Mom Ch. 02

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I opened my eyes. The clock on the wall said 8:00, and for a moment, I was confused. Was it night or morning? By the way the sun came through the window, I figured it must be evening. That would mean we’d been asleep for about four hours.

I turned to mom. She looked so peaceful and content, strands of her blonde hair running across her face. She still had her bikini on, and I remembered how we’d come into the room from next door, too tired to change, and collapsed on the bed.

As I looked at her, she opened her eyes. I was afraid for a moment. We hadn’t talked since we’d made love just four hours earlier. No, I thought, we hadn’t made love, we’d fucked. We’d fucked hard and fast, unable to control ourselves. What would her reaction be now? Regret? Embarrassment? Guilt?

Mom looked in my eyes and smiled. I held her glance.

“Mom, I’m sorry…” I started to say. I felt I had to say something, some apology, some explanation, anything to make it O.K. between us.

She put a finger to my lips.

“Don’t say anything,” she whispered, “Don’t say a word.”

She continued to look deep into my eyes. Slowly, mom reached back and undid the top of her bikini. She shrugged her shoulders and her top slipped off. There, just inches from my face, were her huge breasts, their aureoles at least three inches in diameter, topped with their hard little nipples.

A little groan came from the back of my throat. Mom reached down and slid her bikini bottom down over her hips and off her legs. I could see the golden blonde hair above her pussy.

“Don’t say a word,” she whispered again.

Mom got up on her knees. Kneeling above me, she pulled my swimsuit down my hips just enough so my penis was exposed. It rested against my stomach, flaccid and soft.

She looked into my eyes again, “Don’t say a word,” she said again, then slowly bent down and took the head of my penis into her mouth. And then more of it, until she’d taken it all deep inside her mouth. Her mouth was warm, and wet, and I could immediately feel my cock start to harden, to expand in her mouth.

She pulled at the head of my cock with her closed lips, stroking her tongue into the little slit at its end. Then her head began to move up and down, sucking my cock deep into her wet mouth, her cheeks puffing in and out with each up and down movement of her head.

By now, my cock was hard and erect, and she let it slip out of her mouth. Mom turned, and again looking straight into my eyes, drew her leg across my body. Facing me, she put her hands on the bed, and supporting herself on either side of me with her arms, began to slowly move her hips, causing her pussy to rub up and down against me. I could feel her wetness as her pussy lips spread out on either side of my cock, stroking up and down against it.

I looked up at mom’s face. Her mouth was slightly open, her cheeks a little flushed. Her breasts swung gently back and forth, inches above my chest, her erect nipples pointing down at me.

Mom let out a little whimper, her pussy continuing its slow, up and down motion against my cock. Then, at the end of an upward stroke, she lifted her hips slightly up, allowing the head of my cock to enter her. She lowered herself, slowly engulfing me inside her.

Her pussy was hot, and wet, and tight against my cock, and I had to fight hard to resist the urge to suddenly thrust my hips upward.

“So good…” I started to say, but mom interrupted, putting a finger across my lips.

“Shhhh,” she whispered.

Now, our pelvises touched, our pubic hair mingled together. She paused, then ever so slowly raised her hips until just the head of my cock was inside her. Then slowly she lowered herself.

I stared at the point where our bodies were joined together. Her light blonde pubic hair was almost invisible against her skin, almost giving the illusion her pussy was shaved bare. With each of her slow upward movements, I could see the lips of her pussy hanging back, dragging against my cock, then folding inward as she began her downward stroke.

I watched the muscles in her thighs and ass flex as she moved against me. My cock glistened with her juices, and her strokes came so slow I could feel the cool, evaporative air on my wet cock with each of her upward strokes, then the moist heat as her pussy enveloped me again.

A boiling pressure began to develop in my balls, and I knew I was going to cum. And then it started. I could feel the cum rushing out of my cock, spurting into mom’s pussy. Because her motions were so slow, the feeling was intense, almost painful. I wanted to shout out, ‘Faster! Faster!’. I wanted to grab mom’s ass and pull her hard against me, to pound my pelvis upward. I needed to feel my cock stroking hard and fast into her cunt.

But she continued her excruciatingly slow, up and down movements, torturing my cock as ataşehir escort I continued to fill her womb with cum.

Now, mom’s eyes were closed tight, her face flushed red. She whimpered softly. I felt another wave of cum gush out of my cock and I knew my balls were drained dry.

I felt a slight trembling in her cunt, as if it were trying to grab my cock, to pull me in tighter. Mom’s eyelids began to flutter uncontrollably. Her entire body began to shake on top of mine. Her mouth was now wide open, as if she was screaming in silence. Despite her own orgasm, she continued her slow, even strokes.

Then, as if someone had pushed the pause key on a video, her body became still. She opened her eyes. Still supporting herself on her outstretched arms, her body was remained still above mine. Her breasts hung motionlessly over my chest. I was still deep inside her, and I watched as a thin trail of white cum slowly oozed out of her pussy, down my cock, to form a small puddle at its base.

Mom remained frozen above me for at least a full minute before her body went limp and she collapsed on top of me.


We were sitting with Roy and Lisa in the resort’s restaurant, just finishing dinner. The meal had all come about as a result of a jog that mom had taken earlier in the day.

“I just did a terrible thing,” she had said after returning from her run.

“What’s that?”

“I saw Lisa and Roy down on the beach, and I invited them to have dinner with us. Are you mad? Or better yet, am I crazy?”

“No,” I said, shrugging my shoulders, “they’re a little wild, but you have to admit, there’s something intriguing about them.”

Intriguing was putting it mildly. Lisa was probably one of the most uninhibited people I’d ever met. Both in her speech and her actions, she gave off a devil-may-care air as if she would say whatever she wanted and do whatever she wanted, and the hell with whatever anyone else thought. I still wasn’t sure if this was a result of supreme confidence or supreme lack of confidence but I suspected the former.

It was a semi-formal restaurant. I had put on a tie and blazer. Mom, as usual, was dressed elegantly. All in green, she wore light green pants that, while not tight, helped to accent the curve of her hips and her trim thighs. She had on a light green blouse with tiers of ruffles across the front. There was a silky green neckerchief loosely tied around her neck.

Lisa had on a tight, knit halter-top, which exposed most of her chubby little tummy. With no bra on underneath, her floppy breasts hung down and jiggled whenever she moved. She wore a pair of denim shorts, the kind with the frayed hems at the bottom, and an inch or two of her asscheeks puffed out from the bottom on each side.

Roy had on a pair of khaki pants and a button up sports shirt that was a size or two too small. Maybe he chose that size on purpose, I thought to myself, because it helped show off the bulging muscles of his upper arms, and the contour of his well-developed chest.

“So Sally, why did you divorce your first husband?” Lisa asked, looking at mom.

I was curious to see how she would handle the question.

“I think because he was more interested in the young things he could get at work than he was in me.”

“Now you’ve got your revenge,” Lisa said with giggle.

Mom looked at her, confused.

“I mean, now you’ve got your own young thing,” Lisa said, pointing at me.

Mom and I both smiled.

“Well, he was crazy to let you go,” she continued, “and Tom’s lucky to have you now. I mean, you know I’ve seen… all of you, and you have a great body! I’d trade mine for yours any day. Even Roy here was getting all excited talking about how hot you look.”

I noticed Roy blushed slightly.

“I don’t think I’d be that upset if Roy screwed around,” Lisa continued with a smile, “as long as he kept bringing me the paycheck.”

She took another sip of her wine.

“In fact, let me tell you a funny story, at least I think it’s funny. Three or four weeks ago my best girlfriend was over at my apartment. Roy was there, and the three of started drinking this wine she’d brought with her, and before you know it, she’s making these google eyes at Roy.

“So I saw this, and figured if she was ‘gonna chase him, it was better if she caught him when I was around, just so I could keep an eye on things. So I just came out and told her, ‘you can have him tonight. Now, if you want’, and she turned three shades of red. But I told Roy to go sit beside her and console her in her embarrassment, and Roy was happy to oblige, and before you know it, they’re groping and grabbing and tearing off their clothes.”

I glanced at mom and rolled my eyes. She smiled.

“Now here’s the funny part. You guys have seen Roy, right?”

We both nodded.

“And you noticed he’s a little… big.”

We nodded again. Big’s not the word, I thought to myself, gigantic is more like it.

“So there they are on avcılar escort the couch,” Lisa continued, “starting to do their stuff, and it won’t fit! I mean, she’s lying back ready, and Roy tries to go at it and he pushes hard and it won’t fit, not even a little bit. Her cunny was just too small. So she gets all flustered and annoyed, and just gets up, puts on her clothes and leaves. Funny isn’t it?”

Lisa continued, “Even I had some trouble with him in the beginning. When we first met I couldn’t get it in either, so I went to the store and bought a cucumber and started working out with it, every day, sometimes two or three times a day. Then a week later I bought a little bit bigger cucumber, and the week after that an even bigger one. It took me a month of work, but I finally got my cunny big enough for Roy.”

Mom looked at me and giggled. I glanced around, luckily there was no one sitting close to us. I could only imagine what they’d think if they overheard our conversation.

“Sally, do you have kids?” Lisa asked.

“Yes,” mom nodded, “I have two…daughters.”

“I was thinking,” Lisa continued, “in that case you could probably take Roy. I mean, after having children you might be a little bit… more open down there.”

Mom face turned red. She didn’t respond.

Lisa was unstoppable. She continued, “Do you guys ever fool around with other people? I mean, not like last night, you were just fooling around with yourselves while we happened to be there. Do you ever trade or anything like that?”

Lisa asked the question with the same casual tone of voice as if she were asking if we knew what the weather forecast was.

Mom shook her head. “No, we haven’t done that,” she answered quietly.

“You should try it. If you really trust each other, I bet it would make your marriage better. And Lord knows, you guys could use a little loosening up.”

“I’m not sure we’re the type,” mom said.

“It’s all a state of mind,” Lisa continued, “You ‘gotta be in the right state of mind. Tom, if Sally wanted to fool around with another guy, would you let her?”

“Sure,” I answered.

Mom scowled at me.

“Like, Sally, the way you dress, the way you wear your makeup…”

Mom looked at her.

“It’s nice and all, but it’s sort of… boring and old fashioned. I mean, with your great body, you should be showing it off. Tom would like that, wouldn’t you, Tom?”

“Yeah, I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.” I turned to mom and gave her a big grin. She looked back at me, a frown on her face.

“Tell you what,” Lisa said to mom, “I brought my cosmetology bag with me. What about I give you a going-over tonight?”

“I think that’s a great idea,” I said, “I think Sally needs a good going-over.”

Mom stared at me. If looks could kill, I would have been dead at that instant.


Roy and I were sitting in our room while the women were next door, my mom getting her ‘going-over’ from Lisa. Despite his quiet demeanor, I discovered that Roy could, in fact, talk. Of the four boys in his family, Roy explained to me, he was the only one to graduate from high school.

“Even though it was Vo-Tech, not the real high school,” he said.

When he’d graduated, he’d been hired by the county as a backhoe operator.

“It’s really an O.K. job,” he told me, “I get to work outdoors, and the pay and benefits are great.”

I’d done a little weight training in my time, and it was obvious from his physique that he was serious about it.

“I belong to a club,” he said when I asked him about it, “I go three times a week, no matter what,” he said.

I don’t know how the conversation got to it, but Roy confided in me the reason he’d started his bodybuilding.

“I have this…big thing, you know,” he said, looking down at his crotch, “and in high school, the other guys would see me in the shower and they’d laugh at me like I was some kind of freak. They’d call me names like Mr. Pecker or Cock-a-Doodle. I was this skinny kid with a big dick. In eleventh grade, I started working out. I knew I couldn’t change the size of my dick, but I did know I could do something to my body that would let me beat the shit out of the next little bastard who called me a name.”

The door to our suite opened, interrupting our conversation. Lisa took a step inside. She was carrying what looked to me to be a big tackle box for fishing. I figured it must be her famous cosmetology kit.

“All done!” she announced, swinging her free arm back and pointing to the door as if making an introduction. There was a pause.

“Come on, it’s O.K.” Lisa whispered out the door.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed as mom stepped into the room. I hardly recognized her.

Mom’s blonde hair puffed out in curly waves from her head. Her bright red lips and the red rouge on her cheeks contrasted with the dark blue eye shadow Lisa had applied. Her eyelashes were shiny black and at least a half-inch long.

There was a thin red silky collar avrupa yakası escort around mom’s neck, and lower, a tight red tank top that left her stomach exposed. The top was made of some loosely woven material that allowed glimpses of skin through the open weave of the fabric. It was obvious she didn’t have on a bra.

Lower, a red and white plaid skirt swelled out over her hips. The skirt would have been short on Lisa, and with mom being five or six inches taller, it left almost the full length of her thighs exposed. Black thigh-high stockings barely made it to the hem of the skirt.

The red shoes on her feet had heels at least four inches high, helping raise and tauten the muscles of her calves and thighs and accentuate the curve of her ass.

But the most dramatic part of Lisa’s handiwork was the tattoo. What looked like the top of a butterfly wing was visible where mom’s breasts began to curve out from her chest. The rest of the butterfly disappeared under her tank top.

I whistled and began clapping and Roy followed suit.

Mom stood there in front of us, blushing bright red and staring down at the floor.

“Show them your tattoos,” Lisa said, nudging mom with her elbow.

“I couldn’t,” mom whispered.

“I said, show them your tattoos!” Lisa repeated, but this time it was more of a command.

Mom slowly reached toward the butterfly wing and hooked one finger under her tank top there. Slowly, she pulled the top down, exposing more of the butterfly and more and more of her full, round breast. The bottom of the tattoo actually extended a half-inch onto her aureole and she dutifully lowered the top to the very bottom of the tattoo. She looked down, and once she was sure she’d shown the entire tattoo to us, she quickly pulled her top back up.

“And now the other one,” Lisa said.

Mom looked at her, a pained expression on her face, as if silently begging Lisa not to make her go through this. Lisa simply stared back at her. Mom hooked her thumb under the elastic waistband on one side of her skirt and slowly began pulling it down. After she’d lowered it about five inches, the red top of a rose appeared, then lower, the leaves of the rose, then even lower, the stem, extending down until we could see the beginning of her blonde pussy hair. Again, mom glanced down, and after verifying that we could see the whole tattoo, she let her skirt snap back to her waist.

“Very nice,” I said.

Hoping to break the tension of the moment and maybe relieve some of mom’s embarrassment, I looked at Lisa and asked, “How long do they last?”


“The tattoos.”

“About three weeks,” Lisa answered, “it depends on how many times you shower or go swimming. Do you want one?” she asked me with her devilish smile.

“No, I’ll pass this time,” I answered.

“Sally chose these two herself, didn’t you Sally?”

Mom nodded.

“So how does it make you feel, Sally… dressing like this?” Lisa asked.

Mom was still blushing.

There was a long pause, then mom whispered, “I think, sort of…slutty.”

“And do you like feeling slutty, Sally?”

Mom didn’t answer. Her blush deepened.

“I think maybe you do like it,” Lisa continued, “I think maybe you do like standing in front of us dressed like a slut. I think you like to show off, don’t you, Sally?”

Again, mom remained silent, staring at the floor.

“Let’s see how much of a slut you really are, Sally. Give me your hand.”

Mom slowly raised her arm. Lisa took mom’s hand in both of hers, and I watched as Lisa put mom’s hand against one of her breasts. I could see mom’s arm instinctively try to pull back, but Lisa held it tight.

“Now,” Lisa said, “I’m going to let go of your hand, but I want you to keep it against my breast. Understood?”

There was no reply.

“Understood?” Lisa repeated, louder this time.

Mom nodded.

Lisa released mom’s hand.

“Now,” Lisa continued, “I want you to slip your hand under my top and put it over my bare breast.”

A small whimper came out of mom’s mouth. She had a pained look on her face. But I watched as her hand slowly slide off Lisa’s tank top, then reach up and underneath, until it disappeared under the top, her hand cupped over Lisa’s breast.

I glanced at Roy. He stared at the women, seemingly as entranced as I was by what was going on.

“Now,” Lisa said, “massage my breast with your hand.”

I could see mom’s hand begin to move under the fabric of Lisa’s tank top.

I was utterly astonished as I watched the scene unfold in front of me. It was as if Lisa had some absolute control over mom. But I knew it was more than that… I knew mom was obeying Lisa’s commands because she wanted to obey them. She needed to obey them.

Lisa had intuitively tapped into some inner, hidden need of mom’s. Some dark secret that maybe mom herself perhaps wasn’t fully aware of. And Lisa was exploiting it, maybe because it gave her a feeling of control, or maybe just because it gave her a little cheap thrill. I couldn’t know.

But I decided it wasn’t my right to intercede. No physical harm was being done, no one was in danger. Mom was a big girl, she could make her own decisions. She could stop it at any time. If this was what she wanted, if this was what she needed, so be it.

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