My Wife’s Sisters

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I started fucking my wife’s sister Lynn almost a year ago. It all started innocently enough as I stopped by her house at lunch to drop off some tools I had borrowed from her husband (my brother in-law), Andy. We have known each other for a long time and were pretty close so we pretty much just give a short little knock and then walk into each other’s house. However, what a surprise I got!!

As I walked in, I heard sounds from the kitchen that were unmistakably, “fucking” sounds. I was sure that I caught her and Andy doing it in the kitchen and couldn’t stop myself from walking in on them. As I rounded the corner, I caught site of them in a dining room mirror (pointed toward the kitchen) but while I could see Lynn, it was obvious that her partner was not Andy! I watched the reflection of this guy fucking my sister in-law from behind over the sink. I obviously got there close to the end as I heard this guy tell Lynn, “baby I’m gonna cum” and Lynn immediately turned, took this guys cock in her mouth and sucked him off tell he spewed done her throat…I could hear her gulping his spew! I was mesmerized by the site in the mirror and my cock was busting against my pants.

Now Lynn is pretty but not gorgeous and while she has a nice body, it’s not porno. She has nice legs, an O.K. body and reasonably sized breasts.

After slurping the last cum drips from this guy’s cock, Lynn got off of her knees and with sperm dripping down her chin, she saw me in the mirror. To say that she looked shocked was an understatement. I just walked into the kitchen to face her saying, “I stopped by to drop off the tools and didn’t expect to surprise you this way”. The guy just started stumbling around, grabbing at his clothes and pretty much, ran out the door.

Lynn, just stood there naked, not knowing what to say. After a moment or two, she asked, “are you going to tell Andy”. I replied that, “frankly I am not sure what I should do”. I then told her that she should go clean up and that I would wait for her downstairs so that we should talk this through. She just nodded her head and as she bent down to pick up her clothes, she glanced up right at, “cock level” and there was no doubt that she saw the tent in my pants. I couldn’t help it, the sight of her getting fucked like that really turned me on. She straightened up with an armful of her clothes and with just the slightest grin, padded barefoot up the stairs.

The fact that she knew I was aroused both excited and embarrassed me.

Chapter 2

After a couple of minutes, I heard the shower start and I sat down in their family room, made myself a drink and waited for her to come back downstairs. I wasn’t sure as to how I should handle this. I have always liked Lynn and Andy but was also incredibly excited by what I saw and heard. In fact, I had to talk myself out of going up stairs and fucking the shit out of Lynn in the shower. My mind wandered into “dangerous areas”. I started considering the possibilities. I new that if I forced her, that I could make Lynn fuck me to keep me quiet. However, I also couldn’t help but think that this would somehow work it’s way against me. I really wanted to fuck Lynn badly but if I forced her, I was sure that it would cost me later.

I heard the shower shut itself off and Lynn proceeded to come downstairs to confront me.

When she entered the family room, all she had on was a terry cloth bathrobe. Nice and short, showing off her legs and a little revealing in the cleavage area as well. I started wondering, who was in control?

All I was sure of was that my dick was throbbing and I wanted her bad! She sat down next to me on the couch and I noticed her glancing at my erection. As she sat to my left, her robe slid further up her thighs and as I saw this skin, I swallowed loud enough for the neighbors to hear me.

Lynn was incredibly calm. We talked for a moment and she said that this relationship that I walked in on was not love “but lust”. She admitted to having had several affairs with a variety of men in the neighborhood, some married and some not married. She told me that with the traveling that Andy’s job required provided her with ample opportunities to get laid by many men.

She was very matter-of-fact about all of her exploits and there was little doubt that she knew that she was turning me on – I mean my very hard dick pushing against my zipper made it pretty damned obvious. She went from one story to another. One was about the newly married couple next door. As they were moving in, something was broken and since his tools were still on the moving truck, he came by to introduce himself to his new neighbors and see if he could borrow a tool or two in the interim. With Andy out golfing with some buddies, what he got was a hammer, screwdriver and “welcome to the neighborhood BJ”. As she continued to recount some of the details, she slid her arm behind me on the coach while simultaneously sliding her legs up under herself, which exposed even more skin. çatalca escort As she started telling me about Andy’s poker night and how his friend Stan, fucked her in the basement, she had started to gently stroke the back of my neck with her right hand.

I couldn’t even speak. First, I walk in and see my sister-in-law, Lynn fucking and sucking a guy in the kitchen and now, she’s seducing me.

With a little grin, and leaning her face close to mine, she said, “now what do I have to do to get you to keep this quiet?” Then with the slightest hint of a giggle, she went on to say, “I mean, it seems like maybe it would be best all around if we each had a secret, don’t you think?”

Instantly, her right hand lightly grasped the nape of my neck and as she pushed my face to hers, her left hand reached out and started to rub my erection through my slacks. I could hear a barley audible, moan emit from her throat as her hand slid over the length of my cock.

I am quite sure that even though I knew where this was headed, I had a look of total surprise on my face as she continued to pull me towards her for a kiss.

Just before our lips met, her eyes closed in such a seductive way and I saw her mouth slowly start to open to accept my tongue into her mouth. I had enough electricity running through me to power New York City.

My mind was floating in total lust. My tongue entered her mouth and her hand rubbed my dick and all I wanted to do was fuck her. After a moment or two of tongue smashing and groping, her hands started to fumble with my belt and I reached down and helped unfasten everything so fast it was like my clothes were on fire. As my pants and underwear hit the floor, my cock bobbed freely in the air. Lynn stood long enough to let her robe fall to the floor and I had a brief moment to gaze again, upon her naked body before she fell to her knees between my bare thighs. She took my purple head into her mouth and I could feel her tongue swirl the head of my dick and cleanse it of my pre-cum. She continued to tease me until I pushed her head to force her mouth to engulf my entire organ. Lynn mouthed my cock and began to play with my balls with her free hands. I was in heaven!

She started to get me near orgasm but I wanted to fuck her pussy so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and gently pulled her back onto the couch. As Lynn spread her bare legs exposing her pussy, I reached down with my hand to finger her cunt and she was dripping wet. I laid on top of her and while exploring her mouth with my tongue, I pushed my cock into her cunt. Lynn was really one horny bitch and started encouraging me to fuck her harder. She said, “Mike your dick is so big, so big”! In the heat of the moment she even said, “your dick is soooo much bigger than Andy’s, I love your fucking cock, give me more”!

At that point I was not entirely sure as to who enjoyed this more. We were both fucking the hell out of each other. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of her ass and it was sopping wet with her pussy juice. My level of arousment impacted any hope of continuing this fuck fest for very long. So I pulled out my cock and slid up her body to allow her to suck me off. She gladly took my cock and sucked me off until I splurted all over her mouth.

After I gave her my last drops, she licked my shaft up and down and then licked off my balls as well. I then looked at Lynn and told her, “as long as you take care of me like that, no one will ever know a thing”. She grinned and said, “do you want to fuck some more”? Without saying a word, I pushed my face between her legs and began to taste her pussy juices. She squirmed and released herself into my mouth.

After she climaxed on my face, I was hard again and so I slid my cock back into her fuck hole. We bucked at each other until I came all over the inside of her fuck hole. Afterwards, we cleaned up and I went back to work.

Chapter 3

Lynn and I fucked every chance we got. I remember having her and Andy over for a cookout and late in the evening, with the kids in my swimming pool and Andy and my wife Danielle on the deck, and just like Stan before me, Lynn and I snuck into the basement for a quick fuck. Lynn was wearing a light cotton dress and as she raised it to her waist, revealing her underwear-less cunt, I turned her around and fucked her doggy style until I was getting ready to come. Without missing a beat, I took my meat from her twat and shoved it into her asshole. Lynn went fucking nuts. At first it hurt and she yelped but then she couldn’t seem to get enough. Lynn’s asshole was so tight that it took no time for me to cum all over the inside of her brownie hole.

After finishing, I turned her to face me and pushed my mouth to hers. After sliding my tongue into her mouth, I gently pushed down on her shoulder so that she could clean the cum, pussy juice and shit from my rod. I wasn’t sure how she would react but without hesitation, got to her knees esenyurt escort and used her mouth to clean me up.

Another time, we found ourselves driving to the store to buy more beer for a party she and Andy were having. As soon as I started the car, Lynn was grabbing at my zipper to release my cock into her hungry mouth. We were lucky that no one saw as my cock was in her mouth before I even backed out of her driveway! By the time we got to the store, I put the car in park, closed my eyes and released my jism, all over the inside of her mouth.

We were always grabbing a feel or swishing tongues in each other’s mouths when no one was looking, it was all very exciting. One night, we had put all of our kids to bed and the adults were all swimming in the pool. We were all pretty lit and Danielle and Andy were barely awake. It was very dark in the pool as we left the pool light off (on purpose I might add). As I swam underwater, I was grabbing at Lynn’s pussy and tits. In fact, when Andy and Danielle got out of the pool a few moments later and went onto the deck, I got behind Lynn, put my arms around her (which was always an acceptable level attention between the couples) and while moving her swim suit out of the way, I carefully slid my dick into Lynn’s pussy from behind. I ejaculated into Lynn with my wife and her husband sitting on the deck about 20 feet away!

Chapter 4

Danielle and Lynn have two other sisters and one day, Lynn confided that her older sister Bobby (short for Roberta) had always had a thing for me. Without batting an eye I told Lynn that I wanted to fuck her. Bobby was a blonde with brown eyes and huge tits! Lynn asked, “what was in it for her” and I told her that, “she could watch”.

Lynn became very interested in this and agreed to set it up. This was the plan, Bobbie was going to be home and since she was divorced, it was not uncommon for me or Andy to help her out with chores around the house.

Lynn had gotten to Bobbie and engaged in a conversation about Bobbie’s sex life. Bobbie admitted to Lynn that she worked so many hours that she rarely had time for sex and in fact, had not had sex in over 6 months. Furthermore, Bobbie said that she was so horny that she thought she would fuck any man that asked her. Lynn then suggested that what she needed was a man to give her some dick while not getting overly committed. This would give Bobbie the chance to still look for the right guy without jumping in the sack with just any guy that came buy.

Lynn then moved the conversation that the right guy would likely be married, someone that she could trust and someone that wouldn’t have any STD’s. Bobby agreed and asked her who this dream lover could be? After some hemming and hawing, Lynn asked Bobbie , “what about Mike”? Bobbie said, “Oh I couldn’t do that to Danielle”. Lynn said, “hey, Danielle will never know and you have always been attracted to him”. To this, Bobbie said, “he would never want me”. Lynn said, “have you ever seen the way he looks at you”? Bobbie was incredulous, “you mean Mike has been checking me out”? Lynn said, “you bet”. “It’s obvious that he is attracted to you and since he has been married to Danielle for nearly 10 years, he would probably love some safe, strange pussy”. Lynn went on to say, “look, there is no chance that you would try to steal Mike from Danielle and I really doubt that Mike would allow himself to leave her for her own sister, so it’s a perfect scenario. It will be easy sex, no worries, no fuss, just fun”.

This last part of the conversation was my fail safe. Lynn recommended to Bobbie that she should have me come over to help her with something in the house and that she should have on a specific pink top and cut-off shorts. Lynn went on to tell her how sexy she looked in this outfit and that the last time she wore it in front of me, she noticed that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her chest – which is true! This top is well known to me as it hugs Bobbie’s tits, easily shows her cleavage and rises up to show off her belly whenever she breathes. My thinking was that if Bobbie wore that outfit for me, I was “in”. If she wore something else, then I wasn’t.

The next day, Bobbie called to ask if I could come over and help her move some furniture. I had my shoes on before I hung up the phone! As I drove over, I was so anxious that my pants were filled with my excited pecker. I was so aroused at the hope that she would have on the pink top and shorts that I stopped and masturbated in the car to cool down. I even stopped at a gas station to use their bathroom and clean off my dick.

By the time I got to Bobbie’s house, I was still aroused but was able to handle it. Bobbie greeted me at the door with a great big smile and in her pink top and cut-offs! I knew I was going to get into her pussy!

I coyly asked her, “what do you need me to do Bobbie”? She just said, “would you like a beer”? I said, “sure” and sat down in the living room. etiler escort In no time Bobbie came trotting in with our beers and I let her see me casually check out her big tits in her tight pink top. To continue to fuel her confidence I told her, “that top really makes you look hot”. She just beamed as she sat next to me. I kept it going and said, “Bobbie, with you in that top, you are a crime looking for a place to happen”. Bobbie said, “do you really think so”? I said, “if I weren’t married, I’d chase you myself”. Bobbie responded, “maybe if you chased, I wouldn’t run”.

I took this as my cue and I said, “let’s find out”. I then slid my arm around her waist, pulled her to me and said, “Bobbie, I am very attracted to you”. Her reply was muffled by my mouth covering her lips. As I parted my lips, she opened hers and our tongues were dancing all over each other’s mouths.

I slid my hand over her huge tits and as I did so, Bobbie just groaned with delight. I kissed her mouth and caressed her tit through her pink top until I stood up and took Bobbie’s hand and said, “Bobbie, I’m gonna take you upstairs and fuck you as many times as I can until I have to go home”. Bobbie just nodded and said, “let’s go”.

We left a trail of clothes all over the foyer, stairs and her upstairs hallway so that when we reached her room, we were completely naked. I laid Bobbie on her back and slid my tongue into her cunt hole while simultaneously kneading her tits and pulling at her nipples with my hands.

After a while I slid my hands down her taught belly and alternated my fingers and tongue into her pussy. After she had cum, I slid my finger into her asshole while I continued to lap at her pussy juice. Bobbie was bucking her pussy into my mouth while she humped her butt hole down onto my finger.

Just like Lynn, she was one wild fuck.

After I chewed her out and made her cum again, I slid my cock between her tits and started tittie fucking her big jugs. It was a real visual turn on to see her big fleshy tits hug my cock as it slid back and forth inside of her cleavage. Plus, it also gave her some time to recover while getting me even more stimulated. She pulled my cock to her mouth and began to suck me. She slurps a good dick, not quite as good as Lynn but it still felt great.

I rolled Bobbie onto her belly and while she was prone on the bed, I mounted her from behind, sliding my dick into her drenched twat. While I pumped her from behind, I ran my fingers into the folds of her ass, plunging my thumb in and out of her brown hole while I fucked her pink one.

Her fine ass pushed back against my thrusts thus meeting me with equal vigor. I slid my hands to her hips and grabbed onto her to really shove my cock into her. The harder I shoved into her, the harder she pushed back. This girl really liked to fuck and was screaming with ecstasy.

Bobbie, obviously had a hunger for my cock and was cumming with reckless abandon. As I prepared to cum, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pushed my dick head inside her ass (Lynn had already told me that Bobbie liked to be butt fucked) so after I shoved my shaft back and forth inside of her ass a few times, I deposited a load of sperm into her bowels.

After a moment of rest, we went into the shower and she sucked me until I was hard again. Without drying off, we went back to her bed, dripping wet to continue our fuckathon. After finishing by getting my rocks off inside her womb, she got a warm wash rag to clean me off. Afterwards, we got dressed and went downstairs.

I told Bobbie, “look this was great, I’m not going to leave Danielle but I’m gonna need to fuck you some more”. Bobbie smiled and said, “you can have me anytime you want”. To that I said, “tomorrow at my house at 1 P.M. Danielle will be shopping with the kids and I will have an hour or so to fuck you some more”. Bobbie said, “I’ll be there”. Then I said, “since I can have you anytime I want, how bout sucking me off before I go home”. I stood up and slid my pants to me knees, releasing my renewed hard on. Bobbie, got onto her knees, opened her mouth and took me fully into her mouth until I spermed her throat.

Chapter 5

The next day, Bobbie showed up a little past 1:00 in the afternoon. Having just showered, I greeted her at my front door in my bathrobe and she was dressed in a short coat. What I didn’t know is what she had on underneath it.

She pulled at the belt that held the coat together and let it fall to the floor. The sight before me was simply awesome. Bobbie had on a tight little, Fredericks-of-Hollywood-come-fuck-me top. Her tits were pushed up and her cleavage was huge. She did a little turn and I could see that he ass was bare and her toes painted red.

I puller her to me and as our mouths assaulted each other, her hand moved into the folds of my robe to grab my stiff pecker. Then Bobbie dropped to her knees to take me into her mouth.

I loved the way her hand worked my shaft while her mouth worked the head. As she swirled her tongue over my head, her eyes would look up and lock with mine. It was, in a word, “intense”.

I couldn’t wait to fuck her any longer so taking her by the hand, I led her upstairs where we undressed, laid down and began our fuck and suck adventure.

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