Mykonos Weekend Liberty Ch. 01

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We met Donna on Paradise Beach in Mykonos. My friend Jim and I had just happened to spread out our straw beach mats about ten feet away from her, on a Saturday afternoon in late September.

Jim and I had flown down to the island of Mykonos from Athens, on a weekend liberty. Jim and I were in the Navy, and our ship was going to be anchored at Athens for five days. We had already been to Athens many times, and we wanted to see some of the smaller Greek islands. Neither of us had weekend duty, and our Chief Petty Officer owed us both a favor, so we managed to get off the ship early enough on Friday afternoon to catch a 5:30 PM flight to Mykonos. That was in the days before they built the new airport far outside of the city limits. It’s a very short flight from Athens to Mykonos, so the sun was still up by the time we got to our hotel.

Jim was 25-years old, and stood 6’0” tall. He had dark-blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender, muscular build.

I had just turned 24-years-old. I stood 5’10” tall, with dark-brown hair, brown eyes, and a solid, muscular build.

Jim and I were both “short timers”. Jim had about six months more to serve on his hitch, and I was looking forward to getting out of the Navy before the end of the year.

We were lying on our beach mats, both of us bemoaning our fate, or ignorance, in coming to Mykonos after the end of the main tourist season. Jim said in disgust, “Do you know something, Greg?”

I answered, “What’s that, Jim?”

Jim said, “I strongly suspect that you and I are the only heterosexual men on this island this weekend.” We were both aware that Mykonos attracted a gay crowd, even before we booked our flight to the island. What we didn’t realize, however, was that in the off-season, with the exception of the cruise ship day-trippers, the island’s visitors were predominately gay.

I snorted and said, “I strongly suspect that you’re right, Jim.”

Donna heard us, and chimed in from her nearby beach mat, “Oh, I see that there are two more disillusioned American tourists on Mykonos.”

Jim and I looked around to see who had spoken to us, and saw that it was Donna. Jim and I both laughed at her remark. We introduced ourselves to each other, and the three of us started talking.

Donna was an older, Rubenesque, American woman who stood 5’5″ tall. She looked somewhat out of place on a nude beach, because she was still wearing both pieces of her rather conservative, black, two-piece swim suit. Donna had a kind, pretty face with wide-set brown eyes. Her long, curly, medium-blond hair framed her oval face and fell half-way down her back. Donna’s hair showed some brown at the roots, and had taken a real beating from the sun, wind, and salt air. She had acquired a dark, rich suntan that was emphasized by the slivers of ivory skin that were exposed at the edges of her swim suit. She told us, that afternoon, that she was 39-years-old. We learned, later, that Donna’s measurements were 41-30-38, and that she wore a 38C bra, and a size 16 dress. Both Jim and I agreed that Donna bore a striking resemblance to Kathleen Turner.

Rather than talk to each other across the sand, Jim and I moved our beach mats to either side of Donna. She told us that she was from Ohio, and that she had come to Greece, on vacation, with a gay friend. Donna and her friend had been on Mykonos for two days, but he had left her to her own devices when he had hooked up with some other gay men. She told us that she had take the boat down to Paradise Beach, that afternoon, just to see what it was like. Donna also told us that she wasn’t gay either, and that she felt as out of place on Mykonos as Jim and I felt. As fate would have it, she was, also, staying at the same hotel as Jim and me.

After we had chatted for quite a while, I decided to go for a swim to cool off. Even at the end of September in Greece, the sun is still hot in the afternoon and the water is very warm. Jim and Donna decided to go for a swim, as well.

When we were in the water, Jim said, “Do you know something? I didn’t come to a nude beach to wall around all day in a soggy swim suit.” He looked at Donna and said, “Are you O.K. with me getting “au naturale”?

Donna giggled and said, “Go right ahead. I’ve been looking at naked guys all day.”

After hearing that, I took off my swim trunks, and Jim and I walked back to our beach mats to deposit our now discarded clothing. When we returned to the water, Donna asked sweetly, “Do you guys feel more comfortable now?”

As we waded and splashed around, Donna moved closer to Jim and me. She started touching us on the arms, back, and shoulders, as we talked. I could see that Donna was also coyly checking out our packages as she moved around us.

Jim is a lot more forward than I am. He said to Donna, “You do know that you’re the only woman on this beach that’s actually wearing the bra top of her swim suit, don’t you?”

Donna blushed and said, “Yes, I know that. So what?”

Jim smiled and said, “Well, Donna, did you come all the ikitelli escort way from Ohio, to the most famous nude beach in Greece, just to walk around in a “public swimming pool” swim suit?”

Donna blushed again, and said, “I don’t know. I’ve never gone topless in public before.” She continued lamely, “I’d feel half-naked!”

Jim and I both burst out laughing. Between laughs, Jim said, “Well, I can understand that, since you actually would be half-naked!” Donna blushed even more, and swam away from us.

Jim and I laughed and changed the subject. Within a few minutes Donna came back over to us.

She turned her back to Jim and said, “Unhook me, please.” She continued, “You’re right, it would be a crime to come all this way and not, at least, try going topless.” She finished, “Who knows if I’ll ever get the chance to do something like this again.”

Jim unhooked Donna’s bra top, and she casually took it off. Jim took the bra top from her, and she swam away, keeping her back to us. I took Donna’s bra top from Jim, and carried it back up to our beach mats.

When I returned to the water, Donna had swum some distance away from Jim. I moved over next to Jim, and he whispered, “Do you think that we can talk her into taking off her swim suit bottom?”

I whispered back to Jim, “I don’t know, but it’s worth a try.” I continued, “I wouldn’t bring it up right now, thought. Let her get used to being topless first.”

After a few minutes, Donna swam back over to us. She had a smug, self-satisfied look on her face and said,” Do you know something? I could get used to going topless. It makes me feel natural and unrestricted.”

Most of her shapely C-cup breasts were ivory from being hidden from the sun for so long They floated upwards in the water and swayed softly as Donna moved. Each of her breasts was capped with a reddish-brown areola, that were about an inch in diameter, and an erect swollen nipple that protruded out about a quarter of an inch. Donna’s breasts looked so succulent that my mouth began to water and I could feel an erection starting to grow.

“We’re enjoying it too.” Jim said laughingly.

I laughed as well, and Donna splashed water at both of us. A water fight broke out and continued until we let Donna dunk both of us under. She was really enjoying herself and actually wrestled with both of us in the water. I, finally, let her take me off my feet and under when she pressed her soft, naked breasts against my chest, and tried to push me off-balance.

Refreshed from our swim and our horseplay, the three of us walked out of the water and back towards our beach mats. As Donna walked out of the water, her breasts sagged under their own weight, but were still very shapely and attractive. I particularly liked how her breasts jiggled and swayed as she walked, and how her erect nipples pointed straight out and away from her chest.

Donna laid down, demurely, on her stomach. Jim looked at the tan line that the bra of her swim suit had left across her back and said, “Do you want us to rub some sunscreen on your back, Donna, so that you won’t burn?” He continued, “You’re very white where the strap of your swim suit ran across your back.”

Donna hesitated, for a second, and said, “Yes, please do, thank you.”

Jim squeezed some sunscreen onto his hands, and tossed the bottle over to me. We both rubbed sunscreen onto Donna’s back. She didn’t protest when we, also, rubbed sunscreen onto her arms and legs.

We continued to chat while we sunbathed. Jim and I changed positions, from time to time, but Donna continued to lie on her stomach. After a while, Jim said to Donna, “You know, Donna, I think that you’re well done on that side.”

Donna said laughingly, “You guys just want me to lie on my back so that you can see my boobs.”

Jim and I both laughed, and Jim said, “That’s very true, but you’re still well done on that side.”

“I guess you’re right,” Donna said, as she rolled over and sat up.

I became a little more forward, and side, “Do you want us to rub some more sunscreen on you, Donna?”

She playfully slapped my hand and said, “No! I’ll rub sunscreen on my babies myself, thank you very much!” She continued, “But, you can rub some more sunscreen on my back,” as she handed me the bottle.

I squeezed some more sunscreen onto my hands, and tossed the bottle to Jim. We both rubbed sunscreen onto Donna’s back, shoulders, and arms, as she rubbed sunscreen over her ivory breasts. Donna laid down on her back, and giggled when we rubbed sunscreen on her stomach and legs.

We were all hot again, from lying in the afternoon sun, so we went for another swim. Donna was playful as we waded and splashed chest-deep in the warm, crystal clear water of the Aegean. She would gently touch Jim and me, above the waist, while we talked.

Donna backed into Jim, and I saw him tug gently at the waistband of her swim suit bottom. He said, “So, are you finally ready to go “au naturale” istanbul escort on the most famous nude beach in Greece, Donna?”

She said, “Maybe,” but didn’t protest as Jim slowly pulled her swim suit bottom completely down. Donna stepped out of her bottom, and Jim tossed it to me. I quickly carried her now discarded swim suit back to our beach mats.

Donna was wading in the water, next to Jim, when I returned. I could see ivory skin that her swim suit had hidden from the sun, and a thick, brown bush between her legs. There was now no doubt about Donna’s natural hair color. She said, “You know, this does feel very natural.”

I said, “I know what you mean.” I continued, “After you’ve swum in the nude for the first time, it will always seem really stupid to come out of the water and lay around on the beach in a soggy, wet swim suit.” I finished, “I mean, who would choose to lay around wearing wet clothing, if they didn’t have to?”

As we waded in the clear water and talked, Donna became more playful. She would tease us by coming up behind us and pressing her boobs into our backs. Donna also started to wade back into us, pushing her meaty ass into our thighs. She didn’t protest when Jim and I let our hands wander very lightly over her ass and boobs. Instead, Donna acted as if our gently feeling her up was part of some impromptu, spontaneous, synchronized swimming event.

Refreshed, and slightly aroused, from our swim, we left the water and headed back towards our beach mats. As Donna’s shapely ass came out of the water, I could clearly see that there was no cellulite, or cottage-cheese thighs on this voluptuous woman. She may have been just a little thick around the middle, but Donna looked damn sexy to me.

Donna laid down on her stomach, and without asking, Jim and I started to rub sunscreen on her back, arms, legs, and the ivory expanse of skin that had been covered by her swim suit bottom.

Donna said lazily, “I could get very used to having you two handsome men pampering me like this.”

I laughed and said, “It’s our pleasure, Donna.”

We sunbathed and talked for another hour before finally deciding that we had had enough sun for one day. As we rode the beach shuttle boat back towards Mykonos Town, Jim asked Donna if she would like to have dinner with us that evening. She enthusiastically said yes.

We met, as we had agreed, in the hotel lobby, at 7:00 PM, to go into Mykonos Town for dinner. Donna was wearing a long denim halter dress, that buttoned down the front, and white 2″ high wedge-heeled sandals. Her hair was tied back with a white ribbon, and she wore dark red lipstick that matched her finger and toenail polish. Donna wore pearl earrings, and a two-strand faux pearl necklace, that set off her beautiful suntan. The top of her halter dress was conservative, but a hint of ivory showed between her breasts where she had not yet tanned.

Mykonos Town has very narrow streets, so even late in September they seemed crowded with people. We strolled around the town and, eventually, chose a restaurant for dinner. We all ordered traditional Greek dishes, and I talked Donna into trying the Greek retsina. The traditional resinated wine tastes a little strange, at first, but it goes very well with Greek food, and we drank a lot of it.

By the end of our meal, all three of us were a little tipsy. Jim and I were flirting with Donna, and she was flirting right back. Using the pretext that it was very warm in the restaurant, Donna had unbuttoned most of the skirt of her halter dress, and was enjoying showing us a substantial portion of her tanned thighs.

After dinner we strolled around the town, going into the shops, and occasionally stopping for snacks and drinks. Around 11:30 PM, we all decided that we had had enough to eat and drink, and headed back to our hotel. Donna agreed to accompany Jim and me back to the beach again, on Sunday afternoon, and we were all in a very good mood.

At our hotel Jim and I decided to be chivalrous and accompanied Donna back to her room, rather than just leave her in the lobby. When we got to her room, Donna turned to Jim and said, “Thank you for a wonderful evening!” then she hugged him and gave him a long kiss.

When Donna had finished with Jim, she turned to me and said, “And thank you for a wonderful evening!” then she hugged me, and kissed me hard on the mouth.

She said, “Goodnight guys. I’ll see you two tomorrow,” as she turned and unlocked her door. Donna waved and went inside while Jim and I just looked at each other. Within seconds, Donna came rushing back out of her hotel room with a shocked lock on her face, and slammed the door behind her.

Jim and I both said together, “What’s wrong, Donna?”

Donna stood there in shock, trying to catch her breath. Finally, she said, “My roommate is in there!” She continued, “My roommate is in there with some of his new friends!”

She took a few more breaths, laughed and said, “My roommate and his new friends are kadıköy escort bayan in there getting very friendly, right now!”

We all looked at each other and laughed. “Welcome to Mykonos!” I said.

Jim was thinking faster that I, and said, “Well, you, obviously, don’t want to go in there right now. Why don’t you come back with us to our room?”

Donna looked at both of us uncertainly, but said, “O.K.”

I said, “I bought a bottle of Greek champagne, from the island of Rhodes, this morning. We can give it a try, if you like.” I added, “I can’t take it back with us to our ship, so we have to drink it anyway, either today, or tomorrow.”

“That sounds nice,” Donna said.

“Yes, let’s go back to our room and give the Greek champagne a try,” Jim added.

Donna was a little nervous when she entered our hotel room, but Jim made her comfortable on the sofa, while I opened the champagne. Getting some glasses out of the bathroom, I poured and served the wine. Jim was sitting near Donna in an upholstered chair, and I sat down in the room’s straight-backed desk chair, across from her.

“You wouldn’t believe what was going on in my room,” said Donna.

I laughed and said, “I don’t think that I really want to know!” Donna and Jim both laughed.

Donna said, “There were four of them in there!” She continued, “My roommate could have, at least, put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door to warn me!”

Jim said, ‘Well, you’re welcome to stay here with us, until you think that it’s safe to go back to your room.”

Donna said, “Thanks, but I could be here all night!”

Jim and I both laughed. Jim said, “Well, that’s all right!”

I chimed in, “That’s fine with me!”

Donna smiled and said, “Oh, really?”

Jim and I just smiled back at her.

The three of us we talked and drank our champagne. Jim said, “Here, Greg, why don’t you take this chair,” as he got up and sat down next to Donna on the sofa. He continued, “It’s a lot more comfortable than that hard chair you’re sitting on.” He casually put his arm around Donna’s shoulders as we continued to talk.

Donna appeared to be quite comfortable with Jim’s arm around her. She gave us both a playful smile and said, “I should thank you, again, for a wonderful day at the beach and a wonderful evening!” as she turned towards Jim, put her arms around him, and kissed him on the mouth.

It was a very long kiss, and I was beginning to think that maybe I should leave the room and let Donna and Jim alone. After all, I thought, Jim had been more forward with Donna than I, so if he got something going with her now, then more power to him. Jim, however, motioned, with his hand, for to me to join them on the sofa.

I hesitated, but I was, after all, a young, very horny sailor. I sat down on the other side of Donna and said, “Do I get a thank you, too?”

Donna broke her kiss with Jim and turned towards me. She said sweetly, “Why of course you get a thank you!” as she put her arms around me and kissed me hard on the mouth.

Donna and I also kissed for a long time when Jim said, “I think that it’s my turn again.”

Donna smiled sweetly and said, “Oh, we’re taking turns, are we?”

Jim laughed and said, “Well, that’s up to you.”

Donna smiled at both of us, turned towards Jim and kissed him again. As I watched, they opened their mouths and their kiss turned into a French-kiss.

After watching this for a little while, I said, “Excuse me. May I cut in?”

Donna turned from Jim to me and giggled. She hugged me tight, kissed me, and slipped her tongue into my mouth.

After a little while, Jim tapped Donna on the shoulder and she broke our kiss and turned back towards him. As they kissed again, Jim ran his hand lightly over the bodice of Donna’s halter dress. She made no effort to protest and continued their kiss.

I tapping Donna on the shoulder, and she turned back to me. While we French-kissed, I also gently touched her soft breasts through her halter dress.

Jim took his turn with Donna and while they kissed, Jim unfastened the top button of her dress. Donna broke their kiss and said mockingly, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Jim answered, as they continued their kiss.

During my next turn, I unbuttoned the second button on Donna’s dress. She broke our kiss and said mockingly, “And what are you doing?”

“I’m just trying to make you more comfortable,” I answered.

“Well, O.K.,” Donna said demurely, “I’d like to get more comfortable.” Then, we resumed our kiss.

Upon unfastening Donna’s third button, Jim slipped his hand into the bodice of her halter dress and gently fondled her breasts while they kissed.

When it was my turn again, I undid Donna’s fourth button and ran my hand lightly over her soft breasts. I could feel her erect nipples as I ran my fingertips gently over them.

Taking turns, Jim and I unfastened all of the remaining buttons on Donna’s dress. While Jim unfastened the last button, I reached up and unfastened the neck strap of her halter.

As Donna turned back to me, the halter of her dress fell down and the dress opened completely, She sat there on her open dress, wearing only her white, full-cut satin panties and her jewelry. Donna’s face was slightly flushed and her reddish-brown nipples were noticeably erect. .

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