Nanny to Teach Ch. 05

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With his usual careful attention to detail, Wayne Noble, the Berry’s gardener and handyman, made all the arrangements for Saturday night’s party. The sliding doors to the Berry’s special room had been closed and locked for nearly a week. What Wayne was doing in there was a mystery. Six couples arrived at the Berry estate around nine o’clock. Laura Berry and her lovely daughter, Karen came from the kitchen with trays of drinks and small sandwiches.

“Here you go, folks,” Russ Berry offered in a hearty voice.

“What’s all the mystery about Russ?” Mark Morgan asked.

“We should know shortly, Mark. In the meantime where’s that gorgeous creature you call a wife?”

Kathy Morgan walked across the room with a long graceful gait, smiling, arms outstretched. Mark and Kathy were new to the intimate circle of friends, and the short redhead wanted to see what the tall muscular host had to offer. Russ set his glass aside and reached up and pulled the willing woman onto his lap. Their mouths met, melted together in one long, searing kiss. Kathy’s tongue was a hot living flame in Russ’ mouth, setting alight his own tongue with the fires of passion.

Jumping Jesus!” Russ gasped into her down turned face, which was a just scant inch from his. “Let’s see what the rest of you is like!” Her ripe luscious tits beckoned him, and Russ was never one to resist temptation! His hands closed on one massive tit. She moaned and wriggled her hips, grinding her ass against his burgeoning hard-on. What a man! She thought with rising fever. They kissed again. The pressure of her ass on his cock made Russ squirm and squeeze the prisoned tit ferociously.

“God.” She gasped. Russ continued to roll and crush the fleshy tit in his hands. The forceful manhandling of her tits drove Kathy wild. Russ looked up to see his Karen and Gene watching the proceedings intently. Each was smiling lasciviously!

“Karen, go over there and see if mark needs anything,” Russ instructed.

“Sure, Dad,” she answered and moved over to Mark Morgan.

“Hi, Mr. Morgan. Can I get you anything?”

“Why don’t you sit here on my lap and let met ell you about the three little girl bears that got fucked!”

Karen settled herself in his lap, and he began to fondle her tits, then he reached up under her mini skirt. His hand slipped up her soft white thigh. A finger dabbed at her pubic mound, eliciting a hearty murmur of pleasure from the girl. Mark started rubbing the swell of young cunt flesh, feeling her pubic hair crinkly and damp on his palm. One digit stretched out, caressing her pussy lips. Karen parted her thighs. Her body was overwhelmed by a number of different sensations. New sensations. She was free to do whatever she wanted. Yet she wanted her father! She wanted her father to plug the empty, gaping hole in her cunt with that mammoth cock of his. She wanted to feel his squirting jism… “Oh, God, it feels so good! So fucking good! AHHHHHHHAHHHH!” she sighed as mark inserted his long middle finger in her cunt and began to slowly finger-fuck her.

Russ was looking over watching Mark finger-fucking his daughter. He could see her lovely wet cunt. His cock was aching to plunge into her young cunt. Kathy scolded him. “Pay attention now!” she scooted her ass to one side of Russ’ throbbing groin and grabbed the bulge of his cloth-covered cock. “Jesus H. Christ,” Kathy whispered. “You fucking-stud bastard! There ought to be a law! You could kill a woman with küçükçekmece escort a thing like that!”

“You want me to kill you with it?” He grinned.

“Yeah, baby! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt good!” But at that very moment the sliding doors to the family room parted just enough to let a person through. Wayne Noble, tall, regal and resplendent in an ankle-length robe trimmed in red stepped into the room. In a deep, resonant and slightly accented voice, he announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to witness a fertility rite. You must stand before the Nature God as you were created. Naked! You may now all remove your clothing. Are you ready to enter into the strange and erotic world which is mine and which I now will share with you?” Everyone nodded. “Then follow me, my children!” Wayne held his hands in the air above him. He called out, “Susan Wayble!”

The stunning blonde entered the room slowly and gracefully. She was wearing an ankle-length white robe trimmed in gold. Her shoulder-length hair glistened in the dim light and her emerald green eyes sparkled as she met Wayne. The couple locked in a fevered embrace. Their mouths melted together while their hands roved aimlessly. Then Wayne stepped back, undid the thongs binding Susan’s robe and removed it to reveal feminine perfection, the like of which none of them had ever seen – two of the most perfect specimens of titflesh, which were huge and opulent, and bouncy. Every man, including Gene, had a throbbing hard-on. The women drooled! She was a goddess, a fertile, sexy, love-hungry goddess.

“This my children, is a well of flaming desire!” Wayne rubbed Susan’s pussy. Every eye followed his hand and fingers to the fertile dark blonde triangle nestled between the shapely thighs. Sunshine-hued pubic hair bushed out in exuberant luxuriousness from her gorgeous crotch. Droplets of cunt juice twinkled between her long achingly lovely legs. Wayne took Susan by the hand and led her to a makeshift altar and helped her up. She lay back, her head on a large white pillow, her legs spread, leaving her entire hairy crotch area gaping open and vulnerable!

“One by one, you will each step up to the altar, bend down and kiss Susan’s cunt. Russ, you first! Then Wayne. Then other mend and then Laura, followed by Karen and the other women!” Russ didn’t need a second invitation! He moved quickly forward, knelt down and put his lips onto the densely forested mound, kissing and tonguing it instinctively for a minute or so his cock throbbing uncontrollably. Susan moaned softly. Wayne touched Russ on the shoulder and he reluctantly moved away. Wayne immediately took his place and lowered his lips to the pink slash in the tangle of lush undergrowth. He could smell Susan’s excitement, the rich spicy tang. So much like Karen’s, and yet so different! The rest of the men, one by one, then the women, each kissed and ate Susan’s willing pussy. Her cunt was gaping open as the last woman, Laura, pushes her mouth hard against the engorged clit in the folds of Susan’s pussy. Susan’s breath caught in her throat. The feel of Laura’s lips on her pussy was indescribable. The pressure on her clit was ecstatic. Then it was over. Everyone wanted to fuck or masturbate or relieve the unbearable urge brought on thus far by the aroma of pussys and cocks. Wayne Noble opened his black robe and took it off. Everyone gasped. Hanging between his heavily muscled legs was the longest kurtköy escort cock and largest balls any of them had ever seen on a man. Wayne’s cock, half erect, was slowly growing. He stood facing his astounded audience, letting them observe his brick swell slowly to a full erection. He was built like a champion weight lifter, his body oiled and glistening under the lights. Karen shivered as she gazed at the growing monster; shinning in the lights, so full of heavy veins and muscles, ready to fuck and batter and tear cunts! Now it was sticking straight out – ten inches long and five inches around; a battering ram topped with a huge purple mushroom shaped cockhead. Russ looked at his startled wife. Bending down, he whispered: “He’ll kill her! I’ll stop it!”

“No,” Laura whispered. “Let him fuck her. She wants it; he wants it. We all want it. She’ll be all right. You’ll see!”

Wayne turned and walked slowly toward Susan’s waiting cunt, his prick bouncing obscenely, magnificently. Susan whistled softly when she saw the stallion cock coming at her! “What a lovely cock, Wayne!”

“Fuck her, Wayne. Fuck her!” Everyone was chanting. “Fuck her, Wayne. Fuck her!”

Susan reached down with both hands and pulled the lips of her pussy open as wide as they would go. “Fuck me, Wayne! Squirt your love juice in me or on me, but fuck me, please!” she begged. Standing before her, he guided his domed cockhead into her pussy and felt the lips of her cunt open up. He pushed forward, and she felt her cunt settling in around Wayne’s cockhead and tighten around the inward sliding shaft. There was some discomfort, and a couple of time Susan gasped as he kept fucking ever deeper, and then she tightened up. He had to retreat and start over, but as her cunt accustomed itself to the intrusion, the discomfort became less severe and pleasure took over. “Ahhhhh!” she exclaimed. “It’s so good – soooooo damned good! So goooooood!”

As his weight drove his cock deeper, she felt his cockhead burrowing toward the core of her belly. It was a new sensation, she reflected, having her internal organs jostled and shoved aside by a hard, bulky cock-knob that bored in. It was a sensation that had no similarity to any other, and its effects spread like ripples throughout one’s body. “God, Wayne! I didn’t imagine it would be so good! I’ll be your goddess anytime!”

Susan sighed contentedly as he finally reached bottom. She felt the stiff brush of his pubic hair pressing into the tender membranes around her cunt-mouth, and the spreading hardness of the rest of his cock filled her like she’d never been filled before. He experimentally jerked his hips to lever his cockhead forward and back in her cunt. Powerful jolts of sensation tensed her pussy muscles and made her jerk again. “Oh my!” she cried. “It’s so big in me!”

“You’re not a very big girl,” Wayne replied quietly. “That cunt of yours bites as if it had teeth!”

Susan grinned. “Fuck me now, Wayne! Make me cum!”

He backed out of her nine inches, then rammed forward. Then in and out, faster, fucking faster. The friction on her inner surfaces of her thighs and on the sensitive tissues of her pussy drove her lust to a height she’d never reached before. She was conscious of the violent bouncing of her tits, and she derived sensual pleasure from the physical sensations they created as they jostled on her chest. Her hands were braced on the altar, her fingers gripping the maltepe escort edge to keep from being pushed off by his violent fucking. The great stallion cock battered her willing cunt, raising her to an almost insane level of ecstasy. “My fucking God!” she exclaimed breathlessly. “I thought I was going to cum the minute you put your cock in me! But I just kept getting more excited. It’s like a drug. I just get higher and higher!”

“That’s great! Make it last a long time and then when you do make it it’ll be so much more fun!”

“Ah, if it’s any better than the way I feel right now, I’ll go out of my mind!”

The huge prick was moving in and out in perfect rhythm. Karen was on her knees sucking Gene’s cock. Women and men were fondling, feeling, sucking, and watching! Wayne elevated Susan’s knees off the altar. Willingly she drew them up along his broad chest, tingling with new delights at the new depths his cock plunged to. He got his arms behind her calves and pushed her feet over her head so her ankles were lodged against his shoulders. “Now, my little goddess, I’ll make you cum! I’m going to fuck your eyeballs out!”

Susan gasped as he began to fuck. No more playing around. He was serious now! His ass rose and fell, his groin slamming against her upturned cunt with every stroke of his cock, blasting the length of her cunt like a great hot piston. She grunted with each blow. “Uh! Oh! Ahh! Ummmmmh!”


“No! No! No! Fuck me! God hurry!”

He seemed to drive her into the altar with his thrusts. On his backstrokes, she felt the bulk of his cockhead withdraw along her passage to the tightness of her cunt mouth; on the forward plunges, he plowed to the upper regions of her belly. He fucked with a brutal urgency. The sensation was a frightening one, but thrilling her at the same time. Wayne seized her wrists and pinned them over her head, while his cock pounded harder into her pussy. He leaned far over her while he fucked, his cock pinning her, spearing through her hot cunt-mouth and thrusting deep into her. She screamed out between clenched teeth. The orgasm she had waited so long to experience was upon her before she realized what was happening. Her belly knotted for an instant – a glorious breath-stopping convulsion that paralyzed her. The powerful, rhythmic contractions of her cunt seemed to crush Wayne’s monster cock in waves of milking action. An overpowering tremor seized her. She flung her head back against the altar and tensed her legs to force her cunt tightly around Wayne’s cock.

“Oh, you fucking little bitch! You adorable goddess! I’m cuming!” Wayne cried out. He exploded and blasted his gallon of sperm and semen into her starving pussy. “God! God!” he moaned. He lay atop her, his cock twitching and his cream continuing to gush into her until Susan felt as if she was flooded by the stuff, bathed in semen. Wayne French-kissed her passionately. “You are without a doubt the best fuck I’ve ever had, Susan. You are a fucking goddess!”

They lay on the altar completely oblivious to the others in the room. They loved the night away fucking, kissing, and fucking some more. They were insatiable. Russ had Kathy on the sofa; fucking her as though his life depended on how fast he could make her cum. Laura was on the carpeted floor on all fours, Mark’s heavy cock buried seven inches in her ass, fucking her like a dog in heat. Gene was making love to his little sister, Karen. He was sitting on a straight-backed chair, Karen facing him, impaled on his seven-inch cock, moving slowly up and down his lovely shaft while he felt her tits. They had all night. There was no hurry. No hurry at all. The other couples had swapped partners and the fuck-orgy of sights, sounds, and smells was one that none of them would ever forget.

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