Nature Girl Ch. 02

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Rick’s text said, “Reservation made for a week from Friday, Wallace Creek Park.”

Ever since a chance encounter in the Smoky Mountains, I’ve known that I love my brother Rick. I’ve loved him since we were kids, but I hadn’t told him or even admitted it to myself since he found me with a girl at camp while Mom and Dad were on an all-day hike. It’s hard to imagine anything topping that afternoon, but the night we made love at his apartment was pretty sweet. This would be the first time we could spend the night together. It would also be the last time I saw him before I went back to college. “C U then,” I replied. Later I told him about the sexy bikini I’d bought for the trip.

I didn’t want both of us polluting the air by driving separate cars, and he wasn’t taking the day off to make the trip, so he picked me up at the city bus stop near his apartment. As soon as my bags were in the trunk, I got in next to him. “Would you believe this is the first time I’ve been on a vacation and sat in the front seat?” I asked.

“It’s overrated,” Rick said. “Most of the fun is in the back seat.”

I gripped his knee. “You naughty boy!” I told him. Then I said, “I’m gonna hold you to that. And I’m prepared this time, too.”

“Prepared how?”

“A week after the last time we got together, I got an IUD put in,” I explained.

The park wasn’t quite an hour away, just far enough for the drive to be fun. We played the same car games we’d played as kids, but now we were free to make adult responses. It’s funny how, now that I wanted to be on a vacation with my brother, the time flew.

We should have had plenty of time to put up the tent, but his tent is so different from Mom and Dad’s that Rick practically did it by himself, and the sun had nearly set by the time we were finished. “That’s too bad,” I said. “I was hoping to show you my new bikini.”

“We’ll have time tomorrow,” Rick said. “I wanna build a fire anyway.”

That I was able to help with. Part of my responsibility was the food for the campfire. I had graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate. The chocolate had melted while I was on the bus, but that just meant we broke off irregular pieces instead of clean rectangles. It was almost poignant. The s’mores were delicious, but Rick kept getting the marshmallow on his fingers when he’d take it off the stick. “Well, that puts a crimp in my plans for the night,” I joked.

“What do you mean?”

“That’s one less part of your body you’ll be able to put inside me later.”

“Be right back,” he said. He got his toiletries out of his backpack and left. When he returned, he showed me his fingers, so clean he could have modeled men’s jewelry. “I figure since you’ve been with girls till now, this is kind of important to you.”

“That’s sweet,” I said. “And hot.” As soon as he sat down, I moved onto his lap and dipped his hand inside my shorts.

He felt around till he found my clit and rubbed it through my panties. “Like it?”

“I’ll like it better in a minute,” I said. I stood up and took my shorts off. Once I was back on his lap, he slipped his hand under the elastic, and this time he rubbed my clit directly. “That’s much better,” I said. I turned and kissed him on the lips. He moved further down and sifted through my pubic hair. The fact that he was doing this first instead of aiming straight inside me made me think of the one girl that I’d dated for a month. I took his other hand and put it under the hem of my T-shirt. He didn’t try to find my breasts; he just rubbed my back for a little while. That felt so good that I got in closer. He put a finger on each side of my pussy lips and stroked the outer flesh up and down that way. “Oh, Rick, that’s so good,” I cooed.

“Glad you like it,” he said, “but I’m getting a little uncomfortable.” As he spoke, I could feel his cock getting hard and pushing against my leg.

“I know what to do about that,” I said. “First we need to put the fire out.” I got off his lap.

Rick got up and found our cooler. The ice had melted into water, and he poured it over the fire until the last ember died. “Stop one fire, start another,” he said.

I was already crawling into the tent. I stopped to turn around and say, “You better believe it.” I went inside, took my shirt off and got into my sleeping bag.

When Rick came in, he too was down to his underwear. He got into his sleeping bag. I ran my hands over the bag until I found his cock and started rubbing it. “I love you, Marissa,” he whispered. I lifted the top of my bag to show that I was topless. “I really love you!” He lifted the edge of his, and we moved together. “You’ve got the same sleeping bag you had the last time we all went camping. I don’t have the same one, but it’s just like it. Unzip yours,” he instructed. I did, and he re-zipped them so it was one large sleeping bag. We had a long kiss while he slipped his hand back into my panties. He went back to playing the way he’d been doing before.

“Yeah, you do it better,” I sighed.

“Do what?”

“You asked me last time if you did it better than a girl. Maybe it’s the ones I’ve been with, pendik escort but I really like what you’re doing.

He had started to separate my lips, but he stopped. “Then I’ll keep it up,” he said.

“That’s okay. I’m ready now!”

A car drove by, and for a moment, I could see that Rick was smiling because of the headlights. “Me too,” he said. He got his middle finger in, and then his index finger.

He only went in and out a few times before I told him, “I want your cock.”

“You don’t want me to go down on you first?” He was taking his underpants off.

“In the morning,” I said. “Right now I want you inside me.” I had taken my panties down to my knees but it was enough.

Rick rolled over between my thighs. “Glad you got that IUD so quickly,” he said.

“You have no idea,” I answered. I couldn’t see, but I felt his cockhead breaking through my cunt lips and moving its way up along the back wall. “Oh, shit, Rick, that’s so good.”

“I have the most beautiful sister in the world,” he whispered.

“And I have the tenderest, most loving big brother,” I added. “Harder!”

As if he were reading my mind, he went a little faster, but he still wasn’t doing what you’d call pounding. He was just keeping up a quick pace. “Oh, honey, Oh, honey!” he cried.

I ran my fingers up and down his back. I didn’t notice whether his dick had gotten longer, but I could definitely feel it getting wider inside me. No set of fingers, male or female, had ever opened my pussy up that wide. “Fill me up, Rick!” I moaned. I pulled my knees forward, forcing my panties off my right foot and rubbing my heels on his butt.

“Get ready, Marissa!”

Just as I’d noticed his dick getting wider, I could feel a bulge in his flesh moving up the length of his shaft. Then I noticed that he’d stopped thrusting. “Give it all to me!” I ordered.

“Whatever you want, baby!”

I had lied about the IUD. It wasn’t that I wanted to get pregnant; I just didn’t want to use a condom this time. I couldn’t have started on the Pill in time for it to do me any good, but I figured Rick might believe that I’d been able to get the IUD that quickly. Just as I wanted, I could feel his sperm flowing into me, and the thought of one of them finding an egg made me indescribably happy. “Come in my cunt, Rick! Come in my cunt!”

“I am! I’m coming in my sister’s pussy!”

I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. “I know. It’s wonderful!”

“Oh, God, Marissa, I love you so much!”

My brother. My man. My lover. The man I’d loved for so long was finally seeding my womb, and the emotion overtook me. I told him, “I love you, too,” and I quickly sucked his tongue into my mouth. I wanted to hold him closely and never let go. When I couldn’t hold him any longer, he slipped out of me, and I felt some of his cum dripping off his cock onto my leg. He rolled off me and onto his back. I turned my back to him and told him, “I wanna wake up with your arms around me.”

“Maybe I have something better planned,” he said.

“Whatever you want,” I told him. “I’m yours completely.” I still kept my back toward him. He conceded and put his arm over me. I’d never felt so loved as when I went to sleep like that. I woke up in the middle of the night, and he was still holding me that way. I put my shirt and underwear back on so I could go to the bathroom. I imagined that I didn’t need a flashlight to find my way because I probably had that glow I’d heard about. When I returned, I lay on my back so I could look lovingly at my big brother while I went back to sleep.

I woke up to the smell of a propane stove. Once I was fully awake, I could smell the pancakes Rick had cooked above the smell of the stove. I looked through my bag and put on my halter top and my shortest shorts. When I came out, I saw that he was wearing a muscle shirt and cut-offs. (I refuse to call it by the name that trivializes domestic violence.) I told him, “You’ve never been sexier to me than you are right now.”

“Then why do you look disappointed?” he asked.

I stood behind him and grabbed his dick. “It’s not what I was hoping to eat for breakfast. Or what I was hoping you’d eat.”

“Tomorrow,” he promised. I pressed my tits into his back. “Okay, tonight.”

“You mean I’ll get to eat a wiener by the fire?”

Rick laughed out loud. “That’s the first joke in the history of that double-entendre that’s actually funny,” he said.

I looked at the stove and saw a pan with syrup in it. “You remembered everything!” I exclaimed.

When we sat down to eat, Rick told me, “I was as shocked as you when I found out that some people put cold syrup on things.”

“Philistines,” I commented.

Rick held his finger up. “And just like with the marshmallow, I know you don’t wanna get an infection down there, so I’ll be sure to clean it off before tonight. In fact, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Really …,” I said.

We found a self-guided nature trail and used it as an occasion to walk through the woods holding hands. From one station we could see a creek sefaköy escort and we decide to head there afterward. A couple who were probably in their thirties saw us kissing with our mouths open, and we heard the woman express her disgust when they were a couple stations ahead of us. Rick yelled in their direction, “Imagine if they knew we were cousins!”

I laughed and told him, “She’s probably looking for a place to throw up.”

“Not only that, he looked like he was slowing down so he could watch us a little.” I paused for a moment and added, “I wonder where they’re camped.”

“Holy fuck!” Rick said, trying to keep his voice down. “You’d like being watched?”

“Do I have to remind you, brother dear, that the first time we fucked, we weren’t just being watched, we were being helped!”

“I don’t count that as us being watched,” he said. “But it was the most amazing day of my life.”

“Mine too,” I said.

Rick went to his knees and pulled me down with him. He pinned me to the ground and started kissing my boobs through my shirt. I could feel his cock getting hard. He tried to get on top of me, but I held him off. “Don’t you wanna make love?” he asked.

“Are you kidding? I’m still disappointed that we didn’t start the morning going down on each other. But the next couple might have kids with ’em.”

“Race you back to camp,” he said.

Rick got back before me, but as soon as he got there, he unlocked the car and held the door open. I knew what he had in mind. I rushed in and got on my back. Since he’d been ahead of me the whole way, I couldn’t tell whether he got hard again as soon as he was on top of me, or if he’d stayed hard the whole time. He grabbed my halter in the middle. I protested, “Rick!” before he could tear it.

“Sorry. Did you want it gentle?”

“No, but I was hoping to wear this again soon.” I moved his hands to the sides, and he lifted it over my head. I got it the rest of the way off while he took his shirt off, and he started kissing my tits. “Oh, Rick, I love you,” I panted.

“I love you too,” he said between kisses.

“Move up,” I pleaded. “I wanna feel you.”

Rick moved up and kissed me on the lips. We both still had our pants on, but he thrust his hips into mine. I could feel his hard cock to the right of my mound. “Like that?” he asked.

“A little to … your right,” I answered. He moved to my left and thrust his hips again. I could feel his shaft running over my pussy. After a minute, I could feel my lips separating.

“Oh, God, I’m so hard, Marissa!”

“I love how your dick feels inside me, but this feels so good, I want to savor it.”

“I can’t take this,” he begged. He stopped and took his shorts off. He pulled mine to the side. His cock head was already poking out the leg of his underpants. On the next thrust, his cock was under my shorts. On the one after that, it was between my panties and my pussy. With the next, his cock head rubbed in a new direction, but he still didn’t get inside. I wasn’t trying to keep him out, but he wasn’t really trying to get in. We were just enjoying the intimate contact. I could feel him getting harder, and the bottom ridge felt nearly as good outside as the shaft had when it was inside. “Oh, Marissa, your pussy feels so good, and I’m not even inside!”

“I want you, Rick. Fuck me!”

He yelled, “I’m gonna come!”

As he pulled back, I blurted out, “I wanna have your baby!”

When he went forward, he said, “That’s it, keep that fantasy going.” His dick didn’t get inside me, though; it went underneath.

“No, I mean I really wanna have your baby,” I said, and I put my hands on his hips.

I looked up and saw him trying to position himself to get his cock inside me. It didn’t work. His cum poured onto my pussy without even entering it. I could feel his semen pooling in my hair and on my upper flesh. What’s more, he hadn’t responded to the whole baby thing. I’d imagined the whole exchange!

When he finished coming, he sat up, and I sat next to him. “You’re right,” I told him. “It is more fun in the back seat.”

“We should clean up,” he said. “Ready to head back to the stream?”

“This is as good a time as any to show off my bikini,” I said. “You’ve already got me half-undressed anyway.”

“Same here,” Rick said. He put his shorts back on and got out of the car. “I’ll get your bag for you.”

“Thanks, Babe,” I said. When he came back, I had two fingers inside my pussy.

“Couldn’t wait?”

“Even though YOU didn’t get inside me, one of your sperm might have, and it got me excited.”

“I’ll keep that in mind for next time,” he said. He handed me my bag and put a towel over the car window facing the road. That’s my big brother, always looking out for me.

Once I was dressed, I got out of the car. Rick had put his swimsuit on as well. “Do you like it?” I asked.

“What’s not to like? The ‘lone star’ on your right breast and the two stripes show off your Texas pride and your figure in one fell swoop.”

“You like my figure?” I asked. I was blatantly fishing silivri escort for a compliment.

“Even when you’re wearing jeans, I can’t look at those hips and not want to put some part of my body between your thighs. But your bikini bottom is so form-fitting, it makes me want to ‘accidentally’ pull it down. Especially from behind.”

“Well, now I feel cheated,” I said.

“Now what?” I wondered if Rick was starting to rethink this thing we had because of my age.

“Your swimsuit. It’s nice enough, but it doesn’t show off your dick like a Speedo would. I want everyone who looks at you to know how lucky I am.”

Rick locked the car, and we headed for the creek. “I’ll keep that in mind if we do this again.”

“What do you mean, ‘if’?”

“It’s July. The soonest we’re likely to go camping again is next summer. Maybe spring. You might get tired of camping. Or me.”

I stopped him and took both his hands in mine. “I will never get tired of you. You’re my guy. You always have been!”

From there until we were almost at the creek, it was easier not to talk than to worry about saying something that would incriminate us to anyone who overheard. The sun shone particularly brightly that morning, so when we got to the creek, I didn’t even break my stride. I waded straight into the water until it was up to my tits. Rick stood there for a moment. “This, basically, is how I met Sonya,” he observed.

“Could she tell how big your dick is?”

“I was wearing shorts at the time, not a swimsuit, and she turned around while I took it off.” He waited. “You’re not gonna turn around, are you?”

I yelled, “Take it off!” and I started singing “It’s Raining Men”.

He told me, “I wasn’t naked, but she was.”

“Fine,” I said. I reached below the water and took off the bottom half of my bikini. While Rick took his trunks off, I did a drum roll. Once they were off, I yelled, “Woo-hoo! Shake it for me, Rick!” He did the worst imitation of Elvis in the history of that exercise, but I didn’t care because his dick flopped around while he did it.

He waded in and came up to me. “I said she was naked, not just topless,” he reminded me.

I didn’t really need the excuse, but I took my top off as well. “You know, Rick, this is the first time this trip we’ve both been totally naked,” I noted.

“And hopefully not the last,” he said. He put his hands on my hips. “I love you, Marissa. Hips, butt, boobs, face. But most of all, I just love you.”

I took his right hand and move it up to my boob. “I know when I said how lucky I was, I meant your big dick, but I mean it. I’ve felt like the luckiest girl in the world ever since I opened up that day in the Smokys.”

Rick rubbed my tits briefly. Then he pulled me to him and kissed me. I moved his other hand between my legs so I could feel the edge on my pussy. He pointed about twenty yards away to a tree that had fallen over in the shade. “Race you to the tree,” he said.

“You’re on,” I said. I didn’t have to ask what the stakes were, because I knew we’d both win no matter what. I dove under the water and found the shore in seconds. When I came out of the water, Rick was only halfway, and he was walking. Once he got past me, I smacked his butt. “What was that about?”

“I wanted to see your beautiful ass. It’s so sexy, but I haven’t had a good, long look at it since Sonya helped me get my cock inside you.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so?” I said. I turned around and put one foot on top of the log.

Rick put each hand on one buttock and caressed it. He moved closer and reached around. He ran his fingers up and down my sides, making me move back toward him. It was the same way I’d reacted when he did it to me while I was with Sonya. I guess he remembered how much I liked it, because he did it more deliberately this time. I moved back toward him. He put one hand around my tits and reached down with the other to stroke my pussy. “I want you so bad,” he said from behind.

“Me too,” I told him.

He pointed a couple feet away to a place where the bark had come off the tree. “There’s a smooth spot over there where you can sit,” he said.

“What about you?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about me,” he said, and I could tell he was smiling. As soon as I sat down, he knelt in the mud in front of me. He sucked each of my nipples and kissed a line down my belly. The line of kisses was so deliberate and so perfectly placed that I wondered if he had figured out my lie about the IUD and was happy with the potential consequences. He put his hands on my lower back and kissed my clit. I spread my legs to give him more access to my pussy. He sifted through my pubic hair and stopped for a moment. “You went back to your natural hair color,” he observed. “I didn’t think about it until just now.”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“Yeah, but not because I have anything against artificial colors. You like nature, and I think your natural shade of brown shows the real you.” He looked back down and added, “That goes for your head and your bush. And since you seem so eager to please me, I like this length too. I have to put just enough effort into getting past it to make it worthwhile. He traced little lines separating it like he was plowing a field. It felt like he only pulled my lips apart a little, but he looked at it closely and added, “It’s surreal knowing that my cum was up in there last night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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