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Female Ejaculation


Beth and Jane were neighbors who lived across the street from one another. Beth had moved in to the neighborhood not too long ago – maybe six months, and they hit it off immediately. Their kids went to school together and every morning they would go jogging through the neighborhood.

This Tuesday they decided that they would go shopping after their morning jog. The local department store was having a sale they couldn’t pass up – why waste time they thought, just wash up and go after the morning jog.

They had run for five miles and came back to Jane’s house panting and sweating, soaked to the skin in their jog bras and spandex shorts. You could smell the musky smell of hard, female exercise.

“Jane, is there water in the fridge?” Beth asked.

“Sure – the ice is in the bin in the freezer” replied Jane.

As she drank from the glass, the cold water dripped onto her breasts, making her nipples pucker and stand straight out from the cold. Jane noticed how her friends’ tits poked out, and felt an odd tingling between her legs, but didn’t say anything. Instead, she just asked Beth, “Why don’t you just shower here and then we could get going quicker?” They wore the same size clothes, and often traded outfits to go to one function or another.

‘Ok,” said Beth. “Lead the way – I need to get out of these sweaty clothes”

They went upstairs to the master bath. As soon as they got in the room, Beth started to strip. Jane tried not to stare, but Beth’s body was like a magnet to her eyes. Beth wasn’t a cover-girl beauty, but had curves in all the right places and just exuded a sensuality that no man or woman could deny. Her shoulder length dark hair hung in waves that bounced every time she tossed her head. Her ass was magnificent in its fullness, round and bouncy with every move she made. When Beth turned around, she caught Jane staring.

“Something wrong?” Beth asked.

“Uh, no” Jane poker oyna stammered. Then she noticed – Beth’s cunt was shaved bare as the day she was born. “You shave!” Jane sputtered.

“Yeah – it makes sex feel so much better, and it gets me hot just to think about how slick I get. Even when we jog, I can feel my lips getting wet with sweat and it almost makes me come. Why, don’t you?”

“No – well, kind of – I trim mine really close, but haven’t had the nerve to shave it bare. But yours looks so good!”

“Let me see yours” replied Beth.

Jane stripped down. Her own hair on top of her head was a short pixie, medium brown. Her breasts fit into your hand with a little left over, creamy white skin, pink areolas and light brown nipples, all crinkled up from the sudden hit of air on them as she removed her top. As her shorts passed over her rounded tummy and full hips, her pubes came into view. The hair was trimmed short – maybe a half inch, so that you couldn’t see any of the kinkiness in it. Still, it hid enough of her charms. Jane stood up and faced Beth.

‘Hmmm – you know, I could shave it for you.” Beth offered.

“Wow! Would you?”

“Sure – get some shaving cream, a new blade on your razor, and some towels, and sit back on the edge of the tub”

Jane started to get excited over the thought of being shaved bare as a fresh peach, and even more excited over having her best friend do the shaving. She got the shaving things together and nervously sat on the edge of the tub.

“Now lean back a bit and you’re going to have to open up your legs a little bit”

Beth used her hand to rub Jane’s cunt with warm water; then gently rubbed the shaving cream into her mound and creases. Jane jumped at the contact of Beth’s soft warm hand. She was trembling and her nipples felt as if they were so tight they could be bitten right off.

Without saying a word, only looking up into her eyes, Beth started shaving. canlı poker oyna Long, smooth strokes and the hair fell off. The more she shaved, the puffier Jane’s lips became. She could feel the heat build up in her pussy, and her juices pool in her hole. Beth’s fingers dipped lower and spread Jane’s lips.

“Now, you’re gong to have to hold your legs apart while I do around your pussy and your asshole.” She looked up at Jane who now had her eyes closed. As she looked back to Jane’s pussy, she could see the juices run down her legs. “You’re liking this aren’t you?” asked Beth.

“Uh huh” whispered Jane.

“A few more strokes and you’ll be done”

Beth finished and Jane stood up to look in the vanity mirror. She was blushing with both excitement and embarrassment. Her best friend had just shaved her in the most intimate manner and she was almost ready to come. Beth came up behind her and slid her arms around Jane’s waist.

“You know,” she whispered, “I could rub some baby oil on you to smooth out any of the razor bumps” As she did this, she gently kissed Jane on the back of the neck.

“Oh, yes!”

“Lay down on the bed and get me the oil”

As Jane lay down, Beth noticed how perfect her friends clean pussy looked. The little keyhole at the top was just waiting for someone or something to unlock the mysteries of the treasures below.

Beth took the oil and started massaging it into Jane’s cunt. Rubbing in small circles around her mound, she dipped her fingers into the creases on the side. Jane instinctively arched her back and opened her legs.

“Good girl,” cooed Beth. She rubbed deeper and deeper, in between her labia, on either side of her clit. Down around her cunt hole and all around her asshole. Her fingers were so greased up, she gently poked one into the tight little brown bud.

‘Oh yeah – that feels so good”

Beth leaned down and gently kissed Jane on her mound. internet casino Then she flattened her tongue and licked along the sides of Jane’s pussy. She made it into a point, and stabbed it into her hole, rubbing her nose against Jane’s clit. At the same time, she inserted her whole middle finger into Jane’s ass, slowly pulling it in and out, reaming her as best as she could. She licked up her friends’ cunt and then sucked her clit into her mouth. As she did, she flicked her tongue across it back and forth. “Oh yeesss!!! Jane screamed. “Fuck me with your tongue and fingers; shove it deeper into me.” It was too much for Jane and she came in a mind blowing orgasm, showering her friends face with cum juice.

Beth sat up and said, “Now it’s my turn”

She climbed up on to Jane and turned around, laying her cheek against Jane’s freshly shaven cunt, and placing her ass right in line with Jane’s face.

“Lick me”

Jane wasted no time. She flattened her tongue and made a round the world swipe of Beth’s cunt and ass, plunging her tongue into Beth’s hole, trying to reach for her womb. Then she pulled her face away, and grabbed each of Jane’s nether lips between her fingers, pulling on them in an up and down rhythm. The friction caused the hood of Beth’s clit to rub back and forth over her sensitive nub. Jane placed her thumbs in her friends’ pussy and opened it wide. Then she licked the inside of Beth’s hole, round and round. She slid her face up and tongued Beth’s asshole, pointing her tongue and rimming the puckered hole. Poking it in, taking in her womanly smell, she started to rub her fingers on Beth’s clit. Then she moved her face lower and sucked Beth’s clit into her mouth. Stabbing three fingers into Beth’s hole, Jane wrenched a back arching, screaming orgasm from Beth.

“Do it deeper! Oh yes, Fuck me with your tongue! Fuck me with your fingers! Eat me! Suck me!”

As they both came down of their mind blowing orgasms, Beth rolled off of Jane and turned around to give her new lover a soul searching, deep kiss. Leaning back and looking into her eyes, she remarked, “I think I found a new way to spend our mornings” Jane couldn’t agree more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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