Neighbour, MIL and then My Wife Pt. 02

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When I reached my home my wife and her mother were at kitchen preparing the breakfast and grandfather sitting on the couch reading newspaper. I saw anger in my aunt’s face on seeing me. I straight away went to the bathroom, finished my routines and rushed to office without uttering any word to them.

By night I returned to home. My wife was chatting with Rupa in their house. My aunt was lonely at the home. Grandpa nowhere I had seen. Aunty started to talk with me.

“Raghul where were you yesterday night.”

“I went to my friend’s house,” I replied.

“Ummm… I have seen your cloths scattered all over the room in Ramesh’s house,” my aunt said.

“Yes; I attended birthday party of Rupa at their house. The dress became stained with the cake. So I changed Ramesh’s dress and departed,” I replied.

“Why? you can come and change your dress from our house. It is only next to that.”

“My friend called me in urgency. So I left from there,” it is me.

“I have seen your underwear at their house in the morning. But the same is in our bathroom after you get out from there. In the morning when did you go to Ramesh house and changed it,” she crossed me.

I was speechless.

“So Yesterday night you were in their bedroom without dress. Isn’t it? Tell me what for you there? What happened yesterday night?” asked aunty.

“Yes yesterday night I was there. We both fucked Rupa; haven’t you not noticed the cum stains on Rupa’s face,” I replied in anger. But in slow voice.

She closed her ears and replied, “Oh god what a weird thing I am hearing from you. SIVA! SIVA! We are from an orthodox family; it is against our culture;

“Oh! Raghul don’t betray my daughter,” she asked in a hushed voice.

What conservative lady you are, I think in my mind and replied, “I am not betraying your daughter. She only cheated me. She doesn’t cooperate me for sex.”

“Is it true?”

“Yes still she is a virgin,” I replied.

“Ohhh god! Why didn’t you bring it to my notice,” she asked.

“I thought she may discuss this with you,” I replied.

“I am so sorry I don’t know anything about this. I will advise her.”

By the time my wife arrived there. So we stopped our discussion.

The next day was holiday due to Pooja festival.

Around 4pm my wife, grandpa and her mother went to shopping at T.Nagar to purchase cloths for Deepavali festival. I avoided to accompany them, telling I am not feeling well. After they depart I went to Rupa’s house. Rupa was busy in the kitchen making some snacks for us. I chitchatted with Ramesh sitting in the couch.

Rupa joined us along with tea. She sat shoving her butts in between us in the small couch which can accommodate only two. I rounded her shoulder with my arms and pressed one of her boobs inside her nighty. She put her hand on my dick and felt it thickness which is growing slowly.

“Naughty boy; growing faster,” she murmured. I pecked her on the cheeks.

“Have you faced any problem,” she asked me.

“Yes! She guessed everything about our relation, and I told her that I fucked you.”

“Oh shit! How I can face her again. You messed up everything,” she said in an angry tone.

“Don’t worry! I had the trump card to shut her mouth,” I told her.

“What trump card you had to compromise her,” she asked in a hurried voice.

Then I told them about her incest relationship with her father which I watched a few days back. It made her so horny.

She unfastened the zipper of my shorts and taken out my now fully grown dick in her hand and shake it slowly. I kneaded her boobs over her nighty. Ramesh changed his position to nearby single couch and was watching us. I slowly brought down the zipper of her nighty and unclasped the front open bra. The fully erect and soft breasts were freed. I took one into my mouth and squeezed heavily the other one. She moaned in high pitch in pleasure and pain and asked me to bit and pinch them. She sealed her mouth with mine and fought with my tongue with hers. I sucked all of her sweetie saliva and spit mine into her mouth. She clutched my head tightly with her hands and gave a loooongggg passionate kiss.

I released myself from her and said I want to fuck her in their bedroom. Ramesh told me that he wants to be a spectator while I am screwing his wife. I lifted her in both of my hands and moved into their bedroom continuing our kiss. I put her in the bed, while Ramesh moved and sat in a chair in the corner. I removed all her cloths and she removed from me. She lay on her back in the cot. I spread over her top and kissed her lips and then slowly came down to her tits and shoved them into my mouth alternatively. I tweaked the nipples and pulled them by my teeth.

Then I moved to her tummy and swirled my tongue in her belly button. She twitched her hips in ecstasy. I shoved my face in between her thighs and began to lick the entire labia of her sweet and fully shaved smooth pussy. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted sultangazi escort my index finger into it and swirled it. She moaned in a loud voice. I grasped her clit in between my fingers.

Then I turned myself onto her in a 69 position. She was discomfort due to my weight. Hence we shifted our position into reverse. Now she was on my top and I am underneath her. I parted her butt cheeks with my hands and tweaked the clit with my tongue and then and licked the precum. I parted her pussy lips and swirled my tongue inside it. I slurped the pink pussy lips.

She swallowed the entire length of my cock into her mouth and thrust with up and down movement. The fore skin of my dick rolled in and out according to her lips movement. Her pussy muscles contracted.

“Raghul I am cumming,” she screamed louder and her first cum filled into my mouth.

I drank her entire pussy juice and sucked her vagina deeply for the remaining.

She sat on my crotch and guided my dick into her pussy. It pierced her pussy lips and slide easily into her love hole. She wagered her hips like a grinder. She hammered my engorged dick with her vagina rapidly. Within few minutes she came again, this time heavily and flattened herself over my chest and searching for her breath. I pushed her behind me made her laid on her back. I shoved my head in between her thighs and licked the juice.

Then I came in to the missionary position and hammered her cunt with rapid thrusts. Her eye balls rolled up and she breathed heavily. My dick became thicker and ready to shoot the cum. I pulled out my rod at the last moment and shoot the threads of my cum all over her body. Some of the cum fell on her face and beyond and most of them on her tits and tummy. I slide to her side and laid down seeking for my breath. She spread the cum all over her breasts and tummy which were glowed in the room light.

Ramesh became so hornier by watching her wife fucked. He removed his shorts and threw it to a corner of the room and jumped into the bed. He shoved her cum coated breast into her mouth and sucked them like a wild dog. She screamed in pain. He came down, pulled her legs and brought her to the edge of the cot. He lifted her thighs up and came in between her legs. He positioned his rock hard flag post into her pussy and pushed the entire length in one thrust. He started pumping her slowly and step by step he increased the speed to his peak. The rapid thrusts on her vagina make her to scream louder and louder. At last she became faint and found difficulties in breathing.

Even then Ramesh didn’t give up. He fucked her in the same speed and came heavily on her pussy. Her cunt was filled with his semen. After emptying his load he fell on her chest and breathed heavily, resting his head on her enormous boobs. I saw there was some problem with Rupa. Her eye balls were rolled up and she didn’t breathe normally. She was desperately in need of oxygen. I pulled away Ramesh from her and try to give her artificial breath by pumping her left breast with my palms. Then I put my mouth on her mouth and blow air into her lungs. There was a sudden convulsion in her body and she coughed heavily and got her normal breath. She rested for some time, lay on her side and came to normal.

She sat on the bed resting her back on the head board of the cot. We sat on either side of her leaving her in the middle. She rested her arms and head on my shoulder and whispered that she never before saw Ramesh in such a mood. It is the best fuck she ever had in her life. He fucked her like a devil.

The subject was turned to my married life. I told her still Gayu is in the same thinking about the sex; and she is not allowing me to even touch her boobs. Rupa told me she will try to seduce her and make good for fuck. I said her if she deny to co-operate I will definitely going to fuck her mother in a day or two. Ramesh told me in such case don’t forget him to make him as my partner.

“Sure” I replied him.

The next three days went normal. I didn’t notice my MIL having sex with her father. Already I told Ramesh that I would call him at any time and be prepared.

Due to some registration work of their old property which they sold, Rupa had to visit their town which is 300 kms away from Chennai. Ramesh told since he is having some work he couldn’t accompany her. He asked her to take my wife with her. My wife readily accepted and went along with her in the morning. They may return the next day or day after.

I was sleepless on that night. I definitely expected the incest between my MIL and her father. So I was constantly watching them from my bedroom without their knowledge. Around 11.30 I heard some hissed voice from the living room. I slowly went to the door and peeped through a tiny crack in the door which is semi shut. As I expected MIL’s father was sitting near her and his hands were playing all over her body. He made her sat and removed all her cloths; he also removed his. I gave a ring to Ramesh and asked taksim escort him to come in front of my doorstep and wait.

Now my MIL lay down on her back and her father spread on top of her. I thought this is the right time to enter. Suddenly, I entered the room and switched on the lights. There was a sudden jerk on both of them and they became panic. My MIL pushed her father away from her and covered her body with the bed spread. Her father was lying beside her full naked.

“What is going on here” I asked in a raised tone.

They had no words to speak. My MIL started to cry and her father was trying to console her.

My MIL didn’t stop her crying she pleaded me to forgive her and not let this known to his daughter. If she know her father too also her father she will start hate her. This was new to me. I didn’t expect this.

I asked, “What do you mean?”

She bit her tongue and said, “Nothing! Nothing I have told.”

“If you don’t tell me then I will reveal this to Gayathri and you will be in trouble,” I threatened her.

She slowly told “My father was her biological father. He seeded Gayathri in my womb.”

“It is quite interesting,” by saying this I opened the main door to enable Ramesh to enter.

My MIL & FIL frightened on seeing Ramesh there.

I told them not to be panic. If she gives company to both of us, this will not be revealed to anyone.

By the time the old man interrupted that he will also join us if we permit. Gangbang his daughter was a prolonged dream of him.

We readily accepted his proposal since we want some fun. We all four entered into my bedroom. My MIL still covered her body with the bed spread. I hugged her from the behind and let her drop the bed spread. Ramesh came in front of her and exclaimed about her structure. He squeezed her breast and wondered about it rigid and soft nature. There is no sagginess even at this age. They were perfect. We simultaneously thought they may be sparingly used by the old man.

I kissed her in the neck. Ramesh clutched his mouth with her and shoving his tongue into her’s. My hands were now on her tits and kneading them softly. I tweaked her nipples with my fingers. Ramesh’s one hand was on her crotch; slightly brushing the smooth cleanly shaved velveteen labia; His other hand pressing one of her ass cheeks.

Now my MIL came into action. She unbuttoned Ramesh’s shorts; unzipped it to encircle his feet. She took the fully erected member of him and rolled back the foreskin and clawed to its small crack with her finger nails. I undressed myself and forced my hard dick into her ass crack and rubbed it up and down. Ramesh removed his t-shirt and sat on the cot. He pulled her over him and shoved one of her tit into his mouth. I sat next to him and took the other into my mouth. We pulled her tits in each direction. While I inserted my finger into her pussy hole and Ramesh inserted his into her ass hole.

Now the old man stood on the bed and shoved his dick into her mouth. We increased our speed of finger fucking her on both of her holes. As she came I feel her pussy juice drooling out and making my palm wet. I took my hand out and licked the juice and give some to Ramesh. Now we freed her and asked her to kneel down in front of us and to take our dicks into her mouth. She took mine into her mouth and swirled with her tongue on the pop head of it; Her left hand caught hold of Ramesh’s and shaking it slowly. After sometime she changed her mouth to Ramesh’s and stroking my dick with her right hand. Now her father kneeled behind her and encircled his hands on top of her boobs and biting her back all over with his teeth; His dick piercing her ass crack.

Now she lay on the bed onto her back. I slowly put my cock in the entrance of her love hole; spread her pussy with my fingers and rubbed the clitoris. The inner portion of her cunt was pink in colour and expelling her pussy juice in streaks. I pushed my flag post into her pussy hole slightly and stopped there for a while.

She screamed loudly, “Ohhhhhhh Raghul! Don’t stop! Insert your cock deep into my cunt pleaseeee.”

I pushed my entire length in one severe thrust which made her crazy and cooed in joy. She arched her back in respond to that made the cock still deeper into her cunt. Now I started stroking her slowly and picked up the pace. She wagered her hips aligning with my pace. Her pussy swallowed my entire length and I felt my dick hitting her womb.

Ramesh now came up and inserted his dick into her mouth and started mouth fucking. Now I was in my higher speed; my balls were hitting her thighs and making a ‘flap’ flap’ sound. Her pussy muscles contracted and clutched my dick tightly.

With Ramesh’s dick in her mouth she told, “OOOOhhh Raghuuulll fasthhh fasthhh and harddhhh” in a muffled voice.

She took out the mouth from Ramesh and she squealed in high pitch, “Oooooohhhh Raghul fuck me haaardddd.”

By hearing this I increased my pace further. My dick tearing topkapı escort her cunt apart.

“Oooooohhhhhh my god! I am cummmiiiiingggg!”She cooed.

Her pussy muscle contracted and held my dick firmly. She spurted her juice all over my dick and the excess fluid dribbling down along her butt crack. She hugged me tightly along with her boobs pressing harder on my chest and her legs encircled my ass to make me tighter and deep into her pussy. My balls become harder and I squirted my full load into her cunt with much more excitement.

We both were breathing heavy now and I lay on her top pressing her hard breasts with my chest. We took rest for few minutes. I slide down her side; my deflated cock came out with a pop sound.

Now Ramesh lay onto his back on the bed and pulled her up over on him. She spread her legs either side of him and aimed her pussy against his dick and placed it in the right position by holding it in her hand and slowly pushed down her pussy on it. She started banging him with a tiredly speed. Her tits swayed here and there aligning with her speed. Now her father came up and sat on the bed guiding his small dick into her mouth.

She released her father’s dick and asked him to come behind her. She lay on Ramesh chest and asked her father to shove his dick into her ass hole. She lifted her butts a little to ease her father dick to enter into it. He positioned himself and pushed it hardly into her ass hole.

It was very tighter and she screamed, “No! No! No!”

Her hand came in an urge and pushed his dick away from her butt hole. She hugged Ramesh tightly with her and bite her lower lips in pain.

I came down and brought a coconut oil bottle and poured the oil liberally into her ass and onto the dick of her father.

Now he pushed his dick slowly into her ass. The mushroom head enter with some resistance. Her face expressions changed suddenly in pain. She held her father’s dick for some time pausing his action for some time. Then she allowed him to enter her puckered hole slowly.

Now Ramesh straddled her from upward thrusts and her father fucked her butt hole from the top. By then she become so tired and rested herself on Ramesh chest allowing both of them what they wished to do with her ass and pussy. Only her mumbling voice of ‘issshhhh yaaa yaaahh aahhh aahhh’ was came out.

Her father gripped on her hips were tightened and he released his cum into the puckered hole of her daughter. He rested his face on her back for some time and pulled out his dick from her ass with a plop sound. Her ass hole muscles pulsed out and expelled her father’s cum out of it which drooled over her ass crack to her pussy which was engaged with Ramesh’s dick. Her father came down of the cot. Ramesh straddling her of his upward thrusts. Since she was completely drained out she simply lay on Ramesh’s chest withstanding his thrust on her pussy.

Ramesh released her and ask her to kneel down with her head resting on the bed. She came behind her and inserted his dick inside her pussy from the back in a doggy style. He started bang her heavily with deep thrusts into her pussy.

She was screaming “No! No! No! No! I am so tired please leave me.”

Saying this she started crawling over the bed. Ramesh clutched her hips tightly with his hands and bang her with further increased pace, she was completely drained out and breathing heavily. A fear came on my face, that she may go out of her breathe like Rupa on that day.

By god’s grace Ramesh released his load all of a sudden into her pussy. He held her hips tightly and shoved his entire length into her pussy. Her pussy muscles contracted and hold his dick tightly into it. He pulled out his dick from her which was still releasing some cum in small strands.

He rested it over her ass crack and his cum dropped over her butt crack to reach the pussy. She lay in the bed on her front and rested for a while. We also rested on her both sides surrounding with our arm she turned back slowly. Her face was expressing her tiredness. Her father went to sleep in the couch in the living room.

We asked her about the development of her incestuous relationship with her father. She told that her mother passed away when she was 15. She and her father were lonely in their house. After 3 years she got married with a guy. Her husband was a drunkard. He made her horny during nights, but failed to satisfy her sexual needs. Later she came to understand that he is impotent.

She started masturbating in the nights. One day when she was masturbating herself; her father caught held her with her fingers in her pussy and her hand fondling her tits in her nude condition. He lusted on her and utilized her for his sexual needs. The relationship continued for some time. She became pregnant with Gayathri.

On hearing the news her husband became angry and quarreled with her. He came to know her relationship with her father and shocked. He beat her severely and went away. In the late night they received a message that he was met with an accident and died on the spot.

“I don’t know whether he suicide or accidentally killed. I gave birth to Gayathri, and the villagers believed that she is daughter of my husband. We didn’t reveal this to anybody till today and now to you by slip of my tongue.

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