Neutral Green Ch. 04

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Authors note: Hello to all the people that are still with me, I am terribly sorry for the incredible wait of the next part but school has been a bitch but exciting at the same time, my job is killing, my previous editor took an unannounced vacay, and blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses. It was a wild time while I was gone but I hope I can return. I want thank my editor ChasP for their time.

Please, enjoy my story and have a smooth… Life


I woke up gasping for the missing air in my lungs. The chill of cold sweat clung to my skin, beading on my forehead. A still sleeping Avery slightly shifted in her sleep and snuggled closer to me. Taking a few deep breaths, the cool air cleared my head, and I stopped my panting. The room was dark all except a strip of outside light that cast a light gray ray of light over our faces. My eyes adjusted to the room. The house felt cold except for the heat underneath the blanket and Avery’s naked body cuddled against mine. The soft whir of the ceiling fan above created a soothing background noise for my thoughts. The dream I’d just had was the most lucid one I’d ever had. My heart thrummed faster and drummed louder in my ears as I recalled the chase between me and the creature pursuing me, a wave of nausea hit me as I remembered every vivid detail of my death in the rapids. Did I die? I didn’t know, my thoughts were becoming muddled with Avery’s soft skin and her plush breast pressing up against the side of me and her breath hot on my neck, I felt the familiar stirring below and decided to get up and walk around. I removed the comforter from over me and swung my legs over the bed. Getting up, welcoming the cold outside, I turned toward Avery noticing how the straight line of her lips curled into a slight frown as if she sensed my missing presence from her side.

Walking down the hall I stepped into my room pulling on a shirt and walked downstairs into the living room. I gazed up towards the clock above the TV that glowed 7:12 p.m. We had been asleep for almost five hours. I felt a rush of new found relief at the fact mom was coming home from work late. It would have been impossible and disastrous to come up with a lie about why I and Avery were sleeping together, and on top of that, her being completely naked.

The chill of the house seeped into my skin, “Man its cold,” I whispered as I walked over to the thermostat, I clicked on the arrow and the little LCD screen glowed green revealing it was sixty-four degrees in the house. I punched the up arrow until it hit seventy-two, just a little heat to knock off the chill. I walked past the TV and pressed the on button underneath it as I made my way over to the couch. The news channel reported heavy rain for a short period of time which would most likely ice over in the cold weather. I hoped mom would make it home okay. The news reporter gave the forecast for the rest of the week which showed every day was cloudy and cold. Changing channels I stopped on a detective show about a guy named Monk with an apparent OCD problem.

The sound of light drizzle began outside and started to lull me back to sleep when a pair of arms wrapped gently around my neck and a cool cheek pressed up against mine. The light fragrance of apples and rain brushed my nose and sent heat through my body. Avery nuzzled against my neck placing a kiss on it sending a wave warmth through me.

Leaning back further I rested my cheek against hers. “Hey,” I yawned lightly.

“Hmmm,” she moaned her reply kissing my cheek causing a stir in my shorts, it was crazy the reactions she got out of me.

“Mom is working overtime today so she’s not going to be home until real late.” I told her, “I thought we could order something or go somewhere and get takeout.”

“Italian.” She simply replied, I knew instantly what place she was talking about. Pomodoro was a successful family owned Italian restaurant which we use to constantly receive takeout from.

I raised from my seat and Avery reluctantly slid her arms from around my neck after another kiss on the cheek. Turning around, she wore my shirt that hung down just above her knees, and the dark navy blue contrasted deliciously against her porcelain skin. Her hair had a sexy out of bed disheveled look and a dark flush covered her cheeks. The TV light reflected in her eyes showing a playful glint in them. Her lips wore a ghost of a grin on them and her eyes seemed to pierce my soul. I was completely captivated by them.

She walked around the couch wrapping her arms around me bringing me down for a sweet kiss. Our lips were almost sealed together when the sound of the doorbell made me jump back out of her range. Her frown was almost comical with a shine of disappointment and annoyance in her eyes.

Grinning, I wrapped my hands around her waist and kissed her. Tasting her hot mouth for a quick second brought creeping fog into my head. I broke the kiss and stepped out of her reach before she could get her arms mecidiyeköy escort around my neck, I was be unable to resist if she did. Walking to the front door I unlocked it, swinging it open to reveal a dirty blonde haired girl with pale blue eyes and an oval face the had thick hair reaching past her shoulders.

She simply stood and stared, eyebrows raised, taking her time sweeping her eyes up and down over me.

“Um, hello?” I said.

She snapped out of her daze and smiled brightly showing a row of perfectly straight white teeth. She stepped closer, a little too close for comfort and stuck her hand out greeting me.

“Hey I’m Savannah, who are you if I may ask?”

“Um, I’m Mason, can I help you?” I asked back.

“I came over to see Avery, but if she’s not around I’m willing to come back later.” Her smile seemed to keep getting bigger every time I looked at it.

I was about to say something when Avery violently shoved her way between me and Savannah holding a laptop that had a black and white wood design on it with the HP logo centered on it.

“Here.” Her voice sounded tight and forced, I noticed our close proximity where we were chest to back against each other, and her wonderful butt nestled against my crotch. Her hands were outstretched pressing the laptop into Savannah’s hands, forcing her to take a step back.

Savannah’s smile faltered and she accepted the laptop that was pushed into her hands. “Oh, um, thanks Avery.” she said. “Did you get all your applications in?”

Avery nodded with a jerk of the head.

“I’ll catch you later, okay bye.” She gave me a subtle wink and walked to the curb where her baby blue Toyota Corolla was parked. Opening up her door she cast one more glance our way before stepping into her car and driving off down the wet street.

Shutting the door – almost slamming it – Avery spun around wrapping her arms around my neck pulling me down pressing our foreheads together. I never thought of Avery as the jealous type but that was a little possessive (and hot) in my book,” was my fleeting thought.

Her breath was hot on my mouth and drove me wild. I looked up meeting her green eyes that shimmered with lust and giddiness, her soft lips brushed against mine coaxing and teasing me with a kiss. Gripping her waist, I brushed my lips along her jaw planting a kiss on her neck. I felt her shiver against me. I wasn’t sure if it was from my kiss, or the cold seeping through the front door. She placed a hand along my cheek, looking me in the eyes. I could tell from the sparkle in her eyes and bumps along her skin that she was giddy. She leaned up on her tip toes and rocked my world in a mind numbing kiss, massaging my lips with hers she tentatively swept her tongue across my lower lip wishing for access which I readily allowed, capturing her sweet mouth and gentle tongue. She leaned backwards with her hand still cupping my cheek, her breathing labored and her eyes seemed to take my whole vision.

“Let’s go.” she punctuated with a kiss and reluctantly slipped from my hold. She sauntered towards the stairs leaving her tantalizing aroma in her wake as I mindlessly admired her shapely legs and round butt swaying gently side to side. I felt a sweep of tingles over my face and looked up to see Avery glancing over her shoulder at me with a predatory gaze on her face as she climbed the stairs disappearing.

“Oh boy.” I breathed and my dick throbbed in agreement.


The sky was a light navy blue and the first few hints of stars were showing as the sun was hidden behind the horizon, barely illuminating the sky, and the pavement was wet with rain. I was glad when we got into the car because the temperature seemed to drop and the heat was blasting from the vents. I was resting one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the console as we drove through the evening traffic towards Pomodoro. I felt Avery’s arm slide against mine on the console as she intertwined her fingers with mine. I took notice of the skip my heart made as her fingers clutched onto mine. I raised her hand and kissed the back of it softly, laying it back down. I felt the tingling of her gaze but kept my eyes on the road.

We pulled into the parking lot and stepped out of the car into the frigid cold and biting wind. Avery grasped my hand which I quickly detangled feeling the icy coldness of fear shoot through me at the act of being intimate in public. I met her heated gaze blazing with irritation and rejection.

“Not in public,” I rushed out quickly trying to soothe things over. I apparently said the wrong thing because the flush of her cheeks spread and she turned with a cloud of air bursting from her nose. We power walked to the restaurant’s doors, with Avery a few steps in front of me. Reaching out I held the door open for her being a little chivalrous as she strode past to the take-out counter with me in step behind her.

Stomaching nişantaşı escort my fear I took my index, and middle finger and wrapped it around hers. She looked up at me on our way to the counter with her face neutral and expressionless as her eyes narrowed slightly as they dimmed from irritated to slightly pleased, tightening her hold on my fingers anyway.

We were met with a cheerful woman who seemed to be in her mid-fifties with the faintest hint of crinkles in the corner of her eyes.

Her face split into a large smile at our approach revealing her white teeth. “Hello, welcome to Pomodoro. How may I help you today?” Her accent was heavy and her smile was so big and contagious that you couldn’t help but to smile along with her.

We ordered an average family pizza, nothing special with the simple pepperoni topping and a box of cheesy bread that came with tomato sauce. I carried the box of pizza in one hand and Avery carried the bread in one of hers as our fingers were still clinging to each other. Piling the takeout onto her lap, I drove out of the parking lot with the heat on high.


Steering into our neighborhood the streetlights flooded the inside of our car as we passed by them. I felt Avery’s firm grasp as she held my hand the way she wanted to, and I felt the chill of her hand in mine. Searching for her eyes for a brief moment, they connected sending heat of affection through me.

We pulled up into the driveway and I hit the clicker on the garage opener, but the garage door stayed shut.

“C’mon,” I sighed, clicking the opener numerous times to make sure the garage door was broken.

“Dammit,” I breathed, swinging my door open letting the icy wind filter in through the car. I instantly felt the cold start to sting my ears and cheeks as they said goodbye to the heat of the car. I walked my way up to the garage and flipped open the little cover of the keypad and entered the code for the garage. The motor inside hummed loudly but the garage still remained closed.

I walked back to the car and opened Avery’s door, reaching for the food. “We’ll just go in through the front door. For some reason the garage door doesn’t want work. I grabbed the pizza box from her lap balancing the bread on top easily, holding the door open with the other hand. Avery jumped out and strode to the front door. She dug in her pocket and opened the door into the house which was slightly warmer than outside but still was chilly.

Avery pressed the up arrow of the thermostat and the screen lit up green displaying the current temperature. Kicking the heat on, we made our way into the kitchen where I sat the food on the counter.

Grabbing plates from the cabinets and cups we sat down at the table for an uneventful dinner except for the roaming feeling of Avery’s gaze, eye locking moments, and the delicate brushes of her feet on my legs. The simple brushes from her made it hard for me to focus on eating. Her generous touches were grabbing the attention of a certain member of mine.

I nearly choked on my food when I felt her feet rest right on the edge of my chair between my legs. I looked up expecting to meet her stare but she seemed focused on her pizza, but the curvature of her smile was not unnoticed by me.

We cleaned the table and put the dishes in the already packed dishwasher and the swirling of awkwardness filled me. I wasn’t exactly sure what the next step was for me and Avery, but apparently she had already figured it out as she stepped up to me and pulled me along towards the stairs. She was a two steps ahead of me and my face perfectly leveled with her ass the twin globes teased me as they shifted slightly one going up and the other going down ceasing the blood flow from my brain to make an immediate detour down below. I felt the pounding of my heart at the anticipation of what awaited me when we got upstairs.

We entered her bedroom and the smell of ‘Avery’ surrounded me. She closed her door and turned around looking me in my eyes. She slowly slid her hands up my chest making me catch my breath and placed her hands on my cheeks pulling me down for a kiss which to my disappointment was a quick peck but sent my mind reeling nevertheless. She pushed down on my shoulders insinuating for me to take a seat. I sat heavily on the bed eager for what was next. She backed and slowly began to drag the edges of her shirt up while gently swaying her hips to an unheard song.

My blood instantly caught fire as I realized she was performing a strip tease for me. The smooth skin of her stomach showed and the cute dip of her navel accompanied her slim waist. My eyes darted up towards hers which she quickly avoided, as her face flushed crimson with shyness. It was incredibly cute and sexy to me that she seemed embarrassed. Her top lifted further showing the silver bra underneath with a wisp and curl pattern of white across it, the tops of her breasts were threatening otele gelen escort to spill out as I sharply sucked my breath in at the large expanse of her milky cleavage. Her shirt was at her neck now and I noticed Avery’s blush traveled down giving color to her collar region, pulling the shirt completely off and dropping it her hair fell, slightly bouncing. Her gaze lazily shifted up towards mine and the zap of electrical attraction pierced me, yanking hard on my heart strings. Her eyes were dark and I seemed to get lost in the twin emeralds staring back that were cloudy with lust but had a glint of fear of rejection.

“Avery, you’re beautiful,” I managed to breath, surprised I could form a coherent sentence. Her blush deepened and she started her slow decent of her hands at the waistband of her pants, but I couldn’t wait any longer.

Jumping up I grabbed her hips, raising her off her feet, crushing her to me as our lips met. Her legs snapped around my waist and her arms slid behind my neck. I felt the insistent prodding of her tongue and I readily mingled mine with hers making myself at home in her sweet mouth. I grabbed a handful of her wonderful ass and lightly squeezed feeling her hips slightly jerking and a soft mewl escaped from her mouth. My already painful erection was already hard but got unbelievably hard at the way her body reacted to my touches and the sounds she emits.

I took my whole entire willpower to pull away from her soft lips in order to trail kisses on her neck. Turning around I fell onto the bed softly hovering over Avery as our kissing became frantic and heated. She angled her legs to where she could grind herself against my thigh. We released our kiss and she stared into my eyes, my blue ones meeting twinning emeralds. The familiar whip of electricity snapped through me as we gazed at one another. I could tell she felt it too because her face became redder than it already was as she broke our stare to look away. She exposed more of her neck to me and I quickly dove in and sucked greedily catching her by surprise causing her to try to stifle a moan.

“Don’t hold it in,” I whispered into her neck gently nipping her collarbone, “I want to hear you.”

“Don’t stop.” Was her immediate reply.

“I don’t think I can.” I thought paying her body vigorous attention, Avery’s hips picked up the pace as she continued to grind her pussy up and down my thigh trying to reach her peak. Almost instantly her body locked up and her hips arched off the bed as her mouth was open in a silent scream and eyebrows furrowed, the tail end of her shriek escaped her mouth as she released a breath and collapsed on the bed breathing hard with red cheeks. Her breathing slowed and her eyes stayed close as she fell asleep once again. I was slightly annoyed at her inconsiderable impromptu sleep. I was torn between the thought of waking her up and letting her sleep in bliss when her arm snaked up and pulled me down to her lips were out tongues briefly touched.

Sitting up on wobbly knees she went to work on my pants, pulling them down revealing the tent my dick was creating. Her face was inches from the bulge in my boxers and her breath became harder as her eyes stayed glued on my erection.

The phrase “you don’t have to do this,” was on the tip of my tongue but refused to leave my mouth as I watched in anticipation with my own breath ragged in my ears. She leaned forward slightly and kissed right above my boxers on my skin making my dick jump. She delicately brought her teeth to the waistband of my boxers and slowly dragged them down. I swore I heard the comical “boing” in the air as my boxers finally slid over my manhood bouncing up clipping the side of Avery’s nose making her flinch.

“Sorry.” I muttered shyly.

She simply ignored my fault as her eyes took in my throbbing dick, red and angry looking with a thick vain running along the top of it.

I expected a slow tortuous process from Avery but she turned her gaze upwards at me. The haze was completely gone from her eyes and the once again vivid irises stared directly into mine as her tongue caught the tip causing me to suck in my breath sharply and guide it into her mouth. I about lost it as I watched her mouth stretch to accommodate me. Her mouth was hot and her tongue was working on what was already in there, which was just the head.

I could tell she was inexperienced (thankfully) but she was enthusiastic, making it all that much better. She slid her mouth further down trying to take more of me. I had to hold her head because the familiar churning in my balls was getting ferocious but she insistently continued her journey but just barely as she struggled to take no more than a little less than half. I felt myself tap the back of her throat and she gagged and released from her mouth where the cool air slowed the churning in my balls.

Before I could ask her if she was alright, Avery looked back up into my eyes watching me as she once again tried taking me a bit farther in her mouth. Her cheeks flushed with the effort and I felt myself coming to an end.

“A-Avery I’m gonna cum,” I rushed out but this seemed to only fuel her persistency. Her tongue lashed at me faster and instead of trying to take more of me in, she focused on what was already in her mouth.

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