New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 05

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I’m spending the week at the Sequoia RV Ranch, just eight miles from Sequoia National Park, with my friend, Catherine. She and I have been walking partners for most of the year and sexual partners for just as long. After a month apart, we are back together to spend time hiking and making love.

This morning we set out for a long hike along Sugar Pine Trail in Sequoia National Park. Our camping neighbors, Olivia and Abigail suggested we give it a try. They were going to hike along the trail as well.

I was cooking breakfast while Catherine took a shower in my travel trailer. I noticed that Olivia and Abigail had got an early start. Catherine and I made a pact that we would remain naked while we were inside the trailer. We have stuck to the agreement so far. I love her round Double-D boobs with crimson red nipples and she fancies my seven-inch cock. We have shared several sexual escapades already after just two days. So, after we enjoyed a pancake and sausage breakfast in the nude, we set out for the park.

We entered the National Park and made our way to Sugar Pine trail. We parked in the trail parking lot and noticed the only other vehicle in the lot was Olivia’s truck. We began our trek at the trailhead and figured we would run into our camping neighbors along the trail. We did run into them along the way, but it was not how we expected to meet them.

After hiking for over a mile, we heard faint noises in the distance. Catherine and I thought they were from some wild critters out in the fields. However, as we walked several more yards down the path, we came to a clearing and saw Olivia and Abigail laying on a blanket naked and enjoying each other’s company. We stood silently and watched them. Abigail was going to town on Olivia’s hairy pussy and then Olivia fucked Abigail with a strap-on dildo. This was too much for us to take so we drove back to the RV Park and made love in the camp shower. We skipped lunch and slept through the afternoon.

It’s getting close to 4:00 PM as I start to wake up. Catherine is still sleeping, and her hand is still resting on my cock. After the long nap, my cock is coming back to life. I take Catherine’s hand and wrap her fingers around my hard shaft. I lay back quietly and wait for her to come back to the living. For the time being I enjoy having her hand wrapped around my cock.

I flex my cock a few times to see if I can get her to wake up. I listen to her breathe quietly and feel her warm body against mine. I really wore her out earlier in the shower. Five more minutes pass and I am about to get up to look for something to eat. Catherine’s hand twitches and then squeezes my shaft. Her eyes flutter open and it takes a minute for her register her surroundings. She realizes she is in bed lying next to me with her hand around my cock. She strokes my seven-inch shaft as she comes back to life.

“Geez Rob, does this ever go down? I don’t know if I can take much more today.”

“I’ve told you before, you bring out the best in me and that includes my cock.”

“Well it is a lovely cock. Maybe I’ll give you a blow job later. Right now, I’m famished, let’s get something to eat.”

We get out of bed and I rummage around the refrigerator. I bring out cheese and crackers and some fruit. We sit around the table and recharge our bodies. I let Catherine know that I’ll barbecue chicken in a little while. I get up and lookout the window. Olivia’s truck is not parked next door. I wonder where our neighbors are, they can’t still be in Sequoia, can they. Catherine shrugs her shoulders. I brought the blender with us, so I mix up a batch of margaritas as a pre-dinner cocktail. We enjoy the peace and quiet of the park for the next twenty minutes.

“Thank you for the wonderful shower sex Rob. After watching Olivia and Abigail in the park, I was super horny. That was an incredible orgasm and you dropped quite a load of cum.”

“You were a tigress once again. You do bring out the best of me.”

Our quiet time is interrupted by a knock on the door. I get up and look out the window.

I whisper, “Its Abigail. Should I let her in?”

“Well not with your hard cock sticking out, you might scare her away. Go into the bathroom and put some shorts on, I’ll let her in.”

I grab my shorts and rush into the bathroom. Catherine gets up and opens the door.

“Well hi Abigail, come on in. What can we do for you?”

Abigail blushes, “Oh, I’m sorry, am I interrupting? If this is a bad time I’ll come back.”

“Not at all. Rob and I are enjoying a cocktail and appetizers before dinner. He is in the bathroom, he’ll be right out. I’ll pour you a margarita.”

Abigail is quite flustered, “But, but you are naked. I’m so sorry to intrude.”

“Nonsense. I’ll tell you a secret. Rob and I love to be nude whenever we are alone. I guess you could call us closet nudists. I hope it doesn’t offend you or make you uncomfortable?”

“Well no, not at all, it’s just a surprise. Actually, Liv and I do the same thing. We enjoy being naked bahis şirketleri whenever we are alone.”

“Then come on in and sit down, I’ll get that drink for you. Take your top off if it will make you feel more comfortable. Rob likes staring at beautiful tits.”

Abigail declines the offer and sits down. Catherine hands her a margarita as I step out of the bathroom. I have my cargo shorts on, so I won’t scare Abigail away with my raging hard-on.

“Well hello Abigail. What brings you around? Where’s Olivia?”

Abigail seems relieved that my cock is not on display, “Please, call me Abi. Olivia’s work called and told her she needed to go into the office to take care of some crises. It’s only thirty minutes away. Anyway, Liv said she would drive back in the morning. So, I thought it would be nice to come visit. I wanted to see the inside of your trailer, it seems so big compared to ours.”

I’m amazed, “Wow, she gets called on a Sunday, that’s inconvenient.”

“Yeah, she has to be on-call 24/7. She has one of those IT jobs where the computers must be working all of the time. Personally, I don’t understand technology.”

Catherine chimes in, “We understand completely. Rob was in IT for many years, after he drove those big trucks.”

Catherine looks at me and winks. You have to love a topless woman who covers for you. We invite Abi to stay for dinner. She declines at first, but we insist. It’s time for another little white lie.

“So Abi, did you get to hike along the Sugar Pine trail? We only made it as far as the Lodgepole visitor center. We had a lovely lunch in the village. Maybe we’ll get out tomorrow for that hike.”

Abigail tells us all about the great hiking at Sugar Pine. She said they took a picnic lunch and found a nice quiet spot to be alone and enjoy the nature. She said she was thoroughly wiped out by the adventure. I thought to myself, no doubt. After Olivia got the call from work, they came back, and she napped.

“I had better get the barbecue started for the chicken. And Abi, you are staying for dinner, we won’t let you say no.”

I head outside, grab the charcoal from the storage bin and get busy with the fire. I leave the ladies to their own devices.

Catherine pours another margarita for each of them.

“Eat and drink up Abi, you must be starving after your big hike. Cheers.”

“Thank you, Catherine. You know, that Rob is a good guy. He seems like a keeper.”

“Yeah, he does. He gets a little nutty sometimes and I must keep him in line. How’s the drink?”

Abigail smiles, “Its perfect, just what I need. I may need a few more to unwind. I hope you don’t get offended, but I think your boobs are absolutely gorgeous, so big and beautiful. And those stunning red nipples are to die for.”

“Well thanks Abi. Rob sure loves them. And I hear you have some gorgeous tits yourself. Nice stiff pink nipples? Rob was very impressed with your black mesh top.”

“That was Liv’s request. She is always wanting to show me off. I can never say no to her. I knew Rob was looking, so I stuck my boobs out and my nipples poked through the fabric. I hope you aren’t mad?”

“Not at all, I just wish I could have seen them.”

“There’s no reason you can’t. If you’re going to stay topless, I’ll join you.”

Abigail grabs the hem of her blouse and pulls it over her head. She is wearing a light green lace bra that pushes her breasts up and forms some enticing cleavage. She reaches around and unsnaps the bra. Her boobs pop free and bounce on her chest. Her pink nipples are stiff and poke out one-half inch.

“Abi, your breasts are beautiful and those pink nipples. Geez, my nipples are getting hard just looking at you. No wonder Rob was so excited yesterday.”

“He was? Wow. I didn’t realize I had that effect.”

“Well you do girl. Your tits are mesmerizing, so round and full. Are you a D-Cup?”

“Sort of between a large ‘C’ and small ‘D’. Liv thinks I’m perfect.”

“Speaking of Olivia, wow, does she have some big breasts. Rob was drooling all night long. He said she reminded him of his neighbor, Denise.”

“Yep, she’s a Double-G, her boobs are so much fun to play with and she has really sensitive nipples.”

The charcoal is ready for the chicken. We should be eating in forty-five. I hop back into the trailer and do a double-take. Abigail is sitting with Catherine and they are drinking margaritas with their tits out.

“Hello ladies, what’s the occasion?”

Catherine smiles, “Abi wanted to blend in. Since we stay naked in the trailer, she said she would join in. She’s baring her breasts as a start. Shall I get the chicken for you?”

The ladies continue drinking as if nothing is out of the ordinary. Catherine gets up and pulls the chicken out of the refrigerator. She lets me know that she and Abigail will fix the salad and noodles. I get the chicken started and hang outside to keep an eye on the grilling. Dinner tonight should be good with two pairs of tits to ogle.

Dinner is a fun affair. bahis firmaları The chicken is grilled to perfection complimented with salad, noodles and plenty more margaritas. I made sure Catherine didn’t overdo the drinking as I know how she gets, sleepy and horny at the same time. Abigail is a charming guest and talks a lot about her relationship with Olivia. Catherine and I have the impression that she is a submissive, we certainly saw that earlier today.

Once dinner is done I put on a pot of coffee and offer to clean up. We enjoy our after-dinner dessert. Abigail thanks is profusely and says it’s time to call it an evening.

“It’s going to be weird sleeping in the r-pod tonight. I might feel a little lonely since I have never slept there alone.”

I am about to invite her to spend the night with us. I have visions of a wild threesome. Catherine beats me to the punch.

“Hey Abi, how about if I join you for a little while until you are ready for bed? We’ve got a lot more girl-talk ahead of us.”

“That would be nice, but I don’t want to keep you and Rob apart.”

I speak up, “No problem Abi, Catherine and I had a full day of fun. I’m going to hit the hay early anyway.”

Catherine adds, “I’ll be over in a little while.”

We all get up from the table and Abigail hugs us both. Her firm round breasts press into my chest. I feel her nipples harden against my skin. Oh, it would have been fun to have a threesome tonight. If not for my cargo shorts, I’m sure my semi-erect cock would be trying to invade her sweet pussy. I watch their tits press together as Abigail hugs Catherine. Catherine plants a soft kiss on her cheek. My semi just became a full-blown hard-on.

Abigail opens the trailer door and starts to step down.

“Hey Abi, I think you forgot these?”

Catherine holds up Abigail’s blouse and bra. She hands them to Abigail.

“Oops, I forgot. Being topless feels so natural. It’s dark out here, so I think I’ll just run to my trailer with my boobs out. Hope I don’t get caught.”

We all laugh as Abigail scampers across the road. I shut the door and drop my shorts as I turn to Catherine. My seven-inch shaft springs to attention. She reaches down and grabs my cock. We share a loving kiss.

“I hope you don’t mind that I’m going over to Abi’s? She is such a doll and I love those gorgeous tits. Hopefully, I’ll get to play with them tonight.”

I tell Catherine about my secret fantasy of a threesome. But I understand her desire to have a girls’ night. I press my body against Catherine and enjoy the feeling of her boobs squished between us.

“Rob, a threesome would be fun, but I don’t think Abi has been with a man. At least I think she has limited experience. She said Olivia has been her constant companion since they were teenagers, if you know what I mean. And thanks for keeping your shorts on, I’m sure that required a lot of restraint.”

Catherine thanks me for cleaning up and for the coffee. The java sobered her up and now she is not sleepy anymore, just horny.

“Hey babe, did you bring your Fleshlight on the trip? You could use it to relieve the tension while you are fantasizing about Abi and me.”

“No, I didn’t. I figured we would be too busy getting it on. Don’t worry about me sweetie, I’ll be alright. You have fun tonight.”

“Well I have my vibrator in my overnight bag, if you want to use it. I know it adds a little kick to your orgasms. Hey, tell you what, lie back on the bed and I’ll treat you to a triple-threat before I leave.”

Catherine just made my night. Her triple-threat is awesome. I learned about her technique the first time I was at her house in San Luis Obispo. We were in her spa where she saw my cock for the very first time. She gave me the most incredible blowjob that curled my toes. I get onto my bed and lay on my back. Catherine climbs up and kneels at my side. My shaft sticks straight up. I flex my cock a few times making it dance around. Catherine grips the base of my root and squeezes.

“Hold on cowboy, mama’s going to curl your toes.”

Catherine wraps her left hand around my shaft and squeezes hard moving it rapidly back and forth. She uses her right hand to play with my balls, running her fingers around and around each one. She sucks as much of my cock as she can and applies a forceful suction while moving her tongue back and forth along the underside of the crown. She works my cock over and my climax builds quickly. Her rapid hand-job, ball squeeze and mouth suction, the triple-threat, has me on the edge in no time. The tingling sensation travels from the base of my cock up to my tip. Catherine knows how to make me cum on demand. I unleash several spurts of cum into her waiting mouth. She blinks and her eyes water as she takes all my seed. Catherine continues to pump my shaft and squeeze down on my balls until I feel faint.

“Oh my god, you did it again.”

Catherine pulls her mouth from my cock while maintaining her tight grip and gulps down the load. She swirls her tongue kaçak bahis siteleri around her lips, tasting my cum as she continues to swallow every bit of it. Finally, she smacks her lips with satisfaction.

“Mmm, best taste ever. I hope that holds you for at least a few hours. I’ll do it again first thing in the morning. That will be your reward.”

She plants a deep kiss on my lips. I open my mouth and welcome her tongue still coated with my fresh jizz. My body is like jelly, I can’t move a muscle. Catherine hops off the bed and grabs an oversized tee shirt from her closet. She pulls it over her amazing body. The bottom barely conceals her fluffy triangle of pubes.

“I think this is all I’ll need for tonight. I might even be a little overdressed. Wish me luck.”

Catherine heads over to Abigail’s r-pod, leaving me helpless in my bed. I don’t even attempt to get up. I look down to my toes, yup, they are curled.

Abigail hears a knock on her trailer door and opens it. Catherine is standing there in just an oversized tee shirt.

“Hi Catherine, please come in. I’m so happy you want to spend some time with me. I opened a bottle of Chablis, I hope you’ll join me?”

“Thanks Abi, I will have a glass or two. The coffee sobered me up, so I’m ready to imbibe again. This is such a lovely trailer, it feels so cosy.”

“Thanks, we really like it. It has a lot of nice amenities and this wonderful queen size bed.”

“Wow, I’m amazed they could fit such a big bed in such a small trailer. Is it comfy?”

“Yes, very comfy, come feel. Two people can sink right down into the mattress.”

Abigail hands Catherine a glass of wine while Catherine sits on the bed and tests it out. As she sits, her tee shirt rides up her hips and bares her pussy lips. A fact not lost on Abigail’s eyes.

“This is so comfortable Abi. Why don’t you come join me?”

“OK. Tell Rob thanks again for letting you come visit for a few hours.”

“Rob will be just fine. I gave him one of my classic blowjobs just before I came over. He’ll be good for the rest of the night.”

Catherine doesn’t let on that she plans to spend the entire night seducing and then making love with her new pal Abigail.

“You two seem to have a loving, and if you don’t mind me saying, a pretty sexual relationship. Olivia and I are good together, although she is the dominant one.”

Catherine takes a big gulp of wine, “Abi, I have a confession to make. We did hike along the Sugar Pine trail this morning. We were walking along and then heard some voices in the distance. When we turned a corner on the path, we spotted you and Olivia out in the field.”

“Oh my. Where we had our picnic?”

“Yes, I think we may have walked by after your picnic, because we saw you with your head between Olivia’s thighs. You were eating her pussy; we could see her hairy cunt. And then she pushed you away and used a strap-on to fuck you from behind. It was so very erotic. I made Rob take me home immediately and we fucked in the park showers for the longest time. I’m so sorry for spying on you two.”

Abigail is a bit shocked by this revelation, “So you saw me on my hands and knees and Olivia taking control?”

“Yes, I hope you don’t hate us. When I saw your awesome shaved pussy being slammed by the dildo, I thought to myself, there is a beautiful lady that deserves to be treated like a queen, not a rag doll. I would love to treat you like a queen tonight.”

“Catherine, I am so embarrassed. I don’t know what to say. Olivia has always been the dominant one in our relationship. She tells me what to wear, what to say, how to act. I’ve never been one to stand up to her, I guess I’m rather submissive that way. It’s OK, I don’t mind.”

“Well for tonight, let’s be equals. I want to make love with you. I want us to share many orgasms together all-night long. You are a beautiful lady with gorgeous boobs and you deserve to be treated like a beautiful lady. When you took off your blouse and bra, I nearly fainted. I couldn’t stop looking at your nipples, they are pink perfection. May I take off my tee shirt, and will you join me?”

Abigail is overwhelmed by her kindness. She puts her glass of wine on the bedside table and climbs onto the queen size bed. She removes her blouse and bares her round breasts. Abigail didn’t bother with a bra when she got back to the trailer.

“Catherine, have you been with a woman before?”

“Yes. I have a neighbour, her name is Lacy. She and I get together often, at least we used to. We loved to go to a nude beach and lay out. Then we would go to my place and share a strap-on. We took turns, it was so much fun.”

Catherine reaches over and strokes the side of her left boob. Catherine lifts her tee shirt up and off. Her tits bounce and shake as she throws the shirt on the floor.

Catherine extends two fingers to Abigail’s pink nipple, “May I?”

Abigail grabs her hand and presses it to her breast. Catherine feels the erect nub. She leans in to kiss Abigail on the lips. They share a soft kiss. Catherine hands her wine glass to Abigail; with her hands free, Catherine massages the firm tits in front of her.

“Gawd Abi, your boobs are so firm, they feel so good. I need to taste you.”

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