New Toy and My Best Friend

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We chat almost every day about various things, she’s largely unaware of the sharing nature of our relationship. We are close and share our thoughts and feelings most of the time. As my longest standing friend Vicki knows I’m bi but has always maintained a distance from responding to it.

On this one evening Dave was out visiting family leaving Vicki and I to have a girlie night in.

Our evening started as they usually do with a bit of food, onesies and a full bottle of Gin.

I’d be lying if I said we’d never been honest, I’d also be lying if i said we’d never compared taste in porn… and of course we’ve compared and talked about our sex toy collection.

After a while, the conversation that evening didn’t take long before we were talking about having fun and our sex lives. I was curious to see if vicki was enjoying the same amount as me. We giggled and teased each other playfully, getting more tipsy.

“I’m curious Amy, tell me… how is it you’re able to keep things so fresh between you and Dave? You know, are the stories all true??” Vicki asked.

I grinned at her and winked “what makes you think I’d lie?”

Vicki gasped and wriggled in her seat, she was secretly impressed, not only at him – but that I was happy to indulge in such kinky behaviour.

“Hehehehe do you have any favourites? Kinks?, positions? Things you’ve done?” Vicki asked.

“We’ve played with toys for a while now. Various kinds but mainly vibes, dildo’s, butt plugs – you know, the usual. But, I recently found one online though that is unlike anything else we’ve used. It’s basically a strap on for Dave. It has a removable buzzing bullet, a long silicone beaded anal probe, a cockring and a ring that goes around his balls.

It allows double penetration and a vibrating effect on my clit too.

To say it’s now my favourite would be an understatement, its downside (if you can call it that) is its requirement to have Dave’s cock in it to use it properly.” I told vicki excitedly.

Vicki squirmed in her seat listening to me, it might have been the Gin, but Vicki was breathing so heavily, her chest almost bounced as she tried to visualise such a toy.

I could see her body language, her curiosity was building up and she became more intrigued. “Can… can I see it?” She whispered, almost embarrassed but too excited to miss the opportunity.

I smiled at her and nodded “of course, hang on a sec.”

And with that I hurried upstairs to our bedroom, opened the drawer and grabbed the toy and its little bag of accessories. I returned to Vicki and grinned, handing her the bag.

She blushed and laughed, unzipping the small carry case I kept it in. She first pulled the small tube of lube out and then let out an involuntary noise of intrigue as she felt the toy. She pulled it clear and inspected it thoroughly, blushing and giggling at it. I reached in and grabbed the small bullet and slotted it into its holder.

“And, that turns on?” She asked.

“Mmmhmmm” i replied.

As she looked it over, I could tell she was interested in the mechanics of its fit. She tried to imagine how it secured in place, looking at the holes and their size.

“So?? This bit slides his cock through?” Pointing to the top ring between the vibe and the probe. Biting her lip and raising an eyebrow at its diameter.

“And this ring?” She points to the lower ring below the probe.

“His balls! And he’s a tight fit” I gently hissed.

Vicki looked at it and cooed, the visual thoughts of him filling the rings made her tremble. Her fingers ran around the toy and she traced up the 9″ probe, imagining what it might feel like.

“No, I just can’t imagine it. What’s it like?? You know, in the ass?” Vicki sheepishly asked.

I smirked at her and leaned in, quietly confirming this taboo subject to her “it’s liberating, when your ass is licked and played with; Once you’ve shared that intimacy, no pleasure is beyond you.”

As i spoke, i could see her squirm again, she wanted to try it, i could tell she was now so curious and so tipsy her honesty was paramount.

“You’re curious aren’t you?” I asked.

Vicki blushed and gasped. Nodding her head. I knew Dave would soon be home and I knew he would most likely model it and even demonstrate the toy if I asked him too. Vicki drank more, becoming even more inhibited.

She continued to inspect the toy and played with the vibration settings, the more she played, the hornier she obviously got.

As my front door opened, Dave walked in with a cheerful greeting. Vicki held the toy and panicked, blushing and gasping before frantically trying to hide the toy. Trying to hide her lust for it and her horniness as its result.

“And how are we doing ladies?” Dave asked smiling.

I gave him a smile and we kissed, vicki wheezed tuzla escort and choked, coughing trying to calm herself. She was unable to shift the image that this man could wear such a toy and use it. She loved the fact that it fit him and secretly longed to see it.

She tried to hide the toy and her fluster, desperate to avoid eye contact with him. This was her biggest betrayal, i new that look, I’d seen it in girls eyes before. I smirked and laughed as Dave sat with us. Vicki was now forced to hide our conversation – pretending it wasn’t making her throb at the thought of the toy. I knew what must be done, if she was to experience something new – I’d have to show her.

“What have you been upto?” Dave asked

Vicki blushed and gave a loud tipsy laugh.

“Errr…” she replied.

“My favourite toy!” I responded.

“AMY!” vicki hissed, elbowing me in the ribs.

I giggled as Dave smirked at me, i then reached behind her and grabbed it. Vicki whined “nooo!”

I just laughed and bit my lip, looking at him. Telling her about it and seeing how jealous she was had turned me on too, now he was home all i could do was imagine him using it on me.

And then the thought of him using it on her made my pussy ache as I watched her nervously handle the toy away from me.

As I looked at Dave, he stared, reading her body language, then mine. He smirked and stood up, he moved towards me and i stood to greet him. We kissed passionately as Vicki watched from her seat. I grabbed his belt and undid it, unzipping his jeans as i continued to kiss him. He stood and let me, almost ignoring Vicki’s presence. I reached in and gave him a small stroke, he was already thickening up so i pulled his jeans down with his boxers. His semi hard shaft swung free. I gasped hungrily at him and giggled. Vicki sat in complete silence, holding the toy in her small hands. I turned to her and grabbed it.

“You’ll want to see this.” I told her.

As i did, Dave pulled his shirt off and stepped out of his jeans. By the time I had the toy from Vicki, he was standing naked before us. Vicki watched he swinging cock and breathed heavily. I handed Dave the toy and hw slid it onto his cock, he then posted his heavy balls through the second ring. As he did, his cock started stiffening up, tightening the cock ring, the toy became as firm and as rigid as his cock was under the support of his girth and sack.

I was gently stroking him as Vicki stared, mesmerised by the image of his cock wearing this anal probing toy. She then realised something;

“Oh my god, it’s for both at the same time!?” She hissed quietly to me.

I grinned and nodded, Gently massaging him as Vicki watched. I was getting hornier and Dave was now as hard as he could be, he looked down at me and grinned. He had spotted my spare hand had unzipped my onesie and was already dipping in it to rub myself.

Vicki was watching with tipsy interest, sitting back in the chair. I pulled my onesie over my shoulders and Dave pulled it off as I sat up and ontp the sofa next to Vicki, who was now cooing at me as Dave tossed my onesie aside.

He didn’t hesitate to lift my legs at the knee before going down between my legs, he looked up at me, then Vicki before diving down and licked my pussy. His tongue slid in and out of me and up, landing on my clit. He knew exactly how to please me quickly. He pushed my knees up and spat some saliva out down onto my asshole, his tongue followed soon after, gently lapping at my hole.

“Mmmmm oh yes!” I moaned.

Vicki moaned too as she watched.

I turned to her and grinned, moaning and whining as he worked on me.

“He’s got his tongue in my ass!” I whispered huskily to Vicki.

“Ohhh myy godd..” vicki responded.

She held my hand as he continued to rim me, he then moved and asked Vicki “get me the lube?”

Her eyes widened and she giggled, moving up, leaning to grab the lube she had discarded earlier. As she moved to pass it him, he grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. I looked at her and grinned.

“You should help.” I hissed.

Vicki just grinned and eased herself down onto the floor. She took the lube and pushed some out onto his hand. He began to gently rub it into my ass, i whined as he did. Vicki watched him slide a finger into me. I moaned again as he did.

Vicki then watched as he smeared some lube onto the toys beaded length. Her whines told us everything we needed to know. Her hands reached down and took over his, lubing up the length pf the toy. Her continued whining showing her willingness. She cupped his balls as she did, feeling him for the first time. Her hands then strayed upwards onto his length, he allowed her to lube up his cock as I watched my friend play with my boyfriends cock and sex toy.

“This is so sexy!” She hissed.

He lined tuzla escort bayan up the toy to my ass and pushed it into me. I moaned as he did, the feel of it entering me was amazing. Vicki sighed as she watched it enter me. Ever notch making me moan as he pushes it deeper into me. I ached for him and he knew it. Vicki watched it, transfixed by it.

“Oh fuck.” I whined.

He then lined his cock up to my pussy, then pushed himself in. His fat cockhead split me and stretched me as he pushed in. Vicki watched as he moved himself so both my holes could be filled. He moved and pushed both his cock and the toy into me. My ability to be quiet was now gone and my moans were now an audible constant.


Dave had reached in and turned it on. It sent me over the edge and the start of my orgasm started. I gasped and breathed quickly, feeling both my holes being filled simultaneously and now the added vibrations to my clit.

“Mmmm baby yes.. oh yes.. that’s it.” I hissed.

Dave was moving in and out of me, fucking my holes with his cock and toy. I was enjoying him so much, i almost forgot Vicki was watching.

I started trembling under him, my orgasm taking a hold. He pushed in deep, pressing the vibe hard onto my clit as his cock filled my pussy and the toy filled my ass. My twitching and bucking got more fierce, vicki had never seen anything like this before.

Dave looked at her and pulled her up to his face, he kissed her. She paused as he did, then her lust gave way and she kissed him back. Passionately they exchanged whilst he pushed himself deep inside me, the vibration travelling through us both. He unzipped her onesie and pulled it over her shoulders. She let him strip her and the kissed again, his hand reached down and felt her soaked pussy. He broke his kiss and hissed at her;

“So Vicki, are you gonna let me fuck you with this toy?”

She silently nodded, reaching for the lube she pushed some out into his hand. He pushed her onto her back beside me on the sofa and grinned. His lubed hand reached down immediately between her legs making her part them wide for him.

He ran his fingers up and down her hot aching pussy, smearing the lube into her making her whine loudly. He then slid his fingers down to her tight little bum hole and teased her by rubbing his fingers around it gently. Vicki cooed and moaned.

“Ooohhh that feels nice Dave.” She whispered.

I was still moaning in orgasm beside her as he did this.

Just then he slid a finger into her, as he did, he pulled himself out of me. I writhed and moaned moving to see Vicki better. I was desperate to see Vicki being used by him and the toy.

The vibration continued as he toyed with her ass, pushing his finger deeper inside her.

Vicki gasped for breath, unable to believe he was fingering her ass. “Oh my… goodness me…”

He pulled his finger from her and smeared the dripping lube back up around it. He then grabbed the toy and lined it up, it’s vibrating tip excited her as she felt it touch. He pushed it in her and for the first time Vicki gave a more carnal moan of pleasure. The vibration of the toy made her giggle as she felt him push it into her further, he passed the first bead making her wince in pain but giggled in pleasure.

“What do you think Vik?” I asked her as i stroked her hair feom her face, watching her writhe with please as my man pushed a sex toy up her ass.

“Mmmm… mmmhmm.. I can… see… what you mean.” Vicki panted.

Dave began moving his hips, so that the toy began fucking her ass. With every thrust the toy sinks deeper into her. Every thrust makes Vicki moan louder. I watched as he worked himself, Vicki was now writhing and hadn’t even had the best part.

He lined his cock up to her pussy, it was soaked in lube and my juices, as soon as she felt his large head she whined loudly again. He pushed himself into her, filling both holes. Vicki exploaded into orgasm, i began my own as i watched my man double penetrating my best friend.

I loved watching him show my friends what a good fuck is like. This though, this would be what spurs them all to another level. Vicki thrashed about as she felt him fill her pussy and press the still vibrating clit stim up into her. Her legs trembled and her breath panted as she gasped for enough air.

“Oooh my god.. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” She breathed quickly.

Dave grunted and just started to pound into her, the toy moves with his thrusts and his dick stretched her. His tightly held balls slapped as the toy penetrated her ass. He held her knees up and his hips moved seemlessly.

Dave was really enjoying the toy and vicki, his grunts of appreciation, mixed with his grins when he looked at me were telling. He loved the way she felt around him, I think he’d been wanting to see escort tuzla what fucking Vicki would be like.

“Urgh… yes, so fucking good.” Dave hisses.

Vicki just kept whining, her orgasm trailing off. Dave pulled himself and the toy out of her, much to her gasping disappointment.

“What do you think honey?” I asked her, moving closer into her.

“Oh fuck! I see why you like it!” She replied,

As Dave stood watching us on the bed, I could tell he wasn’t done. As Vicki looked at him and the toy, admirring him, she just couldn’t believe what had just happened.

He reached and turned off the vibe, pulling the toy off his thick, veiny cock. He tossed it to me and grinned. I grabbed it and felt its soaked probe and giggled. Vicki giggled too as she realised she’d just had it in her ass.

I wanted more, i leaned in to Vicki and kissed her cheek, whispering gently “get on all fours honey, we’re going to have more fun.”

Vicki bit her lip, smiled and rolled over, climbing on all fours, bent over the couch beside me, wiggling her ass at Dave.

Dave moved in behind us and slapped each of our asses playfully. A hand on each one, fingers sliding down each crack. He slid a thumb in my ass and a finger into my pussy, he did the samr to Vicki as I heard her gasp at the feel. Working on us both together as he stood.

He stood behind me and slid he hand out, replacing it with his cock. He pushed it in and as usual i accepted him eagerly.

“Oh Vicki!! He’s in my ass, that big cock feels so good in there.” I teased her. My eyes now closed in pleasure as she watched my anal face.

It didn’t take long for him to start a quick, long thrusting action in my ass, his heavy balls slapping my soaked pussy, all the while he still played with Vicki’s ass and pussy with his fingers making her writhe on them.

“Vicki? I’m gonna fuck your ass now.” Dave hissed. Pulling out of me.

“Oh god, please.. i want to feel what it’s like. ” she huskily replied.

Vicki turned to me as he moved into position behind her, her voice trembled as she felt him grab her hips, pulling his fingers from her “you’re so lucky.”

He lined himself up to her, teasing her pussy with his hot cockhead, sliding it up to her prepared ass. I watched as she gasped, holding her breath as she felt his cockhead landed on her anus.

“Oooh, it feels so different to the toy, hotter, bigger!” She hissed.

“Oh fuck!” She yelp as he pushed his head into her. She swallowed his head with surprising ease and he paused, holding himself inside her.

As he slowly pushed himself into her, Vicki whined a long a deep moan. “Oooooooohhhh…”

I listened as he slid into her, grinning. I pulled my phone out and with a smirk, swiped up the selfie cam and started to record. “Say it honey, tell me, where’s my boyfriends cock?”

Vicki was trembling again, gasping once again for breath as she felt him stretching her asshole, her eyes still closed as i recorded us.

“He’s in my ass!” She wheezed at me.

Just as he bottomed out inside her. His thick, veiny dick filling her tight virgin ass.

“Oh fuck! Thats soo good..” she added. Opening her eyes to see me fiming her. She couldn’t even protest, the feeling of him inside her made her too preoccupied.

He started sliding in and out of her gently. Starting ro fuck her ass. Vicki just whined and squealed as he did. The stretching pain quickly superseded by pleasure. Dave was smiling and began moving quicker. As he did, Vicki moaned more, edging closer to yet another orgasm.

Jist as she neared, he pulled out and moved back to me. Sliding his cock effortlessly into my ass. I moaned again as he started pounding my ass. I grunted my appreciation through the loud slaps as he fucked me.

Vicki gasped her breath back, she was giggling and wiggling her ass, waiting for her turn again. With two asses, i knew Dave would soon be ready to cum. He was now grunting with each thrust, then slid from me and slid straight into Vicki, who winced in surprise when he pushed in hard and deep.

“Ow! Ohhhh… f..ffuck!” She moaned.

His balls slapped against her pussy and she writhed on him. She now knew what intimacy was. As he slowed down he leaned down and whispered.

“Are you ready for my load?”

Vicki wheezed and gasped, begging for it.

Dave grunted and pushed into her deeply. He began to pump his huge hot load, deep into Vicki.

“Ooohhh fucking yess!” She yelled loudly.

As he subsided, i moved, ready to suck his spent cock clean. He pulled out of her and i sank down his length. Sucking hard and fast, making him moan too. Popping off him as Vicki collapsed.

He then pulled away smirking, satisfied with another filled ass.

As he picked his clothes up, Vicki writhed, unexpectedly satisfied herself. After a few minutes, she went to the toilet and cleaned herself up. We did the same and settled down to watch a movie.

Things were never the same again, and even that night was to have more fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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