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This is my first submission EVER! I would greatly appreciate any and all comments, positive or negative. All characters are fictional and over 18. This is a work of fiction. If you have any favorite characters you want to have more involved with the story, PLEASE let me know. Always willing to listen to my audience. And a huge “thank you” to LizHaze for her work on editing and her encouragement. Thanks and enjoy! -Shaide


I watched as he pushed the lawnmower back and forth across the yard. I was always waiting for him to take his shirt off, but he never has. As hot as it was, I had no idea why. But then again, Jason’s family was the only one in the neighborhood that didn’t hire someone to do the yard work. He looked like he was in shape. He let go of the gas and I heard the mower choke itself into silence as he walked over to the patio and started drinking from a bottle of water. He sat down on the patio to take a break. I sighed and figured I might as well take one too. Sometimes I wish that I my window didn’t look over their yard. Sometimes.

I didn’t know why I wasted my time watching him. He was such a loser. I turned away from the window and walked over to the closet to pick out my outfit for tonight. I was headed out with a couple of girlfriends to the movies and then we had a couple of parties to choose from. Unlike the loser, who was going to spend the weekend in his house, I had things to do.

I stood in front of the mirror in my bra and panties. I looked good. Not to be arrogant or anything, but the truth is the truth. I had my mother’s curves, but my father’s green eyes, and red hair. I filled out a C cup quite nicely and had nice toned legs that led up to a sweet ass. Not really an ass, more of a bubble butt. But I liked my little bubble butt. It was firm and grippable and suited my figure nicely.

I looked good, and I felt good. At 20 years old, this was my junior year in college and I was going to finish it as head cheerleader, a position I was elected to as a sophomore. I was on a full scholarship from O.R.B. and I worked hard to keep it. Not that I had to; they only required that I have a 2.0 GPA, but I still needed a job after college. My squad had won the national cheer contest last month, mostly thanks to Haley’s choreography, but you know what they say, credit rises and shit falls. I heard the lawnmower crank up, as if to reinforce it.

So here I was, 3.8 GPA, summer in a few months, holding the two finalist outfits up to my body in the mirror. Sexy catholic school girl with a plaid skirt and button up shirt, or sexy prep with a polo shirt and jean skirt? Duh. Sexy school girl all day. Prep would have to wait.

The skirt was short enough to hint, long enough to cover. I only used two of the buttons on the shirt, just enough to keep it closed, but I would be showing plenty of cleavage and tummy. After all, I don’t do all that dieting for nothing. I was starting my make up when I heard the lawnmower cut off. I walked over to my window to see him pushing it into the shed. He exited, closing and locking the doors. He walked into his house.


“God damn neighbors,” I heard my father mumbling as he walked down the hall. “Why the hell can’t Vincent get someone to mow the damn lawn at a reasonable fucking time like civilized people?” Vincent was the loser’s uncle. He was a welder. How in the hell he was able to afford a house in our neighborhood had always been an interesting question. The thing no one ever mentioned though, at least not in my father’s hearing, was that Vincent was my uncle as well.

Years ago, my father had an affair while my mother was pregnant with me. Jason was the result. Daddy, even after the paternity test proved it, denies that Jason is his son. Seeing that my father was able to afford the best lawyers in the state, he didn’t have to pay a single cent in child support for him. Jason is my younger half-brother by about two months. His mother died when he was nine, and Uncle Vincent adopted him. Daddy threw a fit. They haven’t had a civil conversation since. After adopting, Uncle Vincent bought the house right next to ours, and he and Jason moved in instead of moving Jason into his place, just to keep the fires going, just so my family was forced to face my father’s mistake every day.

I pulled on a pair of red pumps that I knew would be killing me by the time I got home, but you have to suffer to look this good. I grabbed a pair of red sneakers just in case, though. I threw on some perfume, gave myself the once over two or three times, and I was ready to go.

I walked down stairs to my father’s office and poked my head in, not needing him to see my entire outfit.

“Daddy, I’m going out.”

He looked up from his computer and paperwork. “Okay sweetness, have a good time.” He was immediately back into his work. I’ve seen pictures of my father when he was younger. He’s kept himself up fairly well. The muscles aren’t there anymore, but he isn’t fat topkapı escort or anything. A strong, solid face with a green-eyed glare that has made more than one of my prospective boyfriends flinch. That glare was worth a couple million dollars. Sorry, Daddy is one of the top criminal lawyers in the country. With just a touch of gray in his red hair, and my mother to keep him dressed sharply, I’ve had more than one girlfriend ask me how my parents’ marriage was doing.

I walked through the living room where my mom was sitting on the couch watching television. My mom is a stunning woman. At 42 years old, she could be on the cheer squad right next to me without anyone batting an eye. She stayed active, working out every day, playing tennis, swimming. She’s even been known to rock climb as long as she has a manicure appointment the next day.

“Going out?” she asked.

“Yep. See a movie, hit a party. The night is young and so am I.” I walked over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then turned for the door.

“Alright, have a good time. By the way, love the shoes.” I blew her one more kiss for the compliment, and for the use of her shoes. My mother and I have a great relationship. She has sat patiently through my many boyfriend breakups, princess dress-ups, and fights with girlfriends. As a woman, I would be lucky if I turned out anything like her. She may be a stay-at-home wife, but she is no less powerful a woman for it.

As I walked outside I saw Jason wiping his motorcycle down. He had a Hyabusa, but I only knew that because my ex-boyfriend was a huge fan of it. I’ve had more than a few fantasies about it. We would be riding, him driving, me holding onto his waist. My hand would slowly make its way down to his jeans, unbuttoning, unzipping, sliding down until I could grasp his manhood. I would grab it lightly at first, unsure of myself. Then his hand would come over mine and squeeze, making me grip him a little tighter, letting me know I was welcome to do just what I wanted. Then he would move his hand back to the handlebars, leaving himself open to me, trusting me. I would pull him out, fondling him, slowly beginning to stroke him, all while we speed down some empty highway. I would feel him throb and harden as we drove, as I drove him. My other hand would slide under his shirt, feeling his abs and chest. They would be smooth, solid, manly. I would feel his breathing quicken as I stroked his hard cock. And it would be a cock. Not a penis, or dick, or any of those other cutesy terms. I would know just by feeling it that this was cock. Hard and solid and meant for real fucking.

The wind would blow in my hair, the pavement would speed by underneath us. He would be moaning, but I wouldn’t be able to hear him over the motorcycle. I would only feel him, feel his pleasure building with every stroke and touch. I knew his sensitive spots. (I’m not a virgin after all, I know how to work a cock.) I would lightly run the tips of my fingernails under his helmet, following the veins underneath, before gripping it again. Stroking it hard and slow. He would grip the bars harder and harder as his pleasure mounted. He would pull off the road into some woody, grassy area and stop. I would hop off the back, nervous that I had gone too far, but as soon as he got off the bike his lips would be on mine, his tongue searching my mouth, his hand roaming, searching, discovering every part of my back and ass he could find, firmly gripping my soft flesh.

I would stand there, letting it all happen. Letting him do with me as he pleased. He would turn me in his arms, never losing contact. I would feel the need and heat in him as he pressed his cock against my ass; his hands, now under my shirt, grabbing my tits, playing with my nipples; his mouth slowly kissing and licking my neck and ear; his hard cock, out in the open air, waiting, demanding.

His hand would find its way down my stomach to my pants. He’d unbutton them and slide them down to my knees. I wouldn’t be wearing anything underneath. I’d just be standing there, exposed in his arms as he played with my body, one hand massaging my breast, his mouth gently nibbling on my ear, his warm breath on my skin, his hand gliding down to my pussy. His fingers would play with my lips, sliding through my wetness. One of his fingers would find its way into me as his thumb played with my clit. I would be panting and moaning softly, wiggling my ass against his still hard dick. He would slide it between my legs, his fingers now focusing on my clit, as his dick slid between my slick folds.

But that’s just a fantasy. A sick fantasy about my father’s bastard.

I snapped out of it just as he looked over at me, green eyes meeting green eyes. We didn’t say anything. We never did. We just looked and turned away.

He was a mistake. One that was constantly thrown in my family’s face. He was a wild night and a broken condom. I was the child my father wanted. The one he loved tuzla escort and raised. How the hell were we suppose to talk? What would we even have to talk about?

I started up my cherry corvette and headed out. When I got the gate, I saw BJ’s Escalade pulling in. BJ was the star linebacker, captain of the football team, and Jason’s best friend. We didn’t have much to talk about either. I spent the first month of last fall waiting for him to ask me out. I mean, captain of the football team and head cheerleader. We were destined to date, marry, and have fat little babies. Unfortunately, his choice of associates was less than desirable, so we never happened. Terri was probably in the car with him. Terri was the school drug dealer. He was also screwing most of the softball team.

So, the loser wasn’t going to sit in his house and mope about his loser life all weekend. I wondered where they were going. I shook my head, and turned up my music. I had better things to do than worry about what that loser was going to do.


“Besty!” Haley ran up to me and gave me a hug. She was not my best friend, but I did like her. She had blonde hair, big breasts, a small waist, and a mouth made for sucking. Although she still had to wait until I graduated, I had pretty much pegged her to be the next head cheerleader, a big honor for a freshman. After all, she did choreograph the show for nationals. She was blonde, bouncing, and would have been a competitor for me if we had been in the same class. At 18, she was teen porn personified.

“Hey girl,” Sharron said as she walked up and hugged me. She wasn’t a cheerleader, but she was my best friend. She was also the star of the drama school. She got the female lead in every play, and without doing the directors. At 5’3″ she was short and stacked. Smooth ebony skin, sexy lips, and an ass that even I envied. We had known each other since second grade, so there was no one closer to me or that I trusted more than Sharron.

We had about an hour before the movie, so we walked around, doing a little window shopping, and pretty much making sure our presence was felt as we gossiped. After all, three sexy college girl goddesses deserved to be noticed, especially when two of the three represented the college hierarchy.

“I heard Mark asked Kara George out,” Haley said as she shuffled through a couple of blouses. She held one up to her chest, but immediately put it back. The girl did have good fashion sense.

“Good for him, sucks for her though,” I said. Mark Mexer was my ex-boyfriend. We broke up two weeks ago after I found out he was lying about me, pretty much calling me a slut, even though the most I ever gave him was a hand job. Like I said, I wasn’t a virgin or anything, I just didn’t give it out unless it was earned, and Mark was definitely not worth it. Plus, he had a small dick. Three inches. Hard.

“What did Kara say?” Sharron asked as she eyed a pants suit that was hanging on a mannequin.

“Hell no. She said his dick was too small for her,” Haley laughed. “She told him in the middle of the courtyard, in front of everyone.” We all laughed. Everyone who was anyone hung out in the school courtyard, so by Monday the whole school would know that even the school slut wouldn’t give Mark a shot.

“It’s good to know she has some standards,” I said. After all, much as I like to see Mark humiliated, she was still a slut. “So whose party are we hitting?”

“Van’s. Huge pool, free liquor, and Ron is supposed to be there,” Sharron said with some finality. Ron was one of the big drama club guys. Very cute. Sharron had been waiting for him to make a move for a month now, ever since she broke up with Donny. He had told her good luck right before her last show.

“Let it go. I heard he was going there with Melissa.” Haley said.

“So. He can go with her and leave with me,” Sharron laughed. “By the way, how the hell does a freshman know everybody’s business?”

“Connections, baby.” We all laughed. Haley’s older sister had been on the school newspaper. She was one of the editors of the city’s newspaper now, with her own very popular blog. Haley had the inside track on all gossip.


The movie sucked. It was supposed to be a horror film, but it was just so damn predictable. Girl runs from bad guy, falls in the woods, bad guy pops out from tree, girl takes forever to get up and run again. I mean, come on, stop standing there screaming and run!

With the hope that the rest of the night wouldn’t be so lame, we headed to Van’s place.

Van was our school’s quarterback. Rumor had it he was extra pissed when BJ was made the team captain instead of him, but it was what it was. His parents were the richest people in the city and they pretty much let him do whatever he wanted. His parties were always epic.

I wasn’t totally feeling the scene though, since he had been trying to ask me out for the last year and a half. Everyone pendik escort knew he used steroids and I was definitely not looking for another half-cocked boyfriend. Plus, the whole muscle head look went out of style like five years ago.

We went anyway though; sometimes you have to suck it up for your girlfriends. The place was already packed when we got there. The music was great, the sexies were live, the liquor was flowing, and the cops knew better than to come to Van’s house. His parents ate them alive last year when they broke up one of his parties. Coincidentally, they hired my dad.

Sharron immediately abandoned us to hang all over Ron. Melissa was pretty much cast aside and looked scandalized as Sharron and Ron talked about the new play they were putting on. I felt sorry for her. She was cute, sweet, and an all-around nice person. She didn’t stand a chance against Sharron.

Haley and I started to make the rounds, making sure to talk to all the people who needed to see us there. Derrick was throwing a party tonight too since his parents were out of town. I felt bad for him. All the in-crowd was here at Van’s. Bad timing.

I made sure Haley knew who to talk to, and who was up and coming into the popular crowd; after all, she was pretty much my protégé. I was pretty surprised to see Jason off in a corner. So that’s where he had been going. He must have come with BJ. One of the softball girls was sitting of his lap and talking to him. He didn’t look too interested, but she didn’t look like she cared as she smiled and laughed at whatever anyone said. That was clearly a woman on a mission, marking her territory for the night. Jason was well known to have never dated anyone. Hell, I didn’t know a girl at the school who had claimed to have even kissed him. Not that anyone doubted him though. He was just too cute to be a virgin, and life would be too cruel if he were gay. Yet somehow, his love life just never made the papers, though. He looked up and took notice of me. Our eyes locked onto each other as the stupid softball slut kept talking at him.

“Hellooo, earth to Katie!” Haley shook my arm, snapping me out of my staring spell. “Who’s that?”

“Who’s who?”

“They guy you were staring at?”

Haley’s family had moved here six years ago. Our school was pretty much the local college for the rich, and if you didn’t live in the city it was assumed you weren’t rich enough to attend. Scholarships here were few and far between. I would have figured she would have known better than to ask me that. Apparently her sister never clued her into my family drama. “No one we ever need to talk to. Come on.” I pulled my eyes away from Jason and continued my walk around the mansion.

It didn’t take Van long to find out I was here and track me down.

“Katie! Hey! Glad you could make it!”

“Hey Van.” I was less than enthusiastic, but I had to be polite. If I got banned from Van’s parties, I would be a social pariah.

“Hey, fish, what are you doing at my party?” he asked Haley.

“Van, this is Haley Graham, she’s gonna be the head cheerleader soon.”

“Oh. Well, in that case, what are you doing at my party… without a drink in your hand?” Classic Van.

“We were seeing who all was here,” I said, desperately looking for a way out of this conversation.

“So is this your first time at one of my illustrious events, Haley?”

“Yeah, and thanks!” Stupid girl. She was with me. I could get her into any party, why the hell was she thanking Van.

“Well, let me give you the grand tour. You coming Katie?” Fucking Van.

“Of course.” I looked over at Jason as we started walking away. He was talking to the softball slut on his lap, but his eyes were following me.

Van was boring us to death in his father’s study when one of Haley’s friends walked by.

“Oh, let me go say hi to Kevin!” She didn’t even wait for either of us to answer, the little bitch.

“Well, looks like I lost half of my audience. How ’bout we keep going? I don’t think you’ve ever seen the whole house.”

There was only one right answer. “Yeah, sure,” I said, fortifying myself with another sip from my cup.

We went from room to room as he told me about various trophies and paintings. “And this is my bedroom,” he said as we reached the end of the tour.

I’ll admit, I was shocked. My dad was pretty conservative in how he spent his money, but we still lived in a decently sized house. I mean, we had one room dedicated to my mom’s shoes. Van’s bedroom could have fit my house and yard inside of it. He even had a freaking arcade in it. I could hear the sleaze dripping from his voice as he said, “This is where the magic happens, baby.”

I looked around, mesmerized by the sheer size of the place. There was a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a huge bathroom. Damn, how rich were his parents?

I felt his arms wrap around me as he nuzzled into my neck. “I’ve been waiting a long time to get you in here.” Oh shit.

“Um, Van…”

“Shhh. All that playing hard to get, well, I got you now.”

I started trying to pry his arm off me, but it was like trying to bend prison bars. He started kissing my neck as one of his hands fondled my breast. “Van, stop…”

“Shhhh, I know you want this.”

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