Night of Passion

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This is a short story, mostly from the female perspective. You can imagine you are getting fucked by your husband, your boyfriend, or that guy you really like …


First of all, your eyes need to adjust to the dimness. The only light that illuminates the darkness is provided by a few scented candles that are scattered throughout the room. You can see the massage oil on the nightstand next to the bed I instruct you to undress. Nervous but excited, you slowly take off your shirt and pants, revealing a lacy pink bra and matching panties. As you lay face down on the bed, the first reaction you have is of relief. It has been a long day, and you finally have a chance to relax.

As you get comfortable and close your eyes, you feel my strong hands reach out and touch your left thigh. My hands are extremely slick with the massage oil as I gently rub your thigh. Eventually, I apply more pressure as all of the nervousness you felt earlier melts away, to be replaced with relaxation. You love the even pressure that I apply to your thigh, as I rub up and down, up and down, up and down. My hands soon drop to your left calf as I continue to caress your leg. Your muscles welcome my touch as my hands drop further down to your left foot. You love the feeling as I massage your heel, then your arch, and finally your toes. Soon you feel my hands on your right thigh as I repeat the process with this leg, moving from your thigh, to your calf, to your foot and toes.

Now that you are fully relaxed, you feel me unclasp your bra. Instinctively, you slightly lift yourself up and toss the bra onto the floor. You definitely don’t need it anymore My hands move up to your shoulders, You carry a lot of tension in your shoulders, and you exhale in relief as I rub them. You tell me to rub harder, and the extra pressure feels so good. Just as you thought it could not get any better, my hands slide down your spine and stop at the waistband of your panties. Both hands then glide back up and over your shoulders. At this point, the relaxation canlı bahis şirketleri is all encompassing, and you struggle to remain awake. You want to continue to experience this massage, but you can feel sleep trying to overtake you. You lose count of the times my hands slide along your back

Just as you start to drift off, you feel my hands leave your back and you are instructed to remove your panties. Within a second, your panties join your bra on the floor. At this point, you are stark naked, waiting in anticipation of what is to come next. My hands move to your perfect ass. As I massage your ass, you whimper as you feel your pussy get slightly wet. My hands roam all over your ass. A few times, my fingers slip into your crack as I ever so gently graze your asshole. You are not sure if that was intentional or an accident, but you don’t care. You feel your arousal building.

Since you are still face down on the bed, you can’t see my rock hard dick. My arousal is also building with each second. Now, things are about to get even more fun. I tell you to lay on your back. A slave to your excitement, you obey my command. As you flip over, you look over at me as I undress. The erection in my pants needs to be freed. One look at my dick, and you know what you need. As you reach out to touch me, I guide your hand away. There will be plenty of time for that later. I bend down and kiss you softly on the lips. Our tongues dart out as we explore each others’ mouths. In addition to your lips, I kiss your neck, which causes you to get even more wet. My kisses then trail downward, from your neck, to your collarbone, to between your breasts. My lips brush against your nipples, as they harden with excitement.

As I continue down, I kiss your stomach, past your belly button, and stop just at the top of your public mound. You expect me to go for your pussy, but I have other plans. I spread your knees and kiss your inner thighs. This teasing is driving you crazy. Just as my kisses reach your pussy lips, I frustrate you canlı kaçak iddaa and move to the other thigh, slowly kissing down to your glistening hole. You love this teasing, but you crave my lips and tongue to explore your cunt. Then, just as you reach the point where you don’t think you can take the teasing anymore, I start to lightly kiss your pussy lips. I kiss up and down your intricate folds. You are soaking wet and gasp in delight as my tongue flicks your clit. Your hands brush through my hair as I focus on your clit. It is clear that you do not want my face to move one millimeter from your pussy and I quickly get the hint as your hands force my head to stay centered on your pussy. My tongue continues its assault on your clit as I insert one, then two, then three fingers into your soaking wet hole.

My combination of licking your clit and finger fucking is too much to handle as you feel your orgasm build. Closer. Closer. Closer. Then it hits. A massive wave of pleasure centers on your clit, and then shock waves reverberate throughout your body. You are amazed at how long this orgasm lasts. Never before have you felt such intense pleasure.

Physically spent, you finally release your vice like grip on my head and relax on the bed. As you lay in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm, you feel me crawl up alongside you as I gently kiss your lips. This gentle kissing lasts for about a minute or so, but as you continue to come down from your orgasm, you realize that you need more. Our kissing becomes more intense as our tongues wrestle. You taste your pussy juices as we kiss, and this drives you even more crazy. You desire to come again, but this time you know that you need my cock,

I am thinking the same thing as I move into position. You spread your legs to give me access. We maintain our kiss as I line my cock up with your pussy. You are so wet as you feel my tip ease into your cunt. Our passion is too much for us to contain ourselves any longer and I slide fully into you. We set a steady rhythm as I fuck canlı kaçak bahis you. My dick is so hard as I penetrate your depths. You feel another orgasm building as my cock invades you. Our tongues tussle as we fuck, barely taking the time to breathe. Just moments from your orgasm, I withdraw my cock. A sad whimper escapes your lips as you realize my cock is no longer buried inside of you.

Don’t worry!

You feel my strong hands turn you over as I tell you to get on all fours. I am met with a glorious sight. Your perfect pussy looks amazing and I can’t resist licking you. My tongue attacks your pussy, sending shivers down your spine. As you enjoy yourself, something amazing happens. My tongue glides up to your delicious asshole, You have never had a rimjob before and this catches you by surprise. You start to open your lips to tell me to stop, but the feeling is mesmerizing. I lick all around your hole and waves a pleasure radiate from your ass. You absolutely love this, and you know that this will now become a regular thing.

My rimming continues for a few minutes, but soon my dick needs you. As quickly as my mouth leaves your ass, my cock is once again hilt deep inside of you. From this angle, my dick rubs against your g-spot. The only sounds that you can muster are moans. My hands grip your hips as I pound you. Occasionally, my thumb circles your freshly licked asshole and you love it, as we fuck, time seems to stand still. My tempo increases and my cock seems to get even harder inside of you.

Finally, it happens. My cock erupts in an explosion of cum as I pound you. As rope after rope shoots deep into your cunt, it sends you over the edge and you squeal in delight as a massive orgasm rips through you. Your toes curl and your back arches as you ride out a wave of pleasure. This is possibly the best orgasm that either of us has ever experienced,

As I withdraw my cock, a river of cum seeps out of your pussy. You think to yourself that you will probably be leaking for days! Exhausted, we fall onto the bed and hold each other tightly, snuggling in the afterglow of our lovemaking. Slowly, we drift off to sleep, our lust having been satiated. Our last thoughts center on the fun we will be having the first thing tomorrow morning.

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