Not What I Planned, Darn It

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My girl friend is driving me crazy. You try to please a woman and they just want more and more. Why do we put up with them? I am not even sure how I got to this point. I know I am bad, but I wanted to set her up to fuck another guy and send me a picture of her with his cock in her mouth. Then the next step would be a 3some with her and me and some well hung stranger. Fast forward 8 months of her saying no and all of a sudden, it’s me who she wants to suck a guys cock. I tell her I would never do that, but she was tempting, and teased me to the point where I am actually looking at other guys cocks on the internet and seeing them sucked by other guys.

She loves to put me down constantly and humiliate me. I know it sounds bad, but I actually like it. In my real life I am a supervisor and have a dozen guys working for me. There is no doubt that I am in charge at work. But with the GF, she seems to know how to get me to submit to her wants and desires. It’s almost like a drug really. So, just for fun, I create a Grindr account. I have never done this before but right away people are texting me. I am nervous when it shows guys less then 500 feet away. OMG what if one of my workers thinks I am gay and want to suck a guy’s cock. I would be petrified. I text a few of the guys back and omg they actually respond. I hate to admit it, but it was exciting to have people wanting me. But it was also wrong that those people were guys.

I showed my gf the people that talked to me and she told me to take a picture of myself hard and pointing cock to send to the guys who were interesting. I was a bit scared but also excited. It was a very strange feeling for sure. I talked to a few guys, and I started to make up names for them. There was flipper (he had a picture of him swimming) and joystick (he had a cock the stood up and looking like a game controller) and banana man (because he had a cock that curved like a banana).

I have to admit it was a huge turn on when a guy would text me and ask me for a picture and I would send them one (very selectively). I don’t think I have a big dick at all, maybe average. 6 1/2″ but thinner than most. But I was amazed how many said they would love to suck my cock. Not sure why they said that, but I have to admit it was making me rethink me telling my gf that I wasn’t interested in a guy. There were some very nice-looking cocks, and I especially liked the ones that showed the thick veins on the shaft. If that doesn’t sound gay. Lol

After talking to a few I decided to go meet Joystick. Mostly because he talked to me nicely and I was terrified of meeting a real guy in person. Actually, I was scared to death but knew I just had to force myself to do it. Also, my gf was calling me a coward and just a sissy boy afraid to meet a real man. Because of pressure from her and just a stupid curiosity of what it would feel like, I set a meeting time with joystick at 1:00 in the park.

I am in my truck, in the back seat hoping that the windows are really that dark. I am breathing hard now because this is such a taboo thing to do. Meet another guy just so I can suck a cock for my gf to prove her wrong. 5 minutes after he was supposed to be there a truck pulls into the park. I get a text that says I am here, and I tell him, me too and come to my truck. Joystick comes out and walks over and opens the door and climbs in. I am pretty much shaking at this point. I have a guy in my truck, and I know I told him I will give him a blow job.

One thing I can do is put fear behind me for the most part. I tell him I am glad he could make it and take a deep breath and put my hand on his lap and start to rub. I can feel his bulge in his pants, and I don’t make eye contact with him. I think that would make it real if I do. He reaches down and unbuttons his pants and pulls them down. There it is. A guy’s cock in front of me. He starts to stroke himself and I figure, if I am going to do this, let’s do it all the way. I tell him, let me do that and I replace his hand with mine. I can’t believe it, but I am not stroking a guys cock.

Just to tell you how crazy this is, but I am also a white guy and joystick is black. So, I have my hand around a black cock and my goal it so make him hard and watch it grow. My other thought is, he is really not growing that large for the most part. After stroking him he is about 4 or 5″ max. I have told my gf that I would send her pictures because I know she is at lunch, and this would excite the heck out of her. I get him as hard as I can with my hand and take a picture and send it to my gf. It takes like 5 seconds, and I get a text back that says, SUCK IT. With my phone in hand, and still not looking at him, I turn the video on and lower my head on to his cock.

It feels completely strange to know that I have a guy’s cock in my mouth. But I am determined to do a good job sucking this cock. I stop the video and then take a picture of the tip of his cock in my mouth and hit send. The I take his whole cock in my mouth, down almanbahis to his balls and take a picture, and hit send again. I am done with the phone. I put it down and now I want to try to make joystick cum. My gf uses her tongue on me, and I want to do that to joystick. I take his whole cock in my mouth and when I have it all in, I start to lick the base with my tongue. I hear him groan so I guess he likes that. I move my mouth up and down and go from tip to base of his cock again and again.

I stop every once in a while, and run my tongue around the crown of his cock and he moans hard and shifts forward to fill my mouth more. I can tell he is enjoying it. I stop and tell him, “Let me know before you cum so I can stop”. I know what happens when I cum but I am not sure I could tell when another guy reaches that point and I sure as heck don’t want his cum in my mouth.

I may have been sucking and playing on his cock for about 7 or 8 minutes and I could feel him stiffen and hear his excitement so he don’t have to tell me he is ready to go. I already know it, but surprisingly he says, “I’m close to going”. I give him a few more sucks and deep throat him one time and pull my mouth off his cock and replace it with my hand. I have a towel close, and I just stroke his cock until he cum’s all over the towel. I can’t believe it, but I just made a guy cum using my mouth. I know this is prideful, but I finally look at joystick and ask him, “did it feel good what I did with my mouth? Did you enjoy it?” He told me it felt awesome and that we should do it again. He opened the truck door and just like that, I was a cock sucker. I have to admit that it really wasn’t that bad of a feeling at all.

I look at my phone and it has been blown up. My gf is ecstatic and can’t wait to talk to me and see the video. I head to her work and with the last 20 minutes of her lunch hour she grills me about the feeling of it and wanted every detail. I show her the video and she is calling me a cock sucker and a dirty whore. She calls me a faggot and my cock is growing hard. She grabs me and takes me into her storeroom and is kissing me hard. She cannot get my pants unzipped fast enough. She gets on her knees and give me one of the best blow jobs she has ever given to me. My first though, although really bad, is I should suck a guy more often. She gets to me so fast that I cum and for one of the few times, she actually swallows my cum. I was floored. She gets up and smiles and tells me, “You just did the same thing to a guy. You sucked his cock and make him cum. You are so my sissy now”.

A few weeks go by and the gf and me talk about me playing with Joystick. I tell her my biggest disappointment is that I thought he would be bigger. Watching the video my gf is dogging me that he wasn’t a real cock. That he was just like a training wheels cock, and I need to do it again. I need to find me a “real man” and see if I could actually make him cum. She is teasing me bad, and I have to admit that I may have been interested in seeing a cock that was at least as big as me. The next time her and I go out to lunch I bring my Grindr phone and we kinda start to look. Again, lots of text and lots of pics sent to us. She is getting excited and talking trash to me bad. I don’t want to pay any attention but with all the guys texting me and her talking, I am getting horny again. But not for a girl but maybe for another cock. We see some nice hard cock pictures and we (her) decides we need to make it happen again soon.

I leave her and go back to work, but don’t close Grindr. I get a ding and I look. It’s a guy and he has sent a picture of his cock. He is black, hard and very, very large. I hate to admit it, but it was beautiful. It was also funny. He had his cock large and hard next to a stack of fig bars. There had to be 9 or 10 fig bars. All of a sudden, I was hungry. But the reason I loved to look at his cock was because he had veins all up and down his cock and very pronounced. My first thought was, “I wonder if you can feel those with your tongue?”

I knew I shouldn’t, but I texted him back. I told him, “Wow, that’s a really nice cock.” He thanked me and asked me for a picture. I sent him mine and he told me that looks pretty nice also. Then I told him, “My gf wants me to suck a guy’s cock, that is why I am looking here”. He gives me an lol, and says, “Hahaha, my cock just happens to like being sucked”. We talked a bit more, but I was way too afraid to go further. My thought is that there is no way I could take all that cock into my mouth. Talking to him he said, “Oh you can take it all, I will make sure of that”. I just laughed and then he told me, “You know your gf wants you to do it, sissy”. I just laughed but was worried about his size. OMG what a monster cock.

I didn’t talk to him the next day and didn’t tell my gf about him. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about him. My gf was on me to get back on the phone and meet a guy before she got back in 2 days. The next day she was gone almanbahis giriş and then I made a bad decision. I decide to show her and decided to meet Mr. Vein (what my name for him was). I hadn’t talk to him in 2 days because I was still afraid but when I logged on to Grindr, bam, he sent me another picture of his hard cock and I knew I was in trouble.

I texted him back and told him I was thinking of him, (big mistake) and maybe I would like to meet him. I asked if he would like to meet at the park (where I met joystick) and he said no, he has a house that would be safer. I guess my thought was that no one could see us at his house, so I agreed. We agreed on a time later that day. My insides were churning. Where joystick was nice and inviting, I wasn’t so sure about Mr. Vein. There was just something about his mannerisms. I just thought it was because of the size of his dick. But omg what a picture I would get for my gf. She would be flipping out when she seen me holding that beast of a cock. That part really excited me.

I google his address and show up at his apartment. Nothing fancy. I knock on the door, and he opens it. So I am 6’1 and about 170lb. Not that small for the most part. But Mr. Vein had to be 6’4 and 220 and not a lot of fat. He had dreadlocks in his hair and an evil smile on his face. He made me look little. I almost turned around and ran away like a little girl. He says, “you the guy I have been talking to?”. I just nod, which just made me look small. He opens the door and tells me to come in. Mr. Vein leads me into his living room, and he sits on the couch and pats the cushion next to him. I have to admit I had major second thoughts about this but still obeyed him. He asks me, “Are you ready for this?”. I know I have to get past this fear, so I confidently say, “heck yea” and I place my hand on his thigh.

My first though? OMG I can already feel his cock and he isn’t even hard yet. But I am determined and as I stroke him, he leans back and puts his hands behind his head and says, “That’s right sissy boy. You want what’s in those pants, don’t you?” At that moment, I knew he had me. I loved the dirty humiliating talk and he seemed to enjoy it. I said “yes sir” by accident and he just smiled and said, “I like that sir stuff”. I rub his sweatpants and now he is getting hard. There is no doubt that his cock is coming alive and very visible thru his sweats.

I shouldn’t be getting excited, but I want to see what it looks like in the flesh. It appears that he knows what I want, and he lifts up has ass and says, “Well, you know you want to see it. Get busy”. I untie his string to his pants and don’t realize it, but I am holding my breath as I pull his sweats down. I have never seen a cock that big in person. I think I gasped because he just laughs and says, “you like that cock don’t you girl”. It felt like an hour, but I just stared at it. He was huge and I was memorized, I guess.

Without even thinking about it I reached out to touch it. I wrapped my hand around it and couldn’t even touch my thumb and finger together unless I squeezed it. I also had so much cock in my hand, and even more was sticking out. He had to be at least 9″ long. All of my confidence was gone. There was no way I could suck that cock. It was way too big. But, stupid me, I thought about the picture my gf would see and how she would react to me sucking a huge black cock.

I asked Mr. Vein if I could take a picture of his cock in my hand for my gf. He laughed and said, “that’s right, you’re the sissy that takes orders from his mistress. I need to meet her.” With that he takes my phone and takes a picture. Then he makes me send it to her. I know it’s not right but that excited me and makes me want to do more. Mr. Vein has already decided that for me though. He looks at me and says, “Suck my cock like a good little girl” and he pushes my head down. Before I know it, my lips are touching the tip of his cock. Now my hand is around the base of a massive cock and my lips at the tip. The only thing I could do was open my mouth and for the first time, take a “real” cock in. I tried to go down as far as I could. What a joke. Maybe 3 or 4 inches. I had never had anything like this in my mouth let alone a guy’s cock. I was having second thoughts again.

I tried going up and down again and still didn’t think I had even half his cock in my throat. Then he says, “hey take me deep I want to send your little missy a picture”. I take as much as I can, and he snaps and sends that picture. I come up for air and he laughs and says, “you can do better than that little girl. Show your Sir how good of a cock you can suck”. A challenge for me. I loved it. I lower my head again and take more cock in. That’s when I realize that I could feel all of his veins in that shaft. Then he puts his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down further. I gag instantly and he lets me up. I catch my breath and he pushes me down again. I gag again and he lets me up. I look at his cock and I have almanbahis yeni giriş drool all over it and its shiny wet. It actually looks pretty hot.

He grabs my head again and I try to relax my throat and breath thru my nose. I still gag but I know I have taken more of his cock now than I did before. He keeps forcing my head down on his cock but I have taken my hand and wrapped it around the base so he can’t force me to take his whole cock down his throat. The next time he lets me breath I look at where my hand is at so I can see the stopping point. That is when I realize that I just sucked at least 7″ of his cock. I hate to say this but it kinda made me proud. The next time he forced me down I tried to move my hand down to see if I could take him all but that just brought tears to me, so I was happy with just 7″ of him sucked.

The next time he let me rest he pushed me down but not on to his cock. He told me, “Lick my balls bitch. You know you want to taste my sweat”. Not like I had a choice, but I did lick them. Then licked his shaft of his cock and then down to his balls again. I could tell he was really enjoying it. He sat on the couch and had his legs spread. I was licking between his balls and his shaft as he held my head. I have to admit that the veins were bulging like crazy, and my first thought was oh no. They are filling up with his cum and there was no fucking way I was going to swallow his cum.

Mr. Vein decided he was done with me licking and started to force my mouth down on his cock again. He asked me, “Are you enjoying that big cock of mine little bitch? Ready to take my cum? You’re getting me close?”. I shook my head no and he looked at me in disbelief. Maybe because I disobeyed him. He suddenly stood up and just towered over me. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat there. He asked me, “are you afraid of drinking my cum, girl? Don’t you want my hot seed down your throat?” I couldn’t even talk and just mousey shook my head no. He just grinned and said let’s see what happens and he grabbed my hair and pulled my head forward. For some reason I just opened my mouth and took his cock in again. I wanted to suck his cock and feel it in my throat. I just didn’t want him to cum. My thought was to do to My Vein what I did to joystick. Just jack him off to finish him.

After a dozen or more of my sucking him deep and some tongue swirls, I just felt his veins on his shaft bulging. I knew he was getting ready to blow his wad. So, I pulled off of his cock and tried to get some distance from it. But I guess he was waiting for me to do that. He quickly grabbed my hair and held me about 10″ from that beautiful black cock and with his free hand, stoked his shaft quickly. Even before I realized what he was doing, out flew a massive stream of his cum. It was almost in slow motion, but it came right at my face, and I just watched.

That stream hit me right in the mouth and in the cheek. I had my mouth open in shock and I felt his cum, a guy cum, on my tongue and lips. But there was no time to even think about that part because he shot steam after stream of cum at me. When he was done I had it all over my face, in my hair, and dripping on my chest. I was in shock at what he had done. He completely humiliated me. I looked up and he is smiling and has my phone. He said, “your gf is going to love this picture. I just told her you’re my cum dump and you loved it.”

Then he told me, “Now finish the job”, and then I had his cock in my mouth again. This time I could taste his cum. Probably from the steam he shot in my mouth and the rest I was milking from his cock. I was a bit surprised that it really didn’t taste awful like I thought it would. The thought was I may actually be able to make a guy cum and let him finish in my mouth. As I was sucking, I realized he really was still quite hard. When I cum I need at least 20 to 30 minutes to recover. I’m not sure if he even got soft at all.

I stopped sucking and he just walked away and went into the kitchen. I was thinking I am ready to go clean of my face and chest because I still had cum all over me, and it was starting to get sticky. He walks back into the room and throws a wet towel at me. He said, “Get yourself cleaned up, I’m not done with you yet,” and with that, he walks over and pulls me up off the floor and pushes me to the hallway. I am freaking out; my nerves are on fire, and I am so confused. He turns me to the first door on the right and basically throws me on the bed. He looks at me and says, “What the fuck did I tell you little bitch? Clean yourself off”. I wipe the cum off of my face and chest. At least he was nice enough to get me a warm towel I thought. Then all the good thoughts went away.

I had assumed he wanted me to suck him again. That was our deal. Just suck his cock. Nothing else. But Mr. Vein had other ideas. I watched him walk over to the dresser and pull out a bottle. That’s when all of a sudden, I knew his intentions. He was planning to put that big cock in my ass. There was no way I was going to let that happen. He would split me in two if he tried that. Never have I thought of a guy fucking me. That would be the ultimate humiliation and the final destruction of me being a straight guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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