Notorious Ch. 08

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I was feeling a little bit lost on the taxi ride home. I was wondering how I had reached this point, how I had wound up in bed with Cassie. It was the last place I expected to find myself, especially after the fight we had just had. But it was good, it was amazing. I could still feel her tender caresses, her gentle kisses. I could still hear her soft moans. I could still see her back arching as she came. I could still taste her. I ran my mind back over the events of the night, savouring every memory of Cassie, and especially her passion.

After our fight Cassie had sent me a text message. “Sorry,” it had said, “I need to speak to you.” I’d ignored it, and the others that followed, I’d even put my phone on silent, although she hadn’t tried to call. She must have understood at least a little that I was too mad to speak to her just now.

After a few more glasses of champagne though, the heat of my anger had subsided. I regretted some of the things that I had said when I had been angry as well. Cassie deserved an apology from me even more than I deserved one from her. I decided to stop by her place on my way home when I left the party. It wasn’t out of my way, and it would be best to clear the air before our argument had had too long to fester.

Her eyes were red when she let me in, and I realised she had been crying. I felt terrible. She had a glass of wine in her hand and she looked a little tipsy.

“I’m sorry, Lisa,” she said, “I’m so sorry. You were right. Right about everything. I’m your friend. I shouldn’t be judging you.”

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have said the things I said. You were just looking out for me. I can see that now, I can see you were worried about me getting hurt. You care about me and I said those terrible things, I’m so sorry.”

My own tears weren’t far off.

“Sometimes I wish I was like you Lisa. You’re always so sure about the choices you make. You always charge forward, no doubts, no regrets, come what may.

“Sometimes I doubt all of my decisions. Sometimes I think no one will ever want me. I’m thirty years old. I’m a virgin. What if I die a virgin? What if everyone thinks I’m a freak?

“I worry about these things. I worry that it’s too late to change now, that I just have to stick to the path I’m on. If I ever get a man I won’t know what to do, I won’t be able to make him happy. That’s okay when you’re twenty, but I’m thirty. THIRTY!”

“Oh fuck, what am I going to do, Lisa?”

The only thing I could do was put my arms around her. I had no idea what to say. I’d never seen even a hint of her doubts before. She’d always been so strongly devout in her beliefs. We held each other and sobbed together.

“I’m not like that inside Cassie, I get scared, I get lonely. I’ve always envied your faith, your ability to draw strength from an endless source. When I get scared it’s just me, I’m all alone. Sometimes I can hardly get out of bed in the morning. But I do, I have to, there’s no choice, we just have to keep on going.”

“Really? But you always look so sure, so determined. I’ve admired that. I’ve envied it.”

I could feel Cassie’s cheek on my cheek. I could feel her chest heaving with her sobs. The scent of her perfume filled my nose. We were both feeling vulnerable, and we were both there for one another, confessing our secret fears that we had never told anyone before.

I don’t know how it began, but our lips met. They brushed together gently, delicately. It felt like a butterfly’s kiss might, tender and sweet, tentative and experimental. It felt right. I knew it felt right to her as well when I felt her tongue caress my lip. I opened my mouth slightly and let our tongues join sensuously.

She began to speak, “We–”

“Shhhh. It’s alright. We’re alright. We’ll be alright,” I said, cutting her off as I placed a finger over her lips. My heart was racing. I had never expected to be here, with her, doing this, but now that I had been given a glimpse I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t want to let her question what was happening. I didn’t want to let her bring her doubts into the light where they might grow.

She parted her lips and took my fingertip in her mouth. My temperature skyrocketed as I felt the cool wetness of her tongue and lips surround and caress my finger. She sucked my finger into her mouth, down to the first knuckle, sending tingles rushing out from my fingertip. When she took the second knuckle into her cool wet mouth another round of tingles shot out chasing the first.

I kissed her tenderly on the cheek, letting our cheeks brush together. She released my finger, and I felt her lips on my cheek as well, I felt her sweet kisses, and I heard her breath passing my ear. Her moist lips left a trail of kisses on my cheek as she moved towards my neck and ear. She nuzzled that sensitive part of my neck just under my ear, sending more tingles rocketing through my body. She set my heart to pounding when she took my earlobe in her mouth and nibbled it gently.

She was wearing a white terry-towel dressing gown. I undid güvenilir bahis the waistband, opened the front, and pushed it off her shoulders. She stood naked in my arms. I ran my hands over her soft skin. I ran my fingertips gently up and down her back, up and down her side. I ran my nails softly over her tender flesh. I heard her moan quietly in my ear.

It was an unexpected pleasure to hold Cassie’s naked body in my arms, to feel her breath flow over my skin, but it was right. With each passing moment, with each sensation heightening my arousal, I knew that this would be the ultimate expression of our friendship, of our love for one another. We were changing something intangible into something physical, transforming our devotion to one another into sensuality.

I wanted to feel her skin against my own, to feel her breasts caress my own, to feel the lightning that would come when her nipples brushed my own. I stepped back from her and pulled my top up and over my head. I drank in the sight of her body, gorged my eyes on her voluptuous form, from her heavy breasts to her wide hips and the narrow waist between. She was a sexy woman and I was rapidly losing what little self-control I still had.

Cassie closed the space between us while my hands were above my head. I felt her hands on my breasts and her lips on my neck. Her touches sent shivers running up and down my spine. She slipped her hands to my bare back, and drew me against her body. Finally our breasts met, it seemed like sparks jumped between out erect nipples.

With my hand under her chin I lifted her face to mine and brought our lips together in a passionate kiss. Her lips felt soft and delicate against mine. Our tongues met for a moment and then continued their journey to explore one another’s mouths. I was afloat on a sea of passion and desire.

When I held Cassie I could feel the muscles move under her skin, but they were covered with a soft and curvaceous layer of flesh. When I kissed her she tasted of strawberries. It was her lip gloss, but it didn’t matter, it was Cassie, sweet, sensual, and passionate. And as I was now discovering, erotic and arousing as well.

As we kissed, I ran my hands over as much of her exposed body as I could reach, from the swell of her buttocks and the curve of her hip all the way up to the sensual contours of her neck. I moved my head to her neck, licking from where her jaw meets her ear down to the depression between her collarbones. I kissed my way up her throat and chin and then kissed her all along her jaw line until I reached her ear.

I used my lips and tongue to tickle her just under her ear, I left a moist path of kisses and licks around the back of her ear, finally ending at the top where I took her ear in my mouth, bending it, licking it, nibbling it. I ran my tongue along the curve of the inside of her ear until I finally reached the centre where I delicately probed at the canal.

My hands had a mind of their own, and they explored every part of her body that was within reach. One hand moved inward from her hip and up her waist to her breasts. It was an amazing sensation to cup another woman’s breast in my hand, a breast that didn’t come close to fitting within the palm of my hand. Her nipples were long and pointy, easy to take between my fingers and pinch and squeeze.

My other hand wandered down her back, my nails pressed into her flesh. When it reached the base of her spine, my fingers slid down the crevice between her buttocks, down past her anus to her pussy lips, which were now moist and slippery.

As if my touching her pussy was a cue, she began to undo the buttons on my jeans. “God yes!” I thought to myself. “Let me press my whole naked body against you. Let me feel the heat of our skin touching from the tips of our toes all the way to our breasts, to our lips!”

Once she had my pants undone, I helped her push them down, and then kicked them off. I was a little surprised when I felt her hand on my pussy, her fingers exploring my lips, but I welcomed her touch, and opened my legs in the hopes that she would explore me more deeply. I was rewarded by her finger entering me, maybe as far as the first knuckle. It was just enough to send shivers up my spine in anticipation of more to come.

After kissing her lightly on the lips I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. When we reached the bed, I turned to her and put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her again. She welcomed my kiss, opening her mouth to me and running her tongue along my lips. I moved her towards the bed and she lay down in its middle.

I ran my eyes over her naked body again. Tonight was the first time I had ever seen Cassie naked, and I wanted to remember it perfectly. I sat down on the bed beside her and feasted my eyes upon the beauty of her nudity. I absorbed every detail of her from the tip of her shapely toes, up her ankles and over her muscular calves, to her soft and welcoming thighs, which were open just enough to let me glimpse her lips through a light covering of blonde türkçe bahis hair. I continued exploring her with my eyes, up past the flaring of her hips to her narrow waist and sweet navel. I devoured the sight of the swell of her breasts, which retained their shape despite her lying on her back. Finally, I reached her face. She was smiling at me, watching me as I looked at her, watching me as I drank in her beauty.

When I saw the smile on her lips and the pleasure in her eyes, I couldn’t help but smile back. She reached out to me and put a hand behind my neck, drawing me to her, drawing me down to be kissed. Our lips met in a delicious celebration of sensuality. Our tongues entwined with one another and probed each other’s mouths.

I ran my hand up and down making a line between her neck and her pelvis. Then I moved my hand sideways a little and let it brush over her breast and flick her nipple as it moved down her body. I let my hand move through her pubic hair and reach the very top of her slit, almost but not quite touching her clitoris. As I did so she let out a little moan and opened her legs. I took it as an invitation and I skimmed my fingers over the lips of her pussy. They were puffy and engorged. I knew she was as aroused as I was.

It occurred to me who I was with, what I was I doing. Cassie had never been with a man, and I wondered whether I was taking advantage of her now. I wanted her desperately, to taste her, to smell her, to experience all of her wonders, but I had to be sure. I leaned back from her, took my hand away from her pussy, and with my other hand I stroked her head tenderly, but not erotically. Her expression changed, she could see the doubt in my body.

“Are you–” I began, but she cut me off with a finger on my lips, just as I had cut her off before. I took her finger in my mouth, just as she had taken mine in hers before. I looked her deep in the eye, I could see her conviction. There was no doubt there, just desire, desire for me. I couldn’t help but smile in the face of her passion.

“Kiss me,” she said.

I leaned forward then and kissed her, deeply, passionately. Now that I was sure, I could hardly constrain my desire any longer. I let my hand wander back to the lips of her pussy. I ran my finger along the slit, parting her lips slightly, finding her wetness and spreading it along her lips. With my other hand I pinched a nipple. I brushed my lips along her cheek and back towards her ear.

I nibbled the lobe of her ear, and I nibbled down her neck, slowly working my way to her collarbone. I licked the indentation between her collarbones, and licked my way up her neck to her chin, as I did so she leaned her head back, abandoning herself to my ministrations. She opened her legs almost involuntarily as she leaned back her head.

As I ran my tongue down her neck and between her breasts I noticed her breathing becoming more laboured. I ran my tongue all around one breast and then crossed over to the other. Her nipples were standing erect, long ant pointy, and I flicked the nearer one with my tongue. Then I flicked it again, and again. Goose bumps rose on her skin all over her stomach and breasts. I took her nipple in my mouth and squeezed it between my tongue and front teeth, eliciting another moan.

As I sucked her nipple and squeezed it with my teeth I moved her legs further apart. She gave no resistance as I opened her legs wide. I positioned myself between her legs. All the while I continued to bite her nipple and stroke her pussy. When I was in position between her legs I let my index finger slip between her lips and enter her.

She moaned in response but removed my finger, leaving it between her lips, but outside of her vagina. She didn’t want me to enter her.

My tongue left a wet trail from her breast to her navel and from there to her thigh. I ran my tongue up and down her thigh an inch or two, and let it caress her pussy as I crossed to the other thigh and back again. I slowly moved my tongue to her mound, and then down over her clitoris, flicking it and then continuing down along her slit, parting her lips slightly as I moved.

Her taste became stronger, muskier, and more delicious as my tongue ventured closer to her vagina. Once there, I probed gently at her opening and lapped up her juices which were flowing freely. She made no objection to my tongue entering her. When she began to moan I ran my tongue up along her lips to her clitoris.

I stroked her clit gently with my tongue and as her moans grew louder I increased my tempo, until I was rapidly rubbing her clit with the flat of my tongue. Knowing the effect it has on me I was dying to slip my finger into her to rub her g-spot, but I knew she did not want to be penetrated, so I restrained myself.

Her moans grew along with the tempo of my tongue. I looked up at her and I was treated to a beautiful view of a woman with her legs spread wide in the throes of passion, the nipples on her gorgeous breasts erect, and her head thrown back in pleasure. I continued exactly what I was güvenilir bahis siteleri doing with my tongue, unwilling to change anything without direction, now that I had found the spot and the tempo that would drive her absolutely wild.

She began to moan uncontrollably and run her hand through my hair as I licked her clitoris remorselessly. She raised her hips off the bed, pressing her pussy against my mouth, and arching her back, as she was gripped in a powerful orgasm. Her moans were loud and completely involuntary. I could feel the juices flowing out past my chin as she came.

“Ohhh, stop,” she said, when finally she could take no more.

I couldn’t stop yet though, I needed to taste her gushing juices, and I moved my tongue down to her opening where I licked up her juices greedily. My own hunger satisfied, I gently licked around her lips and clitoris, not touching the areas that were now super-sensitive after cumming, but soothing her and pleasuring her gently. Finally, when her breathing returned to normal I rested my head on her thigh, where I could smell her musky sexiness.

“Oh Lisa,” she said. “Lisa. Oh. Lisa. That was so much better than with a man.”

I wasn’t about to tell her what a good man could do, so I just said, “You taste beautiful my sexy lady.”

“Kiss me,” she said.

I moved up the bed to lie beside her and kissed her delicately on the lips, on the cheeks and on her eyes. When I kissed her on the lips again she ran her tongue over my lips, and gently pushed it into my mouth. We kissed deeply then, passionately. And when the kiss drew to an end she rolled onto her side and put her head on my shoulder.

I couldn’t leave that comment about men out here hanging. I had to ask, and in her dreamy state she opened up to me even further. I felt terrible when I heard her story. Terrible for the things I had said, and terrible for the way she had been treated. I could see where her anger was coming from. It wasn’t directed at me at all, but at the men who had treated her badly. She feared the same thing happening to me.

She had gone this far with men in the past. Two of them had stopped seeing her almost immediately after taking her to bed, after insisting she go further than she was really willing to go. She was in love with the other and they did this fairly regularly, she hoped to get married and have children, but they broke up in the end. Within a year of breaking up with her she heard he was married with children. She was devastated.

After she told me her story she kissed away the tears on my cheeks and left a trail of kisses all the way down my cheek and chin and neck. I felt her soft lips brushing over my breasts leaving a wet path as her mouth moved toward my nipple. She took a nipple in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. She bit it gently. It was hard to tell exactly where I was being touched, the nerves all over my body tingled each time she bit me.

I reached down and ran my hands over her body, over her breasts as she crouched above me. Her breasts were large and firm, overflowing my hands as I squeezed them gently. Her nipples were sensitive and responsive, growing hard at the slightest touch of my fingers.

Her hand ran down my body to my thigh. I wanted her to touch me in my most intimate places and I opened my legs to her, hoping to feel her fingers on my pussy. I wasn’t disappointed, she ran her fingers along the cleft of my lips, opening them slightly, finding my moist centre. Waves of heat ran along my body, radiating outward from wherever she touched me.

Her finger entered me, just a tease, more than I could stand, and I raised my hips towards her hand, wishing her to enter me more deeply. She let her finger slide into me as I pressed against her, gently thrusting into me and making my juices flow. She removed her finger and ran it along my lips, spreading my juices, wetting her finger and my clitoris.

She began to play gently with my clitoris as she nibbled on my nipples, and after a few moments of teasing my clit her finger entered me again. She alternated like this for a few minutes, driving me wild and making my blood boil. Then she positioned herself between my legs and lowered her mouth to my pussy. She probed with her tongue and ran it along my lips. Finally, it settled on my clit and she began to rub it gently, rhythmically, sending waves of fire racing out from my pussy, up through my body and down through my extremities.

When her finger entered me again I moaned loudly. She rubbed my g-spot as she licked my clitoris and I could feel a powerful orgasm building. I pushed my hips up off the bed, seeking deeper penetration of her finger and greater pressure on my clit. My orgasm came in waves of heat and fiery ecstasy and forced my back and hips up from the bed. I could feel the juices flowing out of my pussy, running past my anus as my whole body was racked with orgasmic delight.

Slowly, I returned to the present and lowered my body to the bed. I reached down and stroked Cassie’s cheek with my hand. I moved her away from my now over-sensitive clitoris. I drew her up the bed to me. I felt a desperate need to kiss her, to express my desire for this woman without being sexual. She seemed to understand my need and we kissed deeply and tenderly.

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