Now, Where Did I Leave My Cherry?

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Summer. I always fall in love in the summer, and this summer was no different. Alex, the boy that I’d had my very first kiss with, was back in my life just a year later. Yes we were young, just 18, but that didn’t matter to us. We met through friends, and were completely head over heels, falling fast. He was just a single year above me at school, and we spent every waking moment together. This summer would be different; I would keep Alex for the whole summer, not just a part. Although we were young and stupid and we didn’t know what love was, we were both pretty sure that what we could feel was love, not just a deep infatuation.

During the afternoons, we would often go around to Alex’s house and help his mother cook, watch a movie or just hang out. But Alex was dead convinced that today we were going to go down the park! It was a glorious sunny afternoon and we decided to make the most of it by dipping our feet into the lake. After an intense splash fight (which I clearly won) we decided to dry off and take a hike up into the forest behind the castle. It was a gruelling hill but we hardly noticed it whilst we were walking and laughing. We didn’t even notice that the sun wasn’t shining as brightly as before until large drops of warm rain started to fall in the gaps between the trees. Alex grabbed my hand and pulled me hastily into the nearby cover of the thick trees. It didn’t seem enough as the rain started to fall heavier.

“Alex, I’m getting soaked!” I protested as my white blouse started to turn see through in patches.

“This way.” he said confidently, pulling me deeper into the forest. Eventually we stopped feeling the droplets on our heads and as we looked back, we couldn’t even see the trail, we could just hear the rain hitting the leaves above us. This sound felt so homely to me, as I practically grew up in a caravan in the West of Wales. I’d wake up listening to the soft patter of the drops landing on the awning and instantly feel calm and serene.

I looked down at myself to see if the tree’s had dirtied my clothes and realised, although we were fast getting under cover, it was too asyabahis yeni giriş late for my blouse, it had gone completely see through. I looked up to see if Alex had noticed and realised he was staring at me so curiously. I folded my arms quickly across my chest. Even though I was young, my breasts were still developing at a rapid rate for my small frame! Alex snapped out of his daze as I moved my arms.

“Well it looks like we’re stuck here until this rain subsides.” he said very matter of fact-ly.

“Well, of course we are, Captain Obvious.” I retorted quite unnecessarily.

My wet shirt was making goose bumps on my fair skin and I was wishing that I’d picked up my cardigan before setting off this morning. Alex realised that I was shivering and opened his arms to welcome me. I rushed into them, eager for the warmth of his chest to surround me and rid these little bumps ruing my tender skin.

As I snuggled deeper into his arms, I started to feel him get slightly uncomfortable, sort of rigid around me. As I looked up to check that he was ok, I felt something brush against my leg and I froze. Of course I’d heard about what happened to boys when they got a little excited but I never thought I’d experience something like this for myself. And I especially thought I could never cause this impact on a boy. Alex was running his hands up and down my back, giving me goose pimples for reasons other than the cold rain. I’d never had this feeling before. Far from scared, I was intrigued that I had the power to do something like this to him.

I think Alex sensed that I knew about his excitement and suggested we sit down on the floor. I agreed as he removed his jacket and laid it down for us to sit on. He sat first, pulling me down beside him. He observed me for a few moments.

“You still have goose pimples but your skin is warm?”

I blushed at his observation. Of course he must know what I was thinking! It felt as though my body was screaming it. He smiled softly then lay back on the ground, pulling me down onto his chest so we could look up through the trees together.

“Kristen?” asyabahis güvenilirmi he whispered softly.

I lifted my chin to meet his gaze and he brushed his lips to mine for the millionth time, everyone seemed better than the last. He kissed me with so much passion that I was sure the Earth was spinning below me. It was so immersing that I didn’t even realise him laying my head down on the ground as he shifted to press his body on top of mine. I did, however, feel when the excitement between his legs brushed against mine.

I gasped as he started to roughly kiss my neck and move his hands to gently massage my breasts. A million thoughts sprang through my mind… “Do I want to lose my virginity this way?” “Do I want to lose my virginity at all”. Each excuse was lost as he kissed me again and again, kissing away my worries and eventually, I ran out of excuses. I loved him. At least I thought I did. And I trusted him. And most importantly, I wanted this so bad! He moved his hands from my breasts and started to trace circles onto my stomach. I arched my back from the ground, it felt so good. He moved from on top of me, all the while holding my lips to his, and slowly unbuttoned my jeans, then his. He took my hand and placed it to the entrance of his jeans.

I was eager to learn how to do this and what better way to learn than from firsthand experience. I reached into his jeans and slowly and carefully moved his stiff erect cock so that it was out in the open air, stroking it softly. As I did this, he moved his hand slowly down into my jeans and started to rub slow circles into my pussy. I moaned slowly as I started to realise how naughty this felt. I thrived off the fact that this was so tabooed and forbidden. After a while of exploring each other’s bodies, Alex shifted so that he was bending over me. He slowly started to pull my jeans down over my ass and thighs as I just simply stared up at him, slightly scared but more curious. He pulled down his own stiff jeans and lay between my legs.

“STOP” I shouted panicking.

“I’m sorry” he gushed. “I thought you wanted asya bahis giriş to do it!”

I laughed, “I do silly, but I have some self-respect! And neither of us is ready to be a parent!”

He slapped his forehead and rushed to open his wallet. He pulled a fresh condom out of its packet and looked at me.

“Do you want to do it?” He asked unsure.

“I’ve never done that before.” I answered unsurely.

“Neither have I” He admitted quite shamefaced. “Shall we do it together?”

I smiled and took a hold of it. I slowly placed a soft kiss onto his dick as he moaned softly. I pinched the top of the condom and placed it on the head of his swollen member. He put his hand on top of mine and started to roll it slowly down to the base. I looked up at him, my eyes wide with interest as he slowly pushed me back onto the ground. He reached between my legs to feel that I was ready. I think it was safe to say that I was more than ready for him. He leant forward and slowly ran the tip of his cock into my wet slit. He pushed slowly and I moaned as I felt him slide inside me.

A little at first, then he pushed deeper and deeper into my virgin pussy. I gasped with each thrust, enjoying this new sensation more than I ever could have imagined! I arched against each thrust and moved with it as I realised I liked it. I explored the expressions on his face as I just stared at him, wide eyed in a sort of trance. The sensation of desire that was tingling through my body was at its peak, it was a completely idyllic moment. He was slowing down, panting for breath. It felt so good; I didn’t want it to stop! He started to jerk slowly, losing his rhythm. Finally with one last effort, he thrust deep inside me and slumped over, defeated and out of breath.

Of course he didn’t last very long, I didn’t orgasm at all and I didn’t bleed. But the experience was all the same. I was no longer a virgin. We dressed and left the forest. Walking home felt strange. Of course everybody must know what I had just done. It must be clear all over our faces. Alex and I had many adventures after that first fuck. We fucked in open fields, his bedroom, a trampoline, even my best friend’s bed at one point. But looking back, it was never really good sex. It was just a new experience that intrigued me and got me excited. But the nymph inside me had been awoken, and it was thirsty for more experience…

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