Oh Daddy

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It was a beautiful summer evening; clear, warm and humid. It was the type of night that sleeping in clothes was not an option. In fact just the thought of having sheets covering you, was an unpleasant thought. It was summer nights like this that the truly uninhibited side of me came out. In a private sort of way, it separated me from being the good girl that I was, to the naughty girl I longed to be. To most 18 year olds, it would be “(tut) been there, done that.”

I looked around briefly before dropping the towel onto the lounge chair. The humid air immediately engulfed every inch of my naked body. I glanced up to the heavens and scanned over the millions of stars; stars that appeared like angel’s eyes gazing down upon me. I slowly walked to the steps, the entrance to my midnight water wonderland, and took the first gentle step into the cool oasis. I watched as soft ripples broke the surface and ran, from my presence it appeared, to the other side of the pool. I slowly walked the steps, submerging my heated skin deeper into the cool water. As the liquid crept up my thighs, I felt goose bumps appear and my nipples grow hard. I continued. The water felt absolutely ice-cold, causing me to stand on my tiptoes, when it reached my bare and very hot pussy and ass. A shiver ran through me as I slowly proceeded. Soon I was in all the way and lavished the feeling that the cool water brought to my summer-heated body.

I swam through the tranquility gracefully, taking in the silence of the night, basking in the secrecy of my midnight swim. So many long days have ended just as this one was about to. After knowing my parents have retired to their room for the night, I quickly leave my bedroom to partake in my sweet addiction. Swimming under the stars naked is just something that allows me to feel truly free, at least for the moment. This night was no exception; it was a truly beautiful experience.

(A week later)

After a night of being quite spoiled; dinner, movie, and a romantic walk along the beach, I arrived home quite late. The house was silent as I quietly went up to my room. As I disrobed, I thought of the wonderful moment I had just shared with my beau on the shores of the Atlantic. As the white-capped waves pounded to the white sands, my lips slowly slid up and down his beautiful erection. It was the slowest blowjob I had ever given. I was in no hurry at all. As the ocean breeze gently blew, so did I.

Holding the thick shaft in my tiny hand, I swirled my tongue all around the silky smooth head. I licked and savored the taste of pre-cum that slowly seeped from the tip. I always love the whole idea behind pre-cum; the human hint that much more of a treat is soon to follow.

That treat certainly did follow. After about twenty minutes of exquisite cock sucking, I felt that oh-so-famous feeling of the head swell much bigger, the shaft grow much longer, and then the delicious gushing warmth of semen fill my entire mouth and shoot continuously into the back of my throat. I swallowed vigorously to keep up with the tremendous load of cum that my mouth had caused. After the final throb, I licked up every drop and succeeded in sucking that cock dry. It was a pleasant end to a fabulous evening.

Reliving the moment, only caused me to get wet and feel that tingling sensation of the “preliminaries of horniness” begin. I tried to change my thought pattern quickly, but I soon realized my mind had traveled too far. I wrapped a towel around my excited body and headed out the door to my deck. Only 20 steps and 50 feet would place me at the entrance to my relaxed water world. I thought to myself “a dip in the pool, would certainly cool down my raging hormones.” As I began the descent down the stairs, a sound suddenly echoed through the otherwise silent night. I stopped and listened curiously. “Splashing, it was the definite sound of splashing,” I realized. So much for my relaxing middle of the night skinny-dipping session, I was so looking forward to.

I walked a little bit further until I could see my parents in the pool. On one hand I was disappointed that they were there, but on the other, I was thrilled to see them so happy. My parents married as kids and had me before they were 18. To be an only child and have such young, very successful parents has afforded me the luxury of an incredible life. Just as I was about to turn and go back up to my room, my mom climbed out of the pool.

“Oh my God,” I thought to myself, as I looked at my naked Mom, “she is skinny dipping”.

Still in her 30’s, her tanned body is in incredible shape, looking like that of a 20-year-old. Unlike my brunette locks, her hair is just as long and wavy, but blonde. Though I didn’t get her hair color, I did get her gorgeous breasts, flat tummy, tiny ass and perfect shapely legs. I have actually had guys over that have commented about how beautiful my mom is!

My dad, also in his 30’s, is a very successful executive at a large corporation. He is absolutely a hottie. I know what you’re thinking, but I have had girlfriends damn istanbul rus escort near hit on him. He is very good looking and doesn’t look his age at all. Both are quite strict, but at the same time so cool and down to earth. My dad soon followed my mother out of the pool and I couldn’t help but notice his nicely toned body and, even more noticeable, his rather large cock dangling between his legs.

I watched, intrigued, as my mom lay back on a lounge chair and my dad stood with a leg on either side of it, then placed his flaccid member up to my mom’s mouth. She immediately began sucking his cock. I watched, amazed, as my dad begin thrusting his ass back and forth, driving his now erect cock in and out of my mom’s sweet mouth. I was frozen there watching the unbelievable scene unfold before my eyes. Dad’s cock was now completely hard, and what a cock it was. Much bigger than any of the boys I had dated. I watched it slowly slide in and out of my mom’s hungry lips and saw it glisten with saliva on each withdrawal. His balls hung down heavy and bounced on her chin with each thrust. I strained my tired eyes to see every detail in the dimly lit pool area. I was wishing they had turned more lights on.

I suddenly came to the realization that I was not only spying on my parents’ sexual encounter, but also, placing a hand to my dripping wet pussy, loving it. I watched as they both stopped and then shifted positions. Mom got on all fours and Dad stood behind her. He took his thick shaft in his hand and guided the head to her wet opening. I heard her squeal out as I watched dad sink every inch of his wonderful penis into her depths. Slowly at first, he slid the bulbous head and long shaft in and out of her. Her full breasts swung freely as he rocked her gently back and forth with nice long strokes. I was in a trance as I watched the heated action.

After about ten minutes of seeing my father fuck my mom with comparable energy and stamina of a teenager, I actually had the feeling of envy race through my veins. I couldn’t help but wonder how he would feel deep inside me. I wondered how he would like to sink that fat cock in my extremely tight lil’ pussy.

I was brought back from my fantasy just as mom reached a tremendous orgasm. I watched her entire body tremble and shake and her head flail from side to side. She screamed out that she was coming and dad, hearing her words, increased his pace. His cock was literally pounding in and out of her now. I thought the major piston action would cause the lounge chair to collapse. My pussy was screaming to be fucked just like that. I heard him say something to mom and watched her turn around, sit up, and take his penis in her mouth again.

By his groans and moans he was apparently filling her mouth with his exploding cum. I watched as she took every inch of his cock into her throat. Her hands and nails gripped his nice firm ass as he emptied his huge load. I giggled to myself at the thought, “first daughter, now mother, have had their stomachs pumped full of sperm tonight”. My young, curious mind again wondered “what does he taste like?” and “how much cum did he shoot out of those big balls?” Such bad thoughts I was having.

I watched quietly as mom slowly licked dad’s cock clean. He then sat down next to her on the lounge chair. I decided I had seen more than enough of this and turned and headed up the stairs. I was so unbelievably horny at this point; I could hardly stand it.

I lay in bed that night, not able to fall asleep. In my mind all I saw was daddy’s big beautiful cock; so long, so fat, and so hard. I thought of his gorgeous firm ass, in such perfect shape still, as it pounded back and forth driving his dick forcefully in and out of my mom’s well-stretched pussy. I wondered what was wrong with me. With the visions of mom’s lips being wrapped around that big fat pole of hard flesh, I finally dozed off.

I was on top of the covers when I opened my eyes and stretched as the warmth of the morning sun caressed my naked body. Not wanting to waste any of this gorgeous summer day, I hopped in the shower quickly, shaved and rinsed off. Dreamily, I thought about the wonderful day of tanning, swimming and shopping that lay ahead. Before putting on one of the tiniest swimsuits I own I doused my body with tanning oil. I then carefully dressed in a hot pink thong that left nothing to the imagination but invited the sun to roam freely. I felt so damn sexy. I headed downstairs to have a quick bite and some juice.

Mom was leaving to go to a brunch with the neighbor, Suzanne; I hugged and kissed her. On her way out, teasingly I said, “You are all smiles this morning mom, a good night huh?” She just looked at me, rolled her eyes, and giggled. Dad then came in and gave her a kiss goodbye, me a good morning kiss, commented about the clothes I didn’t have on, and poured himself some orange juice. That was the first time, I noticed, I was looking at my daddy differently. I could not stop wondering about his cock, knowing what kadıköy escort beauty was under his bathrobe. As I strutted around the kitchen scantily clothed, I wondered if, as he watched me, his cock was growing erect.

As I finished nibbling on some fruit, I watched him as he sat at the table scanning over the newspaper. I went over to him, threw my arm around his neck, and sat down on his leg. His warmth, I immediately felt against my naked ass cheeks. He looked at me and smiled. I kissed his cheek and told him I loved him. He looked at me and asked sarcastically, “What do you want?” “Nothing,” I replied, “I just love you”.

I fed him a strawberry from my bowl of fruit. He put the paper down and shifted his whole body suddenly. I moved to better sit in his lap. I instantly felt, through his robe, the bulge of his cock against my ass. We spoke briefly about the day’s events, but my mind was drifting to the events from the night before. As I felt my pussy tingle from the hot thoughts, I began to squirm restlessly. I gave him another strawberry and watched intensely as his teeth bit into it and his lips caught and sucked the escaping juices. I envisioned my pussy being that strawberry, which caused my breathing to deepen. He placed his hand on the small of my back as we shared the fruit.

I gazed into his dreamy blue eyes deeply as they watched my lips passionately suck on a wedge of orange. I was pleased to feel the unmistakable twitch of his cock becoming excited. As I nonchalantly but purposely, ate the fruit more seductively and with exaggerated moves, wiggled my ass more, I felt his cock stir and then begin to grow. Daddy, becoming quite embarrassed, shifted in his chair uncomfortably as his cock began to stiffen beneath me. I slightly wiggled my ass down onto his new erection, grinding against it playfully. Daddy suddenly spoke out, saying he had to get up. He was very obviously uncomfortable and feeling guilty that he had a huge boner poking up under his young daughter’s ass. I just giggled and told him, “but the fruit is not finished”. I giggled as I listened to him stammer and stutter, making absolutely no sense at all, but trying to escape the situation.

I spun my whole body around to face him. Straddling his lap now, my legs were on either side of the chair, and my ass rested on his bare thighs. As I moved into this position, daddy’s’ robe gapped open. Suddenly, shocking both of us equally, his raging cock bust free and stood up firmly in between us. I instantly looked down at the huge purple head that pointed directly toward his belly button. Looking up, I met his absolutely horrified eyes. He began to speak, “Honey, I am so sorr…” I immediately leaned forward and planted a passionate kiss right on my daddy’s lips. I forced my tongue into his mouth and sought his out. At first he didn’t respond, but then something happened. Temptation and lust simply overpowered his morals.

Knowing I wanted him and had obviously teased him to the point of no return, he suddenly picked me up and lay me back on the table. He grabbed my bikini bottoms and with one tug ripped them right off my body, throwing them aside. He groaned his approval as he gazed upon his daughter’s clean-shaven pussy. Taking in his hand, the orange slices from the bowl of fruit, he squeezed them strongly, pouring the juice all over my crotch. At the same time he began lapping up the orange juice, and mine. I trembled and moaned, “ooooohhh yessssss daddy”, as his tongue lapped at my labia seeking out my clit. The puffy, excited lips of my pussy were now soaked from his talented tongue-lashing. I thrust my ass up off the table, pushing my cunt up to meet his mouth.

He stood up, kicked his chair out of the way, and kneeled before me. Placing both his hands under my ass cheeks, his thumbs inward towards my ass crack, he again began his oral assault on my bare quim.

“Ohhh my godddddd” I screamed.

I could feel the mixture of orange juice and my womanly secretions trickling down to my ass. As his lips began sucking on my swollen clit, a thumb sought out my tiny puckered virgin hole and rubbed it playfully.

“Yessssssss, ooohhhhh yessss oh daddddyyy don’t stopppp,” I screamed at the pleasure he was causing, he penetrated me in synch with his thumb and his tongue.

I thought I would ecstatically pass out. I had never had anything in my ass before and his thumb felt huge, but incredible. He had used my own juices to lubricate his thumb as he thrust it in to the first knuckle. As his thumb invaded my virgin ass, he thrust his tongue all the way into my tight pussy. His lips were locked around my whole crotch as his tongue wiggled around deep inside me.

“Oohhh pppleeeease don’t stopppp…daddddyyyy pleeeeease”.

I realized at that moment at how lucky my mom really was. Not only did she receive one hell of a fucking from a big beautiful cock, but also knew this tongue had spoiled her coochie many times. I screamed out again as daddy began rhythmically sliding his tongue kartal escort back and forth in my vagina and began fucking his thumb in and out of my anus. With each thrust of his thumb he buried it deeper, causing me to wince with the pain, it caused. The tongue fucking me however, evened out the pain with immense pleasure. This went on for who knows how long; I lost track of all time. I just never wanted it to end. No man had ever worked over my pussy so well before. No man had ever touched my anus and certainly had never penetrated it. For daddy to take his little girls ass first, would make him so happy.

As I felt my huge orgasm building inside, so did daddy. He could sense it was close and just sucked on me that much more intensely. As my legs, draping over his shoulders, tightened, he took that as his cue. He stood abruptly and just as my pussy exploded he thrust his manhood deep into me in one full thrust. “Aaarrrrghhhhhhh mmmyyyyy goddddd,” I screamed. “Ooohhhh yesssss, yessssss OHHHHH DADDYYYY your cock is so big, its soooooo fat, toooooo fat.” My verbal screams fueled his sexual machine, as he became more excited, he penetrated me deeper than I had ever been penetrated. He knew his fat cock was stretching my pussy lips more than they ever had before. He knew the tip of his cock was thrusting up where no man had been before. It only made him feel that much more passion. My orgasm exploded inside me powerfully but collided with the head of his hugely plunging cock.

As he withdrew on each thrust, my orgasm almost squirted out between his shaft and my taut lips. I screamed until my throat was sore. “Yesssssssss ooohhh yessssssss daddy, don’t stopppp, yessss fuck me with that huge cock of yours, ooohhhhh,” I hissed through clenched teeth. My orgasm just seemed to keep going and going as my father’s luscious dick fucked in and out of my tiny love tunnel furiously. “Ooohh Brandi honey, you’re sweet little pussy is soooo tight, so incredibly tight. You are squeezing daddy’s shaft so powerfully.” He groaned loudly and grunted with each thrust. “I feel the walls of your cunt pulsating and milking my cock like nothing I have ever felt before,” he continued. I could feel every single centimeter of his penis, every vein, the ridge, and the tip. I felt the plum like head push up inside me; way up inside me it thrust, plowing through the birth canal. I felt his heavy cum-filled sac slapping up against my wet ass. With each thrust, the sound penetrated my ears as deep as his member penetrated my vagina.

My orgasm suddenly peaked when he reached down and playfully squeezed my clit with his thumb as he continued fucking me hard. My mind and body felt like jelly. Juices were now just pouring out of me as the squishy wet sounds of raw sex filled the room. Our moans, screams of pleasure, and animalistic grunts were the only sound to drown it out. To announce his quickly arriving orgasm, Daddy began punching his cock into my cunt, with a power I had never experienced before. “Aaaarrrgggghhh daddddddy …ooohhhhhhh nooooooooo, pppleassssseeeeee”, I screamed. It actually hurt like hell to feel that huge head saw in and out of me sharply. But I knew it was only temporarily as his sperm explosion approached. “Yesssss daddy give me your cum, pppleeeeeaseee give meeeee your hot jism”.

My cunt was now burning as his thick shaft rubbed me raw from the unrelentless pumping action. His hips were a blur as he pounded into me. “I have never ever been fucked like this”, I thought. “Daddy or not, what an unbelievable lover this man was”.

Then it stopped. Daddy pulled out his engorged dick just as the tip blasted. “Ohhh my gooodddddd honey, here it comes….ooohhh yessssss Lil B….”.

His sperm erupted out with the force of cannon shot. It spurted powerfully, reaching my face, my bikini top and covering my stomach. My belly button filled up with daddy’s hot cum and I felt it dribble down my sides with a tickle. I heard my daddy pant as his orgasm subsided and his spent cock rested against my pelvis, cum seeping from the tip. I reached down and grasped his jewel of a cock in my hand, rubbing the thick slippery shaft. Feeling it throb uncontrollably, it was drenched with my juices and his cum.

I felt the semen pour out of my belly button as I rubbed it around my skin. It was still so warm. Not yet having the opportunity to fulfill my taste curiosity, I brought my sperm covered hand to my lips and licked the coated fingers. The salty yet sweet taste of my daddy immediately aroused my taste buds. I licked my fingers clean and reached down for more. Starving now for more of him, I sat up and begged him to let me suck his cock.

“Pleeease daddy,” I purred, “let me suck your cock, pleeeease”. He took one look into my eyes and glanced down to my luscious full pouting lips and didn’t hesitate in fulfilling my request. Daddy or not, any guy could look at my lips and just know their cock is going to be spoiled. They are not fat, but full. It didn’t take asking him more than once. He quickly sat up on the table and I stood between his spread thighs. He lay back as I examined his gorgeous soft penis, which even flaccid was still fairly large. His balls hung so loosely now down between his powerful thighs, emptied of all their cum. I grasped them gently, much more than my tiny hand could hold, and squeezed them softly. He groaned his approval.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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